Dinner and Theater

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There is a bar downtown. Well not all the way downtown, on the edge of downtown. It's called W & W. They describe themselves as a comfort food station. It's a trendy kind of hipster place that is lit with fancy lightbulbs and has high sitting tables. The brickwork is exposed and they have an open balcony that can be rented for parties. It has an old wooden bar with 24 rotating taps and competent bartenders. It's just too pricey to hang out at, but it's quaint. It sits half a block east of the stage entrance to the Theater. You'll see the actors eat there sometimes. It's quiet with a old feeling to it even though it's been open less than 10 years. I really like it.

I have ended up there a few times when I want to get away. To read a book at the bar, or watch a hockey game. They only have 2 TV's and both are at the bar. In 5 years I seen the same bartender almost every time. The food is delicious. Smoked mac And cheese, a wonderful Cuban, the burger is great, but the friesThe fries are the best. They use duck fat and something else. Better than five guys, and they are hard to beat.

I will take you there. We would sit closer to the back. Near the kitchen window under the balcony. We would sit obnoxiously on the same side of a high top, meant for four but it was a slow night. You on my right, both of us facing the front door. I would wrap my arm around you and sip my Manhattan, while you sipped a fancy drink from the cocktail menu. We would share a order of fries and split a burger. Don't want to have too much on our stomachs, there are things to do.

You would feel my hand under the table. Resting on your thigh. Your leggings are smooth but cotton, so the warmth of my hand lingers after I move it. The tight little skater dress, isn't something you normally wear. You only did for me because I said I liked it. You do look amazing in it. It sits a little too high though, hence the leggings.

You knew this was always a choice. A clean, boring life. Small victories. The kids at your mom's for the night and you in my arms this evening. We have tickets to the Theater, only because they were free. Given to me by someone for some reason. It some stupid show about a stupid man who does stupid things, then realizes they're stupid. The tickets lie on the table in front of us, almost seeking new owners. Somebody to appreciate them more than us.

We seemed rather entertained already. I wanted to get you dressed up. I know it seems odd, but a woman who preened and manicured to present herself for a date is more beautiful for the effort. The skater dress was nice touch. I saw it online and sent it to you knowing you would think, sure, whatever, I'll wear it if he wants me to. But the lines looked great, and hugged you perfect. I was in the usual button down and gray slacks. I had a white shirt with a straight black tie. It looked right, either for going out or the theater, dressy but plain.

The last few fries were all that were left in the basket when the time came to head over to the theater. We had been watching the afternoon crowd on the sidewalk. When you leaned over and said,

"What if we didn't go?"

It's as if you read my mind. The sun was lighting the street, the weather was great.

"What should we do instead." I replied, shit eating grin wide across my face.

"I'll do whatever you want." Was your response with no hesitation.

I turned in my chair to face you. You kept facing forward. When my lips finally caught your neck, you gasped, just ever so slightly. The young waitress also got a little jealous, peeking at us as she was heading to the kitchen to grab an order. Specifically seeing the reaction you gave. You had worn you hair up. Leaving your slender neck exposed for me. It was always hard for me not to stare.

I lifted my lips from your neck for a moment whispering every so softly "take off your leggings."

You tilted your head slightly and slid your hands under the table. You must have been a magician in previous life. The speed with which you took those leggings off. You had them down to shaking them off one foot before the waitress looked over and noticed you shimmy in your seat. She gave another knowing glance at the two of us realizing that something was going to happen tonight. Leaning back I took in the gorgeous length of your legs. They are amazing. You politely crossed them now that you were more available and turned to face me.

"Now what?" You defiantly said straight faced issuing a challenge I think I should be wary of accepting.

The tickets on the table seemed to taunt us of the commitment we had made. That's when the table next to us turned and asked us the best question.

"Those aren't extra tickets are they?" It was an older couple who had been sitting next to us most the afternoon. They were looking for something to do and the waitress had told them about the show, but they didn't know if they could get in and whether or not it would be worth it. We gladly sold the tickets to this older couple for $20. Letting know we were supposed to meet friends but they backed out. They were grateful. Smiling they relieved us of our only obligation of the evening.

