First time. (Drunk with mom)

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My life growing up wasn't easy. I only had my mom to take care of me. My dad left the day I was born. I never knew him growing up. My mom would tell me stories about why he left, but, I knew the real reason. It's because I was born a transsexual. I'm a girl but I was born with a dick. Balls too. It's a secret only my mother, doctor and I know. Now on to less depressing stuff, this is a story of how close my mother and I become in one short night.

My mother, a beautiful woman standing tall at 5'8" kept her curvy body in shape. She's thirty eight and is packing a nice set of 36D's. They fit her body perfect her ass is nice and full. He name is Carol and she works hard at her job. Being a lawyer, she doesn't have time to date anyone. There were some people here and there but none stuck. She always says I'm the love of her life.

Me. I'm Kallie, or Kal. I'm 16 and follow close to my mother in beauty people say, though I can only sport a light B-cup at best, I get by. I never had any boyfriends because of my little dilemma. Sporting a cock that stands 5.4" when hard has always been a problem. I've never kissed anyone other then my mom. I never really had any close friends, because of my problem. So I have a lonely life. Sure I hang out with people, but I have to be cautious about it. I usually have to find a way to keep my cock tied up so it won't show when I get hard. I use a modified jock-strap that's almost un-noticable.

'BEEP''BEEP' My eyes shoot open as my hand reaches for my alarm clock. 6:00 AM on the dot. Same as everyday. I let out a sigh, and a yawn as I stretch slightly. It was the start of my summer vacation. I just finished my shophmore year of high school. I'm happy I get three months away from that place. Looking out my window, I can see my mother is already gone off to work, and good timing to. "Hello little guy." I say to my cock as it stands tall straining against my panties. I kick my blankets to the side and lay down as my hand slowly slides up my shirt. My nipples already rock hard I start to rub them, rolling them slowly through my fingers.

My cock straining to be touched and released from it's prison I waste no time in getting started. Pulling it though the side of my panties I give it a few soft tugs. "Mm" My body shudders lightly, I must have been having a sexy dream for it to be like this already. I lick the palm of my hand lubing it up before going back to my cock. Jerking slowly I arch my back. "Oh.. Mmm.." The slow sensation of a morning wank has almost brought me to climax. I've always been a quick shot but I normally last longer then this. Within a few minutes of rubbing myself I feel my balls tighten. "Oh.. God..!" I scream out as long thick ropes of cum shoot out. Landing across my stomach, covering my shirt, and hitting my face.

I lay there panting as my cock lays in it's own puddle of cum. My body hot and relaxed. After a while I get up, and get cleaned, showered and ready for my day of doing nothing. I had drifted off to sleep.
"Kal..Wake up dear." I turned on the couch. "Kal.." I could feel a soft hand rubbing my back. I slowly opened my eyes. To see my mother kneeling next to me. "Mmm.. Hey mom." I said through groggy eyes. Sitting up I let out a yawn. My mom turned away laughing. 'Huh?' I thought. As I looked down. 'Oh shit!' My cock was rock hard and had pushed through my panties and forced my skirt up. "Oh, God." I yelled. As I ran passed my mom and up to my room. I jumped under the blankets hiding. My mom was laughing from downstairs as she came up to my room. "Kal, it's okay sweetie." She said sitting next to me. "It happens to everyone. Now come on, we're celebrating your graduation. Next year you'll be ready to get a job so lets have fun now" She patted my back through the blankets and left the room.

A few minutes later I gathered up my courage and went down stairs. My mom had worked fast. There was a pizza, and cake on the table. I sat down my face still red. "Oh sweetie stop being so dramatic. It's not the first time I've seen it." My mom said with a smile. I only nodded as she sat across from me. Serving up a slice, we started to make small talk. "And, for your present." She said pulling out a bottle of vodka. "MOM!" I yelled, wondering why she would do that. "Haha. Kal, This is for a job well down. Now bottoms up." She said as she got two shot glasses out and poured the drinks. I had never drunken before. I was a little scared. Shaking I took the glass with her and slammed it. My face crunched and I coughed. "Ewww.. You drink this?" I asked. "Mhm.." Was all she said. An hour had passed the bottle was empty.
My head was spinning, my body hot. My mom was telling me something and I was laughing. It was so hot. "Mmm.. Mommy.. It's hot in here." I mumbled. Looking at her. Noticing how sexy she was. My cock was hard again. "Ish it dear? I don't feel a thing." She said. I didn't say anything I just pulled off my top, and bra. Throwing them down I sighed happy. My mom looked at me with awe. "Mommy ish so sexy.." I mumbled. Not realizing what I was doing I was rubbing my cock right there at the table in front of my mom. "Kal" My mom whispered softly. She smiled and pulled off her top and bra as well. Her perky tits and hard nipples staring me in the face was driving me wild. In a hate I jumped on the table crawling over it to my mom. "Mommy.." I said as I kissed her on the lips, she kissed me back.

Our tongues were rubbing against each other. Our spit was dripping down my chin. I was grabbing her tits, pulling on them playing with her pink nipples. "Oh baby!" My mom called out. Breaking the kiss. She pulled me into her arms. "Oh, I need this." She pulled me to the floor and crawled on top of me. Kissing me softly she sucked and licked down my body. My neck, and chest, stopping sucking on my nipples slowly. My cock was jumping with joy. Everything was happening so fast. It was almost a blur. Suddenly I felt my ass on the cold floor. My mom had pulled my skirt and panties off and was now playing with my cock. "Mom!" I moaned out. She didn't say anything she just put her soft lips around the tip of my dick and sucked in.
"AHHH!" I shouted feeling nothing like this before. Her tongue lapped at my shaft, her hands played with my balls. "Oh! OH! OH! MOOMMMYY!" I shouted as my balls tightened and my cum shot into her mouth. Everything was black after that.
I woke up the next morning laying on the floor. My moms mouth was still around my cock. Everything was spinning. I looked down and froze. "M-Mom?" I asked lightly. She snorted and jumped awake. "Oh my." She let out a laugh. She was still drunk. I didn't think I just leaned down and kissed her. She returned my kiss. I shoved my hand up her skirt and forced her panties to the side. My fingers were soon knuckles deep in her wet pussy she was moaning into my mouth as our tongues wrapped against each other. My cock was twitching and I realized I was still drunk as well. I pushed my mom on her back and she only smiled at me. After working her clothes off climbed on her. Trying to force my cock into her. I wasn't working it kept slipping up over her clit, making her moan.

"OH Kal! Mommy is so hot right now!" She seemed in her own world. As was I. She grabbed my dick and put it in the right place. In one fell motion I was balls deep in her tight hot cunt. "Mom.. Mom.." It was all I could say through my moans as I pumped in and out of her. Our bodies slapping against each other. "Kal.. Kal.. Fuck mommy, fuck mommy's pussy!" It was these words that sent me over the edge. My cum shot out. Filling my own moms pussy to the brim. She screamed out as she came with me. Our juices mixing on the floor. Everything went black again as I passed out on top of her.
Thanks for taking the time to read this story. I'm sorry it was short, and probably not well written. This is my first story, and I want to continue it. So if you like it please comment on if I should do more, and I'll even take suggestions on what to write. Also if you didn't like it or saw something wrong with it, please tell me.
Love- Ofapple.

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