Oral in the kitchen

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Its weekend and we are home, relaxing. You’re in the kitchen making yourself a drink. I’m wearing a vest and a bra underneath, a thong underneath my shorts. I’m feeling very horny. I come to the kitchen and see you there standing, your back facing me, sexy as always in your t-shirt and shorts. I come slowly from behind and wrap my arms around your waist pulling you closely towards me, feeling you close to me.

Move my hands under your t-shirt now, wondering everywhere, feeling your warm body; slowly start moving them down to touch your cock. I press closer my body against yours, squashing my breasts against your back, smelling you through your t-shirt, feeling you close. I place my hands in your shorts, over your cock, I can feel it grow very slowly, getting harder and harder.

You turn around, and hold my head with your hands, placing a passionate kiss on my lips at the same time. My hands are gently stroking your cock at the same time, feeling it growing even harder. You’re so sexy David. I push your shorts down exposing your hard cock as you start kissing down my neck, leaving trace of saliva on my hot skin. Whilst kissing my shoulders you pull my vest up, but still leaving my bra on.

You gently lift me up and sit me on the kitchen worktop. My legs open instantly knowing what’s coming. I’m so wet by now that you can see my wetness through my shorts. So you take them off and my thong too, exposing my pink smooth pussy; dripping wet with juices leaking out. I lean backwards as you kiss your way down my body, licking my hot breasts one after the other; going lower and lower as I moan with pleasure. I can feel your hot soft kisses on my stomach now as I place my feet on the worktop opening my pussy even more, so you can eat me.

You touch my thigh with one hand and start stroking your hard cock with the other; you start gently kissing my clit, flicking your wet tongue around it. You place your head between my open legs licking between my swollen lips and my clit, I’m moaning louder and louder, licking my lips enjoying every second of it as you taste my freshness. I can feel your hot tongue inside my pussy licking and flicking, tasting me. I love it so much and you do too. I can almost feel as I was stroking and rubbing your hard cock with my own hand. I so want you now. Everything

I feel your tongue on my clit and between my lips again, licking around it making me almost scream with pleasure, I feel that I’m so close to clitoral orgasm “mmm, I love it David.” I’m so excited feeling I’m about to cum; I lean further back and open my legs even more. You push your face hard against me, eating me, licking me as I grab your head and press it even harder against my clit, screaming and moaning with pleasure, feeling shivers going through my body as I orgasm “Oh yes David, oh yes, ohhhh!” I feel so happy right now after being pleasured by you.

You get up and place long lingering kiss on my lips, I can still taste my own sweet juices straight from your soft lips. I get down; you wrap your arms around me tightly as we carry on kissing passionately. I move your hands on your still very hard cock. Stroking it with one hand and massaging your swollen balls with the other. It feels so good that I just want to lick it and suck it until you cum baby.

You close your eyes as I pull away and kneel in front of you still stroking the shaft of your cock. We maintain eye contact as I place the tip of your cock in my mouth, wrapping my hot lips around it and gently sucking just the tip for now. My tongue is flicking around it very gently, tasting your pre-cum, I love it and I know you do too.

I hear you moan as I start stroking the base of your cock with one hand and sucking your beautiful cock faster, moving my lips wrapped tightly around it. Deeper and deeper into my mouth, in and out, making your cock wet with my saliva; withdrawing it from my mouth from time to time to gently suck and lick your balls. I know you love it as you let gentle and soft moans out. I carry on tasting you, gently rubbing my hand on your shaft, speeding my hand movement and gently rotating it too.

I can feel your heart beating faster knowing that you’re close to cum, so I speed up sucking and licking you. I feel your hands playing with my hair and pushing my head closer onto you, so deep that the tip of your cock is touching the end of my mouth. I absolutely love sucking you, so nice tasting you, licking off every little bit of your juices. I want you to cum inside my mouth so I can taste you even more.

I lock my lips even harder on your very hard cock, squeezing it, moving my hand faster and faster, not hurting you baby, just being very gentle at the same time; my tongue licking the tip of your cock very gently. I feel the stream of your sperm in my mouth as you cum hard, moaning and fucking my mouth now gently. I carry on sucking and licking your beautiful cock, even though some of your juices leak out. That’s so incredible! I love it David, love licking you clean after

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