Red - Part IV - Lauren lets out the secret

Lauren’s wisdom tooth was killing her. It hadn’t been so bad when she awoke that morning but it was throbbing now. Her big sister, Sara, had brought her to start her first year at the university in Central Virginia just two week earlier. She was on a full ride, having been a star Volleyball middle blocker all through high school. At just a smidgen under 6 feet, her legs went on forever. Sara was 5’10” and they’d both gotten their height from their parents. Her mom, Grace, of Scottish descent was 5’8” and their dad, boring Norm, was 6’4”. Grace was fair skinned, had reddish blond hair and was still a real looker for 43. Her beauty, big breasts, and long legs carried down to both of her daughters.

One week into her first semester and Lauren’s wisdom tooth started to bug her. Growing progressively worse, she’d called her mom for help. Grace, a stay at home mom, quickly made an appointment for her the following Friday. Lauren had to rough it out one more week then she’d head back to north Jersey when her class ended at 1:20 on Thursday. Sara gave her the keys to her little Toyota corolla, Red as it was called, for the drive home. Sara was determined to stay at the university and study, so 18 year old Lauren would make the trip alone.

Her tooth had been fine when she awoke, and being early September, it was still sweltering in Richmond. Lauren dressed as she normally would for such weather, pink tanktop and black stretch mini, with matching pink lace bra and thong. She was proud of her body, especially her long tanned legs. “Love ya hon, be safe” Sara said as hugged her goodbye and handed her the keys. “Behave with the truckers” she smiled.

Two weeks earlier on the trip from Hoboken to Richmond coming down 95, Sara had poured out all of the details of her meeting with Cliff, the blackmailing driver who had filmed her getting off while she sat stopped in traffic. Her boyfriend Brian had talked her into an orgasm, and the driver videoed it all from his driver’s window. Now he had just what he needed to blackmail Sara into fucking him whenever he called. Her career running her dad’s accounting firm would be ruined if that video ever got out. As horrible as that sounds, Sara had actually become turned on flashing truckers as she struggled down 95, pushing poor ol’ Red for all the ’99 Corolla would do. She’d explained to Lauren how excited driving, in a short skirt, with no panties, made her feel. She knew the truckers, with their elevated view, were loving it. They’d honk, yell, and do whatever they could to thank her for the twat shot. All except Cliff, he already had a free fuck ticket. They’d both flashed truckers on their way down 95 to school two weeks ago, and Lauren got moist every time it crossed her mind. Cliff had called, and hooked up with them just south of DC and he’d fucked them both in the sleeper of his Kenworth.

“At least I won’t have to worry about Cliff on this trip, but I expect I’ll show some leg to the trucker boys.” laughed Lauren. Cliff had Sara’s number but not Lauren’s. Besides, he had nothing to blackmail her with, or so they thought. She headed across the parking lot and crawled into Red. At 6 feet tall, there’s no way she could keep her legs shut even if she wanted to. She didn’t care. She knew the boys on 95 would love her pink lace panties.

Actually, her panties were being enjoyed before she even made it to 95. She’d made her way down Broad St and was stopped at the light to turn left onto Belvidere towards 95, when she glanced over and caught the guy in the construction van staring. He stared and smiled, so she looked back towards the light and hiked up her skirt a little higher. Her pink thongs became even more visible as she bent her left leg further and propped it against the door. She could feel his eyes locked onto her now, and it made her crotch tingle. The light turned green and she looked over, smiled and blew him a kiss. His mouth hung open and she knew he was bug-eyed behind his sunglasses. The pain of her tooth was starting to fade as the warmth grew in her crotch. The 5 hour trip to north Jersey was fairly uneventful so far. With another two hours ahead of her, she’d stopped at a rest area outside of Wilmington to pee and decided she’d stick her thongs in her purse before she left the stall. After having seen Sara’s beautiful full bush, she decided to grow hers full as well. Her landing strip was slowing becoming a bush. The increase in the trucker views and honks increased, and knowing she was showing them her prize possession, kept her wet for the remainder of the trip.

“Mom, I’m home”, Lauren yelled as she came in through the front door.

“I’m in here honey” replied the voice from down the hall.

Lauren walked back to the master bedroom to find her mom, Grace, in front of her mirror putting on her makeup in just her bra and panties. Lauren hadn’t seen her mom without clothes for a while and admired her tight body, long legs and full breasts. “Mom, you still look amazing. I can see why dad married you.”

“Ha, you’re seeing more of me naked than he has in the last two years!” she groaned. Norm, her boring accountant husband, and 10 years her elder, had lost his urge for sex. Bored being a stay at home mom, she had started working out and taken up yoga after Sara had started college a year ago. With both girls now away at school, she was spending more time at the gym and it was paying off. The guys at the gym were beginning to take notice of the 43 year old reddish-blonde.

“My tooth is throbbing again, mom.”

“Look in the cabinet and get some Tylenol. You’re scheduled for 9:00 in the morning. I’ll drive you since you’ll be high as a kite after surgery.”

