The Sword

Yesterday was my first day of school for the year; September 5th. I'm a junior this year, which is the best grade; girls are beginning to fuck guys now without much coaxing or manipulation, and I'm not being considered a douche for my being a certain age or grade. I live in a city, so the school I go to is close by. I can walk to it, which is what I did after waking up ten minutes before the terrible school bell rang, beginning another day of torture through eight hours of work.

I decided to take this shortcut I had found toward the end of last year. It was through this alley half a block from my apartment, and it cut down the time to get to school easily by ten minutes, making my tardiness not seem so bad. As I sprinted through the alley with my backpack bouncing awkwardly against my back, I tripped over a hard, metal object that cut through my shoe and went into my foot, leaving a small gash where it entered. A little blood dripped out, but it wasn't too bad.

I looked behind me to see what I had tripped over, and there it was; a sword that seemed to glow like the sun. I forgot all about my foot, about school, about this cute girl I had feeling liked me, about everything that didn't have to do with the sword. I picked it up. Although upon inspection it seemed large and way too heavy, it was lighter than one of the notebooks I had in my backpack. It was about 3 feet long and had a gold-colored gem near the hilt, which was blue. Also, along the length of the sword read an inscription saying something in Latin, or something. I didn't bother to figure it out, since I'm not an expert in any language, even English.

I decided to test it out. Seeing as it seemed to hold some mystical power, I tried it on the dumpster it was laying next to. It sliced through it as easily as it sliced through the air before and after it penetrated the metal. But the gash wasn't normal as I kept watching it. It seemed to be getting bigger and bigger until all the metal disappeared, leaving the stinking garbage on the ground. I smiled maliciously and continued my way to school.


When I got school, I had already made a plan. I wasn't the most popular kid in school, and I wasn't from an early age. Luckily, I was still in school with most of the kids who teased me from first grade and on. Revenge is a dish best served with magical weaponry.

It was almost the end of first period, so I waited in a crevice for my prey. When the bell rang, the hallway became crowded, but I had my eyes locked on the first of my many victims. It was George Netsham; a loser who should have dropped out years ago and picked on everyone smaller than his 190 pound body.

He had his back turned, so he didn't know what hit him. I ran the sword through him, trying to get as close to the kidneys as possible. Poor George looked down just in time to see me draw the sword from his gut. He then promptly dissolved while everyone screamed and ran.

I ran down the hallways, finding people who might have or did do wrong to me in the past, and I struck them down with all the force I had. Sometimes, I didn't even bother to watch their bodies disappear; I already spotted my next kill and was readying my strike.

After I had killed over fifteen people, I confidently walked out of the school, positive that in the panic, no one thought to call the police. But I was wrong. Two cop cars showed up, drifting a little in opposite ways as they skidded to a halt in front of me.

The two cops in the first car were the first to get out. They drew their guns and aimed them at me, holding them just above the joint between the door and car frame. "Put the sword down, NOW!" I didn't heed the command and calmly walked over the car. The cops still had their pistols trained on me, but didn't fire. They should have. Swinging the sword, it cut the hood and engine of the vehicle in half, right down the middle. The driver called for back-up as he moved back, trying to explain the situation, while the passenger opened fire. As if the sword knew that there was death hurdling towards its user, it came up and absorbed the hits without showing so much as a scratch or dent.

The cop stood in amazement even as I brought the sword across his neck, decapitating him. The car was now completely gone, and the other police officer was in a full sprint, blindly firing in my general direction, hoping that God would grant him a hit so he may live. I leapt into the air, and although surprised at how much height I got, I still was able to bring the sword down on the cop, cleaving him in two pieces, each dissolving on their own terms.

When the second car arrived, it went much the same; the car was dissolved and the cops cleanly and effectually disposed of. I heard the sirens of more police, and maybe S.W.A.T. cars, trucks and vans coming my way, so I leapt up to the roof of the nearest building, and jumped from rooftop to rooftop because I knew I wouldn't be able to kill what was coming for me just yet.


By nightfall, I was all over the news, and ninety-five percent of all the police in the county were looking for me. I was public enemy number one. I sat in the forest 20 miles from my city under the roots of a hundred and fifty year old tree. A strange thought crossed my mind; This tree has lived a long, full life, while I'm going to die within a week. I took off my shoes so I could relax and get some sleep; even with the sword's mystical power, going 20 miles was very trying on the body. When I took off my right boot though, I was reminded of the cut the sword gave me. I then thought of all things I made disappear because I cut them.

But upon inspection, the foot was fine, save the small cut from the sword. I breathed a sigh of relief. I wasn't going to disappear, besides the memory of me when I get shot to death. I settled in for the night; no one would be looking for me here, and if they were, this forest is a large place and it would be near impossible to find a solitary person without any fire making abilities.

