Mandy - part 2

Amanda awoke early it was still dark outside. She turned and looked at her clock and saw that it was five AM but she was wide-awake and wanted to fuck. She still had Timmy's cock in her hand she turned on her side and took his balls in her other hand. She really liked the way his cock and balls felt. She knew Timmy would be angry with her if she woke him up, so she decided to let him sleep a little longer. While she was waiting she was going to watch the movie again, she wanted to see her Mom and Aunt Cindy suck each other again. She got the remote from her night stand, turned on the TV and pushed the mute button when the picture came on she pushed play, the picture was black. Then she remembered, she had forgotten to rewind the tape she tried to push rewind but pushed fast forward instead. Something came up on the screen that she didn't recognize so she pressed play.

The picture on the screen was in a very large room filled with men and women fucking and sucking each other. She quickly stopped the tape.

"Wow there's more on the tape." She said aloud. She started shaking Timmy.

"Timmy, wake up, there's more on the tape." Timmy's eyes opened.


"Yeah all kinds of people I never saw before fucking and sucking."

Timmy sat up forgetting all about sleeping. "Turn it on, let's watch."

Amanda started the tape again. The camera was panning around the room, There were men fucking women and women sucking women and men both, all over the place.

"Turn up the sound Mandy." Amanda pushed the mute button and the room was filled with the sounds of people fucking and sucking.

The camera zoomed in on a couple, the lady was sitting on a couch with her legs spread wide and she was frantically rubbing her clit. The man standing in front of her was jerking his hand up and down his cock.

"Is that the way men jack-off. "Amanda asked."

"Yeah, and I guess that's the way girls jack-off."

"You mean, I can jack-off just by rubbing my clit with my hand, I don't need a rubber cock?"

"That's right Mandy, look the lady's cumming."

Timmy was right the lady was cumming. She was wild her whole body was shaking and her head was twisting and she was yelling that she was cumming. Then the man's cock began spurting long squirts of cum on the lady's face. Amanda clapped her hands.

"Boy jacking-off together is really fun."

Now the lady was scraping the cum from her face and putting it in her mouth. Then she grabbed the man's cock and sucked it.

"I want to do that." Amanda said. She began rubbing her clit just as she had seen the lady on the tape do.

"Don't cum yet Mandy, let's wait 'til the movies over."

Amanda slowed down but kept rubbing her little clit. Timmy looked over at her and began slowly stroking his hard cock. The camera moved to a man and women lying on the floor, their heads buried in the others crouch.

"Look Timmy, they're sucking each other at the same time, we could do that, they're really having fun."

The camera moved again and they saw Aunt Cindy on a couch on her hands and knees, her ass sticking high in the air, there was a man fucking her from behind, another man sitting on the couch was pushing his hard cock in and out of her sucking mouth.

"Look Timmy, that's Aunt Cindy, I didn't know people fucked like that, Boy look at her go."

The man fucking her suddenly pulled his cock out and shot a stream of cum on her ass. His cock kept squirting until her ass cheeks were covered with the thick viscous fluid. The man she was sucking was also cumming; Amanda saw some of it leak out of the corner of her mouth, down on to her chin. Another woman suddenly appeared, pushing the man away from Cindy's ass, she licked at her ass cheeks, loudly slurping the sticky goo into her mouth. When she was satisfied there was no more cum on Cindy's ass she moved quickly up to her mouth, licking the cum from her chin and pushing her tongue into Cindy's mouth to get any dregs of cum that hadn't been swallowed.

"Wow, that lady likes cum almost as much as me." Amanda exclaimed, clapping her hands.

"I really like the way Aunt Cindy's ass looks, it's beautiful." Timmy said."

"Ass? Timmy, What's an ass?"

"You call it a butt, little kids call it a butt, grown-up people call it an ass."

"Ass, yeah, I like that, do I have a beautiful ass too?"

"Your Ass is the most beautiful, it's just not as wide as Aunt Cindy's."

"Do you like my ass too?"

"I love your ass Mandy." The camera shifted again,

"That's Mom, what's she doing?" Amanda asked.

"Looks like she's sitting on a cock and sucking another one." Timmy answered.

"What's that guy behind her doing?"

The man behind her was smearing something from a tube on his cock. The camera zoomed in and Amanda recognized the tube immediately, it was the same stuff that was in her Mother's rubber cock drawer. The man finished smearing his cock; putting a finger up to their Mother's ass slid it right into her ass hole.

"Wow, Timmy he has his finger right up her Bu, I mean Asshole."

They watched as the man wiggled his finger around in their Mother's ass hole, then he pulled it out and pushed two fingers in, he moved them all around spreading his fingers as wide as he could.

"What's he going to do Timmy?"

"I think he's going to fuck her in the ass."

"Can you do that?"

"I think we're going to find out." Timmy knew something about ass fucking, he and his two friends, Marty and Greg tried to fuck each other's ass several times, but they just couldn't get their cocks to go in no matter how hard they tried. So Timmy was watching this with great interest.

The man now had three fingers up their Mom's pretty ass. The man pulled his fingers out, putting the head of his cock against Andrea's ass hole, with one stroke pushed it in until his balls were against the balls of the man who was fucking her cunt.

