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Jessa, being a well-brought-up girl, believed two things: that women were basically stupid, and that women were basically sluts. There was nothing she loved more than helping other women understand this.

So when she found the group of pretty young wives running a "Christian prayer and discussion group" in her neighbourhood, she couldn't help herself. She immediately joined, and began offering to host meetings.

Being host gave her privileges, particularly the privilege of slipping drugs in the women's drinks to make them a little more suggestible, a little stupider, and a little more wet-cunted. They were a little addictive too - when the women went home they would soon find themselves longing to visit Jessa again without quite knowing why.

Jessa loved to direct their ignorant, shallow discussions. They knew very little about lesbians other that they were Very Sinful, and certainly never suspected Jessa masturbated every night to thoughts of what she might do with their naked bodies.

"Rejecting lesbianism," lectured Jessa, "is about rejecting the lesbian idea of beauty and embracing the heterosexual one. You must foreswear short hair and flannel shirts. You must embrace big fake tits and high heels."

The women murmured confused agreement, and Jessa spent the rest of the day happily baring the women's tits, squeezing and measuring them, and then booking them in for breast augmentation surgery they could only barely afford.

"Sisters," she said another day, "is not our marriage to God greater than our marriage to our husbands? Yet we let our husbands gaze on our womanhood even as we hide it from God." And she went around the circle and helped each stupid drugged housewife bare her fuckbags and pussy. They might have protested but this was all having a noticeable effect on their poor repressed cunts and as she led them in bare-titted prayer more than one fuckhole was seen to be visibly drooling.

The next week she extolled the virtues of tuning out the carnal and tuning in to God, and she led them in attaching vibrating capsules to their bare clitorises and newly enlarged udders so they could practice ignoring the distracting and arousing buzzing while they prayed. When pretty Emma dissolved into slutty mewling and writhing mid-prayer she said it was just the rapture of knowing God. When big-titted Helen flushed red with humiliation before squirting all over the couch the excuse was less believable.

At Easter she told them that the death and rebirth of their Lord must be reclaimed from secular apathy, and had them all dress up as Easter bunnies for reasons that the drugged women didn't fully understand. Emma thought they looked more like Playboy bunnies but did not want to admit to the sin of having seen a Playboy and so kept quiet.

Jessa started the habit at this point of keeping the windows open during meetings, exposing the women to passers-by on the street. "Are you ashamed of worshipping God?" she asked them. The women confusedly said they were not. Some tried to cover their tits with their arms; Jessa slapped their hands away.

By this time some of the women were admitting they were having trouble controlling their arousal during the day, to the point where they feared starting to masturbate in public. This was likely a side effect of Jessa's drugs. Jessa told them they needed help with their sin, and got each to spread their pussies. All of them were dripping. She got down on all fours herself, crawled to Helen, and began to lick Helen's pussy with her tongue.

Helen jumped and tried to close her legs. "You're being a lesbian, Jessa!" she hissed. The other girls murmured similar alarm.

"Lesbianism is about intent," Jessa explained. "A female gynaecologist isn't a lesbian just because she touches your womanly parts in the course of her work. Likewise, neither is it a lesbian act to lick away the sinful nectar you are producing. A good Christian can't go around with a dripping pussy, can she? But if you wipe your juices away with your hand, that's sinful masturbation, and you might be tempted to keep going just to pleasure yourself." She crawled around the circle and gave each cunt a couple of licks, and the women had to inwardly admit that it felt very good. Several of them involuntarily humped their crotches against Jessa's face as she licked.

Once the objections had been quashed, she had the women partner up and 69 each other. Their mission was to lick all the sinful cunt nectar out of their partner's pussy, leaving only fresh saliva - but beware! Orgasming from another women's tongue was a lesbian act and very sinful - they should be sure to *not* let their partner lose control. She urged them to pinch each other's clitoris painfully if it looked like they were in danger of cumming, not bothering to tell them that for some women at least that might push them right over the edge.

She had to pull them all apart in the end. Looking at these pretty young Christian women, bare-titted, spread-cunted, their cunt juices shining wetly on each other's faces and their expressions stupid and desperate with the need to cum, was just about the nicest sight she had ever seen. She took some photos. The girls didn't seem to notice.

She sent them home with the instruction that if their pussies became wet they were to find another women from the circle and beg to have their cunt licked clean. She reminded them - "no orgasms" - and sent them on their way. Most were so spacey that they forgot to cover their nudity as they walked to their cars and didn't notice until they were most of the way home.