That's why I was surprised when I heard a twig crack behind me an hour after I had fallen asleep. I immediately grabbed the sword and spun around, pointing it at the intruder. After adjusting to the dim light of the moon and stars, and finally recognizing the voice, I realized it was that cute junior that liked me. How did she know where I was? I thought to myself. I put down my sword and sat on the root I had used for a pillow. "Damn,.uh.." in the shock and confusion, I forgot her name for a moment before recovering it "Rachel! You're going to get yourself killed one day for sneaking up on people!"

"I know, but I don't care Steve. The police are after you."

"You think I don't know that? I killed over twenty fucking people today! Four of them cops! Why the fuck do you think I'm out here?" I said, extending my arms to their full wing span and looking around at my domain for the night. I was angry for some reason. I guess it was because I realized what I had done today.

"You're not going to be alive for much longer."

"Thanks bitch. You're very supportive."

"What I mean. is I want you to be happy. I.. I mean.. I mean I want to have sex with you" and with this, she fell on me, locking lips. I fell to the ground with her on top of me.

She ripped off her shirt, revealing her two C-cups in the moon light. She kissed me again as we rolled in the dried leaves and dirt. As we rolled to a stop, I was on top. I broke away from her kiss as I quickly took off my clothes, and she did the same.

Just as I was going to begin the dirty act, I said "Wait! I don't have a condom!"

Then she said as sexily as she could "I want you to cum inside me tonight." I then thrust my penis deep inside her. She cried out a little in the pain, and some blood seeped out. I hadn't known she was a virgin; I knew she had some previous boyfriends, and since I thought she was hot, I figured that at least one guy convinced her to have sex.

I began to thrust my rock hard dick into Rachel, forgetting about the recent revelation of her virginity. It was my first time too, so I wasn't surprised when I ejaculated within the first couple of minutes. I pulled my dick out, and she was immediately on it, sucking on it. Back and forth went her head, until my dick was able to get back into a position that allowed it to do what Mother Nature intended it to do.

During the next sexual position, she was the one top. Putting her small hands on my chest, she began to bring her hips up and down, moaning in the process. I moaned with her, and felt her dangling breasts as she continued to fuck me. She let out another moan when my hands made contact. She began to thrust harder. I couldn't take it anymore. The pleasure was too much. I let myself cum, and Rachel did too, almost right after I did.

This time, my dick stayed hard as we positioned ourselves so we could fuck doggy style. But before I started to penetrate her, an idea crossed my mind. Maybe, just maybe in the fury of such sensual movements and actions, Rachel would let man's most desired wish come true for me, tonight, on my last night on Earth. I cautiously asked her "Can I fuck you in the ass?"

Rachel looked back, moved her strawberry blonde hair out of the way of her face, and she said sensually "fuck me anywhere you want, Steve." I looked deep in her eyes; and her eyes didn't lie to me.

So, following her desires, I slowly pushed my nine inches of meat into her anus. She cried out in pain, but began to rub her clitoris. I took this as a sign to continue, which I did. I began, slowly at first, to move my cock in and out of her dirty hole. But as I gained pleasure, I moved faster and faster until I came. My God! I kept thinking through out the singular minute it lasted. She's got such a tight ass! Which was true; that orifice incredibly tight, especially compared to my huge member.

Exasperated with the pleasure, she panted out "Keep going! I want to feel more of you cum in my ass!" I happily obliged.

This time, I began a little faster than I did before. I also cupped Rachel's right breast and slapped her ass with my left hand as I pounded away at her now not-so-"untapped natural resource". I could also now drink in the beauty of her ass. I was never really an ass-man, so I never really paid any attention to them. But this was a beautiful ass. It was round and plump, yet firm, like the breast I was groping. It wasn't overly big, but big enough to draw attention. I came, as did she, and we set up so that we were in the same position as before, but her back was to me as I lay on the ground.

This time, I put it back in her vagina. I gripped her hips, and she supported herself with her hands placed on the ground. I began to thrust, as she began to "grind" in a circular motion. A sweat broke out over us as our sexual acts heated our bodies up and gave us a workout. Some of her sweet perspiration dripped onto me, and I let it pool on my stomach, mingling with my own. Rachel's hair was a little dirty, but it still smelled like the shampoo she used, or so I assumed. At this time, she stopped grinding and began to play the vaginal turntable as I continued to move my hips.

Shortly after combining her cum with mine in her vagina, Rachel rolled off me, flopped to the ground and said "That was amazing. Thank you." And she gave me a long and sensual kiss.

"Well, I should really be thanking you. Like you said, I'm probably not going to be living for much longer, and that was my first time."

"Well, I'm glad we both enjoyed that." Rachel said with a smile.