My hand returned to your leg. Tracing a pattern on your smooth skin. You made me jump when you slid your hand over to my pants and gave my cock a squeeze. You didn't realize that I had been hard for the last 40 minutes ever since you took off your leggings. You took my napkin and put it across my lap. Leaving your hand hiding it in plain view.

As you undid my fly you were also caught off guard. I didn't have anything on under my pants. My cock sprang free making a tent of the napkin. Luckily it was getting late and the lights dimmed with the dinner crowd. leaving us in the corner obscured by other tables and almost forgotten by the waitress. Your hand gripped my cock. It's smooth thick shaft stiffening to your touch. You couldn't believe how easy it was to hide. It was then we were no longer alone.

The waitress came over inquiring about drinks. She startled you nearly knocking the napkin off my lap. She was polite, but knew we had the theater tickets. We had the polite waitress/patron conversation early. We explained how it was more fun to enjoy each other than go to the theater sometimes. There will always be other shows. She tilted her head admiring the genuine answer for once. The waitress wasn't a bad looking girl either. She was just rather plain, and kind of mousy. She was a little over five foot tall, short brown hair, and enough cleavage to get a tip, but not just for that. Probably could get a boyfriend, but didn't want the hassle of one.

It was then she dropped her pen. Right across the table from us. She bent down to pick it up and as people so gazed under the table. Thinking maybe we were holding hands. Curious about people in the way we all are. She got much more for her glance. The napkin had made a slight ripple that basically showed your hand with my cock from the downward angle she was at. She had pause just long enough for you to realize she knew what was up. And you, of course, started to stroke me ever so slowly. Your fingers gripping me hard feeling so good.

I coughed slightly breaking he moment that was just a few seconds but felt like an eternity. She stood back up and before she could say anything, I ordered drinks. You could see the fluster on her face start to dissipate as she focused on her job. More than once she glanced back at us. You finally broke and started laughing, but never letting go of my manhood.

"I think she saw something." I said nonchalantly.

"I think she saw a lot more than something." You replied.

I had managed to slide my hand between your thighs by this point. Tucked warmly into your crossed legs. When she brought our drinks back, the waitress politely avoided eye contact and sorta fumbled them on to the table. I would have thought this next move was intentional. But she dropped her pen and a couple of order tickets as she tried to get away. So again, down she went and this time took her time. It was then you gave her a show.

You started pumping my cock. Letting that napkin show more as your hand moved quicker. It was then she stood and turned to us. "Uh, the upstairs is empty in back. They have it set up for a brunch tomorrow. No one is supposed to go up there." I looked at her, and said thank you and slipped a $100 over to cover the check, more than enough for the check and a good tip for that girl. You looked at me as too how we get up there since the front stairs are obvious. I just smiled and grabbed the napkin on my lap and turned down back hall.

At the end of the hall on the right was a stair well with a velvet rope blocking it. I unhooked it and escorted you upstairs. It was then as I followed you up the stairs, I saw you were hiding the same secret I was. You weren't wearing anything under your dress. Your smooth ass was hanging in front of me making my cock even harder if possible. You got to the top but lingered the last few steps letting me take in your bare underside. You even did a little boop of your ass flipping up your dress making sure I got the point.

We reached the top and were amazed at the beautiful settings for the brunch. The bar had the silver serving dishes, and 5 tables were set with 10 places each. You stopped to just enjoy the decorations when you felt me wrap my arms around you from behind. As I hugged you, you realized my cock was still hanging out. You only noticed because your dress flared out just enough that it snuck under and was pressed against your backside. At that point it was hard to contain us.

I slide a chair away from the carefully set tables. You sat down and proceeded to lick the tip of my cock. My hard member pulsed as it had been on the edge for most the night, not forgetting giving a show to the helpful waitress. It took no time at all to cause a small eruption. You accepted the load but instead of swallowing you kept it in your mouth pulling me down by my tie and kissing me. The warm cum spilling between us.

