Skeletons in my Closet part c

Skeletons in my Closet part C

Part C Meeting the family

Keith turned me toward the door and as he patted my ass he replied, “After you, Kate and we can finish this another time.”

Keith and I went into the kitchen. Mom and my daughter were both cooking at the stove. You could have heard a pin drop as we walked in. My mom turned from the stove.

Mom looked to me as she said, “You two sit down, breakfast. “ her voice went silent as she looked to Keith. She wiped her hands on her cooking apron as she said, “Well I will be dammed is that you Keith?”

Keith went to her and hugged her as he replied, “Yes it is Mrs. Rohr.”

My mother’s hand rubbed and squeezed at Keith's arm as she said, “It’s still Auntie to you my dear boy”

“Auntie,” I yelled looking to Keith and my mom as I asked them if he was my cousin?

Keith laughed shaking his head no and my mom laughed as she smiled at Keith then replied, “Now everybody please sit down and Megan help me serve breakfast.”

“Yes grandma, ”Megan said as she helped her bring breakfast to the table.

Keith came over to me kissed my forehead. He helped me into a chair at the kitchen table. I looked at him with that dumbfound expression waiting for some type of explanation as I could not figure out how he knew my mother.

Keith placed his finger to my lips as he said, “All in due time Kate.”

Megan and my mom brought over scrambled eggs, buttered toast, bacon, sausage, and fresh coffee. When they both joined us at the table my mother looked to Keith and asked him if he would say grace. My mom was somewhat religious.

However, I had not prayed nor been to church since I was Megan's age. Probably would have been struck by lightning if I had been. However, I took Keith’s hand and my daughter's hand as my mom took hold of Megan and Keith's hands.

Keith bows his head as he said, “We give You thanks for food and drink and all that You provide: flowers, mountains, stars above, family by our side. Please protect those who are far from home during their time of need.

We all said,” Amen,”

Megan looked to me then to her grandma as she asked, “So who is going first?” As she looked lastly at Keith.

Keith smiled at her as he replied, “Not me a gentleman never kisses and tell.” “Besides I am hungry” as he started to eat.

Megan looked to me and asked, “So what happened to your eye mom?”

I explained to her and my mother the best and quickest way I could of last night’s events at the bar. I explained how Keith had been my knight in shiny armor coming to my aid and also bringing me home as I could not see to drive myself.

I looked to my mother and said,” Your turn mom.”

I was very interested in knowing just how she knew Keith My mother explained many moons ago she had become friends with Keith's parents. A little after I had moved to Colorado.

She smiled at Keith as she said, “She was there the day this dear sweet boy went to war.” She added, “ I lost two close friends that day his parents were killed.” They always threw the best parties, ” as she rubbed her hand on Keith's hand.

Well, that explained that. However, I asked Keith why he never told me he knew my mother. He told me I never asked. He also added he had always been intimidated by my loveliness and a little shy around me.

Megan suddenly blurted out, “You didn’t look shy around her in the bathroom,” staring and smiling at Keith.

“MEGAN, ” my mother and I said at the same time as Keith blushed bright red in his face.

My mother told her to help her clean up breakfast and do the dishes. However, Keith stood up and told my mother and me to go into the living room that he would help her.

I wasn’t sure about that but my mother ushered me into the living room telling me they would be fine together. She explained more about her time with Keith's parents. She had known Keith’s mom in high school. She happened to have run into her one day and she invited her to a party they were having.

My mom smiled as she said, ”Both his parents knew how to make their guests feel welcomed.”

She also told me what a fine boy Keith was back then and had grown into a sweet man just like his father I told her she didn’t have to tell me that. We heard a commotion coming from the kitchen and ran out to see what was happening.

My mother and I stood there watching a water fight between my daughter and Keith. Megan had the sink sprayer spraying Keith while he was filling glasses of water and splashing it on her. They were laughing and carrying on as they played.

“Enough you two, you're making more of a mess than your cleaning up,” my mother said to them both.

They sort of hung their heads and Megan said, “He started it.” While at the same time Keith said, “She started it,” both of them looking at my mom.

My mother shook her head as she replied, “Children,” as she chased them both from the kitchen snapping a dish towel at their behinds chasing them into the living room.

I told Megan to get some towels so Keith and she could dry off. As she ran to the bathroom Keith wrapped his arms around me and kissed me deeply upon my lips. Once again it was a loving caring kiss filled with fire and passion.

“You two should really get a room and mom your ass is showing,” Megan said as she returned joining us again.

