Making some money

Making Some Money

(True Story)

It had been 4 weeks since my encounters with Ricky, Juan and Xavi (see story "What Does It Matter" for details). Lil, my girlfriend, was on vacation with her parents, looking at out of state colleges. I was missing all of them, the more I remembered the sensations they gave me, the hornier I got. More than once I had put on the tiny shorts Ricky had given me and in the floor length mirror watched myself walking back and forth. I noticed, raising my heels as I walked gave my legs a taunter,longer look and my butt seemed more pronounced and rounded. This led to me stopping at the Salvation Army store and finding a pair of girls canvas shoes that looked just like tennis shoes but had a wedge sole giving me just the look I was after. Since I was just 16 and over 6'-1", and 155#'s, I already had long thin legs, and these made them look even longer. They wanted $2.00 but I negotiated the clerk down to $1.50. My mothers jammed packed makeup drawer provided some old lipstick just a shade redder and darker than my own lips and some mascara that made my lashes look longer and stand out more. She'd never miss them, she had hundreds and added several more each week or so it seemed. A visit to some relatives, provided the opportunity to go through 12 year old cousin Kathy's, laundry basket. There I found an orange sleeveless top that was several sizes too small and only barely covered my chest but I thought would be just the ticket to complete the ensemble. When my parents would leave for the evening I'd strip naked, skinny on the shorts, the tight top and the shoes. A little bit of lipstick and mascara and WOW, I couldn't believe it. I pranced back and forth in front of that mirror,I actually looked damned cute. Even cutier than Ricky, I thought. I wished he could see me. I practised different walks, swinging my hips, rotating my hips, flexing my cheeks with each step until, finally, I got one that I thought was a real turn on. I practiced it over and over. With each step, flexing each cheek , rotating my hips, not around, but up, over, and down, and swinging the hip out only just slightly. I got it down so pat, that I set up several mirrors and got a huge erection just watching myself walk. I was HOT and ready!

Saturday night, and it was all planned. Excuse made: going over to Randy's house to study and watch TV, won't be back till late. Shorts and top under my regular jeans and sweatshirt, shoes and makeup in the bottom of my book bag. Two warm water enemas, and a third spiked with a little vanilla, everything clean and great smelling. Spare key for the garage hidden under a paver out back. Parents glued to Ed Sullivan or some such shit on the TV in the living room. Bye! Jumped on my bike and headed out the gangway between the houses. Down the block, back through the alley, find the key, open the rollup door to the garage, slip out of jeans and sweatshirt, put on the wedgies, use the car mirror to put on the lipstick and mascara, hide the book bag. Glad I practiced, less than 5 minutes and I was riding toward Riis Park. I felt good. A very warm spring day, the air caressing my almost naked body. I was free and only a little self concious. While it was just getting to be dusk, it was still light enough, I could tell people were staring at me when I'd ride by or especially when I'd have to stand at a stop light. I tried to put it out of my mind, let them stare, let them think what they want. So what! Wolf whistles, girls or guys, I couldn't tell, I didn't look, but I felt my self blush, oh yeah, I was brazen, exhibitionistically sexy, and liked it!

A couple of miles, and I arrived at Riis Park, chained the bike to the rack and walked to the busy street side of the park. I thought this would be a good location to walk and see if I generated any interest. So I took my practiced wiggle and started walking the length of the park along the street. A car pulls up, its windows down, loud music coming from the radio.

"Hey there, what's happening?"

Its getting dark, I move closer to the car. "Nothing much, what's happening with you?" I asked, straining to see inside. First thing that hits me is the smell, like rotten fish, its so revolting I almost vomit. Here's this guy, just huge, a blob, no neck, sitting behind the wheel. Behind it, he almost part of it, he's so fat. Is this my fate tonight, no way. I start to back up.