The bar had a pile of plates at the end. I quickly moved them on to the chair. Picking you up and setting down on the bar. You dress wafted out. Letting your ass smack directly against the wood. I pulled you to the edge. You slid your skirt up and spread your legs giving me the only buffet I want, your shaved pussy. I lean down and press my lips against your dripping wet slit. You wrap your hands around my head. Pulling me into you. My tongue dancing across your flower. You close your eyes ride the wave of pleasure building over your body. Your body quivers as you come down from one climax and start building the next.

You pull me up kissing the delicate taste of yourself, You jump off the bar, turn around and point that tight ass at my me. I lift your skirt and stand behind you. My cock pressed at the entrance of your slit. You struggle to stay quiet as you feel me enter you. Your juices cover my head, so wet, so good. I push in watching your body curl at the pleasure my hands on the small of your back, my breath on your neck. You push against me, going deeper, sinking on to me. Your back arches as you reach another orgasm. I pull out, then push deep all the way back in. I can hear your fingernails digging into the wooden bar as I pound you harder. You're hungry for another full body orgasm. Your knees start to give out. I grab another chair and let you sit you down. Your breathing heavy, but look hungry for more.

You pull me close. My cock enters your mouth once again. The sweet flavor of your box fills your mouth and drives you to pump my shaft. You feel it harden. I'm about to erupt when we hear something. On the stairs, with just her head peaking over the floor, between the banisters rails, it was our waitress.

You look at her then back up at me, never letting the dick out of your mouth. The waitress had been wide eyed the entire. Frozen.

"Get over here." I said in a hushed command. "Is this what you wanted to see?"

She walked over like a dog caught digging in the trash. Her shoulders slumped, head tilted down. She walked in a straight line directly to me and stood at my side. It was almost as if she were a trained dog. She nodded, affirming she had been peeking at us.

"How long have you been watching?" I asked.

"Since you had her on the bar" She whispered, her voice nearly disappearing by the end of the statement. She was staring at you as sucked my cock. You seem to be enjoying the audience. Your tongue circling the tip, passing back and forth on the very sensitive area. It was as if your sucking was hypnotizing. She dropped slowly to her knees and opened her mouth. You were still sitting in the chair and thought it was perfect she was kneeling.

You glanced her and thought, she was not getting any of your mouthful. You turned slightly in your chair spreading your legs. You pulled the front of your dress up and before the waitress could respond you pressed her face into your dripping wet pussy. She seemed startled at first but accepted her position. You had my dick in your mouth with one hand on my shaft. You had the other on the back of her head.

She began to lick your slit slowly. You grinding against her face with just enough movement to catch my eye. Your hips beginning to rock. You slow down sucking on me. My cock has become more of a fashion statement in your mouth. Just there because it is, you've got another focus. As I watch you, you look up and see how much I'm enjoying it. You lean your head back off my dick and I bend down to kiss you. It was then I had you stand up out of the chair. The poor waitress kneeling was confused, but then as I let my pants fall to the ground she perked up. I sat down with my dick in front of her. She stared licking her lips. And that's when you grabbed her by the hair. And said to her.

"you will only touch that dick if I tell you to. If you try with out my permission there will be consequences."

As you let go, she looked and you nodding. Ready to follow our next instructions. You stepped over my lap, straddling me. Your cute little butt in my lap. We both faced out toward the kneeling waitress. You guided my cock inside you as you sat on my lap. The thick shaft burying deep inside you. Then balanced in my legs. You spread your legs, with mine underneath them. Our new pet now had a show right in her face. She was licking her lips watching as my cock slowly pumped.

Your wetness dripping down my shaft, as you grind. You motion her to come closer. Your put both hands on the sides of her head and put her nose right up to our sex. You see her stick her tongue out. She wants a taste of us, but you won't it her. You make her watch and not have any as you reach another climax. The waitress has been doing well, but strayed a little to far from the path. She pushes against you and licks your cum from my shaft up to your clit.

You grab her by the hair, tight and hard. You see her face wince with pain. My hands reach around and slide under your dress. Pressing you against my chest. You pull the waitress's face tighter to your snatch. Her mouth engulfing your swollen clit. You head leans back you begin to shake as you climax. My face buried in your neck.

You look down and pull her mouth off your pussy. Look and me, then her, you say,"The night is just beginning."

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