“Megan, ” I yelled.

“And a fine looking ass it is,” Keith said as he looked behind me at my exposed butt.

“KEITH,” I yelled smacking his arm.

I told Megan to keep Keith company while I went and got dressed. Megan grabbed his hand and sat him down in the chair as she told him one of us had spilled our coffee on the sofa. Keith and I both smiled at each other.

I went to my bedroom and got dressed. As I did I thought how wonderful Keith was and my daughter seemed to accept him right away. She had never cared for any of the men in my life up till now. Maybe there was a chance something would develop between us after all I thought.

When I returned Megan was sitting in his lap as they talked. My mother was sitting on the dry part of the sofa looking at a magazine. I stood in the hallway looking at them. I thought so this is what having a family was supposed to be like.

When I entered the living room Megan went over by her grandma. Keith stood up and came to me. He took my hand as he told me it had been fun but it was time he got home as he had animals to feed. Nice a handshake instead of a kiss I thought.

“What animals ?” Megan asked?

“Three of the best riding horses in the county,” Keith replied letting go of my hand.

Keith went over to Megan and as he looked down at her he asked, “May I see you and your mom again?”

Megan stood up and hugged him, her head only coming slightly above his waist. That really shocked me. It seemed this blonde haired blue eyed devil could charm kids as well as women. As she had never hugged any man before especially any I knew.

Megan replied, “I would like that if it’s ok with mom,” as she looked to me.

I looked to Keith as I said,” I would love that as well.”

Keith went to my mother and bent down kissing her on the cheek then asked, “Is that ok with you Auntie?”

My mother replied, “I suppose so,” “I know they’re both will be in good hands with you,” as she smiled at Megan and me.

I walked Keith out to his truck where he took me in his arms. He bent over and hugged me tightly. I pressed my lips to him as we kissed passionately.

Keith broke our kiss as he whispered into my ear, “Remember you still owe me,” as his hands felt up my butt.

I reached between us and grabbed his big cock with my hand as I replied, “I could pay up right now if you like,” giving him my sexy smile.

Keith released me as he said, “Your a wild one Ms. K,” as he jumped into his truck and drove off.

I stood there wondering if I would ever see that man again. My luck with men hadn’t been too good over the years. What if this turned out to be like that? I thought as I walked back into the house.

My mother was in the living room. Megan was in her bedroom where she spent most of her time. I walked over and sat down in the chair smiling from ear to ear as I thought about that orgasm Keith had given me. I looked at my mom and saw she was just staring at me.

My mother smiled at me as she said, “His father had that same effect on everyone.”

“Was his father a blonde haired blue eyed devil like him?”

My mom smiled at me as she replied, “Every bit of one and oh so worth it.” She then got a serious look on her face as she added, “You might want to clean this sofa as I know that isn’t coffee,” “Believe me I know.”

“MOM,” I yelled as we both started to laugh.

I had my mother drive Megan and me to the bar as my car was still there. We told her we would see her soon and we drove away. On Sundays Megan and I would mostly go shopping. Today was no different other than the sunglasses I wore hiding my eye.

We drove to the mall and went to our favorite store. We spent some time looking and loading up our cart with all types of goodies. We went up to the cashier who rang our items up and told me the cost. I handed her my credit card. She ran it then looked at me.

“Miss this card has been declined,” she said handing it back to me.

Luckily I had enough cash on me. I found out later my account had been closed due to nonpayment. I sort of just blew it off as someone else was on my mind.

Come Monday afternoon as the bar didn’t open till 4 now. I dropped my daughter off at her grandma and went to work. I sat in my office going over the books. I shook my head from side to side. Even with a good weekend, the bar was barely turning a profit. This also meant my own personal debt was climbing as well.

I decided I needed a drink. I went and sat at the bar after pouring myself a tall one. I was sipping on it as I saw Keith walking toward me.

I felt my pussy start to twitch. He was dressed in a lovely 3 piece tan suit with cowboy boots which only made him taller than he already was.

I smiled at him as I took his hand as I led him into my office closing and locking the door behind us. When I turned around he wrapped me in his arms as he kissed me deeply on my lips. I sort of just melted in his arms again. I rubbed my hand at the front of his pants to find his cock was already hard.

I sort of pushed him back to my desk and dropped to my knees in front of him. I undid his belt unsnapped his pants and pulled them down to his ankle. I rubbed at his big hard cock through his underwear.