By the next week, they were out of their heads with lust. The luckier girls had had their needs satisfied in part by their husbands, fucked silly multiple times a day. Jessa reminded them that cleaning their cunt with their hands was masturbation, and told women that the best way to clean their husband's cum from their pussies was to have another woman lick it out.

The less lucky girls, whose husbands were less interested in them, had spent the entire week in a space of slutty need, unable to cum, humping pathetically against their friend's tongues but backing off before they reached their sinful climax. Emma in particular reported stripping naked in her own vegetable garden and fucking her pussy with a zucchini for nearly an hour without letting herself orgasm before finally getting control of herself. She thought her neighbour might have seen her, and watched for some of it, but she was feeling too stupid with lust to be sure.

Jessa was prepared for this. She got the girls to all lick each other to the edge of orgasm again, and then went around the circle and pierced each girl's labia. They mewled with pain but also with lust, just grateful to have their cunts touched. Once pierced, she put a little padlock through each girl's cunt lips, locking them shut and preventing access to their fuckhole.

Each lock had three keys - one for the woman's husband, one for her chosen cunt-licking partner, and a third (a secret) for Jessa, just in case. She told the girls their padlocks would buzz randomly, sometimes, as a helpful reminder to keep their mind on the glory of God. It would feel good against their pussy, but they would luckily not be able to masturbate so they were unlikely to cum. They could have it unlocked only for their husband to fuck them or their friend to lick their cunt clean.

By the following week the girls were ready for her piece de resistance. She had been putting fertility drugs into their existing drug cocktail just for this moment. She welcomed the stupid little Christian sluts in, and then went around and unlocked all their padlocks. Then, without explanation, she pierced their clitorises. The women took this without question, even though it hurt. For some, the pain was good - Helen squirted again, and quiet little Charity leaned forward and gave Jessa a slutty, needy tongue kiss on the lips that no one else seemed to notice or remark upon. By now they knew that Jessa knew best. If they felt this slutty now, how much worse would they be without Jessa's guidance?

Through their new clit piercings, Jessa ran a thin but strong metal jewellery chain. It connected all the girls except Jessa together, so that if any of them moved too far it would pull painfully on the clits of the girls to either side. Jessa told them this was their bonding chain, to bind them together in their love of God.

Outside, a van was pulling up, and now Jessa explained the special event that was happening today. Good Christian women spread God's word through love. Good Christian women sacrificed for the good of everybody. Good Christian women turned the other cheek.

In the van were what Jessa described as "a gang of criminals" - although really they were just men, many of them homeless, that she had met in town yesterday and invited to participate in today's scenario. She told the women that each of these men was an avowed rapist, that he would rape a girl every week to satisfy his foul lusts. She said she had invited them here, so they could rape these good Christian women - for really, wasn't it better that Christian women satisfy these men's lusts than let them prey upon more vulnerable, unsuspecting women? Wasn't it better that they have a chance to redeem these men with their love and Christianity, than have them rape an unbeliever who could teach them nothing?

This was too much for the women, and a couple tried to run. They didn't get far, and the whole circle squealed as the chain binding them together pulled agonisingly tight on their clits. *Now* Jessa shut the curtains, as the men came in and wordlessly ***********ed victims from among the gathered sluts. There were more men than women, so most women were double-teamed, a cock in their ass or cunt and another in their mouth.

Jessa had picked the best looking man for herself, and as he energetically violated her wet cunt, she explained some further things to the women.

First, that Christian redemption was a slow process. They would probably have to fuck these men multiple times, over a period of multiple months, before they would see the light.

Secondly, that these men's souls were now in the women's hands. If any of them committed a crime, it would be a failure of the women to have given them sufficient love - in the form of sex - and it would weigh on the women's eternal souls.

Thirdly, that these men were incredibly fertile - (they might be, but the women certainly were thanks to Jessa's drugs) - and probably most of the girls present would get pregnant from this raping. It was a joy to bear new life within their wombs, but obviously their husbands would never understand the true paternity of these children. Jessa promised them she would never tell

as long, as, of course, they intensified their Bible study with her. She had a lot to teach them about doing missionary outreach in brothels, about wearing semen (the mark of love) on their faces and tits in public, and how to be *very* good Christians with their friends, brothers, fathers, and even dogs

As she watched the girls cry and orgasm so prettily, she tried to decide which one she would have lick her rapist's cum from her pussy


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