Uncle Ash: Part 3

Over the next few months, Lori’s and Ashton’s new routine became normal for them. Mostly everything was the same; they still argued sometimes and played video games together other times. The main difference was that any time Ashton became horny, which happened almost at least once a day, he would begin to touch Lori’s body. Sometimes it stopped at touching and other times he went all the way. Any time she resisted he reminded her that she was his property and that he could become one of those terrible uncles that threatened or beat their nieces if they disobeyed. After a while, Lori stopped resisting at all.

One morning, Ashton awoke to the feeling of someone sitting on his waist. He already knew who it was before he even opened his eyes. Lori still had her own bed but often times he would drag her to his and she would pass out after being roughly fucked and end up spending the whole night in his bed. “What’s going on, sweetheart?” he asked while putting his hands on her hips and sliding her back and forth on his waist, rubbing the crotch of her panties against the bulge of his pajama pants.

She moaned and her eyelids fluttered drunkenly as she responded. “You have a half day at work, don’t you? We can go shopping this afternoon. Take me with you on the train today and I’ll just window shop for a few hours until you’re done.”

Ashton immediately remembered that school had ended for the summer recently and that Lori had been complaining about being bored at home. He was looking forward to a day out with her and this was the perfect opportunity. “Are you sure you won’t be bored waiting?” he asked while running his hands up her stomach and touching her still developing breasts. She gasped when he pinched her nipples and shook her head in response to his question. She was too stimulated to even talk. “Alright, let me just get dressed.” He glanced at the chair he had set his clothes out on for today the night before. He quickly noticed that his belt was missing.

Looking up he saw that, apart from her panties Lori was completely naked, save for his leather belt wrapped around her neck. He grabbed the end and pulled on it, tightening it slightly. She stuck out her tongue and pretended to choke a little. “Master, it hurts,” she moaned.

“Aren't you a little slut,” he was pleasantly surprised. She started to giggle but was cut off when he yanked on the belt, forcing her to lean forward until they were face to face. Her mouth was slightly agape as she struggled to keep from actually choking. “I thought you hated being my property,” he reminded her.

She nodded while trying to keep her eyes from rolling back into her head. Her eyelids were fluttering even more than before. “I hate it so much. It feels so wrong but just thinking about it turns me on,” she admitted. “I never know how you’re going to treat me from one moment to the next. Whenever you’re mean to me though you always fuck me. I’ve started expecting it.”

Suddenly Ashton slapped the side of her face, hard enough to leave a red hand print. Lori glared at him in annoyance for a moment before slowly adjusting her expression to one of lust. “What you’re saying is, you like it rough?” Ashton confirmed. She nodded while grinding her crotch against his waist even harder.

He slapped her ass next, once again leaving a mark. She yelped in pain but quickly calmed down again. He slapped her breasts a few times but got a much less pained response. She even kept her calm when he pinched her nipples. She only screamed again when he twisted them. However, once again she calmed down quickly.

Smirking, Ashton licked one of her nipples and sucked it into his mouth. He bit down on the areola as hard as he could. This time she shrieked and tried to sit up. When she did she saw teeth marks and blood around her nipple. It had felt like getting stabbed in her most sensitive place. She glared daggers at him, wanting to scold him.

He just laughed. “I guess you don’t really like it rough.” He picked her up by the waist and set her on the bed beside him. He then rolled out the other side and walked toward the bathroom. She leapt off the bed and wrapped her arms around him from behind. “Please, my cunt has been aching since this morning. I really do want it.”

“Listen to you. What happened to all that talk about getting a boyfriend and being innocent and in love? Now you put a choker on yourself and ask to be hit.” He shook his head disappointedly. His smile showed he was not actually disappointed though. She simply fidgeted in front of him, pinching her hands between her thighs tightly.

With the end of the belt, he led her back to the bed and laid her face down. He then lifted her feet and curled them until they were at her waist. He wrapped the end of the belt around her ankles and tied it tightly. When he released his hold on her feet they pulled on the belt and tightened it around her neck. She struggled to lift her head but the leather was still digging into her windpipe slightly. She tried to speak but was unable to.