"Look Timmy, he 's got all the way up her ass. Neat-o! Three cocks at once."

Their Mother was wild she was fucking and sucking the three cocks in her body like they were the last cocks in the world. She pounded her ass back on to the two cocks in her ass and cunt and slid the other down her throat on the forward thrust. Suddenly she stopped, the men kept fucking. "Mmmm.." came from Andrea filled mouth. Her body was trembling all over; more sounds were coming from her mouth around the cock there.

"Mom's cumming." Amanda shouted, rubbing her pussy a little faster. Then their mother started fucking again more violently then before.

"Mom can really fuck, I wish I could fuck her." Timmy said.

She went through two more orgasms before the man in her ass pulled his cock out and shot his cum all over her ass and back. The man in her mouth pulled out and covered her face with cum.

"Boy that guy really cum's a lot." Amanda said."

The kids knew the man in her cunt was filling her belly by the way he was moaning. Then the lady that licked the cum from Aunt Cindy's ass was licking their Mom's face; she licked a big gob onto her tongue and showed to Andrea. Andrea opened her mouth wide, sucking the ladies tongue into her mouth. The Lady did this several times transferring cum to Andrea's mouth, then she licked the rest off and swallowed it herself. When she was satisfied there was no more cum on Andrea's face or hair she moved to her back sliding her lips and tongue down her back making loud slurping sounds. She licked her ass clean the she moved behind her spreading Andrea's ass cheeks she licked up and down the crack of her ass, she pushed her tongue as far up Andrea's ass hole as she could get it. Pulling the cock from Andrea's pussy she sucked it into her mouth and cleaned it too.

Andrea rolled off the man onto her back her legs wide splayed. The woman dove at her plunging her tongue deep into her sperm filled cunt. She licked and sucked at Andrea's cunt.

"Oh, shit . Fuck . this cum guzzling cum slut bitch is making me cummmm .." Andrea yelled. Her body tensing and her toes curling.

"Cum slut bitch, that's what I want to be." Amanda thought. She wished it were her eating all that cum.

The camera moved again, it was moving past a line of five or six men and women that were trying to go through a door. The camera moved past them and through the door, it was the bathroom. There was a woman in the bathtub on her knees and a man just stepping into the tub with her. The woman grabbed the man's cock and pointed it at her face. The man peed on her face; the women opened her mouth and took in the peeing cock. Pee was running out of her mouth over her chin and down over her tits.

"Wow, look Timmy, that lady is drinking pee."

"Yeah, that guy is sure pissing her a mouth full."

The man finished pissing and stepped out of the tub only to be replaced by a woman. The woman spread her legs; the mouth of the lady on her knees quickly covered her cunt. Piss gushed from her mouth and ran all over her, she backed her head away, her mouth wide open, piss was going directly into her mouth and running down her chin onto the rest of her body.

"Look she's drinking some of it, you can see her throat swallowing." Amanda exclaimed.

"I guess there's too much for her to drink it all, that lady really had to piss. "Timmy added.

Amanda noted that pee was piss. The camera stayed on the piss drinking lady long enough for another woman and a man to piss on her. Then it moved back into the big room. The camera focused on four women lying on the floor in a circle sucking and licking each other's cunt. There was a man lying on the floor with a woman sitting on his cock.

"Look Timmy he's got in her ass hole." The camera moved about the room showing people fucking and sucking in every imaginable position. Amanda paid close attention. The only way she had been fucked was lying on her back with her legs up. The camera moved into the kitchen where there were two women on the table. One was sitting with her heels and ass on the edge of the table a man was pumping his cock in and out of her hairless cunt.

"How come some women don't have any hair on their pussy? " Amanda asked.

"I think they shave them." Timmy answered.

"You mean like daddy shaves his face?"


"I don't have any hair on my pussy."

"You're not old enough yet, you will when you get older."

"When I get hair on my pussy I'm going to shave it, I like the way pussy's look when they don't have hair."

"Me too."

The other lady was lying with her tits on the table with her feet on the floor a man was standing behind her fucking his cock into her cunt. There was another man sitting on a chair a woman was sitting on his lap facing him jumping up and down on his hard cock. Back in the big room they saw a young girl sitting on the floor with four men standing around her, she was sucking one cock and jerking on two others the fourth man was jacking-off. She was going from one cock to another, sucking each of them in turn. Suddenly one of the cocks started shooting cum, the first squirt hit the lady's cheek. She quickly turned her head and took the next squirt in her mouth. Then she closed her mouth over the squirting cock and sucked, another cock started squirting then the other two almost at the same time. She went from one cock to the other trying to catch as much in her mouth as possible. Most of the cum landed on her face, it was totally covered with the thick stuff. She wiped it from her eyes and put it in her mouth. Then the cum eating lady was there.

"Get away from me you cum eating cunt, this is my cum and your not getting any, get the fuck away from me." The girl said,

"Oh baby, let Mom have just a little, please." The cum eater answered.

"Mom? That's her daughter," Amanda exclaimed."

