The Vine Pt4

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Recap from pt3
Jill and Becky start thrusting into the chubby girls harder and harder making the chubby girls scream harder. They cum hard and shake hard as they get the hunger of wanting more on their faces. They release their breasts you can hear then as pull off of their nipples. As they sit up and say you want hard and fast, we will give you hard and fast.

They sit up and starts fucking the two hard and fast you can hear each slap the other inner thighs. Pop…pop faster as the girls gaps and shakes as they cum hard again. Jill and Becky give another surprise as another cock-like vine comes out their ass and waits between thrusts to line up as the others ass and on the next thrust slides right in making Tina and Peggy gasp again as their asses are entered quickly. Jill and Becky say surprise as they lock eyes and start hard and fast again as the explode in to both holes of the girls. Tina and Peggy say pull us up lets fuck Indian style as they let go of their ankles and wrap their legs around them as they sit up and start grinding into Jill and Becky as they take turns sucking on the others breast. Tina and Peggy push Jill and Becky on to their backs and say our turn to ride as they put their ankles at each side of their hips and lower themselves down on the vine cocks. It is a wonder sight to see their pussies spread apart as the head enter them all the way until they meet pelvis to pelvis then start bouncing up and down on their legs. Jill and Becky place their hands on Tina and Peggy waists as they watch their breast bounce up and down. Tina and Peggy take Jill and Becky’s hands and lean over them pinning them next to their heads. Now that Tina and Peggy are breast to breast to Jill and Becky.

Jill and Becky spread apart and raise their legs up to start thrusting upward in to the girls as Jill and Becky’s nipples suck up the other nipple then small vines exit out their pores of their skin and start wrapping around tying them together. What a nice sight to see the vine cock thrusting into the wet pussies. Tina and Peggy’s asses nice and round as the vine from the other girls ass raises up. Pausing as if taking aim and then shooting in making them gasp and shutter. Expanding and contracting deeper into their asses it goes. They all are gasping for breath and tongue kissing each other deeply. As Jill and Becky start to feel their stomach muscles contracting uncontrolled as they can feel the vine as it squirts’ into each girl they freeze locking eyes as the first squirt enters each pussy causing them to orgasm hard. The vine doesn’t quit and thrust on its own deeper into each pussy and ass filling them up as their juices flow out and run between Jill and Becky’s legs. They keep kissing each and catch their breaths as the vines keep them wrapped together drinking up their juices.

Zeta and Sammy have watched the others between kisses and caresses. As zeta massages one of Sammy’s breasts she starts sucking the others nipple than changing to the other. Sammy moans with enjoyment as zeta runs a hand down Sammy’s body and runs a finger between her now very wet pussy. Zeta stops sucking on Sammy’s breasts and watches her face as Sammy spreads her legs apart as zetas finger enter her tight wet pussy that seems to suck on her finger. Slow and gentle as zeta massages Sammy’s pussy. Sammy gasps each time zetas finger enter her more and more each time. Zetas finger hits the barrier and knows that she is a virgin. And tells her I am honored to take your virginity and will be gentle and loving doing it. It will hurt some but it will be worth it I promise. With the sounds of pleasure all around then zeta thinks and a small stubby cock-like vine exits from her pussy. We won’t start with a big one first. This one will stop at your barrier until I have you loosened up some then it will grow ok. Ok Sammy says nervously as zeta comes up between her legs and lines up the head and eases into her. The little cock takes over and starts to vibrate as zeta slowly grinds into her. Sammy arches her back as her eyes roll back saying this is wonderful. Closer and closer the small vine cock gets to the girls barriers until it just touches it. Sammy is breathing hard as her first orgasm builds. Sammy’s pussy is flooding with wetness then she screams and shakes with her first orgasm. Zeta knowing she is now fully ready starts thrusting into her harder.

After each thrust into her the vine gets rounder and rounder. Opening her pussy more and more with each change she responds enjoying it more. On the next out thrust the vine instantly gets longer at least seven inches to start out with. Zeta not changing her rhythm to let her know what was about to happen. Plunges on into her breaking the barrier, Sammy gasps as she feels to tear away, Zeta then start fucking Sammy with faster and shorter strokes. Until she gets her over the pain, until she has another orgasm. The she starts fucking her deeper as Sammy pulls her legs wide for zeta. You can hear as zeta as she slaps into Sammy’s inner thighs. You can head moan harder with each thrust until she screams with orgasm. Zeta then puts Sammy’s legs at the bend of her elbows allowing them to hinge over them and leans into her to pound Sammy’s pussy harder and faster. Zeta feels her lower stomach muscles start to contract hard as she feels the cock vine squirt into Sammy. Zeta then quickly puts Sammy on her knees giving her a smack on the ass to hurry her up. Zeta grabs Sammy’s hips lining up and plunging straight into her. Sammy gasping says oh my god this is fantastic I wouldn’t have waited so long if I knew it felt this good. Sammy then leans back each time zeta thrusts into her. Sammy then leans down onto her elbows lowering herself until her swaying nipples graze the grass before laying her arms out her sides and laying her head to one on the grass relaxing her back making her ass turn up more in to zeta as she pounds her from behind. Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, AAAAAAHHHHHH as Sammy screams she orgasms again. The vine cock feeding on her juices as zeta pulls out and then enters her ass causing Sammy to gasp to a growl as the vine cock enters her and wastes no time and starts thrusting in and out deeper and deeper each time.