He chuckled to himself as he went to the bathroom to shower. When he came back he found her no longer struggling. Her face was red and her tongue was hanging out. Drool was dripping onto the bed. There was a wet spot under her crotch as well. At some point she had relaxed herself too much and peed a little.

He rolled her over onto her side and left her like that as he dressed himself. Only when he decided he needed his belt to complete his wardrobe did he return and untie her ankles. As soon as the belt was off her neck she sprung to life and began a fit of coughing. “What the fuck?” she screamed when she was finally able to talk again.

“You said you liked it rough,” he reminded her.

“That wasn’t rough, that was BDSM,” she spat.

“Maybe we should get a whip and a gag,” he surmised.

“No need. Just use your goddamn cock already. Please, I really want it,” she whimpered.

He checked his watch and shook his head. “Get dressed. The train leaves soon.”

She opened her mouth to argue but did not know what to say. She could not suggest he be late for work on a half day. She scurried out of the room. She did not have time to take a shower and merely dressed herself in a summer outfit; a skirt and blouse. She also put on an ascot to hide the fresh marks on her neck from the belt.

While checking her appearance in the mirror she silently lamented her situation. She was not financially independent enough to move out but when she was would she even want to. She had already become used to her life as Ashton’s toy. It was too late for her to try having a normal boyfriend. She still found herself hating him from time to time but it was nowhere near as much as when he first started molesting her. She was more angry at herself for enjoying it as much as she did. Whenever he did not touch her for a long time she would get clingy just like that morning. Even though she still felt their relationship was inappropriate she had no one but him to turn to whenever she was horny and needed relief.


Ashton noticed that, far from her originally clingy attitude of the morning, Lori was almost completely ignoring him during the train ride to work. The train was packed to the point that neither of them had a seat and they could only stand while holding the poles in the aisle. Lori intentionally faced away from him, staring out at the passing walls of the subway.

Ashton rested his chin on her shoulder and spoke directly in her ear. “Were you that horny this morning?” he asked.

She jolted at the feeling of his breath on her ear. “Please don’t talk about that sort of thing in public,” she hissed.

“You were so aggressive,” he continued to taunt her. He even lifted part of her hair and kissed the back of her neck. She shuddered but did not say anything. She was already getting turned on again. “You’re so adorable when you pretend not to be a slut.” He ran his hands down her back and slid them into the waist of her skirt.

“I wasn’t a slut before I moved in with you,” she grumbled. No matter if she had come to enjoy sex, the only reason she even experienced it was him. He had no right to chastise her for it. He often acted like molesting her was punishment she deserved for being a slutty girl who enjoyed being molested. His logic annoyed her to no end.

Lori was still enjoying the attention she was getting though. She closed her eyes and swayed to the rhythm of the train as he ran his fingers along the crevices of her body. Suddenly he stopped and moved his hands back to her shoulders. She opened her eyes to see a man in a blazer standing up from one of the benches. Before speaking he swatted Ashton’s hands off Lori’s shoulders and pulled her away from him.

“Let go.” She struggled to get away. He quickly released her.

“You can have my seat, missy.”

“Excuse me. Who are you?” Ashton asked in annoyance.

“I could ask you the same question. What are you doing touching a young girl on a train? Thought you saw an easy target? Why are you traveling alone, missy?” the man asked Lori.

“I'm not.” She looked at Ashton, expecting him to explain everything.

Ashton was quite worried. He did not know how much the man had seen. He obviously did not notice the two of them get on the train together. The way Lori was ignoring him at first must have given the impression they were strangers. The proper thing to do would be to explain that she was his niece but Ashton felt that was unnecessary. If he chose to defend himself he would look guiltier. The best course of action, he decided, was to act like he had done nothing wrong.

“Come on, Lori.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her away from the man. He stared after the two as they left the train car and entered the next one.

“He thought you were a kidnapper or something,” Lori gasped when she was finally calm enough to speak.

“Imagine that,” Ashton chuckled. “What would you do if a stranger really did try to have his way with you on a public train?”

Lori bit her lip and looked up at him. Her face was slightly red and she had already begun to fidget in place. She was definitely imaging being molested in public and it did not look like she hated the idea. Once again, just looking at his adorable niece was all the motivation Ashton needed. He looked around to confirm no one was watching them and then steered her to a corner of the train car. She did not resist at all.