"No! You cum guzzling old whore. Your always eat up every bodies cum, I'm eating all of this myself, your not getting any."

"Please baby let me just rake it into your mouth with my tongue, I promise not to eat any."

"Well, OK but you better not eat even one drop." The older lady put her tongue and pushed a big gob from the girls cheek into her wide open mouth the girl didn't swallow until her mouth was completely full, then she drank it down and opened her mouth for more. When the lady had her face clean she tried to lick the cum from the girls hair.

"Honey you have three or four big gobs in your hair, is it OK if I take it in my mouth and spit it in yours."

"OK, but don't swallow any whore."

The lady sucked the big gobs of cum from the girls hair, then putting her mouth directly over her daughters let it drool over her lips into the girls open mouth. The girl swallowed it then grabbed the lady's head and pulled her lips to hers taking the lady's tongue into her mouth, sucking it.

She pulled away, and with a big smile said "Stand up and let me suck that flappy cunt of yours Mom." The lady stood up and spread her legs. The lady had two big flaps hanging out of her cunt, the girl spread them wide and pushed her tongue into her hole, she was just lapping away when the camera moved.

Amanda looked down at her own pussy; she didn't know some women had big flaps like that.

"Timmy, how old do you think that girl is?"

"I don't no maybe sixteen or seventeen, why?"

"I was just wondering when I could go to a party like this."

The camera was focused on a lady on the floor sitting on a cock with another man behind fucking into her.

"Look he's fucking her ass." Amanda said.

"I don't think so Mandy, Look she got them both in her cunt."

"Boy, she must really have a big hole."

"I think women's holes will stretch pretty much, just think how much it must stretch when they have a baby."

"You mean babies come out of your cunt." "Yes Mandy they do."

"I knew women carried babies in their bellies but I didn't know they came out their cunts. Boy if a pussy will stretch that much I can probably fuck any size cock."

"With a little practice you probably can."

"I don't want a little practice, I want a bunch of practice." Amanda giggled.

The camera was moving again; it stopped on a woman standing on the couch with her tits on the back of the couch. A man had his tongue buried in the woman's ass hole; he was fucking it in and out like a small cock.

"Eat my ass motherfucker. Stick your whole head in my ass. "The woman shouted.

"You think that guy fucks his mother Timmy?"

"Naw that's just something some people call other people, but I sure wish I was a motherfucker."

The camera was now focused on two women. One was sitting on the couch with her ass hanging off and the other was sitting on the floor between her wide spread legs. The lady sitting on the floor was smearing some of that stuff from a tube on both her hands. The kids watched open mouthed as the lady on the floor pushed her bunched fingers into the other lady's cunt She kept twisting and pushing until her whole hand was buried in the cunt to her wrist. Then she did the same thing with her other hand only this one went into her ass hole. The lady began fucking her hands in the two holes, the camera zoomed in on the face of the lady on the couch.

"Yesss . Baby . Fist fuck my ass and cunt." She said with a big grin.

The TV screen went black. Amanda was rubbing her pussy so fast Timmy could hardly see her hand. He was jerking on his cock just as fast.

"Shit Fuck Timmy, I'm going to cum, fuck I'm cummingggg."

Timmy stood up in front of her he was ready to cum too, "cum on my face Timmy, shoot it out squirt it on my face." Amanda yelled still in the throes of her own orgasm.

She slid off the bed, sitting between Timmy's legs she looked up at his cock, Timmy pointed his cock at her lips, the cum blasted from his cock on to her closed lips, he moved his cock around shooting some on her cheeks and nose. When the last few drops were dripping from his cock. She raised her head taking it in her mouth, she sucked out the rest. Laying her head back on the bed.

"Lick it into my mouth Timmy." She said the cum stringing between her lips.

Timmy really didn't mind doing it he had tasted his own cum before. So he leaned over and started licking his cum into her now wide-open mouth. Amanda waited until her face was clean before she swallow any, then she gulped it down.

"Ummm . Good." She said. "I just love eating your cum, I wonder if Daddy's taste as good as yours?"

"That's something you will never know Mandy."

"I might, someday but right now I want some more of yours, lets suck each other."

"You get on top Mandy." He said lying down on his back.

Amanda crawled on top of him, positioning her pussy over his face; she grabbed his cock and put her mouth over it. Amanda found she could swallow his cock much easier in this position; she sucked hard and fucked her head up and down on his cock.

She felt Timmy's tongue digging deep into her pussy. She came quickly but Timmy having just emptied his balls on her face took longer. Amanda was on the verge of her second orgasm when she felt his cock swell and jerk in her mouth, she knew he was about to cum, her second orgasm hit her just as his first squirt hit the roof of her mouth, She gobbled at his cock as her ass bucked involuntarily on his face. This was the first time she had sucked the cum from his cock while she was cumming, she loved it. They continued to lick and suck each other until their orgasms subsided. She felt his cock going soft, letting it slip from her mouth she raised up and turned so her face was above his the she stretched her body out on top of him, putting her lips on his and grinding her pussy against his cock. Timmy pushed his tongue into her mouth giving her a taste of her own cunt juices while getting a taste of his own cum. She laid her head on his shoulder and he wrapped his arms around her loving the way her still hard nipples dug into his chest.

