A Taste

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Chapter 1

Almost as far back as I could remember my parents have fought. Not physically fought but had loud arguments. This usually occurred at night. I do not know exactly what they argued about because I would attempt to shut it out. However, one night when I was 12 years old I was awakened by a particularly loud argument. I could hear dad’s deep voice state something to the effect that “You cannot do that!”
I heard mom shout, “You just wait and see what I can do!” At that moment I heard a light tap, tap, tap on my bedroom door.
I said softly, “Come in.”
I could see by the light from the hall that it was my petite 16 year old sister, Liz. She poked her head in and asked, “Can I come in?”
“Sure sis,” I whispered.
She stepped in and closed the door. It was pitch black in my room and I felt her bump into the foot of my bed. “Can you turn on the light?” she asked.
I reached for the lamp on the side table and turned it on. As my eyes adjusted I could see my petite blond haired sister, Liz, in her usual night time attire, an oversized white tee shirt that came down to mid-thigh. “Can I stay with you until they’re done?” she asked.
In response I scooted over and flipped the blanket up. She quickly slid in beside me and covered up. Even though she was three years older than me, we were almost exactly the same size. I asked what I had asked before, “What are they arguing about?”
Instead of saying she did not know like she had many times before she said, “You do not want to know. Now turn out the light.”
I reached over and turned out the light before asking, “What do you mean?”
“It is something about sex,” she whispered. Then she asked, “Would you hold me?” I took her in my arms as she laid her head on my bare chest.
I wanted to know what she meant by it being about sex so I asked, “What do you mean, it’s about sex?”
“Mom says she could find any number of guys who would screw her and dad says she can’t,” Liz said.
“Mom didn’t say that…did she?” I inquired.
“I heard her as clear as a bell,” Liz affirmed.
“What’s the matter, won’t dad screw her?” I asked.
“Sure but not like she wants.”
Now at 12 years of age I had little or no knowledge about screwing. Living on a farm I had seen farm animals (cattle, horses, chickens, rabbits, and dogs) breeding. It always seemed like the female would stop and let it happen. In most cases it seemed to be over too soon and it was always for the purpose of producing babies. To show my ignorance I said, “I thought mom said she wasn’t having any more babies.”
“She’s not,” Liz said as she wrapped her upper hand around my waste.
“Then why does she want dad to screw her?”
“For the pleasure.”
“Huh, what do you mean?” I asked.
“Have you ever played with yourself?”
She repeated as she poked at my groin, “Have you ever played with yourself.”
I thought about the many times I had played with my dick and for the past year I had been ejaculating regularly. At this moment I felt my dick harden. I now understood, I thought but then I asked, “What does she want that dad won’t do?”
“You’re too young,” she said as she hugged me.
“I’m not too young,” I insisted. I could feel my dick get even harder.
“You are too young,” she said with emphasis on the “are.”
“How am I too young to know what dad won’t do?”
“You are not going to get me to tell you,” she insisted. All through our conversation mom and dad had been yelling as they had been before but now we heard a crashing sound like something had been thrown against a wall. Then we could hear more shouting and a slamming door. Mom then gave out what Liz and I called her victory scream. She usually only did this when dad left the house.
It was now quiet in the house but I still wanted to know what Liz had refused to tell me. I at last whispered, “If you had a boyfriend, would you want him to do what mom wants?”
“Go to sleep,” she said.
“No, I want to know.”
“Okay,” Liz gave in, “let me ask you to lick me where I pee.”
At first I was about to say, “No way,” but then I thought about the many animals I had seen lick each other. I asked, “Would you want me to do that?”
“Well, not you but I think I would want it done,” Liz whispered so quietly that I could hardly distinguish what she said.
“Why?” I asked.
Whispering softly again she said, “I think it would feel real good.”
I thought about licking Liz where she peed. I wondered what it would be like. I then thought of her liking my dick. I thought I would like that. My dick almost leaped at the thought. In too loud a voice I said, “I’ll do it.”
“Shush, be quiet,” she whispered.
Trying to be quiet I whispered excitedly, “But I will. I’ll lick you where you pee and maybe…I don’t know…but maybe you could lick me.”
“Tim, let’s not talk anymore.”
“But Liz, I want…”
She cut me off with, “If you don’t shut up, I’m going to leave.”
I lay their quietly but I could not fall asleep. I thought of licking and being licked. When I heard Liz’s breathing grow deeper I did what I had often done when I knew she was asleep. I put a hand over one of her small breasts. I could feel every feature through the material of her tee shirt. Although small, her nipple felt firm. Not too long ago I had gotten a quick glimpse of one of her tits. I had none other to compare it to but I thought it was beautiful. I wondered if it would be possible to feel of her pussy. I tried to reach with my other hand but could only feel her belly. I pulled up her tee shirt and felt of her bare belly. I could feel the elastic band on her panties but that is as far down as I could reach.
I decided, no matter what, I was going to try to get down there and lick her. I eased her head off my chest and onto my pillow. She rustled a bit and then seemed to cuddle into the pillow. I pulled the blanked back and began moving slowly so as to not disturb her. After a few minutes I was in a position to try to pull her panties aside but she held her legs too close together. I slid a hand under the top band of her panties and found with the tip of my middle figure that she was quite wet. I pulled my hand out and brought my finger to my nose. I thought that it didn’t smell like pee. I brought it to my tongue. My thought was, I can lick that.
Liz shifted and turned away from me. I again attempted to get into her panties but she put a hand on my hand and mumbled something. I suddenly felt I did not want her to wake and find me trying to get in her panties. I slid back up in bed and spooned behind her. I place a hand over a tit and gave it a tender squeeze. She placed a hand over mine. I thought about how I might try to convince her I would be happy to lick her pussy. Maybe next time she came to my bed, I will just tell her I will do it and she will let me. With that thought I fell asleep.

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