Seducing my cousin Anthony

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My name is Michael. I'm 21, with shaved dark red hair and a muscular build. I am 6ft dead with a large penis which is just over 8 inches. I am originally from Liverpool but currently live in Manchester with my girlfriend. I'm not gay but often come home drunk and masterbate to gay porn videos online. I don't even find men attractive. It's just the sight of a hard dick. When I see one I just feel the need to take it into my mouth to see what it feels and tastes like. This story is about my first gay encounter. This is true story.

It all started when I came home for Christmas. Every Boxing Day my auntie throws huge party for my large family. Everyone was drinking like usual and having a great time. It was about 2:00 am and nearly everyone had gone home. My auntie and uncle had both went to bed a couple of hours ago. Me and my cousins Anthony, John and Caitlin were the only ones left. I began to feel a little horny due to the booze and couldn't help but admire Caitlin. She is 17, only about 5ft 4" with long bright red hair. She has an amazing body due to all the dancing she does. She is known to be a bit of a slut and my mind began to fill with thoughts of screwing her.
Anthony headed to bed and Caitlin and John went outside to wait for the taxi they ordered. I gave John a hug and gave Caitlin a big squeeze, feeling her perky tits press up against me. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and she gave me a very cheeky wink as she left which caused my dick to twitch.

I didn't fancy sleeping on the couch so I decided I was would sleep in Antony's bed with him. There was nothing usual about this as we always used to share beds when we were younger and he had a double bed. I walked into his room, began to strip to my boxer shorts and climbed into bed. Whilst laying there I noticed Anthony's underwear on the floor. I started to feel very strange, slightly aroused. I lifted up the cover to have a little peek and see was packing. I was shocked when I saw that his dick was rock hard. Very lightly I brushed up against it to see if he would noticed. He was still fast asleep. As soon as I felt it my cock was immediately stiff. I gave started tugging at me dick and squeezing. I slowly took off my under wear releasing my throbbing knob.

I touched his cock again adding more pressure, still nothing happened. I couldn't resist any longer so I grabbed it tightly and gave it a light squeeze. I felt so good. I began to squeeze and jerk both of our dicks, going faster and faster. Anthony's hips began gyrating and he was moaning very quietly. I got spooked and stopped in case he awoke. But still he seemed asleep. I continued jerk him, rubbing my hand all over his hard penis. I stroked his bell end, feeling some pre cum seep out and on to my fingers. I licked them to see what it tasted like. It was salty but not too bad. I began to wonder how his cum would taste.

All of a sudden he reached out and took hold of my huge bulging dick. I looked up at his face and seen a look of pure lust. I moved in for a kiss and felt his tongue enter my mouth. It was amazing. I moved on top of him as he wrapped his legs around me. I stopped kissing his lips and moved to his neck, slowly moving down his chest, licking and nibbling his nipples. His body jerking as I ran my tongue down his flat, smooth stomach. He was very well trimmed, no hair anywhere. His dick was now right in front of my face. It was beautiful, light brown with a pinkish head when I peeled back his foreskin. It wasn't as big as mine, averaged sized about 6 and a half inches. I licked up his shaft and took it into my mouth. I almost came myself as I felt my first dick throb on my tongue. I sucked on it and took it to the back of my throat, choking on it loudly as he grunted. We couldn't be much loader than this as his parent were only down the hall. I caressed the tip with my tongue before working my way to his balls. I sucked on one at a time whilst jerking him.

He pulled me up and kissed me again. We twisted into a sideways 69 position, pushing his dick into my mouth I felt him take mine into his. We were really going at it when I felt his sack begin to tighten. He took me out of his mouth to tell me he was going to cum. I jumped up and knelt down over him as his hot cum shot up his shaft and fill my mouth. Load after load was firing down my throat, I had no choice but to swallow. It didn't taste nice, very salty, but the feeling of it was outstanding. As his wet slimy knob fell out of my mouth I kissed up his body. I sat on his chest, grabbed hold of his cock and moved it in and out of his mouth. As he sucked on my head I felt my cum boiling. He asked me not to cum in his mouth so I sat back a little so he could jerk my. I blew all over his face. String after string landing on him. I fell on my side, laying next to him. I wiped his face on the sheets and lay back down.
We looked at each other and started laughing. We kissed softly, covered ourselves with the cum soaked sheets and fell asleep.

When I woke up the next morning he was gone. I got dressed and stumbled down the stairs my auntie was cleaning and told me Anthony had went to his girlfriends. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and hugged my uncle. I left, sat in my car and thought about the night. Whilst sitting there I got a text off Anthony, it read "See you next time cuz. Don't leave it too long, really enjoyed myself. I smiled and felt my dick twitch. I drove away, planning my next visit.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to comment. Xxx

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