"That was the best cum ever." She said. Timmy agreed.

After lying still for a long time, Amanda decided she wanted to do it again, she thought maybe if she sucked his cock some more it would get hard again. She rose up and turned around, getting back on top of him she grabbed his soft cock and sucked it into her mouth. His hips jerked under her sucking mouth. "Don't Mandy, its too tender." He moaned. Amanda dropped his cock and started to move away from him but Timmy grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide apart. She looked over her shoulder. "Whatcha looking at, do you like my asshole?" She asked. "Yeah it's nice and pink."

"Do ya wanna lick it, oh please lick it Timmy, Please ." Timmy raised his head and licked her ass hole.

"Eeeee . I really like that. Put your tongue in Timmy, Fuck my ass hole with your tongue."

Timmy pushed his tongue against her ass hole; he could only get the tip in, so he started fucking the tip of his tongue in and out of her ass. He found that each time he pushed in he could get a little more onto her, soon he had his whole tongue fucking her ass.

"Ouuuuuuu That feels so good it feels sooooo .goooood " She moaned. "Fuck my ass Timmy, I want you to fuck it.

Timmy pulled his tongue out. "I am fucking it Mandy."

"No Timmy, with your cock, fuck my ass with your cock."

"But we don't have any of that stuff in the tube, I wouldn't be able to get it in." he said remembering when he tried to fuck Greg and Marty's ass."

Amanda jumped from the bed. "Wait, I'll be right back." She yelled as she ran from the room. She went to her Mom's room and rummaged through the rubber cock drawer until she found what she was looking for. When she came back in to her room she held up the tube.

"Ta Taaa, Is this what you need." Handing Timmy the tube and crawling up on the bed on her hands and knees, waving her ass cheeks at him she laid her head and chest on the bed but remained on her knees, her pretty ass pointed right at Timmy. "Now fuck it, fuck me up my ass, hurry, I can't wait to feel your cock in my asshole."

But Timmy didn't hurry, he remember how the man on the tape had prepared his Mother for an ass fuck. First he put some of the lubricant on his cock the he took some on his finger and pushed it up her ass. He gently moved his finger around until he felt her hole loosen up then he pushed in another finger. He spread his fingers and moved them in and out a little.

"Ouuuuu Timmy, gooood soooo gooood. Put your cock in now."

But Timmy didn't hurry he pushed in another finger and moved the three fingers around until he could push them in all the way. When he was satisfied she was ready he removed his fingers and put the head of his cock against her ass hole and pushed, there was still some resistance in her little hole.

"Does it hurt Mandy?"

"A little, but I don't care, just stick it in and fuck me."

Timmy pushed hard and was surprised how easily he slid in to his balls.

"Ouuuuu ya, now fuck it. Fuck it hard." She yelled.

Timmy began fucking in and out of her ass hole, after they had fucked for sometime. Amanda said,

"Wait Timmy, wait, I don't think I can cum like this."

"Rub your clit Mandy."

"No you rub it, rub it for me." Timmy had both of his hands filled with her tits but he leaned farther over her and began rubbing her clit.

"Yeah, that's it now, fuck my ass hard." Timmy started pounding into her as hard as he could. It wasn't long before she was close to orgasm.

"Shiiiit You're going to make me cum, agggg Fuuuck I'm cumming."

Timmy kept pounding into her ass.

"Yes Timmy Yeeeees Keep fucking it, keep fucking my ass."

She reached down placing her hand over Timmy's hand and pushed three fingers into her pussy. She could feel Timmy's cock with her fingers though the thin membrane separating her two holes.

"I can feel you. I can feel your cock in my ass." She screamed.

Timmy was almost ready to cum, Her ass hole was even tighter than her pussy, plus her fingers rubbing along the underside of his stroking cock, was going to make him shoot.

"I'm going to cum, I'm going to fill your ass with cum." He yelled.

"Yesss . Shoot it full; fill me up with cum juice. Fuck, I think I'm going to cum too. Yes here it cummmmmssss ."

Amanda felt Timmy's cock buck and shoot, deep in her ass. Her ass was gyrating and fucking back hard against his squirting cock. Then she felt his cock start to soften and slip from her ass. Amada rolled onto her back.

"That was really good, I love having my ass fucked." Timmy lay beside her cupping her tit in his hand. In a few moments both kids fell asleep.

Timmy woke with a start; He looked at the clock, eight o five.

"Shit I have to get up." He said. His movement on the bed woke Amanda.

"What's the matter?" She asked.

"I promised the guys I would meet them at the hideout at nine and I need to make your breakfast before I leave."

"All I want to eat is your cock, let's eat each other, I'll make me a pop tart while your gone."

"OK but I better wash the shit off my cock before you suck it."

"Good Idea." She giggled.

Timmy went into the bathroom; she followed him and sat on the toilet lid. Timmy soaped up a washcloth and began scrubbing his cock.

"Timmy, what do you guys do at the hideout anyway?"

"Mostly jack-off, we've tried to fuck each other in the ass a few times but we could never get it in, now I know why."

