Turning My Brother Into a Geek!

Hi! My name is Lisa. I am a 19 years old girl who are still studying in college. The story that I am about to tell you is how, I made my older brother into the geekiest stuff a geek could dive into, cosplay! Hahaha! Though it didn’t turned out the way I planned. But hey, it worked! So, I am that typical cosplay girl, who doesn’t mind wearing anything super tight or super revealing. As long as I am true to the source character. But not as slutty as the slut who takes money to do NSFW stuffs on Patreon or somewhere else.

I always know that my older brother, Jake is not into geeky stuffs anymore. He was. He was more into video games rather than comic books like me. But after he started working as a junior architect, he started to abandon all the geeky stuffs. Saying that it’s all for kids. Which make me mad and insulted. But I brush it off.

Until that one particular day…

“Dad! I am off to the convention with Maya!” I shout as I am heading to the door. “Allright! Just be back before midnight!” He replied as usual. Then before I leave, my brother ruined it. “What? You are still into that kind of stuffs? Grow up Lisa. You’re 19. Not 9” He said with his cold tone as he is leaning on the couch. He look at me with that look judging my Supergirl outfit. The one from the CW show. A tight long sleeve dark blue dress with a dark red cape, and the red S emblem sewn on my chest. I am wearing a matching red skirt, and a thigh high boots altered so it looked like in the show, with a black stockings wrapping my legs.

“Supergirl huh? If you keep your mind like this you will never grow up to be a proper girl. Just a spoiled princess.” He mocked more. I bite my lips as I almost tear a bit. I then storm out. Not before I shout “You are a jerk!” and shut the door as loud as I can. And as I walk towards Maya’s car, I can hear my dad’s voice.

“What was all that about?” from inside the house. Ignoring, I wipe my tears and jumped into Maya’s car.


I told Maya everything. And she is cosplaying as the PowerGirl. Yes, the one with a hole on her white suit, showing off her tits. With her blonde wig. And she have that kind of body to rock that kind of character. While my tits are not as busty as her, but I still have impressive 38D tits. She calmed me down and we had fun that makes me forget about the incident with my brother.

That until she sent me home. My eyes started to tear again, feeling hurt from his words still. It’s just a hobby! Why is so hate with me? I bite my lips. “You know what, I want to change his mind…” I said, got an idea. Maya’s eyes widens hearing that. “Oh, why?” “Because when he into cosplay too, then he doesn’t have a reason to insult me like that again!” I said. She nodded. A sense of motivation sparked in me as I wipe my tears.

“Well, wish me luck!” I said as I kiss her cheeks. Thanking her before I get out of her car and head back to my house.

I had a quick chat with my father and we talked about our day. How our neighbor invited him to help her fixing her pipe. I tease him did something happen. He just blushed and said this is real world, not a porn story. We laughs. And I give him a few key chains from the convention, knowing he love collecting those. He might not into anime or comic stuffs but he know how to appreciate a good designed key chains.

At this time my brother is still out with his friends, and I know he won’t be back until 3 am earliest. Being a guy, and 24 in age, father certainly let him do anything he wants now. And if you wonder why is he still staying with us, it’s because he got a job with just a 15 minutes’ drive from home. So he decided to cut cost but he still gives our father monthly money for the groceries. Though my father is more than capable to keep us feed with his paycheck. My brother might be a jerk but he is at least, responsible.

Before I head to my room, I check my brother’s room door and found it unlocked! Jackpot! I slowly open the door and turn on the lights. I am impressed on how everything is in place. Neat, and tidy. And simple. There used to be posters of his favorite games, bands and movies all over but the wall but now even the wall are repainted with white color. Almost empty only with a few frames of his time in college and school and our family. Giving a sense of space. I start to look around, to find a clue in any characters or geeky stuffs that he is still into.

I even look for under his mattress, if I can find any porn stashes. Inside his drawer, between his bookshelves, nothing! I almost walked out in disappointment before I noticed a laptop’s bag behind the door. I pulls the laptop out and turn it on. It doesn’t even requires a password! Damn, he really need to take care of his security stuffs. I thought.

And my eyes widens as I see the wallpaper. I smile widely. Jackpot! But to be sure, I keep digging, I search his history, and the recent folders that he opened. And more and more evidences showed me that he is still low key a geek. And I will show him, making him let out his true geeky nature. I quickly shut the laptop off and put it back where I found it, and headed to my room. As I take out my phone and start calling Maya, knowing she just have the outfit and I have to borrow from her.


