Taxi Driver

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In my 15 years as a Taxi Driver I’ve seen some funny things but nothing compares to what happened in my cab last Thursday night.

It had been another slow evening when I got a call to pick up a some passengers at a trendy bar in the centre of town; then take them to a country house hotel about 35 miles away. I checked my watch and decided to end my shift after I’d dropped them off as it was roughly in the same direction as my home.

The street was well lit but quiet so I soon spotted them as I approached the bar in my VW Sharan 7 seater taxi.

. They were both obviously very merry – he was trying to pull her against him but she was laughing and pushed him away; gently slapping his hand in admonishment. They hardly noticed the large car or even me until I opened the sliding door and asked, “Are you Mr and Mrs Huntley?”

“Not exactly!” The man chuckled; “I’m Mr. Huntley but this young lady is Mrs. Palmer.”

The woman swung away from his clutches and stooped to get into the back seat. I discretely hid a smile as I got an eyeful of breast and nipple as her dress hung forward exposing her unencumbered bosoms. The man grinned as he grabbed her hips and squeezed her arse in a false attempt at aiding her. Again she playfully slapped him away.

He was in his late 50’s or early 60’s, quite tall with grey receding hair and a fat belly that was actively forcing itself out of his loose silk shirt.
She was in her late 20’s and quite pretty with shoulder length wavy red hair, rimless glasses and a shortish very low cut yellow summer dress. Both were wearing wedding rings but obviously not married to each other.

At first I thought she could have been an escort; but on closer inspection I realised she was wearing a High Street dress and shoes – probably M&S. The escorts around here wear more ‘Continental’ labels and usually dress a lot more tartily. On the other hand he was head to toe in Designer labels – Versace shirt, Gucci slip-ons, Breitling watch and a chain around his neck that would have paid my mortgage for 6 months.

As I slowly pulled away from the kerb I looked in the rear-view mirror to see him drunkenly trying to fasten her seat belt but really just copping a feel of her bouncing tits. They soon gave up fiddling with the clasp and just sat on the back seat without seat belts on. I know I should have forced them to belt up but it’s my experience that it would have been a waste of time with drunks like this.

“Are you in town on business?” I asked over my shoulder.

“I’m at the Exhibition Centre for a couple of days,” The man responded without taking his eyes off the woman. “And I’ve just signed a big contract with Mrs. Palmer’s company so we’ve been out celebrating…..on her expenses.”

“Did you have you had a good evening?” I carried on the useless conversation.

“Yes thanks.” The man replied, “A nice meal and some nice wine and bottle of champagne…… then a couple of lines of Charlie.”

“Ssshhhh!” The woman giggled as she struggled to put her finger to her bright red lips.

The man put his left arm around her to stop her falling off the seat; then kissed Mrs Palmer firmly on her painted lips. She pulled her head away, flashed a look at me driving, thought I wasn’t watching, then kissed him back; very passionately – almost chewing his face off.

The man immediately began caressing her wobbling breasts through the thin cotton of her dress. She did nothing to stop him. He pulled her closer and slid his hand inside the loose opening for a better feel of her big fleshy tits. Still with his tongue down her throat the man flashed a look in my rear-view mirror. Our eyes met. Still looking into the mirror; he pulled the strap of the dress down to her elbow with the back of his hand, revealing a gorgeous pair of large ripe titties. I slowed down and winked at him.

Mrs Palmer wriggled on the seat as he began gently caressing her breasts and tweaking the pink nipples. She was now so wasted on coke and champagne; she started rubbing his dick through his pants without a care in the world.

“Mmmmmm.” She purred as they broke from their bout of tonsil tennis; “That feels bloody huuugge!”

“Do you want to see it?” He smirked into my mirror as I slowly pulled the cab into a lay-by and turned off the meter.

She didn’t answer but lifted his shirt and deftly unbuckled his belt and carefully unzipped his slacks. He took his hand from her tits and shuffled until his trousers were around his knees and his cock was standing to attention.

“SHIT!” Mrs Palmer gasped as she pulled the shirt to one side and saw his cock in al its glory. Her first reaction had been correct – it was huge; much bigger than mine and as fat as a sausage.

“Okay then,” the old man leered; “show me how pleased you are with my contract. Get your mouth around it.” His hand was now guiding her pretty face towards his lap. She didn’t need forcing but looked like she was getting turned on by his domineering presence.

The married woman gleefully opened her mouth and gleefully swallowed the first two or three inches of his fat cock. The man sighed as she pulled his foreskin back and her tongue encased his knob. He kept his hand on the back of her head but needn’t have bothered as she tightly gripped the thick veiny shaft and began wanking it into her mouth as she bounced her head up and down.

“That’s fucking ace!” He grunted as he smirked at me. “You’re a fucking great cocksucker! That’s it babe……faster, faster!”

Mrs Palmer was now kneeling with one leg in the footwell and the other curled across the back seat for comfort. The dirtier he spoke the faster she rubbed and sucked making her cheeks puff out as she snorted air in through her cute nose.

‘I always knew you were a dirty fucker’, ‘dirty fucking cocksucker’, ‘you’re making my balls ache’, ‘married spunk-bucket’. He spat the words out as she tried in vein to swallow all 7 or 8 inches of his fat cock.