Lori wondered to herself when she became so docile. Two different men had pushed her around today and she just let them. Ashton turned her so she was facing the wall and then pressed her up against it with his whole body. The knowledge that he was going to force himself upon her without so much as a word of consent from her was thrilling.

With his knees he pushed her legs apart slightly while also kissing the back of her neck. With one hand he lifted her skirt exposing her butt to the cold morning air. She leaned against the wall and stared back at him over her shoulder, licking her lips in anticipation. With his other hand he grabbed the back of her panties and pulled upward so the crotch dug into her slightly.

She moaned as the cloth rubbed against her cunt and eventually slid inside a little. He used his fingers to probe her cunt as it slowly became damp. She could already feel something hard pressing against her ass from behind and it was growing bigger by the second.

She was slightly surprised when he pulled her panties to the side and poked his fingers directly into her. He ran them up and down her slit until she could feel liquid dripping down her thighs. She wanted him inside her badly. She heard his pants unzipping and felt the warmth of his flesh touching hers. The tip poked her butt a few time before finding its way to her wet slit. He wiggled it up and down, teasing her.

She groaned in anticipation, shaking her ass up and down. What happened next was so fast she hardly realized it. The tip of his cock slid up her slit and pressed against the hole above. It was wet enough to slip inside with minimal resistance. White spots exploded in her vision as she felt her anus expand and fold inward on itself. Something long and hard had just slid up inside her ass so fast it felt like a punch to the gut. Her instinct was to clench her muscles, like trying to keep from going to the bathroom.

She covered her mouth with one hand and grabbed her stomach with the other. She rolled her eyes back and squealed into her hand. She swore she could feel her intestines moving to accommodate his girth. She knew what anal was but she never expected to experience it in her life. As far as she was concerned it was something kinky that bored couples did. She assumed fucking his niece was already kinky enough for Ashton. It never donned on her that he might want to experiment with her.

She stared back at him over her shoulder with a confused expression, silently asking him why he would want to do this to her. He just smiled before kissing her. At the same time he pushed deeper into her bowels and stood up, lifting her off her feet. She felt like a metal hook was digging into her asshole and hoisting her up like a meat carcass at a butcher shop.

More white spots appeared in her vision along with questions in her mind. Why did he kiss her and treat her so sweetly yet intentionally ram his cock into her ass, knowing she would not like it. The contrast was confusing. Did he want her to hate him or love him?

She grabbed her stomach again as she felt him pull out, setting her feet back on the floor for a moment. She felt incredibly empty, like he had gouged out her insides. Whimpering she continued to look at him over her shoulder. He felt she was just asking him to shove his cock back into her.

She regretted it immediately though. He was not gentle, shoving his cock all the way in, fast and deep. She broke their kiss and covered her mouth. She felt like she might throw up at any moment. Still, it was better than the empty feeling of having him pull all the way out.

With his hands on her waist he pulled her away from himself and then slammed into her again. She felt her anus being pulled almost inside out. He was leaving the tip inside her each time though, so it did not have a chance to retract to its normal size. She felt like it might never close completely again after this.

As if reading her mind, Ashton decided to test it out at that very moment. He pulled his cock out of her asshole with an audible pop. She gasped while leaning against the wall. The sight before him was mesmerizing. His niece with her skirt lifted exposing her round white ass; her normally tiny puckered hole gaping and round in the shape of his own cock.

A month ago he could not have imagined being this intimate with any girl let alone Lori. Sex with Shelly was quite bland. They would take off their clothes and lie down together and move gently. It was like a business operation between two strangers. What they did could not be called fucking. Ashton was not confident enough to just grab and fuck any of his girlfriends. Like Dale he was a coward that could only really do what he wanted with a girl he felt he could control. Dale was right, he was only living half a life before. By now Ashton had absolutely no regrets about his decision to make his relationship with Lori sexual. He felt he would never have a closer relationship with any girlfriend in his lifetime.