"Hey, come here cutie, where you going?" I back up further heading back to the sidewalk and down the street. "You little faggot, what's your problem? I see you shaking it up and down this block, my money is just as good as anyone else's chicky!", he shouts at me. I'm walking fast now and getting as far from this creep as possible. I head down the other side of the park and glance back to see him pull away from the curb. Suddenly, I feel sick, scared and sick. I took a few deep breaths and slowed my pace.

A girl was walking toward me, halter top, tight shorts, high heels. God, she gorgeous. I smile broadly looking straight at her. Her skin was light brown and looked so absolutely soft and smooth. She had the most beautiful lips and eyes.

"What you staring at, sweety?", she asked.

"Ah, sorry, didn't mean to stare", was all I could stammer. I was looking at her nipples protruding through the thin tight material of her top. "My name's Stevie", I said extending my hand, wanting to feel her hand touch mine. "I think you're really pretty". She didn't move.

She looked at me quizzically, "I don't give a damn who you are. What you think you're doing here? This is my side of the street. You take your sweet little fanny and get the hell out of here. If I see you here the next time I come around I'll cut you good!"

Duh, it then hit me. She was a working girl, a prostitute and I was on her turf. "Sorry, didn't mean anything, I just", I looked around trying to determine which way wasn't going to lead to more abuse. This wasn't turning out to be the night I had thought it would be.

"Gloria, mine's gloria", she said as she walked toward me, her tone had changed. "You just tryin to make some money too, huh?" I nodded. She leaned against me, I could feel her hot breath on my neck and her hand was squeezing my ass. "Hmmmm, you're cute. Tell you what, why don't you go down there by those stores a block and a half down, nobody working there, so nobody will care. Good Luck!", she pulled away and patted my ass.

"Gee, thanks, Gloria, sorry I didn't know..maybe I'll see you later, we can have a Coke or something", I said as she was walking away.

"Yeah, Stevie, stop by the coffe shop sometime and I'll take you up on it", she waved back.

I quickly walked down to the store fronts. They were all closed, except for the tavern at the corner, and only the neon lights were still on. It was kind of empty and creepy, I think I liked the park better. I again started my walk, every now and then seeing my reflection in some slanted window glass. I thought I looked pretty hot. Cars passed, some slowed, and even some went by and the guys leaned over and made kissing noises, but no offers. Was I doing something wrong? Beep, I almost walked right by, I was so absorbed in my thoughts. Beep, the little red Mustang was next to the curb. I approached the window suspicously, looking all around.

"Hi, mister, nice car", I said as I put my hands on the window opening and looked inside. The driver was small, probably in his 50's. Very slight build, greying hair, with a well trimmed beard that followed the shape of his face. I could see his mouth move but I couldn't hear him. I leaned over further sticking my head in the window. "Sorry, couldn't hear you."

He cleared his throat. "Ah, you need a lift?", he asked.

I had practiced responses to most of the conversations starters, and this is the one I thought I'd hear most often. "Depends what you had in mind", I responded, licking my lips slowly, so there would be no misunderstanding of my meaning. "I'm just WORKING my way home". There that should do it.

"Errr, how much would it cost me to help you?", he responded.

'Yeeesssss!', I thought. "Well let see, if I use this," I put my finger between my lips and sucked on it as I pulled it out, "40, if you want this," I turned and thrust out a short clad cheek,"70, and if you want this", I thrust my hips, grabbing my package, and grinding it seductively, "100". I had thought long and hard about the prices. I figured, that I usually didn't stay hot after an orgasm so this could severly limit my earning power for the night, therefore, the much higher price. I put my head back in the window to hear his choice. I could tell by looking in his eyes, he was going to do something. He looked like he needed it bad.

"What .. does .. the 100 include?", he asked hesitantly.

I was getting a little weary of dickering, "look you can do anything you want, if I cum, its 100, if I don't its 70. If all you want is to feel me up and get a BJ, its 40, OK"

"OK, get in."

"So what's it going to be?", I asked, quickly adjusting the seat all the way back to accomodate my length.

"Just 40. OK?"