I know Maya always had her early morning jog with her dad at the park. And I asked her to sent me the costume on her way. I wink at her and thanked her as I noticed her dad checking me out. I blushes as Maya slap his thighs playfully. Making all of us laughs. Well, it’s not his fault. I am only wearing my oversized t-shirt and a panties. Perhaps the shirt is more see through than I thought. Maya drove off as I get back into the house.

I look into the paperbag and found what I need.

“You are early” My father greet me as he get down the stairs. Fixing his pants. As usual, Sunday is his day with his friends. Start with a breakfast, then the golf, then tea time. If we are lucky they won’t have any additional itinerary. Which is rarely the case.

“Just grab some stuffs from Maya.” I said smiling. “You don’t want breakfast?” I asked. I’m feeling like making some pancakes, in case he wanted too. “Thanks sweety but no… I got to go now… Love you” He said as he kisses my forehead. He grab his bag laying on the stairs, which I don’t even notice and head to the door.

Leaving me and my brother alone


“Hey, wake up you sleepy head.” I said waking him up. It is 12pm. I know he got back around 3am last night but I don’t care. I already in this outfit with the light make up. He groans as he turn around. He opens his eyes slowly. “What do you w…” His eyes widens as he pushes himself up. “Mai???”

I blushed. Knowing he is still sleepy. “Yes, this is Mai…” I said, admitting myself as the character. Which is Mai Shiranui. A girl from King of Fighter’s game. His favorite game of all time. My long black hair is tied in ponytail, as I am wearing the red sexy kimono styled dress. The front part is opened just like the character, exposing my rounded perfectly shaped tits for the character, well, most of it. And it closes at my belly, with a white clothes that tied on my belly, functioned as a belt, holding my very sexy dress together. As the rest of the dress barely do any job to cover my legs, or even my ass as it is easily lifted or even sway if I move. Made me thinking how the hell did Mai fight in this?

My hands on my waist as I make that character voice. A bit higher pitch and cute. “Wake up your sleepy head!” I repeat as I pulls his blanket off him. Revealing that he is naked underneath. I close my mouth with my hands gasped, seeing what I see. Still believing. A 9 inch thick hard morning wood, erected and hard. “Hey!” He quickly covers his cock with his hands. As he started to wake up properly.

He look at me more carefully. “Lisa?? What are you doing here?? And… what’s up with that!” he said a bit panic. But I can see his eyes can’t take off my body and my clothes. “Well, yesterday you said that only a kid will enjoy this kind of stuff. I’m just proving to you that grownups can enjoy this sort of stuffs too…” I said smiling wickedly. “What do you think, big brother? I know you love Mai…” I said in a bit teasing voice.

I slowly get in pose, I leans forward a bit as my arms squeeze my tits as I do so. Doing the same pose as Mai did in his wallpaper. I winked cutely as I let his eyes devour my character’s body. Forgetting that I am showing off my body to my own brother. “Lisa… I don’t think this is a good idea. Act like a grownup” he said though his eyes follows the trails of the curves of my body. I bite my lips. “Yeah? Then tell me you doesn’t like it when I do this…” I turn facing my ass to him. I slides the red cloth from my dress that covers my ass, and expose to him my bubbly rounded perky ass, naked for him, with a red string of my G-string squeezed between my ass cheeks.

I can see his jaw dropped. “You can’t, can you?” I tease more. I rub my palm on my ass cheeks. “Oh I found your, Mai collections in your laptop… I mean, there are a lot of other characters too but you have a special folder for me? I am flattered…” I tease, acting as Mai. “You, checked my laptop???” His face flushed deep. He want to look away but after a second he keep looking at my body again.

“Yes… You really need to lock your door and put passwords.” I said teasingly as I let the cloth down, covering my ass back before I turn facing you. I smile teasingly. “Oh I know your dirty thoughts. On what you want to do with me… All those hentai pictures, all those hentai manga….” I tease more as I climbed on his white sheeted bed. Kneeling at his feet.

And I just realized that he is slowly stroking his cock as he covers it. I blushed. My mind told me that I should stop. But I stayed in character instead. I smile. “Tell me, Jake… What would you want me to do…?” I asked teasingly. Maybe when he confess I could laugh and storm off the room? I suggest at myself. Making a mental note that I must draw a line somewhere. I can see his face reddening. In dilemma either to succumb to my temptation or leave me alone, knowing I must have gone out of my mind. And I’ll have to agree with him this time.

He then smile a bit. “If you want to be Mai that bad, then… I want Mai to…” He said as he release his cock. Making his cock springs. “Suck this…” he finished his sentence. I bite my lips. Blushed. Thinking if I should go forward with this. But then I leans forward and bend my ass high, making the cloth that covers my ass slides down, exposing my bubbly rounded ass as I wrap my fingers around my own brother’s cock.