"You mean you jack-off together." "

Yeah, all the time."

"Do Greg and Marty have nice cocks like yours?"

" Greg's cock is shorter than mine but it really has a big head and Marty's is longer but not as thick."

"Do you think they know how to fuck?"

"Sure they both fuck their sisters."

"You mean Marty fucks Marsha and Greg fucks Polly?"

"Yeah they do it all the time."

"Do you think they would want to fuck me?"

"Sure anybody would want to fuck you."

"But both Marsha and Polly are really pretty and they both have really big tits."

"They're not as pretty as you and you have nice tits too even if they aren't as big."

"Instead of jacking-off why don't you bring them here to fuck me, you could all fuck me at once, you know the way those three guys did Mom on the tape."

"Yeah, I bet the guys would love that, you could suck em off too, neither one of them has ever had a blow- job, their sisters won't suck their cocks."

"Won't they be surprised when they find out how much I love sucking cock. Now let's go back to bed and suck each other." She said.

"First I have too pee." "No Timmy don't." Amanda yelled.

"What's the matter?" He asked with a surprised look on his face.

"I want you to pee on me, you know like the lady on the tape."

"You mean you want me to piss on your face?"

"Yeah and in my mouth and all over me." She giggled, climbing into the bathtub and going to her knees. Timmy climbed in and stood in front of her, she grabbed his soft cock and pointed it at her face.

"Just start going when your ready and I'll point it where I want it, OK?" Timmy let go, the piss hit her face and splashed all over her, she opened her mouth and directed the stream into it, she followed the stream of piss until she had his cock in her mouth. Piss was running over her chin onto her tits and down her belly dripping from her nipples and clit. She swallowed as much as she could, there was just too much to swallow it all. When the stream started to diminish she closed her lips over his cock and drank deeply. When she had sucked the last drop from his now hardening cock. She looked up at him smiling,

" I like drinking your pee Timmy, You can piss in my mouth all the time, from now on, I'll be your toilet."

"I liked pissing on you too Mandy, now it's my turn, you piss in my mouth."

She stood and spread her pussy lips Timmy dropped to his knees and pressed his lips over her spread pussy. Amanda let loose and quickly filled his mouth, he backed off a little and let the excess run out, he drank and drank, until she couldn't piss anymore. Amanda was giggling all the time, he stood and kissed her putting his tongue in her mouth giving her a taste of her own piss, then they licked the piss from each other's face.

"You no what, now I'm a piss drinking cum slut bitch." She said laughing.

Timmy turned on the shower and they rinsed the piss from their bodies when they were drying off they laughed and giggled and grabbed at each other. Back in bed they licked and sucked each other, by the time Amanda felt Timmy's cock buck and shoot his cum into her greedily sucking mouth she was having her third orgasm. When she was sure she had consumed every drop she rolled off him onto her back.

"I can't wait to have three cocks to suck and fuck. Be sure to tell the guys that I love drinking cum, I don't want them pulling out when they start to shoot."

"OK, I better get dressed I'm going to be late as it is."

While Timmy was dressing, Amanda went down to the kitchen; she put two pop tarts in the toaster and poured two large glasses of milk. When Timmy came in she was sitting at the table naked munching on her pop tart. Timmy downed half a glass of milk.

"Aren't you going to put something on before the guys get here?" He asked."

"What for, I'll only have to get undressed again."

Timmy drank the rest of the milk and grabbed a pop tart, "I'm going." He said, heading for the door.

"I'm going to take a shower and get pretty for you and the guys, so take a little time getting back." She said to his back, he waved his hand and was gone. Amanda finished her pop tart and drank her milk then she went back up to hers and Timmy's bathroom. She had not thought of it before but her and Timmy had the perfect setup. Their bathroom was between their bedrooms with a door from each bedroom into the bath, they could go back and forth with out even going into the hall. They could fuck at night and their parents would never know. She showered, brushed her hair and put on her favorite perfume. Wearing only the perfume she crawled back on her bed, She wanted to have the perfect pose when the boys came in and saw her naked for the first time. She lay on her back and arranged her long blond hair in a fan around her on the bed. With one leg straight she slid her other foot up her leg to the side of her knee, with both legs on the bed, she felt her pussy to be sure it was open and the boys would have a good view of her hole. She lay there waiting for them to come in, she was so excited by the thought of all those cocks and all that cum, she could hardly contain herself.

When Timmy arrived at the hideout Greg and Marty had started without him. They both had their pants down and were stroking their cocks.

"Hey you guys, don't shoot off yet, I've got something to tell you."

"We thought you weren't coming." Marty said.

"I'm late because I've been fucking Mandy."

"You mean you finally fucked that cute little thing, Man I wish I could stick my dick in to that little doll." Greg said.

"Me too, I'd give my left nut to fuck her, she's a living doll." Marty agreed.

"Well your going to get your chance, she wants me to bring you guys to our house so we can all fuck her." "Well what are we waiting for let's go." Marty said pulling his pants and shorts up over his hard cock.

"She said to tell you she wants to suck your cocks and drink your cum."