"Yeah, sure,", I put my hand out, and he promptly produced two twentys from a folded role in his shirt pocket. I shoved them in the tiny front pocket of the shorts and quickly got up on my knees.
"I'm Phil", he introduced himself. I didn't really care, who the hell he was, I just wanted to feel his cock in my mouth.

"Oh, nice to meet ya Phil. I'm Stevie", and I reached across for his crotch.

I opened the button at his waist and slowly pulled the zipper down so that I made sure I didn't snag anything, but he was wearing boxer shorts. I grabbed his cock thru the thin material, I was a little disappointed, he was only semi hard. I slid my hand up and down, sliding the material up and down its entire length. That's better, he quickly got much harder. I reached inside the flap of the boxers and wrapped my hand around his shaft pulling it out of the flap. I lowered my head to take a close look, it was quite nice. About 6 3/4" long, and 1 1/4 " thick, circumsized, with a beautiful heart shaped knob. "Mmmmm, very nice", I whispered, and looked up at him. He was watching me, and a smile crossed his face. I turned my attention back to his penis, I scooted closer to him, so I could arch over the center council whose shift knob was sticking me in the ribs, and lowered my head till my lips were pressing against his hot, hard member. I kissed the thick rim slowly, and worked my way down and back up. Sometimes the kisses were just rubbing my lips on his cock, sometimes I'd open the lips and slide my wet mouth up and down its front and sides. I pulled his cock away from his body and slowly pushed my lips down his entire cock keeping suction on it all the way down. I could feel the head at the entrance to my throat, relax, I thought, just breath through your nose and gulp it down. I did. His cock was totally in my mouth my lips brushing against the pubic hairs sticking from the boxer flap. A couple of more gulps and my throat was massaging the head of his dick, my lips holding him tightly. A moan escaped from his lips. I must be doing pretty good, I was pleased. I needed more air and slowly sucked my way back to his slit. My tongue twirled around the top, wetting it throughly. I repeated the same action over and over, getting more into it each time. Twisting my head, sucking hard, gasping, looking up at him. His hips were grinding upward and I knew he was enjoying what I was doing.

He had reached over and was rubbing the back of my thighs. I liked that. His hands were smooth and cool. Slowly they made their way to the bottom of my tiny shorts, as if I would object if he just grabbed my ass. I moved back against his hand and finally he was squeezing my cheek, masssaging it, running his fingers up and down my crack. "Ohh,yeahhh," he moaned as I sucked his member back into my mouth running my lips all the way down to his hairs again, swallowing him into my throat and then letting my throat spasm around his knob. Suck up, suck down, swallow, spasm, spasm, suck up. I was rythmically sucking him for all I was worth. I was really enjoying the feeling of him, warm and wet, in my mouth. I could taste his pre cum as small amounts oozed from his slit. It was damn good, and I rolled it around on my tongue, relishing every taste sensation. He was squeezing my ass passionately now and I really was getting excited. Then suddenly, he stopped me with his other hand. I looked up at him. "OK, I've got to have it, here's an extra 30, OK?" At first, I wasn't sure what he meant but his finger inside my shorts, probing at me made me realize what he wanted.

"Sure, but we can't do that here", I said, as I returned to a sitting position, my hand still wrapped around his hardness, jacking him slowly.

He started the car and drove around to the back side of the park where cars sometimes park behind a bunch of bushes during ball games. Nobody was there at this hour, and he pulled into a space that had bushes in front and on the passenger side of the car. He got out and came around to the passenger door and opened it. I got out and so I wouldn't forget put out my hand. He looked at me kind of sheepishly, reached in his shirt pocket and removed a roll of bills, pulling out a 10 and a 20, I shoved them in with the rest. Wow, I'm having fun and getting paid at the same time. He backed me against the car fender, his hands nervously opening and unzipping my shorts. He grabbed the bottoms and tugged them down my legs and after I stepped out of them he handed them to me. I threw them on the seat.

"How old are you?", he asked as his hands ran up and down my smooth legs.

"14", I lied, but I thought guys like him would like them younger, and since I was particularly small in the genital department anyway, he probably would believe it.

