A new but old connection

It has been a long time since we last saw ech other, since we last felt each other. We finally organised a meetup at a BnB in my hometown. I had to sneak out of my home since I still live with my parents, but I know it would be totally worth the risk.

You are not how I remembered. You look better.
You are still the same height, 6"2, but you are tanned. You are more chocolate coloured compared to your usual light brown hue. You have a fresh cut and you look very sharp.

The first time we see each other, the chemistry is immediate. There is suddenly a strong pull drawing me to you. We get into our room and without saying a word, we already know what's about to happen. I pin you to the back of the bedroom door.

"I missed you. Did you miss me,"
I say as I caress your big arms. I'm looking up at your hansome face, with my hands now making their way up your shoulders before locking behind your neck.

"So what do you want to do?" as i tease you, slowly bringing my face real close to yours, then pullng away just as our lips are about to touch. You grab and pull me in, then kiss me anyway. I love how much bigger you are than me. And when you dominate like that I already feel my pussy getting wet.

The kiss is hot. Our hands are all over each other. My hands have found their way under you shirt and you are now kissing my neck. I caress your back then begin to undo your pants. Now I have you semi hard dick in my hand. It's amazing how you are so big when you are not completely hard yet. Meanwhile you have made your way down my neck to my tits. I know how much you love looking at them and now you get to taste them. You strip me until my full 32 DDs bounce out of my bright pink lace bra. You take a moment to take them in before you put one of my nipples in your mouth. It feels so good having my breasts in your warm mouth, but i decide to put it to better use and tell you to get on your knees. You are going to give me head and like it.

I am puttin on sweatpants which you pull of to reveal pink lace panties in a brazilian cut. You start by kissing my toned stomach and kissing your way down to my pubic area. You stop to widen my stance as you caress my legs with you hands and continue to trace my inner thighs with your mouth. Finally you have you mouth over my clit. You start by slowly licking it then putting it in you mouth and sucking on it. Then you start to rub on it with your finger and proceed to suck and lick my lips, before fucking me with your tongue. You are making me squirm. I'm moaning and I can't contain myself. The sensations are pushing through my body and turning me to puddy in yours hands, or mouth to be more accurate. But before I can come, I pull you off the ground and push you on the bed to return the favour. I pull your pants and releash your dick. It's bigger than I thought. It's probably 7" but with the girth of one of my wrists (maybe even bigger). But no matter, I like challenges. I'm going to take all of you in my mouth.
I aim to please.

I take as much of your dick as I can, making sure to slobber all over it to make it nice and wet. I'm now bobbing on it as fast as i can, giving you a handjob as I do. I really want to make you squirm. I alternate between this and just licking you dick like a really big popsicle. Now and then I even put your balls in my mouth as I scontinu to stroke your shaft in my hands. After a few minutes, I get up and tell you to position yourself on the bed. I straddle you with my back facing you making sure to bend over slowly so I can accentuate the curves on my slender body. I take you in slowly, taking in a little bit at a time. Once I've gotten used to you, I stretch forward to caress your legs as I start to grind and wind. I work up a good rhythm and sit up. I grab my hair off my back so you can see every muscle flex, so you can see my ass jiggle as I ride your dick in and out of my pussy.

It feels so good and I'm pretty sure you are having the best view as I hold up my long dark red braids so you can see my whole body; from my toned shoulders, to the small of my back, down to my round ass. I really want to put on a show, so first I bounce up and down as quickly as I can then slow down to make hip isolations that I know will blow your mind. I do it once, then twice but by the third time you can't take it anymore. You grab me by the waist then put me on all fours and take me doggy style.

Fuck me, it is so good! You are fucking me so hard. I'm holding on to the bed for dear life, trying to muffle my moans in the mattress. I reach out and rub your balls as you are pounding into me. And I don't have to do it for long before you are saying how you are about to come.

"Come for me," I just manage to say.
You pound my a few times then you clamp onto my hips and let your load out and colapse on top of me. I crawl from underneith you and quickly clean up and get dressed. I have to get back home before anyone notices I'm gone. Before I leave we kiss and right as I walk out the door I stare at you lying naked and spent. You have an incredible body; broad shoulders, sculpted legs and abbs.
I pat myself on the back.
I did good.

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