His left hand had pulled her dress up so I could see her ginger pubes escaping out of the sides of her tiny white panties that had a string made of pearls and her peach like arse. His fingers slid along her crack pressing the pearls against her tight skin and puckered arse-hole. Occasionally they slid further south so he could play with her puffed up cunt lips but that meant he had to stretch.

“That’s enough sucky-sucky, babe.” The old man grimaced as she dug her long red nails into his hairy balls and tried to suck them out through his bell-end, “Get on top and fuck me rigid!”

When she lifted her head she was breathing heavily and her face was flushed and her eyes virtually bulging out of their sockets. She was still oblivious to me being in the vehicle with them as she pulled her dress over her head and dropped it on the floor.

She clambered across his thighs until she was straddling him, then pulled her panties to one side with one hand and guided his fat cock into her dripping cunt with the other. She let out a long sow lingering sigh as she lowered her body onto his stiff cock. Mrs Palmer clung onto the seat rest and slapped her tits across the old mans face as she lifted her weight off the cock in her twat then slammed down again making Mr Huntley gasp. She gave a mischievous giggle then began fucking him like the energiser bunny!

The old man soon got into the rhythm and slapped her arse cheeks on each downward stroke until her arse was as red as her hairy cunt.

“That’s it. You dirty little cocksucker!” H panted as he spanked her, “fuck me harder until I fill your hot cunt with my spunk!” Her head was now shaking from side to side and Mr Huntley was trying to bite her bouncing tits.

I couldn’t stop myself and had taken my own cock out and was having a delicious wank.

The redhead eventually slowed down and fed her tits into his mouth as she leisurely ground her cunt down onto his cock until she was full and making squelching noises. Huntley was now stroking her arse cheeks and began playing with her arsehole. Tickling the puckered skin and pressing the tip in until she wriggled her hips.

“I bet you don’t fuck your husband like this; do you cocksucker?” He grunted as he began thrusting his hips upwards.

The woman laughed out loud and pressed her tits against his face again.

Huntleys thrusts were getting faster and he suddenly slid his finger down her arse crack and without any warning pushed his finger straight inside her sweaty arse hole up to the knuckle.

She threw her head back again and squealed with delight as he probed her anus as he fucked her hot cunt.

“I bet you’ve never let him fuck your arse either,” he grunted into her ear as his finger went in even deeper, “have you?”

“No.” She panted and arched her back, “he’s never asked.”

“But you want to have your arse fucked don’t you?” Huntley groaned as he resumed his hip-thrusting with his thick middle finger jammed in her arse.

“Yes, oh yes!” The woman sighed as she pushed back onto his cock and finger.

“You really are a dirty fucker, aren’t you?” Huntley laughed, “Well I’ll have to tae care of that hole later then; won’t I?”

“Yes…….please.” The woman whispered as her breathing became faster and shallower.

Huntley looked at me wiping my dripping cock with a tissue.

“Tell me what you want?”

The woman’s knuckles were white as she griped the head rest and ground her clit against his pubes as he rattled her cunt with his finger twisting in her anus.

“Fuck…..fuck……” She gasped and gulped more air, “fuck my ….tight arse…..with your…..massive cock!” The words tipped her over the edge and she shook as her orgasm shuddered through her body. They both froze for a few seconds then Huntley pulled his finger out of her arse to the tip then cheekily slid a second one in and began fucking her like a dog on heat.

Mrs Palmer was still floppy from her orgasm and kept mumbling ‘good…good, oh yes…..that’s fucking good….. …harder in my arse….. Oh yes yes yes!’

Huntley was silent as he banged his cock deep into the married woman’s belly until a minute or so later his legs stiffened and he gave one almighty push. His arms gripped her tightly as his cock and balls pulsed while his semen must have flooded her hole.

They clung together for what seemed an age. I couldn’t take my eyes off their entwined bodies. Mr Huntley was the first to speak as he tapped her soft arse.

“Get off now.” Hr gruffly told her. She obediently complied shuffling to the left of the old man. “That’s good.” He laughed as he put his hand on her shoulder. “Stay like that for us…..and squeeze my spunk out.”

Still in a daze the woman slowly looked over hoer shoulder and looked horrified when she saw me grinning from the driver’s seat.

“Never mind him.” Huntley grunted, “I want to see you piss my spunk out.”

Both of her holes were still stretched from his fucking and fingering and her hairy pubes were already smeared with sticky cum. Again the young woman complied. With her legs stretched open at the knees and her arse facing me and Huntley who had moved to the opposite side of the Sharan; she pressed her stomach and clenched her abdominal muscles until his cum oozed out and ran down the inside of her suntanned thigh.

“More,” He commanded, “I want to see it all come out.”

The woman buried her face into the seat rest and scrunched again. Only a little more came out.

“Use your fingers.”

Without a word of complaint, she ran her fingers across her pubic area then slid two fingers inside her well fucked cunt and scooped some more cum out from deep inside her cunt.

“Lick it off.” Huntley demanded as he stroked his long deflated cock. Mrs Palmer slid onto her side and slowly and sexily licked her fingers clean much to the delight of the old man who chuckled and laughed.

“Do you want to fuck her?” He asked as he turned towards me.

“I’d love to.” I admitted, “But I’ve got to get going.”

“Okay, it’s your loss.” He grinned; “but I’m going to rip her a new arsehole when we get back to the hotel.”

Still licking her fingers Mrs Palmer nervously giggled and pulled her dress up to cover her naked breasts as I started the engine to take them to the hotel.

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