Lori continued to whimper as she stared at Ashton over her shoulder, feeling cold air rushing into her gaping asshole. She could not understand why he had pulled out. What was the point of shoving his cock where it definitely did not belong if he was not going to keep it there? She began to shake her ass in anticipation, flexing the muscles of her anus slightly as well.

Ashton gripped her butt and pressed the tip of his cock into her asshole again. She felt it and clenched her muscles involuntarily. He shoved into the now contracted hole, forcing it open again. She felt like the elastic ring of her butt had just broken. It snapped open like a rubber band.

Lori stared at him with wide eyes, waiting for him to notice her discomfort and let her rest a little. Instead he patted her head condescendingly and shoved up into her to the point he was lifting her again. She had to stand on the tips of her toes for a moment. He pulled back and thrust again, repeatedly dangling her slightly in the air by his cock in her asshole.

Lori closed her eyes and pressed her forehead and her palms to the wall of the train. She gritted her teeth each time she felt Ashton’s pelvis hitting her from behind. He was definitely enjoying himself which confused Lori. Originally she assumed he had started fucking her because she scared off his girlfriends. She was his substitute and this was her punishment. Now she was starting to realize that he genuinely enjoyed the fact that he was fucking his own niece.

Did that mean he had a crush on her? If she reciprocated did that make them an official couple? Why then did he still pat her head like a child? It scared her how much he seemed to like treating her both as a woman old enough to have sex yet too young to even protest if she did not want it. She felt like a doll for him to play with.

Lori gasped when Ashton ripped open her blouse and lifted her bra, exposing her hard nipples to the cold morning air. He pressed on her back so that she had to lean close to the wall and scrape her nipples across it. She had not thought they could get any harder but they did. He began massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples roughly.

It was always a strange feeling when he stimulated both her nipples and her cunt at the same time. It was even stranger when he was doing it in her asshole instead. Biting her lip and looking back at him with a lustful gaze she pulled one of his hands down to her crotch and pushed his fingers into her cunt.

He took charge and began stimulating her. He pressed against the back of her pelvis and rubbed her insides until she was gasping and twitching. She stood on the tips of her toes as she shuddered in orgasm, her eyes struggling to stay open and focused. All the while he kept slamming into her asshole with his cock. He refused to let her forget that today he was taking her anally no matter what she said or did.

Suddenly she went limp against the wall, sliding down slightly. Her anus relaxed and he slipped deeper inside her as she lost consciousness for a while. When she woke up again she immediately felt the pressure of his cock inside her bowels like being impaled on a pole. She gave him a pleading look, silently asking him to either hurry up or just pull out.

He grabbed hold of her legs and lifted them until her feet were pressed against the wall. She was practically sitting on his cock in midair. She tried to leave her anus relaxed but that made her feel like her bowels would turn inside out if he pulled out too fast.

Lori could not help but feel everything happening was unfair. She assumed no one else in her class at school had ever had anal sex let alone with an adult man or their blood related uncle. Why did she have to put up with this sort of humiliation? She was still shaking from her orgasm and it was hard to sort her annoyance from her pleasure in her mind. She moaned each time she felt his cock press against the bends in her bowels as if she was enjoying it.

Ashton at least thought she was enjoying it. He pressed his face to the back of her neck and whispered in her ear. “I love your body. It’s so petite. I just want to see how much of me you can take inside you. Every time I look at you I just want to tear your clothes and touch your smooth skin. I want to pry your legs apart and stretch your asshole. I want to push my fingers into every hole of yours and make you moan nonstop."

Lori nodded in agreement. She could definitely tell that this was what he was always thinking when he looked at her. It felt odd that someone could desire to manipulate another person’s body that much but she had experienced it. She hated the lack of control she had over her own life but she definitely felt special with how Ashton treated her. It was certainly thrilling to hand over her body to someone greedy like him.

The more she thought about it the more embarrassed she became. Someone she fought and argued with was actually shoving their cock inside her literal asshole at that very moment. She had ignored it as just another form of sex at first but she recently realized it was going to be hard to look Ashton in the eyes for a while.