We slept until I heard the sound of dogs and cars nearby; they were closing in on me. The sun was already up. I quickly got dressed, and while I did that, I checked my watch; 7:34 AM. Rachel stirred. I had forgotten about her! I said in a hushed whisper while shaking her "Rachel. Rachel. Rachel! You have to get out of here. I don't want you to get caught in the cross fire and get hurt because of me."

With that, I picked up the sword and went towards the sounds I had heard earlier, not bothering to see if Rachel had moved or not. I went into the tree branches, to help with the element of surprise. When I reached the group of soldiers, I scouted out what I was up against: twenty-five cops with shotguns and pistols, fifteen soldiers with M16s and five dogs, probably trained to kill.

They set off, fanning out in an evenly spaced line, with the dogs every sixth person or so. When the last member of the search party had turned around, I struck. I jumped off the tree, and while landing, I cut a soldier down the middle. Before anyone could react, I sliced the one to the left of me in half at the waist before stabbing another close-by cop in the stomach.

After the seventh kill, the force finally got their act together and began to fire at me. I skillfully blocked and dodged their bullets, jumping, spinning and blocking, while taking out each soldier one by one. After I had finished killing all the men, I looked around. There was now a clearing from all the trees I had destroyed from my sword when I extended the blade beyond where the person ended. There was also no sign of any bodies, or even blood, something I had not noticed when I had my killing spree in the school. There wasn't even blood on the blade.

I went over to the armored Humvee used to transport the soldiers to the forest and radioed in "No sign of the bastard. We're coming in. Hopefully we'll find him. I just think we don't have enough man power right now to find him."

The woman on the other side said through a crackled voice "Alright. You guys were out there for a couple hours; you deserve a break. Next time, we'll be able to send out more men."

"Thanks," I responded, a hit of malicious victory in words, "We're en route now."


When I arrived at the army station set up in the city's park, I didn't get out of the car. I watched my opponents from afar. I saw at least a hundred men and women milling about here and there, and that was only in the front. The park covered four hundred and fifty acres of land, and I'm sure that the army had commandeered most of it.

I got out of the car as quietly as I could after putting it into neutral. I then pushed the car towards a fuel tank which was used to refill the vehicles. Once it got enough momentum, I let it roll into it. Some saw the car and saw where it was headed. They knew they could not stop a two ton vehicle; two tons of metal can't be stopped by only two hundred pounds of flesh and bone, so they ran off, yelling for everyone to get down.

When the car reached it, there was a deafening explosion, and a giant ball of fire. Many people were engulfed in it, burning those poor soles quickly and thoroughly, while others merely just caught fire and ran around in circles, hoping that some one would pity them and put them out, before stumbling down and dieing. I saw all these confusion as my chance to strike.

I sprinted towards the first person I saw that wasn't on fire, my sword behind me, an inch from the ground and supported by both my hands. I sliced the person in half at the chest and kept on running. By now, the fire department had shown up, along with soldiers who used hoses and small fire extinguishers to put out the flames. I jumped up and sliced the fire trucks and ambulances as they drove through, making them disappear, along with the drivers and passengers inside. After this show, people began to realize who I was, where I was, and what I was doing at their camp.

The brandished their guns and tried to put a bullet or two in me, but I was able to dodge and strike them down. But suddenly, as I jumped up to kill another one of the fools who thought they could stop me, an unexpected explosion rippled across my back. I tumbled forwards in excruciating pain; I was hit! I laid there on the ground in disbelief. I tried to struggle up, getting as far as my hands and knees, but more bullets riddled me, knocking me back down to the cold earth. Some one grabbed the sword away from me, as if I could wield it.

They all gathered around me and just stared at me. At first I thought this was strange, but then I felt this strange burning in my right foot. I looked down. I didn't see my right foot. I couldn't see it. It was gone. And so was my ankle. And now my calf. I was disappearing like my victims.

"No!" I whispered out. "No! What the fuck is happening!? Make it stop!" I was yelling now at the top of my lungs. The burning sensation grew more and more intense as more and more of my body went where I sent those other men and women. I was able to roll over onto my back so I could watch in amazement as the rest of my body began to dissolve.

I put my hands down, as if to try to wipe off what was happening, but to no avail. I then gasped. My hands were disappearing too! "NO! NO NO NO NO NO! MAKE IT FUCKING STOP! PLEASE! I FUCKING BEG YOU!" But all the soldiers could do was watch as my elbows went away, along with my genitals, which were still some what sore from the previous night, thinking of how their comrades had died in the same fashion.

I would have been flailing in pain and anger, if I had limbs. I was now just a limbless corpse, waiting to be killed. And still the people watched. I accepted my fate, and ceased my begging, my yelling. I only cried silent tears as I continued to dissolve. Now my torso was gone. I was just a head. The last thing to go was my brain, so it could process the pain I was going through and the pain I had put so many others throug

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