Lauren groaned and went for the Tylenol. She was dreading tomorrow.

Lauren was up at 7:00, showered and dressed in a button up light blue long-sleeved blouse, rolled up to the elbow, jean skirt, and white thongs. She plopped down at the breakfast table and watched her mom pour a cup of coffee.

“Here hon. How’s the tooth? Want something for breakfast?”

“It hurts, and no, I can’t eat anything right now.”

“OK, we’ll leave in 10 minutes. Dr. Jordan’s office is 30 miles away.” Grace headed back to the master bedroom to dress. She returned 5 minutes later in a white blouse and brown skirt that hit her 3” above the knee.

“You look nice, mom”

“Thanks hon, let’s go”.

They crawled into the Volvo wagon, backed out of the garage and headed towards 95. Grace looked over at her youngest daughter and her long tan legs, “You’re showing a lot of leg there girl, you better pull that skirt down some.”

“Oh mom, it’s fine. And so are you” Lauren laughed, looking over at her mom’s legs straddling the steering column. “And who cares, nobody can see me.”

Lauren wanted so badly to flash the truckers as they drove south on 95 to Dr. Jordan’s office, but an occasional knee-swing panty shot was the most she had the courage to do riding beside her mom. The truckers noticed and honked. Lauren smiled, and Grace was oblivious. They arrived at the doctor’s office just before 9:00 and Lauren was immediately called back by the dental assistant.

“Want me to come with you?” asked Grace.

“No mom, I’ll be fine.”

Lauren slid into the dental chair and tugged down on her skirt. Dr. Jordan entered, introduced himself, and then the anesthesiologists, Mark, and they explained what procedures would take place to remove her wisdom teeth. Lauren was getting visibly nervous and Mark said calmly, “You’ll be fine. I’m going to give you something to relax and you won’t feel a thing.”

“I’ll be back in 10 minutes, Lauren, and Mark will take good care of you.” Dr. Jordan stated as he headed out, closing the door.

Two minutes later, Lauren was out. Mark wasted no time. The chubby, unattractive 29 year old, had spotted the gorgeous blonde through the window when she was walking across the parking lot. He hoped he’d get a closer look at this fine specimen of a girl. Now he would. He reached and jerked her long tan legs apart and smiled as he pushed her white thongs aside. “My, my, my, now that’s what I call a sweet looking pussy.” He thought. He shoved his fingers inside her and could feel her hot moist pussy. He jammed his fingers in and out, then holding her thong further aside, started licking her clit. “Hurry up” he thought, “don’t get caught”. He took one last lick, slid out his fingers, pulled out his phone and snapped a selfie with his smiling face beside her open pussy. He then snapped a couple more just for good measure. He pulled her thong back into place, yanked down her skirt and closed her legs, just as the doctor entered. “She’s all ready for you, Doc.” He was about to erupt but it wasn’t difficult for him to hide his small erection. He left the room.

Grace looked up from the magazine, “She’s all finished. You can come back now. She’s going to be groggy so I’ll help you get her to your car.” the dental assistant whispered to her.

Lauren staggered across the lot, held up by Grace and the assistant. They sat her down, reclined the seat, and swung in her long legs. Grace tugged at her skirt to make her presentable. Lauren was mumbling from the d**gs and they both chuckled. “She be out of it for a while” said the nurse and she headed back inside.

Grace walked around the car and got behind the wheel. Lauren continued mumbling her nonsense, and moving her arms and legs as she talked. Grace eased up the on-ramp to 95 and smiled to herself looking at Lauren, “You’re a mess”, she laughed.

Two minutes later they passed their first truck. Lauren was still slobbering incoherently, one foot in the seat and other splayed open against the door. The trucker enjoying the view laid on his airhorn. It got Lauren’s attention. “Wanna shee my puzzzy?” she yelled and spread her legs, grabbing her twat and clawing at her panties.

Grace looked over in shock as Lauren ripped down her thongs and grabbed her pussy. “WHAT ARE DOING?” she screamed.

“Oh shuddup, we do it all da time” Lauren slobbered back.

“Oh my God, who does it all the time? What is she talking about?” thought Grace. She had to get over before she wrecked but she was boxed in with traffic. She grabbed at Lauren’s arm but she jerked away. She just couldn’t stop her out of control daughter. All she could do was keep driving and hope for an opening to get off of the interstate.

“You lub dis puzzzy, don’t ju?” Lauren yelled up at the driver. She rubbed her semi-hairy pussy and started fingering herself. Grace looked on in horror, but she was helpless. She knew the trucker beside her Volvo was watching it all. There was nothing she could do.

After another two miles of Lauren masturbating wildly there was an opening, and Grace whipped the Volvo into the right lane. Another mile and she took the exit. She could take another route other than 95 to get back to the house.

Lauren was fading. She had worn herself out and was drifting off to sleep. Grace looked over, relieved, and drove the last 15 minutes to the house. She gathered up her panty-less daughter and got her inside, and into bed. She needed a drink. A stiff vodka martini was the next thing on her agenda.