“You are such a perv, you know that right?” I asked, still in character. Or at least that what I told myself. He grins. “I have been perving over you for years…” He confess. Then I slowly stroke his cock up and down, before I leans in and kiss his cock, then lick it. Amazed by how it feels in my hands and how it feels on my tongue, my womanly instinct demands more. Lisa! What are you doing? Stop this now! I think we already got what we want! I told myself. But my body betrays my logic as I slowly put his tip on my lips, before I slides his cock into my mouth.

He groans in disbelief. Disbelief that his cock in his fantasy character’s mouth, or his sister’s. And he doesn’t seem to care at that point. I take his cock deeper, as much as I could before I start to suck it. My tongue swirls around his shaft as I start to move my head up and down, bobbing my head on my brother’s cock. I blushed deeply as he lifted my chin up a bit, making eye contact with me. “Keep looking at me Mai… Ohh fuck that’s feel good…” He groans as he start to grab my ponytail hair.

I look into his lustful eyes as I start to move my head up and down faster, making wet slurping noises as I start to feel amaze on how good his cock feels in my mouth. And without me even realizing I can feel my pussy throbs, and wet underneath my red G-string. I suck his cock harder and take it deeper, then he take the matter in his own hand as he push my head down, forcing me to take his cock more, gagging me. I take it as much as I could into my throat as I feels his cock slides into my throat.

I gagged and my eyes watered, making me pulls his cock out of my mouth. And I can see how wet his cock is coated with my saliva. I blushed as I know I got to go now. I let his cock go, not realizing that his hand still grabbing my ponytail. “I think that is enough… You can finish off yourself” I said drawing a line. He look at me and smile before he pulls my ponytail rather roughly and force his cock into my mouth. Grabbing my head as he fuck my mouth hard. Making gagging wet noise. My eyes widens in shock as I feels like I am being rape on my mouth!

“Oh yeah? No can do Mai, you started this. You have to finish this” He said as he groans. Oh my, I think I have bit off more than I could chew. I thought as his cock keep pounding into my throat. I gagged as I am helpless in that position, hearing his moans and the wet slurping noises from my mouth and his cock fucking my mouth.

“Yess Yess Yess!” He groans as I know what is coming. Is he really??? Then without I can think, I can feel his cock swelled in my mouth before explodes in loads and loads of cum into my mouth. He is still holding my head, forcing me to swallow his thick cum. I swallow as much as I can before he pulls his cock out and cum all over my face. I close my eyes as I feels his sweet tasted cum in my mouth. And yes, I did feel his cum is sweet. Why? I don’t know. But I close my eyes as his cum keep spurted all over my face. I bite my lips as I look at him. A bit angry and with my blushed face.

He grins. “What?” “I am your sister!” I said. As I wipe all the cum on my face with his blanket. He chuckles. “As far as I concern, you are Mai Shiranui. My fantasy character who just came true.” He said as he pulls me and pin me down on the bed, with my ass high. Then he rest his cock on my ass, and I just realized that he is still hard!

“What? Jake! Stop this!” I said trying to push myself off but he pinned me down for good on the bed. His body on top of me as his cock brushing between my plump ass cheeks. His fingers buried in my ass cheeks before he spanked them hard. “Ahhh!” I gasped as I feels my ass cheeks jiggles hard. He grinned as he spank them again. “Bad Mai…” he said. My face blushed as my ass being spanked again and again like a naughty girl.

He then grab my ass and slowly put his thick headed cock on my pussy lips. Nervously I look over my shoulder at him. “Jake! Please please! Don’t! I’m your sister!” I said nervously. Knowing this has gone way too far than I anticipate. He laughs. “Like I said, for me, you are Mai..!” He groans as he push his big fat cock into my tight teen pussy. “Ahhhh Jake!” I groans loud as I feels his cock spreads my tight pussy wide, filling me up inch by inch. My body arched in lust as I moans.

I grab his bed sheet tight as I feels his cock touches every inch of my pussy walls perfectly as he slides in. “Ohhh fuck Mai! You are tighter than I expected!” He groans. I bite my lips. “T… this is wrong Jake!” I said trying to put some senses into him. “Oh, and showing off your tits is right??” He groans as his palm smacked my ass cheek hard. “Ahhh!” I moans loud. “And showing off your ass is right??” He groans again before he smack my other ass cheeks. “Ahhh please! Ahhh!” I moans. More in pleasure rather than pain.