When she felt his cock stiffen inside her, Lori could not help but feel excited. Her blood related uncle was going to cum inside her asshole. She was a kid who should not be having sex yet. As her guardian he should be the one punishing her for even thinking of it. Instead, he was the one fucking her. Everything about this situation was wrong and it was thrilling.

She put on her meekest expression and looked at Ashton. “Cum inside me,” she begged him. “Fill my tiny butt with all your hot sticky semen. I want to feel it squirting inside me and then running back out because you stretched me too much.”

Ashton was surprised by her sudden forte into talking dirty. He subconsciously knew she was not enjoying getting fucked as much as he enjoyed fucking her. “Do you like anal?” he asked coyly.

“I don’t know,” she responded dizzily. “I can’t think straight. It’s in my ass, it’s going in and out of my ass but it’s like it’s my head. I can feel it and it makes my mind all fuzzy. I'm scared. I don’t want to enjoy it because it’s wrong but I also do because it’d be a waste. You’re gonna fuck me anyway so I might as well feel good, right?”

Ashton felt guilty over the way she put it. It was true that he was forcing her but she basically said she was doing her best to enjoy something she hates because it was her only option. The truth was there was another option; he could stop, he could stop fucking his own niece and let her live like a normal girl. Unfortunately that was no longer a possibility in his own mind. Until he got caught he planned to do anything and everything to her. He might never get a chance like this again.

“Oh god, it’s so warm,” Lori moaned as she felt his cum gushing into her. He had not cum since that morning and it had been steadily building. “There’s so much,” she mewled. “I’m gonna overflow.”

“You’re not a cup,” he teased her while pinching her cheek playfully.

“I feel like one. You treat me like an object,” she reminded him.

“Objects wouldn’t talk back so much.”

“I have to,” she whined. “If I stop saying anything you’re gonna forget I'm a person and treat me even worse.”

Ashton grabbed her face and kissed her. “Don’t think that,” he tried to calm her down. She seemed to be on the verge of crying. “I love you so much, Lori.”

“Liar,” she spat. “You love my skin and my body and my ass. You love bending my legs behind my head and sticking your fingers in me. You love making me squirt and spanking me til I scream.”

“Exactly; you let me do whatever I want, how could I not love you.”

“What if I didn’t?” she asked.

“Well, obviously I couldn’t love you as a woman if we didn’t do these things. We’d just be uncle a niece again.”

“We still are,” she reminded him. “You just fucked your own niece.”

“You’re so adorable,” he laughed at her.

“No I'm not. My classmates are adorable. They are so innocent and sweet looking. None of them has ever had an eight inch rod shoved up their butt. How can I be adorable? All I am is a whore.”

“Hey now, you’re a slut, not a whore,” he corrected her.

“What’s the difference,” she demanded.

“A slut loves sex; a whore loves men and uses sex to get more men.”

“I’ve only been with you,” Lori muttered.

“Exactly. That means you’re not a whore.”

Lori nodded slowly. She was not stupid. If Ashton tried to tell her what they were doing was okay she would not believe him. However, she did not feel like everything he said was a lie meant to manipulate her. He was not that mean of a person. He let his lust dictate his actions but he did not want to hurt her for no reason or lie to her. He really did believe he was in love with her.

Lori’s train of thought was interrupted by the feeling of something slimy sliding down her inner thighs. She tried to hide her annoyance with a smile as she looked at Ashton. She was surprised when he suddenly pulled his cock out of her with an audible pop. She felt cold air rushing into her gaping asshole and grimaced. He slid her panties back into place and patted her butt softly.

She turned around and looked up at him expectantly. He leaned down and kissed her. “Not that,” she giggled.

“What then?” he was confused.

“I'm just gonna be sitting around waiting for you to get off work for four hours,” she reminded him.”

“You said you were gonna window shop,” he reminded her.

“I only said that because I have no money.”

“Are you asking me for money?” he asked.

“I just let you fuck my ass and cum inside me. I thought you’d just give me some money,” she admitted.

“Didn’t you complain about Shelly being a prostitute?” he reminded her.

“I'm not trading sex for money, I'm demanding money for my obedience. It’s more like blackmail,” she informed him.