Greg stopped and looked at Timmy. "You mean she sucks cock and eats the cum?"

"Yeah, she loves the taste of cum, and after you fuck her she lets it drain out of her pussy into her hand and eats it." "Man, she's really nasty." Greg said.

The two boys had their pants zipped and belts buckled, they were anxious to get started. As they were walking to Timmy's house Greg said.

" My sister is fourteen and she won't eat my cock, she says it's not nice but I think she really wants to, one time when she jacked me off she got some cum on her hand, and when she thought I wasn't looking she licked some of it into her mouth."

"My sister says nobody does that, it's just a myth, I think if she saw somebody do it she would too." Marty said.

"Man I would sure like to fuck both of your sisters, they have those really big tits." Timmy said. "Neither of them is as pretty as Mandy, and I think she has nice tits, she's really built for a ten year old." Marty said. "I agree with that, I can't wait to get my dick into that fine little piece." Greg added. They arrived at Timmy's house and went in the front door. When Amanda heard them come in, she closed her eyes and pretended to sleep. She heard them enter her room she lay very still.

"Wow look at that, she looks even better naked then when she has clothes on." Marty whispered.

"Look at that pretty little hairless pussy it's all pink inside, and man those tits of her are something else." Greg said.

" Let's take our clothes off before we wake her up." Timmy said. The boys began removing their clothes. Amanda stirred and turned her head so she could watch them strip through slightly open eyes. When the boys were naked she couldn't stand it any longer, she sat up and swung her legs off the bed sitting in front of Greg and Marty, she was stroking both of their cocks before they knew what was happening.

"Boy, what nice cocks you guys have, can I suck em."

"You can suck mine anytime sweet thing." Greg said, reaching out and squeezing her tit.

"I want you to suck me Mandy, hurry before I shoot off from you jacking me." Marty moaned. Amanda slid off the bed to her knees, Marty was standing in front of her with Greg on one side and Timmy on the other.

Amanda looked at the three cocks Marty's was quite a bit longer and skinnier than Greg's or Timmy's and Greg's had a really big head, she thought all three were beautiful. She opened her mouth wide and swallowed Marty's cock pushing her chin into his balls.

"Holy shit, she's got the whole thing in her mouth. I can feel her throat swallowing, shit I'm going to shoot off, here it comes Mandy I'm fucking cumminggggggg."

Amanda backed off leaving just the head in her mouth. Marty's cock spewed sperm in almost a solid stream; he filled her mouth forcing her to swallow some. Amanda didn't lose a drop, when she drained his balls completely she but her head back and opened her mouth wide showing the boys the pool of cum in her mouth then she swallowed it down in three big gulps.

"God you're a nasty bitch." Greg said.

"I'm a cum slut bitch." Mandy said smiling at him. Then she licked and sucked Marty's cock until it was clean.

While she was sucking Marty she was stroking the other two cocks, she liked having a cock in her mouth and one in each hand at the same time. She dropped Marty's cock and took Greg's into her mouth sliding the big head into her throat; she loved the feel of the big head spreading her throat. Amanda slurped and licked up and down Greg's cock sliding it in and out of her throat.

"God I can't believe she's taking the whole thing, she's fucking eating me alive, suck it Mandy suck it hard," Greg groaned.

Amanda sucked harder and faster, her hands were flying up and down Marty and Timmy's cocks.

"Fuck, I'm going to fucking cum I'm going to drown the sexy bitch." Amanda felt Greg's cock head grow even bigger. "Shiiiiit I'm shooting, agggggg." Greg filled her mouth with the first squirt, Amanda drank his cum she swallowed and swallowed.

When his orgasm subsided she still had a mouth full of his cum. Amanda did the same thing she did with Marty's cum, opening her mouth wide showing it to the boys before swallowing it. Then she licked and sucked on Greg's cock until it was cleaned of all traces of semen.

Then she turned her attention to Timmy's cock, it took Timmy longer to shoot her a mouth full. But she finally made him cum and did her little show. After she cleaned his cock. She looked up at the boy's and smiled.

"That was really cool, I never drank that much cum at once. You guys were great, I loved it."

"There's plenty more where that came from, it's my turn again.". Marty said holding his hard cock out and pushing it at her mouth.

Amanda stood up and looked at the boys Marty and Greg's cocks were hard, but Timmy's was dead soft. So Amanda decided what she wanted next. She lay on the bed and spread her legs as wide as she could.

"No Marty I want to be fucked now, I haven't cum yet. I sucked you first so Greg gets to fuck me first. OK"

Greg wasted no time; he crawled on top of her. Amanda grabbed his hard cock and guided it to her open cunt. Greg started humping her like crazy using long hard strokes.

"Ya that's it Fuck me just like that, hard and fast and deep."

Amanda started cumming on about the tenth stroke, she went wild, slamming her cunt up at his cock so violently that Greg was afraid she was going to unseat him, but he held on and kept pounding into her spasm ridden cunt. Greg continued to pound into her making her orgasm again before shooting her pussy full. Greg collapsed on top of her.

"God what a fuck, my sister never fucked me like that." He said as he rolled off of her onto his back his soft cock flopped on to his belly."