Grace sat alone at the kitchen table. It was 11:30 and she was drinking a martini…..and enjoying it immensely. What had she just witnessed? She knew Lauren would be out of it after the surgery but Lauren had exposed a much bigger concern. “What was she talking about when she said, “we do it all the time?” Grace asked herself. “Who does it all the time?”

Grace knocked down the martini much more quickly than she should have. She only drank occasionally and never at 11:30 in the morning. Much more relaxed now, she thought back again on the 95 incident. The vodka gave her a different perspective and the thought of her daughter exposing herself to the trucker, finger fucking her wet pussy, began to arouse her. Her left hand slid to the hem of her skirt and she hiked it up. She rubbed her neglected pussy. More aroused now, she felt the moisture growing in her crotch. She stood, staggering slightly, and made her way to the bedroom. She dug into the bottom drawer of her dresser and pulled out the dildo. She’d not touched it in years, but she needed it now. Unzipping her skirt and sliding it off, along with her panties, she lay back on the bed and eased the dildo to the moist lips of her bright redhaired bush. She worked the 10 inch dildo up and down until her lips parted and she slid it in deeper. Grace moaned as inch 6, 7 and 8 slid into her cock-craved vagina. Buzzed and horny, she pounded away until she could no longer hold back her orgasm. She raised her head to look in the mirror. Burying the 10 inch dildo, her legs straightened out, and up, and she watched as the cum dribbled out of her pussy. Completely spent, Grace fell back, dildo still buried in her cunt. Oh how she’d missed a cock inside her. Half naked, bare legs hanging off the foot of the bed, she drifted off to sleep.

“Grace, I’m home!” Norm called out as he entered the front foyer, and headed to the kitchen.

Grace snapped to attention from her dreams and was shocked to see her half-naked self in the mirror, dildo still protruding from her puss. “Be right out” she yelled as she dashed to the bathroom, carrying the dildo, skirt and panties. She shoved her panties and the toy into a drawer, stepped into her skirt, brushed her hair and teeth, and strolled into the kitchen.

“Hi honey, how’d the surgery go? I called after lunch but you didn’t answer. Everything OK?”

“Fine hon, she breezed right through. My phone must have been here in the kitchen while I was upstairs. She’s still napping and I’m letting her rest” hoping that was the case with Lauren. “I think I’ll go check on her now.”

Grace climbed the stairway, enjoying the tenderness of her pussy. Lauren stirred as she entered her bedroom. “How are you feeling baby?”

“OK” mumbled Lauren.

“Do you want to stay in bed?” Lauren shook her head, yes. “Well, let me help you get undressed.” Grace unbuttoned Lauren’s blouse and tossed it onto the chair. She unlatched her bra and it fell to her waist. “Lay back so I can get your skirt”. Lauren laid back and Grace slid the short jean skirt over her feet.

“Where are my panties?” Lauren mumbled.

Quickly realizing that she had no memory of the morning’s event, Grace smiled and simply replied, “Oh you took them off earlier to pee.”

Lauren rolled over and Grace pulled up the covers. “Sweet dreams, baby. Yell if you need anything.”

Grace turned off the light but left the door open. She felt a sigh of relief knowing that Lauren had no recollection of her truck flashing episode. And that’s how it would remain…at least for now.

Lauren woke up at midnight and had to pee. She made her way to the bathroom, and sat down on the toilet. For some reason her pussy felt sore but she had no idea why. She didn’t remember anything from the time she sat down in Dr. Jordan’s chair until her mom waking her at 6:00PM. Still curious why her pussy was sore, even with the pain pills she was taking, Lauren stumbled back to bed.

Grace tossed all night. In every dream, she was in her Volvo, completely naked, with guys looking in every window. She was rubbing her tits and finger fucking her pussy, and they were yelling, smiling, clapping and she could hear horns blowing. Suddenly, she sat up in bed, expecting the room to be full of men. She then realized she was in her own bed… and her panties were drenched. She got out of bed, went to the bathroom, splashed water on her face and wiped her crotch clean. “What the fuck is wrong with me?” she asked herself. Grace didn’t sleep much the rest of the night. Over and over in her mind, she watched Lauren pounding her pussy for the truck driver. In her college days she’d flashed a couple guys in class, and her favorite professor, but nothing ever like this. The more she thought about it, the more curious and excited she got.

“Ugggg” moaned Lauren as she stumbled into the kitchen Saturday morning.

“Feeling rough, hon?” Yes, shrugged Lauren. “Dr. Jordan said you’ll start feeling better as soon as the swelling goes down.”

“I better. I have to drive back to school tomorrow” groaned Lauren.

“Well hon, if you’re still feeling bad tomorrow, I’ll drive Red back with you and then rent a car or take the train back up.”

Grace had already decided she was going to make the trip. She smiled to herself at the thought of the drive down 95 ahead of them tomorrow. Maybe it was time for her to feel the thrill her daughter had displayed as she flashed truckers.

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