He was cupping my ass cheeks now, squeezing them like ripe melons. His finger tips in the crack between them. "Can I?", was all he said, but I knew what he wanted.

I nodded, "As long as you don't make me cum, or that will be another 30". I'd barely finished saying it and my cock was fully in his mouth, being lavishly sucked. I wasn't even hard, but it felt great."Ahhh, oh yeah, that feels soooo good." It was wet and hot and I quickly grew in his mouth. No where near his size though, maybe 5 by 1, or so, but very, very hard. I could tell he was really enjoying sucking me. His hands were again squeezing my ass and his fingers probing my hole, I spread my feet apart giving him better access. His fingers massaged my tight orifice and it felt great. I was getting very aroused. He licked his own fingers and used them to lube and open me up. First one then two fingers were plunging up and down inside me. All the while he kept slowly kissing and sucking my cock. It was like we was savoring every millimeter. I thought if he doesn't stop soon I'll be cumming for sure. He must have sensed the same thing as he slowly removed his lips from my penis and then reached down to remove my shoes.

"I don't want you to scratch the paint", was all he said.

He pushed me gently back onto the hood, I could feel the heat of the sheet metal over the engine on my back. My ass was on the edge of the fender and I spread my legs apart as far as then would go and lifted my feet till my heals just on the edge as well. It was as uncomfortable as hell, but I figured it would look very erotic. I lifted my top to expose my nipples, with my hands on either side I pushed my breasts together and rotated the tips of my middle fingers around my nipples. Mini orgasms started rocking my body. I must have some the most sensitive nipples around. Just flicking them with a finger nail makes them stick out hard and pointed. Continueing starts these little sparks that get my whole body jerking in spasms. Then I felt the most erotic sensation, his mouth was against my ass, I could feel the smooth silkyness of his beard against my cheeks and his tongue, rotating around and pushing into me. "Aheeeeaaaa, god, oh yeah, ooooooo,ooooh", I spread my legs even further apart and pushed my ass onto his probing tongue. His beard against my ass and under my balls was titillating. His tongue was hot and stimulated my anus. He pushed it as deep in my as he could get, and then quickly tongue fucked me.

"You taste incredible", he says as he stands up. The vanilla, I thought. He takes my ankles and straightens my legs, then pushes them straight into the air. Through half closed eyes, I see hiom standing there, my legs leaning against his body, his hands running up and down my thighs and jacking my cock. I feel the tip of his cock, pushing at my little hole, a little too high, lower, yes, yes, there, right there, ohhh. Its just touching the sensitive soft skin of the opening, its hot, I'm wet from his saliva and his knob is getting slick, I need it so bad. It pushes against me, harder, I'm can feel my anus being stretched open as it slowly pushes its way into me. Oh, it hot, and thick. I feel the thickness at the base of his glanz push past my anal ring. The aperature closes tightly around his shaft holding him tightly. He moves deeper in me, I shudder, and squeeze my interior muscles tight against this beautiful cock in me.

"Fuck me, fuck me", I plead, "Its so fucking hot". I'm totally shameless now, brazenly impaleing my ass with his cock. My head is turning from side to side, I'm gasping with lust."Please give it to me, please!

He pushes deep into me. His pubic hair is against my balls and his balls are against my ass. I am full of his cock, oh how glorious. He starts slowly pushing in and out. I can feel every inch sliding in me, my hips are grinding against him. I keep squeezing my muscles around his prick trying to feel every plunge and withdrawal. My fingers have got my nipples harder then ever and spasm after spasm shoots from my abddomen throughout my body. I'm totally wanton and want to cum. Phil is groaning, pushing deep into me then pulling almost all the way out, then plunging in deep again.

A car passes behind us slowly, its headlights illuminating my nakedness sprawled across the hood, a cock shoved deep in my ass. I can picture it in my minds eye and I find it super stimulating.
Someone whistles from the car. From their angle they probably can't tell if I'm male or female, but I don't care, I feel so high I'm about to explode.

