Their Plan Pt.1

There must have been something in my drink, honestly. I say this to myself because there’s no other explanation to the situation that is happening. Currently, im allowing a fourteen year old girl, suck my dick. Most likely, if I don’t come to my senses, it’s going to go a lot further.

Let me start you at the beginning.

My name is Cole. I was 18 when this all started, however at the present time, I am 19, its actually my birthday today (the blowjob is apparently part of her birthday present to me)
I’m short for my age at a 5’7” and im pretty well built, I wrestled in high school and it did pretty good to my body. However genetics did me one better, thanks to my ancestors and my parents, I have a 9 ½ in dick.

This in itself has made me pretty popular with the girls, but the things that I usually get comments on are my short thick brown hair, and my Blue-Gold eyes. My senior year I had quite a few girls wanting to get with me before they had to leave for college. But that’s not too important to the story.

One thing that’s important to the story is my sister; Sarah. She’s four years younger than me; Thus making her a freshman during my senior year. She didn’t enjoy this much because im pretty protective, because my parents aren’t. they’re always too busy on business or whatever. But yeah, I would always scare away the guys that flirted with her, sometimes she’d say her last name and they’d pretty much run like the building suddenly caught fire. This effect was hilarious to me, but no so much to her.

Her best friend Dana found it as funny as I did, and would occasionally remind the guys that I was, in fact, Sarah’s older brother. Sometimes her and I would get along better than she and Sarah. When they’d have a fight, I’d mediate.

There was one day two months before my birthday when they were having a big fight and I just happened to hear it, Dana was messing with Sarah about this boy that she liked, saying she was going to scare him off using me again, Sarah replied to her jesting with the threat of messing up “the plan”. I had no idea what ‘the plan’ was but it sounded mischievous. I was intrigued. I came up the basement stairs to the kitchen where they were arguing but didn’t open the door. I wanted to hear more. Unfortunately the conversation had stopped there and then.

A week or so later.

I got out of the shower after a workout and Dana was in the bathroom putting on her makeup in the mirror. She was wearing just her underwear. I have to be honest and say that I had thought of what she’d look like naked, but I never imagined actually seeing her that close to it before. And if you saw her, you’d imagine it too. She had a small almond shaped face with striking red hair that offset her blue-green eyes and went down just past her chest. Speaking of her chest, it was amazing, they weren’t the hugest tits in the world but my god were they perfect, they fit my criteria perfectly she had to be a c-cup at least. They were perfect to fit my hands around. But the most amazing thing about her body had to be her ass. She does gymnastics (even though our school doesn’t have a team) So her ass is perfect, it’s tight, not exactly big, but definitely not non-existent. I’ve only felt it once to help her up over a fence and it was amazing.

There she was, standing there, completely oblivious to me standing behind her, I could feel myself getting harder quickly. I grabbed a towel to hide my growing erection, and I guess at that point she noticed the shower wasn’t running anymore. She turned around and looked at me. She made no effort to cover herself, and looked me up and down.

“Looking good there Cole” she coyly said to me. I looked down and saw that I was almost fully hard and the towel wasn’t doing much to hide it. At that point I was shocked and abashed that she was legitimately hitting on me.

“Dana, what the fuck?” I tried to get pissed and ignore the fact that she was standing veritably naked in front of me. I sounded convincing, I think.

“I’m just getting ready for the Dance tonight” she replied, I was so distracted by her being there when I got out of the shower, I totally didn’t even think of why she’d be in the bathroom, it made sense really. The reason why I was taking a shower was because while my sister was going to the dance, I was having a girl over.

“That girl that’s coming here is pretty damn lucky if you’re going to give that to her” she semi-joked as she pointed at my now fully erect member. Chances showed that I was going to get some action that night. Also considering the girl straight up told me she wanted to suck me off helped too.

“yeah well, either way, I kind of need you to leave so I can get dressed”

“why? I’ve already seen you naked, I saw you in the mirror.”

“so you knew I was out of the shower?”

“yeah I did, but guess what else I saw”

“what?” I was legitimately getting irritated now.

“I saw you staring at my ass”

“sure, whatever, can you go get dressed so I can?”

“Sure there Cole. See you when I get back tonight.” She winked at me and then turned around and walked out the door, deliberately shaking her ass to give me a show, and to taunt me.

Later that night.
Not long after Harmony went home, Sarah and Dana came back.

“how was it?” I asked, not looking, while doing the dishes

“it was good, the guy I danced with was really good” my sister said I turned and looked at them, they were obviously tired from the night of dancing.

“same here, but I wish you could have been there. Especially with all your… Talent” the last word was emphasized as she looked directly at my crotch and then back to my eyes. Not before giving me a very seductive look did she go back upstairs to change back for the night.

It was later on that I was laying in bed trying not to think about seeing Dana so scantily-clad that I noticed something weird laying on my bed stand. It was a camera. Being a curious eighteen year old I picked it up and turned it on. I pressed the button to see what pictures were on it. and I definitely wasn’t prepared for what I saw. There were pictures from what I can only guess was my sister pointed down at Dana’s head buried in her crotch. I kept looking through, completely surprised at every picture. After becoming completely versed in both Dana’s and my sister’s gorgeous bodies I came across a video.

I hit play.

It started out pointed at the bed so I had no idea what was coming, however I heard moaning that was definitely Dana’s. there was no mistaking that sweet seductive voice anywhere, even distorted with pleasure. The camera slowly panned up to a gorgeous pussy, however there was a hand in the way. The camera zoomed out to show Dana fingering herself, moaning and gasping for air. Then my sister spoke from behind the camera. “See how wet she is for you?” the camera went back to Dana’s virginal pussy being taken over by her right hand. My sister asked her “What do you want right now?”

“Cole, I want your dick inside me right now, god I wish you were here”

I shut the camera off. Did I hear what I thought I heard? Did she seriously say my name? like they were both making the video for me? I was completely confused, apparently not only did Dana have more than just a crush on me, Sarah was in on it, and supporting it fully. I wasn’t surprised as much by the pictures of them eating each other out as I was by this. Was this ‘The Plan’? Showing me this video? Was this their way of admitting it to me?

Little did I know that this little 30 second video was only a third of the plan.

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