“Right,” he sighed while taking out his wallet. He handed her several fifty dollar bills which she counted diligently. Her eyes twinkled with genuine happiness. Ashton felt relieved as he felt she had not been very happy for a while recently. When she was done counting she hugged him and kissed his lips.

He kissed her back, while pinching her butt and pulling it apart slightly. She swatted his chest playfully. She could already feel his cum leaking out of her again. He definitely wanted to remind her that she was his. She rolled her eyes and shifted her panties, trying to soak up as much of his cum as she could before it ran down her legs. What little she did not catch with her panties was absorbed by her knee high socks. She felt like a walking cum popsicle. Ashton was definitely proud of himself.

At that moment the train came to a stop and the two of them made for the exit. For the first time in a while Lori glanced around to see who if anyone in the car had been paying attention. A few passengers caught her eye as they pretended to look away. It seemed that some people had caught onto what was happening in their corner. Her cheeks turned red in embarrassment. She thought to herself that she would definitely scold Ashton when they got home.


Lori spent the next four hours shopping and particularly trying on clothes. At the first store she could not shake the assumption that the employee helping her change was eyeing her oddly. She chalked it up to her own embarrassment and ignored the looks. After changing everything from her outwear to her panties and socks she bought the clothes on her person and moved on quickly, walking slightly bowlegged due to her sore asshole.

By the time four hours had passed she was bored of shopping. She instead had made her way to Ashton’s office and asked his boss, Mr. Nator, if she could wait for her uncle’s half day to be up. Mr. Nator was a middle aged man with a pencil mustache which he played with whenever he spoke to anyone. He smiled sweetly at Lori and took her aside to talk to for a moment.

“Your uncle is a hard worker. I'm glad to have him on my team. I don’t know how your life is at home with him but I hope you two get along well.”

“Is there a reason we wouldn’t?” Lori asked with concern. It certainly sounded like Mr. Nator was suggesting something.

“I'm sure you’re aware that your uncle was involved with one of his coworkers just before you moved in with him. The version of the story I heard from him was that they broke up so he could concentrate on raising you. The story I heard from rumors she started in the office was that he was more interested in a young girl like you than Shelly.” Lori rolled her eyes. “I take it this is not the first you’ve heard of this issue,” Mr. Nator was understanding.

“I never really liked Shelly. I was glad when they broke up. On her way out she said he’d never find a girl like her again and I may have said something along the lines of me being the only girl he needs.” Lori tried to hide her reddening face.

“You really do love your uncle, don’t you?” Mr. Nator smiled kindly. Lori simply nodded. It was the truth. Before sex became involved she had loved him perhaps more than her parents. That love had not disappeared because of his recent actions. If anything, she could tell very clearly that he loved her too, albeit a little too much.

“Ash’s cubicle is near the bathroom at the other end of the aisle,” Mr. Nator finally allowed Lori into the office.

She trotted down the aisle, making a clopping sound in the new high heels she had bought that very day. Nobody paid attention to her as it was not uncommon for someone to be moving from one cubicle to another. Ashton did not even look up from his desk when she stopped in front of his cubicle. It was not until he realized whoever was there was not leaving that he turned to look.

“What are you doing here?” He could not hide the excited expression on his face. He had been thinking about her all day.

“I finished my shopping and got bored.” She showed him several large colored paper bags from different clothing stores.

He eyed her up and down while smirking. She was wearing a black skirt and a loose necked blouse like many of the other women in the office that day. “Are you playing dress up?” he teased her.

“I thought you might get ideas with all these women around you,” she retorted.

“So you took the initiative to come satisfy me before I strayed?” he was intrigued.

Lori was slightly confused. The way he put it made her sound like a jealous girlfriend. Before she could react, he had already started undoing the buttons on her blouse. “We are not having sex in your office,” she hissed at him.

“Then what did you come here for?” He patted her butt lightly.

“I swear to god, if you stick anything else in my ass today, I'm gonna bite your dick off,” she threatened him.

“Nonsense, you hardly ever blow me,” he scolded her.

“Every time we try, you just grab my hair and hold me down til I choke.”

"Do you know why women in the office always wear tight knee length skirts but also keep their cleavage showing? It’s a message to the men that anything above the waist is okay. We can fondle them but we can’t get our hands between their legs.”