Amanda got to her knees and began scooping Greg's cum from her cunt and eating it. "I want more cock hurry Marty Fuck me some more." She said rolling back onto her back and spreading her legs wide. Marty climbed between her legs and shoved by now throbbing cock into her cunt to his balls.

"WOW, it's long, Fuck me really hard like Greg did. Give it to me hard, fuck I'm cumming already Here it cummmmms." Amanda screamed and started fuck her pussy up on Marty's cock frantically just as she had Greg's Except Marty's cock was pounding against the bottom of her cunt, she could feel his cock deep in her belly. Marty pounded into her.

"Fuck I'm going to shoot, shit here it cums Mandy." Marty shot her pussy full, then he shot some more it was running down the crack of her ass before he finally finished. Amanda had three more orgasms while Marty fucked her and her pussy was still contracting when he rolled off of her. "Your right Greg she is really some kind of fuck, my sister could take lessons from her."

Amanda was still moaning out her last orgasm. The boy's waited until she sat up and ate the cum from her pussy and ass cheeks.

"Now I want to be ass fucked Timmy."

"Ass fucked you can't ass fuck." Greg said remembering their experience at the hideout Marty was nodding in agreement.

"Sure you can dummies, Timmy and I did it just a little while ago. Show em how Timmy," She said getting on her hands and knees and waving her ass at the boys.

Timmy got the KY and showed the boys how to get her ready explaining as he went along. The two boys stared, astonished as Timmy easily slid his cock up her ass to his balls. Amanda looked back at the boys smiling.

"See guys it's easy when you know how. Now you guy's lie down next to me so you can reach my pussy and I can suck your cocks while Timmy fucks my ass hole. One of you put some fingers in my pussy and the other can rub my clit." The boys did as she instructed and soon Greg had two fingers in her pussy and Marty was rubbing her clit, while Timmy was pounding into her ass. Amanda had one cock in her hand and the other in her throat.

"Fuck I can feel Timmy's cock fucking her ass." Greg exclaimed. Amanda was busy sucking the two cocks. She would suck one for a while then she would switch, continuously stroking the other with her hand. It took along time for the boys to cum but Amanda was cumming almost continuously. She felt Greg's cock swelling in her hand so she quickly put her mouth over his cock.

"Fuck I'm cumminggggggg." Greg yelled, shooting her mouth full of cum which she quickly swallowed. When she was sure she had gotten all of it she went back to sucking Marty. Just as she felt Timmy's cock jump and squirt in her ass, Marty let loose in her mouth She sucked on his deflating cock until her own orgasm subsided and Timmy slipped from her ass.

"That was really a good fucking you guys gave me. As soon as you all get hard again I'm going to give you all a special treat." She lay between Greg and Marty with a cock in each hand; Timmy went into the bathroom to clean his cock.

When he returned Amanda was still stroking their cocks while they sucked on her tits. Both boys were almost hard. Amanda slid down and sucked on their cocks until they were both full hard.

"OK I think your ready now, I want a cock in my ass and another in my pussy. Since Timmy's is still soft I'll suck his cock, it don't have to be hard to get sucked besides it'll get hard as soon as I start sucking it. Marty you get my pussy and Greg you get my ass. You won't have to get me ready just rub a little of that KY stuff on your cock and shove it in."

"How do we go about doing this Mandy?" Marty asked.

"You lay down on your back and I'll sit on your cock then Greg gets behind me and sticks his in my ass. Timmy knows what to do."

"OK lets get going, this really sounds fun." Marty said, stretching out on the bed. They all moved around and got into position. Both boys buried their cocks in Amanda's holes and she took Timmy's still soft cock in her mouth and sucked it as hard as she could. She pulled her mouth away from Timmy's cock.

"You guys fuck me really hard, OK." The boy's started fucking her; they soon got the rhythm going and were shoving in and pulling out in unison. Amanda went wild she was bouncing back on the two cocks like a rubber ball; an orgasm racked her body then another.

Timmy's almost hard cock in her throat muffled her screams and moans. The boys continued to pound into her, she said she wanted them to fuck her really hard and they were doing their best to give her what she wanted. Amanda was delirious, she was having almost a continuous orgasm, as soon as one started to subside another would begin. Greg was the first of the boys to cum, Amanda felt his cock jerk and shoot filling her ass, and before Greg was finished Marty came shooting her pussy full. The boys continued to pound into her, cum was squishing out of both her holes, coating their balls and running down Amanda legs. Timmy let out a loud grunt and filled her mouth, she swallowed it all without losing a drop. All three of the boy's cocks were softening and they finally stopped, letting their cock slip from their respective holes.

Amanda lay on top of Marty her body jerking, soft sobs coming from her throat. Timmy looked down at her and saw tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Oh Mandy have we hurt you? I think she's hurt guys." Amanda rolled off Marty onto her back, smiling and wiping the tears from her face.

"I'm not hurt, it just felt so fucking good I had to cry. We'll switch around until everybody has fucked my pussy, ass and mouth." She said while wiping cum from her legs, ass and pussy and licking it from her hands. The boys laughed in relief, glad she was O.K.