I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of his underwear and quickly pulled them down to his ankles. I was now facing the biggest, hard throbbing cock I had ever seen or had.

I looked up at him as I asked, “What the hell did your mother feed you to make this?”

Keith smiled as he replied, “Sort of runs in the family.”

I wrapped what I could of my hand around his cock. I started to pump my hand up and down his cock as It throbbed in my hand. I brought it to my lips. I kissed at the head of his dick then ran my tongue down it’s length to his big hanging balls. Where I used my fat tongue to lick at his balls.

I licked up and down his cock as I used my hand massaging those big hanging balls. I then took the head of his cock into my mouth. I slowly worked my mouth up and down over just the head of his cock.

I licked around just under the head of his circumcised cock. From experience, I had learned a guy can be very sensitive in this area. I was also hopeful he was not like some and would shoot his load into my mouth as I flicked my tongue in this area.

Keith moaned, “Suck it, Kate, take my cock deep in your lovely mouth,” as his hands went to my head.

My pussy throbbed and dripped hearing those words as Keith sort of petted my head as I slowly started to work my mouth further down his cock. I had worked about two-thirds of it into my mouth. I started to suck on it as I pulled my mouth back up his cock.

I removed my mouth from his dick as I licked at the pee hole of his cock. Long streams of pre-cum oozed from his cock as I did. I love the taste of pre-cum and his seemed extra special tasting for some reason.

I soon had both my hands wrapped around his cock pumping on it as I sucked at the head of his cock. I could feel my pussy juices running around the thong I had worn to work under my short skirt. I removed my hands from his cock.

I started to work my mouth down his cock again. This time I got all of him in my mouth. I thought how polite of him to remove his hands from my head in case I choked on it. Maybe I shouldn’t have thought about choking on it because I did.

Keith looked down at me as he said, “Easy Kate, don’t puke on my suit.”

I caught my breath as I replied, “It’s just so big,” as I kissed at the head of his dick.

I pulled my lips from his cock as his pre-cum stretched from his cock to my lips. I twirled my tongue around it until it snapped shooting onto my lips. I looked up to Keith with pre-cum all over my lips.

He lifted me up and placed his lips on mine kissing me deeply. That also meant he was tasting his own pre-cum. That only seemed to make my pussy drip more of my juices.

I wrapped my arms around his neck as both his hands went to my ass. Keith sort of leaned back against the edge of my desk as he picked me up into the air. I wrapped my legs around his body as I felt the head of his cock against my thong.

Keith was holding me up with his hands gripping my butt. I shifted a little bit while moving my body downward as I pulled my thong to one side. Keith's cock slipped up inside my hairy wet pussy.

“Oh my god Keith,” I moaned out as I settled down onto his big cock.

I slowly slipped down on his big cock. I worked it up into my pussy in steps until it was all the way in my pussy. I never felt so full of cock in my life. Most of the men I had been with were mostly average size or smaller.

I was soon bouncing up and down on his cock with his help. In a few minutes, I was slamming my body all the way up and down his dick with wet sloshing sounds filling my office. When I had him buried deep in my pussy I rocked wildly back and forth on his cock as he gripped my ass and slammed his cock into me as well. I got that feeling deep within my pussy as an orgasm came over my body.

“Fuck you going to make me cum,” I screamed.

My pussy sort of sucked at his dick. Then my flood gates opened. His cock slipped out as I squirted all over both of us and down onto my office floor.

Keith spun me around sitting my butt at the edge of the desk. He slipped my thong off skillfully in one swift move throwing them across my office. He placed my legs up upon his shoulders as he rubbed his hard throbbing cock at my pussy. My pussy told him that it enjoyed that as a short but powerful stream of my pussy juices splashed on his cock.

He teased my pussy with his cock. He was just rubbing it between my pussy lips or smacking the head of his cock against my clit. I was squirming on my desk trying to get his cock up my pussy.

“Damn you stop teasing and fuck the hell out of me,” “Fuck me like the slut I am,” I cried out to him.

“Mmmm I do love a good slut,” Keith replied smiling at me.

Keith slipped his cock up into my pussy and did just that. I had never taken such a hard pounding as this. My office filled with the sounds of our bodies slapping together as he fucked me deep and hard.

My pussy was making those wet sucking sounds as he fucked the hell out of me. Keith pounded me this way for about a half-hour as our bodies dripped in sweat. His big cock started to bottom out in my pussy. It hurt but at the same time, I was filled with wonderful pleasure as another wet multi orgasm came over me.