I feel his cock swell in me, his thrusts are short and deep and I know he going to cum. Yesssss, I shove my ass up at him, wanting to feel it as deep as possiblle. Yessss! His cock stops moving, throbs and I can feel the thick hot stream shooting into me. "Fuck me good", I whisper, "give me your cum, Phil. Shoot it in my hot ass". Another thrust, another spurt, more hot cream coating every inch in me. His cock is super slick moving easily from opening to its full length in one thrust, again and again, even though I'm squeezing it as hard as I can. I don't want it to stop, never stop, I feel so full so . but sadly, it does. He's done, he withdraws his cock from me and I feel unsatisfied. He has released my legs and my heels are again on the edge of the fender. Cum is running out of my gaping asshole, running down the red fender, and pooling on the ground below. I can't stop, my hips are still grinding at the air, my body still spasming. I reach down and shove 3 fingers in myself, trying to get the feeling back. Slowly the sensation subsides and I open my eyes to see Phil staring at me with an astonished look on his face, shaking his head. I blush, but start laughing nervously.

I got up and off the car, reached in the window, grabbed my shorts, checked the money pocket, yep still there, and started walking through the park.

"Hey can I drop you anywhere?" I waved him off. "Will you be here next Saturday?"

"Probably", I shouted back.

"Great, maybe I'll see you then, Stevie"

Yeah, its a date, I thought. I squatted near a tree and emptied my ass of his cum the best I could. I finger cleaned my rectum and wiped the slimy mess onto the grass. I'll have to remember to bring a rag with me next time or maybe an enema bottle to clean up. Hmmmm, I need some kind of purse. Put the money, in my shoes, just in case. Tugged the shorts on, and head back to my street.

As I passed the clubhouse a guy got off one of the park benchs and started to follow me. He was about 28, I'd say, and shorter than I was. He had a thick body, like a football player. I let him watch as I brazenly wiggled my ass. I was still steamy from the fucking Phil gave me and really wanted something to satisfy the carnal lust I felt inside. The guy walked a couple of arm lengths behind me and when I slowed he slowed. Finally, he whistled a low long whistle. I stopped and looked at him.

"Hi there", he walked up closer behind me. "You lookin' to have some fun?", he asked.

"It depends, what you mean", I left it at that.

"You look really hot, do you want some of this?", he grabbed his crotch and pulled it in my direction. "I know you want it, why don't you come over here and just feel it a little"

"Only if you have some of this", I held my hand up and rubbed the thumb and index finger together. He looked a little surprised, he thought I was some kid he was going to get to suck him off for free. Stupid pervert, I'd been approached my his kind several times since I was eight. "Well?"

He hesitated and I turned and put a little extra swing into my walk as I started to leave. "How much?" he asked.

I walked up to him and reached out and grabbed his crotch, feeling the hardness of his cock in his jeans, "40 if you want me to take care of this". I squeezed gently rubbing him up and down.

"40 that's way too much!"

"Sorry", I released him and started walking away. "You don't know what you missed." I walked slowly away, and blew him a kiss. After about 20 yards, he ran up behind me again.

"Alright, alright", here's your 40 bucks, this had better be good". He handed me four tens. I folded them tightly and slipped them into my front pocket.