"Man that was some fuck I could feel Greg's cock rubbing against mine it was almost like we was fucking the same hole." Marty said. "Yeah I felt the same way, I want her pussy next." Greg chimed in. "No you get my mouth next Timmy gets my pussy, after that you can have my pussy. You better go wash the shit off your cock if you want me to suck it."

When Greg came back from the bathroom Amanda was on the floor on her knees sucking the other two boys cocks. She looked up at him smiling.

"Come on Join the party I want to get you ready again. You know, I bet that's why they call it a blow job, cause it makes cocks blow up like a balloon." She said with a giggle. She soon had them hard again.

After everyone had their turn at each of her holes, they were all lying around on the bed talking about what they would do next.

"I know what I want next, Marty you know you said it feels like your fucking the same hole when we fucked like that. That's what I want, I want two cocks in my pussy at the same time."

"Mandy are you sure you can do that, your pussy is awful tight. I'm afraid we might hurt you." Timmy said.

"Oh Timmy Just try, if it hurts too much I'll tell you. Besides you could get me ready like you do my asshole. Just stick a whole bunch of fingers in me till I stretch. Maybe you could get your whole hand in my pussy, I hope so." Timmy agreed to try, He greased both of his hands and crammed one finger from each into her hole then he pulled at the sides of he pussy spreading it as wide as he could.

"That feels good Timmy use some more fingers." Timmy inserted two more fingers, soon he had six fingers in her and she still didn't complain.

"Doesn't that hurt Mandy?" He asked

"Just a little, but I don't care do it some more." Timmy pulled and stretched her cunt lips until there was almost room for three more fingers between the six he already had in her.

"I think your ready, who gets to go first?" Timmy asked.

"You, and I think Marty, cause he has the skinniest cock. Marty you lay down like before and I'll sit on your cock, only backwards, then I'll lay back on your chest, Timmy will get between my legs and stick his cock in too, Greg you get beside Marty and I'll suck yours." Timmy smeared his cock with the lubricant he already had on his hands, then wiped them on a towel he had brought from the bathroom. By the time he had finished, Amanda was already lying on Marty's chest with his cock in her pussy. "Hurry Timmy, stick it in and fuck the shit out of me."

Timmy noted how Amanda's vocabulary was growing; he remembered some lady on the tape had said that. He positioned himself between her wide spread legs and pushed the head of his cock into her along the bottom of Marty's cock when he had about an inch in he stopped.

"Does it hurt Mandy?"

"Just a little bit, go ahead put the whole thing in." Timmy watched her face as he slowly pushed his cock in with Marty's. She was groaning and throwing her head from side to side.

"Fuck! Yes! Give it to me, fuck me to death." She cried. Timmy pushed in until his and Marty's balls were touching then they slowly pulled out and pushed back in, soon they were stroking into her with ease.

Amanda found the head of Greg's cock, which he was pushing and rubbing all over her face. She sucked him deep into her throat, then she closed her eyes and let him stroke in and out as he wished. She tried to keep her hips still so she wouldn't dislodge the cocks in her pussy, it was hard to do when she came but the boys managed to keep inside of her. Amanda lost track of time the orgasms were putting her into sort of a daze. She regained her senses enough to swallow Greg's cum when it began squirting it into her sucking mouth. Then she felt the two cocks in her pussy shoot her pussy full. All four of the kids relaxed. All three cocks in Amanda went soft.

She pulled her head away from Greg's cock and lay her head back onto Marty's shoulder.

"Wow! What a fuck." she said. "You can say that again." Timmy agreed, pulling out of her and laying back on the bed. Marty rolled Amanda over onto her side and got out of bed.

"I wish I could stay and fuck with you guys all day, but it's almost noon, my Mom will have lunch ready and she will really be pissed if I'm not there." he said.

"The same goes for me." Greg said.

Both of the boys began to get dressed.

"Why don't you guys come back after lunch and we will fuck her some more."

"Yeah, that's a good idea." Greg said.

"Sounds good to me too." Marty added. Amanda was busy cleaning up the cum from between her legs.

"Hey, I know, you guys bring your sisters with you and we can have a fuck party." Amanda said, thinking of the party on the tape.

"Now that's what I call a good Idea." Timmy said, he had always wanted to fuck his friend's sisters. " "Yeah, that really does sound fun, we could have an orgy." Greg said.

"What's an orgy?" Amanda asked.

"It's a fuck party." Greg laughed.

"I think Marsha will want to come she likes to fuck but She won't suck a cock." Marty said.

"I bet she does after she sees how much I like it." Amanda said.

"I'm sure Polly will come, she's already told me she wants to fuck Timmy and Marty. Amanda may be right she makes cock-sucking look like it's the best thing in the world." Greg said.

Timmy wanted to fuck both of his friends sisters especially Polly because she was older. Most of the time older girls wouldn't fuck younger guys.

"I can't believe I'm going to get to fuck both of your sisters, look my dick getting hard again just thinking about it. You guys come back in about an hour and a half, that'll give us time to have lunch and get cleaned up. O.K.?" the two boys agreed and headed home for lunch.

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