“And then you get sued for sexual harassment,” Lori scoffed.

“Well, you gotta know who is asking for it and who isn’t,” Ashton explained.

“Am I asking for it?” she asked.

“When has you not asking ever stopped me?” He suddenly pulled on her wrists, causing her to stumble and fall to her knees. Her face landed on the edge of his chair, right between his legs. She looked up at him with wide eyes, not sure what to do. He swept her hair out of her face before undoing his belt.

Lori bit her lip reluctantly as she watched him remove his already hard cock from his pants. She should have guessed she would not escape without some form of intercourse. She was hoping he was still satisfied from that morning. One look at his cock told her he was ready to go. She had heard that men got turned on easily but it still helped if what they were looking at was their fetish. Perhaps seeing her in her faux office getup was too much for him.

Lori did not have to be told what to do. She took hold of his cock with her own hand and stroked in gently. She took her time before sticking out her tongue and dabbing it on the tip a few times. She knew not to just put the whole thing in her mouth. She did not have enough saliva for that yet, plus it would give his cock too much of a shock. She needed to prepare it.

She did not hate giving blowjobs because it was tiring on her jaw or made her mouth dry or anything like that. She disliked the way she looked while sucking on his cock. She had glanced at herself in the mirror once while sucking him off at home in the bathroom; her tongue was hanging out and drill was running down her chin and neck, making her chest shiny and sticky. She looked like a slut in her opinion. She was left feeling less cute than her innocent classmates.

Ashton consistently told her that she looked adorable to him and that only his opinion should matter to her. His mistake was usually telling her while staring at her face covered in his cum. She had the opinion he would find anything female adorable once he had cum on it, her classmates included.

Lori was lost in thought for a moment as she imagined what her friends would look like with her uncle’s cum on their faces. She imagined their shiny lips as they licked their fingers and swirled the white slime in their mouths and even swallowed it. Instinctively she placed her free hand on the hem of her skirt and tugged downward as she began to get horny. She was thinking of more than just her friends covered in cum.

She was thinking of how they would end up like that; their naked bodies as adult men pulled at their faces and their waists, shoving their cocks into their mouths and cunts. She especially got hornier imagining their expressions; their crying faces as they felt the sting of a cock stretching their holes for the first time. Lori felt ashamed but she had to agree with her uncle. For a cute girl, getting stripped naked and fucked like a toy could only make her look more adorable.

Lori was hardly paying attention to her own actions. She was pressing into the crotch of her tights with two fingers while also sliding Ashton’s cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. When the tip hit the end she ground her throat against it, making a slightly gurgling sound. She did not even notice the sound of someone walking down the aisle.

Ashton moved his chair to the entrance of the cubicle to block the girl on her knees from view. Finally realizing what was happening, Lori backed up underneath the desk. “Are you about ready to head out?” a female voice asked Ashton.

“Close to it,” he answered her question.

“I can’t go yet. I just started a print job and it’s gonna take at least fifteen minutes.” The female coworker complained.

“I can take them back to your desk for you when they finish,” Ashton offered.

“Really?” the woman’s voice showed excitement. Lori felt that Ashton was being a little too friendly to her. She bit down on the tip of his cock lightly to remind him that the girl he molested on a regular basis was present and listening.

Ashton bit hit tongue to keep from yelling and then immediately retaliated. He reached under the desk and grabbed to fists of her hair and pulled her forward onto his cock. It slid all the way into her mouth and wedged itself in the back of her throat, causing her to gag. She tried to push on him to pull herself off but he held her hair tightly.

Lori dug her fingernails into Ashton’s legs as she struggled to free herself. She could hear him talking to the woman again but could no longer concentrate on what was being said. It felt like forever before she finally left and Ashton rolled his chair back enough for her to spit out his cock.

He held her face in his hands and wiped tears and snot from her eyes and nose as she gasped for breath. “You look adorable,” he giggled while staring at her lovingly.

She nodded. “You think anything you’ve fucked is adorable,” she panted breathlessly. “If I bent over and showed you my stretched asshole you’d probably kiss it,” she added. He ruffled her hair, not disagreeing at all. She shook his hand off. “Have you ever wanted to fuck someone else?” she asked sternly.