He grab my waist as he pulls me into him, while his cock penetrates me as deep as it can. Then without stopping, he started to pulls and thrust his cock in me. Pumping his thick fat cock into me like a slut. “Ahh ahh ummph ummphh! J… Jake! Ahhh!” I moans loud as my tits jiggles underneath me. My lust started to wash over me as I feels how good his cock actually is. My pussy is drooling with juices, making wet squishy noises as he fuck me deeper and rougher. My pussy squeezes his cock tighter as he pulls my ponytail hair, jerking my head back a bit. He leans in and start to kiss my fair skinned neck as his fat thick cock keep pounding wild in me.

“Ummphh ohh fuck Mai… ahh.. yess yess” He moans on my ear as he lick and nibble me, while his cock never failed to gives me wave after wave of pleasure. Making my nipples hard underneath the red dress even they are barely covers my busty tits. He pounds and slams into me hard. Making me gasped and moans in every fuck.

“Ohh fuck yes!” He groans as he spank my ass harder. Making me moans loud. Before he flipped me around on my back. He spread my legs wide as he start to fuck me back. Harder and deeper. “Ummph! Ahh fuck Jake! Ahhh ahhh Fuck you are so huge!” I moans as I feels his cock is filling each inch of my pussy, and impales my teen incestial pussy mercilessly.

He groans as he pushes my legs up. Then he pulls my red dress aside, spilling out both my busty swaying tits as he start to pounds me harder and harder. Pushing me to the edge. I can’t! I can’t cum for him! He is my brother! I thought. I bite my lips as I hold my best. He knows. “Ummm.. Just cum for me Mai… Ohh fuck….I know you are close. Cum for me!” He groans as he squeeze both of my tits hard, pinching my hard erected nipples with such lust.

“Noooo! Ahhhh! Ahhh!” I moans in defeat as my body trembles, betraying my mind as my pussy squeeze his cock tight, bursting and exploding my orgasm juices all over his thick fat cock as he non stop keep fucking me. Keep squeezing my juices out. “Yess yess give me more Mai!” He groans as I can feel his cock swells. Is he cumming???

Then he pulls his cock out and climb on me, he slides his cock between my plump rounded perfect tits and start to fuck my tits fast. “Ohh fuck yess Mai..! Look at me!” He groans. I look up at him as I pant. Softly moans from all the orgasm that pussy keep squeezing. He keep thrusting his cock between my tits faster and faster as he moans. “Fuckk yess yess yess! Ahhh I’m cuming Mai!” He groans and with that his cock erupted with loads and loads of his thick creamy cum.

Spurted, shot and landed all over my face and my tits. He pulls his cock out and stroke the rest of his cum and paint my heavy breathing breasts with them.

“Ohh fuck…” He groans. I lick some of his cum on my lips. Loving the taste. I blushed as I look up at him with my cum covered face. “You are a jerk, Jake…” I said. He laughs as he pulls himself up and wipe his cum coated cock all over my body. “Fuck… well, you responsible for that, sister…” He push himself up off the bed. “And I know you like it too… Plus, I fucked Mai Shiranui, not you.” He said still standing with his opinion. I blushed.

Well, if that’s the case, maybe it’s allright.


A few days later, we didn’t talk much. But he sure didn’t say anything about my geeky hobby. Which is a good thing. I just got back from my class and I just picked up Maya’s Mai Shiranui outfit from the dobby. After being stained with my own brother’s cum. I take out my phone as I put the costume on my bed.

Realizing there is a paper bag on the bed. I don’t remember having this when I left this morning.

I tap the call button on my phone. Calling Maya. Maya is my childhood friend, and for the high school she decided to enter the one a bit far from our homes while I decided to stay close. The other side rang a few times as I take out the box from the paper bag.

“Hello Lisa!” She answered cheerly. “Hello! Hey, I’m just telling you that I’ll sent the Mai costume this evening. Is that okay?” I said as I open the box. There is a card, and some sort of, clothes. A blue dress?

“Oh? Hey it’s okey. But if you insist sure! You can stay for dinner too!” She said inviting. “That sounds great! But I’ll have to ask my dad for that.” I replied as I read the note.

Wear this and come to my room at 12 am.

“Allright! So, how was your plan with your brother? Did it work?” She asked. Reminding me that I didn’t update to her about that. But I got distracted as I take a look at the clothes. A blue Chinese traditional dress with yellow patterns, a dark brown stockings, and a sheet of white long cloth like Mai’s put on her waist. I know who he want me to be tonight. I blushed as I feels my pussy throbs.

“I think it worked too well, Maya…”


So how was it?? :) Since then he fucked me and always ask me to become the game characters that he would like to fuck! The good thing is he always buy the costume for me! And I can add them into my costume collections! Plus.. his cock does feels good in me. :P Oh? My brother called me. Got to go! Thanks for reading and bye!

p.s. please do vote positive if you like it. And if not, please do comment why. :) Thanks!


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