"C'mon, let's get off the main drag." We walked toward the swings area, behind were bushes and along side a couple of large trees. I pushed him against one of the trees facing the bushes. There were two young boys, probably around 12 or 13, still clowning around by the swings, but we were sort of out of their line of sight. I pushed my crotch up against him and he grabbed my ass with both hands. I wiggled against him as I leaned back and tried to undo the top button of his jeans. I could feel his hard cock pushing against mine and it was pretty stimulating. I slowly sunk to my knees in front of him. I pulled the tab of his zipper down and the jeans opened exposing his hard cock. He wasn't wearing any underwear. I pulled his jeans down so that his cock and balls were totally exposed. He was big. Bigger than Phil. My mouth nuzzled his balls, I licked at them tasting the saltiness of his sweat. My lips found the base of his cock and opened around it. I let my tongue dart over the skin as I slid my lips up and down its entire length. I heard him breathe deeply. I pulled back slightly to lower the tip to my lips. That's when I saw them, the two boys were behind one of the bushes watching. Should I stop and move, I felt a little embarrassed, but they already saw this much, and then I felt a kind of horniess flood over me, it was arousing to know they were watching. I got an immediate erection. As I held his cock, straight out, I reached down with the other hand and unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts. My cock sprang free, they could see that, too. I lowered my lips onto his cock, kissing the end, then running my tongue over and around the knob several times. My lips closed around it, and my tongue lapped at it with a fervor. My lips were just moving up and down the head of his cock, while my other hand stroked my exposed penis. I reached up and massaged his balls.

"You fucking little slut, damn, suck it baby, suck it. Oh yeah", he liked talking dirty, and I found it encouraging. He must of liked what I was doing. "Come on sissy, you little faggot, suck my hard cock." I started pushing it further into my mouth. I heard one of the boys whisper, "Do you see that, he's sucking it". I don't know why but this really turned me on. I really had to stretch my jaw to accomodate his width, I don't think I ever had a cock this wide before. I could feel the end pushing against the back roof of my mouth and had to concentrate to fight my gag reflex. I swallowed as hard as I could, taking him and my saliva down in one gulp. He was now buried in my mouth and throat, my lips were pressed against the base of cock, pubic hairs tickling my nose. I swallwed again and again. I knew this would cause my throat to massage his cock and he started to fuck my face.

"MMmmmmmm", was all I could get out. My hands pulling his ass toward me, shoving him deeper into my throat as he humped my open mouth.

I shoved a hand between his legs and found his asshole with my middle finger. I started massaging it letting the tip slide just in and out.

"Unhhh", he gasped, his hands grasped the top of my head. He was now fucking me with passion. I was doing my best to suck him in when he pushed forward, swallow him when he reached the back and keep sucking and tongueing him as he withdrew. "Yeah, you like sucking my big cock don't you?" I nodded. "I'm going to fill your mouth with hot cum and you'll lick up every drop, won't you?"
I nodded, again, enthusiastically. "Fuck, you little sissy, suck this", and he jambed his cock deep into my throat. I could taste his precum and wanted more, my tongue was licking at his cock as much as I could. I felt him stiffened and then his cock thicken. He pulled back and my mouth was filled with hot, creamy cum. "Eat this baby, suck it, suck it", I tasted its salty, chalky taste and swallowed, another load, quickly followed, this one larger than the first. Cum was leaking out around my lips and running down my chin, I swallowed again and used my free hand to move it back into my mouth. Another load, spurted into my mouth and down my throat. Finally, only small amounts were flowing from him. "Lick it up you little cocksucker". I did. I licked and sucked him clean. Even though he was starting to go soft my lips kept kissing and sucking that beautiful meat. I couldn't stop. "Enough, enough". He had to push me away. "Well I must say, you were right that was certainly worth it. Man, can you suck cock." I was knealing, my head down. I wasn't sated, I wanted more. I wanted to feel cocks in my mouth, in my ass, filling me with hot cum. My shorts were still open, but my erection had subsided. "What's the matter kid? Too much cum, you going to be sick?" No you asshole, I thought, I just need, need something. He walked away leaving me alone. "Hey, you've got yourself an audience.", he shouted back.

I looked up and the two boys were not 15 feet away staring at me. They didn't seem to know what to do, should they runaway, or stand there. I felt embarrassed, yet, my erection was returning. I looked right at them and licked my lips wantonly. Something in me envisioned me sucking one and getting fucked by the other. I beckoned them over. I wanted them. What a pervert, I am!

This seemed to snap them out of their trance. "Let's get out of here, he's crazy", one said to the other and they ran off.

I laughed to myself as they ran away. Wow, this night was sexually too much and I was making some money too. What more could you ask for?

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