“I’ve had sex before,” he reminded her.

“I don’t mean like Shelly or Nancy. I mean someone like me.”

“You mean underage,” he confirmed.

She nodded. “If I brought my friends over, would you fuck them?”

“Are you asking me to find someone else because you don’t like it?” he was confused.

She pressed her fingers into her crotch as she worked up the courage to admit something she had been avoiding. She shook her head. “No, I want you to keep fucking me. It hurts and it feels weird but I like it for some reason. I'm a slut, remember. I need it.”

Ashton leaned down while pulling her face up to meet him halfway. He pressed his lips to hers and plunged his tongue into her mouth. She squealed because she still had not caught her breath. Her face turned red as she started to expel air from her nose to clear the snot away so she could breathe through her nostrils. Ashton ignored her struggles and probed her mouth with his tongue for a long time.

At the same time, Lori kept pushing against her crotch with her two fingers. Everything that was happening made her more horny even if it was wildly uncomfortable; kneeling under a desk with her uncle’s cock lodged in her throat or suffocating on her own snot because he would not stop kissing her, presumably because he liked the fact that she was a slut. Lori was realizing that she got off on how perverse everything they were doing was.

It did not have to be sexual. Just knowing her face and hair was a mess and that she let them become that way for the sole purpose of letting her uncle manhandle her was a turn on. She made a mental note to buy some mascara to use before their next blowjob, just so she could see her own face streaked black with her tears after he held her down too long as usual.

Suddenly she felt warm liquid gushing out of her crotch. It soaked her tights as her legs shook, splitting the seam of her tight skirt. Ashton held her tightly as she vibrated against him. Her eyes were wide as she stared up at him, unable to control her own spasming. When he finally broke their kiss, she collapsed under the desk in a heap, twitching and gurgling with drool running down her mouth and into her loose blouse. Her legs were spread now that her skirt had ripped and the dark part of her tights was obviously soaked with her cum. She could not focus on anything and just stared wide eyed at the bottom of the desk. It was not a sight anyone would normally call pretty but that was all Ashton thought as he stared at the mess that was his niece.

Ashton spent the remainder of his work day stealing glances at her and admiring every messy part. When he finally finished everything he had to, he pulled her out from under the desk and set her on top of it. He slowly removed every bit of her clothes until she was completely naked. Taking a scarf from one of the bags she brought, he wiped her entire body clean. Then he dressed her in a different outfit. Finally he slapped her lightly until she was able to regain focus and wake up from her daze.

She hardly realized where she was. Her joints hurt from being under the table for so long. She looked down at her knees and noticed how red they were. A smile crept over her face. If anyone looked at them for too long they would definitely come to the conclusion she had just spent some time sucking someone’s cock. She both hated and loved the label. It was embarrassing but it also turned her on.

“Ready to go shopping?” he asked. She shook her head. “Too tired?” he surmised.

“I am tired,” she admitted. “But I want to go to the park instead.”

“The park? If you’re tired we should go home,” he urged her.

“You know that path for hiking? The one with all the benches?”

“I stopped taking you there after we caught a couple in the act,” he recalled.

She nodded. “She was sitting on his lap and he was bouncing her like a ball.” She was looking right at Ashton as she spoke. He could guess what she was thinking but he wanted her to say it out loud. “Can I be the ball this time, Ash?” she asked innocently.

“Haven’t we done a lot today already?” he asked.

“I want to see how many outfits I can change into before we get home,” she explained. “We’re riding the train again, right? Let’s find the emptiest car. I want to press myself against the standing pole the whole way.”

“If you do that, I'm sticking my pole in your butt,” he threatened her.

Lori showed a slightly scared yet also slightly excited expression as she bit her lip. “It still hurts when I walk. I told myself I wouldn’t let you do it more than once a week. I wonder if it’ll break if you do it twice in the same day. I’ll definitely cry,” she assured him. He noticed she said nothing about forbidding him though. She showed no signs of trying to escape her situation anymore. She did not have to like it but she did not have to hate it either. He was not going to stop so why should she put herself through the worry twice?

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