I heard Keith moan as he pulled his cock from my pussy as my legs fell from his shoulders. He placed and rubbed his cock against my pussy.

“Ahhh fuck Kate, ” Keith cried out rubbing his cock against my hairy pussy.

I looked down to see his cock jerk and throb at my belly button as ropes of cum shot from his cock. One rope splash on my face the rest went all over the low cut black top I had on coating the top of my girls which were hanging out of my top.

I reached down scooped some cum from my tit and brought it up to my mouth licking it from my fingers. Keith leaned down and kissed me deeply and passionately once more. As I took a deep breath I realized my office smelled of our sex.

I lie there on my desk with Keith on top of me. He raised up off of me as he stared into my eyes. I stared back into those devil eyes of his loss in my own little world after the hard fucking and wet orgasm he had just given me. Keith helped me to stand.

“I love you, Kate, ” Keith said as his lips went to mine.

I wrapped my arms around his neck as we kissed. I had been lost in that moment when suddenly it occurred to me what Keith had just said to me. I pushed him from me as I stood there staring up at him.

“What did you just say?” I asked thinking I had imagined it.

Keith took me into those lovely big strong arms again. His lips pecked at mine as he kissed me softly. I pushed him away from myself.

“KEITH what did you just say?” I asked him again.

Keith took my chin in his hand and looked me dead in my eyes as he replied, “I love you, Kate.”

I stared up at this man, this blonde hair blue-eyed devil. A man had not spoken those three words to me in a long time. If they had they really didn’t mean it. I stared into those devil eyes once again searching for that darkness within his soul. I saw no darkness. His eyes only sparkled and shined brighter than I had ever seen them do before. In my heart, I felt he meant those words, or at least I thought he did.

I smiled at him as I said, “I love you too Keith.”

Our lips met and he embraced me tightly. We kissed deeply swapping tongue as we did. Keith broke our kiss and just held me tightly in his arms. I once again got that calm, secure loving feeling as he held me.

Keith broke our embrace as he said, ”Kate I have business out of town till Sunday but I will be back and pick you and your daughter up at about 8 in the morning to go horseback riding.”

“Let us make it 10 as I do work Saturday night,” I replied, as I kissed him again.

As he pulled his underwear and pants back up I heard him say “Damn it, Kate.”

I looked to him to see that the front of his tan pants had a big dark spot. It looked liked he had pissed his pants. It seemed our love juices had coated the front of his pants.

“Ain’t no worst than this,” I said pointing to my cum stained blacktop I had worn that day.

I pulled my top off as I went and got another top to put on that was clean. He came to me and took me into his arm and kissed me. He told me he was sorry about that but he had been unsure about dumping a load inside of me. I told him it was Ok as I had a hysterectomy a couple of years ago due to some women's problems.

We kissed and he told me he had to go catch a plane. I walked him out to his truck and noticed he sort of kept me in front of him lol I think to hide his wet spot. Keith asked me if it was Ok if he called me while he was away.

I placed my hand to his face as I said, “Silly boy you may call me anytime you like.”

At his truck, he took me in those lovely big arms of his. Our lips met and we kissed passionately like two lovers would do seeing each other off. Keith broke our kiss telling me he would see me Sunday and drove away once again.

I stood there watching him pull away. I was sort of rewinding the events of meeting this man years ago in my mind. How I always wondered about him and how I always had the hots for him. I wondered once again if in fact I would ever see or hear from him again.

I also stood there wondering why I had that fear. Perhaps it was those devil eyes and maybe deep inside me somewhere I knew this man was too good to be true. My train of thought was rudely interrupted as I felt a hand on my ass. I was about to go off on whoever had grabbed my ass. I turned to find one of my regular customer an older man named William had grabbed my ass.

“Trying to drum up business by advertising the goods out here Ms. K?” William asked.

“No, just seeing a friend off that is all,” I replied.

I walked William back inside the bar and turned him over to one of my girls knowing she would be getting a big tip before he left. I returned to my office to work on my books. Perhaps I should have entertained William myself as all my books seemed to been deep in the red.

Keith called me at the bar every night at around nine I would be in my office waiting. I asked him just what business he was doing. He explained he was checking out some new equipment for his business. He told me he hated this part of his job almost as much as doing his books. Keith also would always ask how my daughter Megan was doing as well.

Megan herself would ask me about Keith every day as well. She was excited about going to ride his horses. I myself was getting excited thinking about riding his big cock again.

I would love to hear your comments.

Part 4 soon

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