Jill and Becky then give Tina and Peggy to the vine that quickly wraps them up in a kneeling position with their nice round asses high in the air. The vine wasting no time shoots into each pussy, plunging in and out of them. The girls can feel it spread them each time it penetrates them. As it expands and contracts and slowly moves in deeper in to them. It doesn’t take long for Tina and Peggy’s pussies to start dripping as the vine starts fucking them deeper. All this time Meg is still being fucked by the vine. It has moved her legs apart like others. Meg moans and jerks with pleasure. Another vine enters the threes pusses causing them to gasp and squeal as it stretches their holes for a third. These three start to expand and contract with changing speed as another vine cock enters their asses. We now have three girls tied up and being fucked to the edge of being unconscious waiting for a fourth. Zeta then leans over Sammy telling her to enjoy then moves from her letting the vine take her also. As she is still gasping for breath the vine wraps her up the same as the others and plunges straight in her. Deeper into her than zeta did as it thrusts quickly in to her womb and expands and contracts as it starts to vibrate. Sammy is out of control with her orgasms as another vine enters her and another. Then it starts on her ass until she is like the others. The vine does this to each girl as they gasp and cum one after the other. Feeding the vine with their juices; the vine takes their ass the same as Megs as each girl gets a golf ball filled like vine. When the vine is ready it pulls out the other vines but one in each hole. Wow the wetness of the girls can be seen on their inner thighs and a puddle below them. We see three seeds run up the vines to each girls waiting pussy. One seed to become one with them, one to give to another girl; one to be like Zeta’s vine. The vine steadily pumps its fluid in to each girl’s womb until a very nice budge has appeared saving Sammy for last. As one seed at a time enter Tina and Peggy and Meg. They gasp as they feel it open their pusses and move up them and enter their womb. They shake and quiver as their pusses contact milking the vine. A small vine enters the corner of Tina’s and Peggy’s mouth and goes down into their stomachs and starts filling them up with more fluid until they can taste the sweetness of it then pulls out. The vine does Meg differently, a larger vine enter her mouth making her gag a little as she relaxes her throat the vine starts throat fucking her until it enters her stomach and explodes filling her up quickly then pulling out as she gasps for air. The vine releases them to quiver in aftershocks of orgasm except Sammy.

The vine unties Sammy to her ankles and pulls her out spread-eagled on her back. The vine coats her down with its liquid. She looks good all shiny and wet as the vine caresses all over her body. The vine gives her a flower to smell. As she breathes it in it enters her pussy steadily but not fast. She moans as it enters her and starts to expand and contract inside her. The vine then wraps up her breasts and attaches to them with the larger flowers sucking all of her breasts into them it can. Attaching smaller vines onto her nipples, the vine starts sucking and pulling on them. After it has stretched her nipples start fucking her pussy faster and inserts a vine into her ass as the needlelike barbs pierce her nipples and release the fiber like vines into her breasts. They ripple through them as she gasps and jerks. You can hear how wet she is by the sounds of the vines entering her. The vine wants to give her a boost on becoming one with the vine it is going to give her. As her body ripples with pre orgasm, the vine thrusts deep into her womb as Sammy orgasms hard. Her pussy squeezing hard on the vine as it withdraws from her breasts filling them as it does, but keeps squeezing and milking her. The vine thrusts deep into her as a seed enters her pussy then into her womb. It quickly pumps in and put her pussy until Sammy orgasms again and putting another seed into her. The vine explodes deep into her ass filing her with fluid as it pulls out. Depositing the last seed into her pussy before filling it up with fluid then, pulling out to the entrance of her pussy and waiting until her womb closes. The vine releases her to rest and recover they each get up and go into the house as they caress their tight bellies and giggling saying that was beyond words.

Zeta and Becky tell them that they still have to have a man to cum into them for it to be complete how do you want to do it? Meg says I always wanted to fuck the football team. All of them at the same time, Sammy says I don’t know if I can do that. Becky reminds her that the vine has fucked you to unconscious you can handle anything. Zeta tells them that they will set it up and have some special drink for the team to have they won’t remember anything. The girls say let’s go now we are getting hornier by the second look at my nipples they could scratch glass. As they start rubbing them, Zeta tells them to go up stairs and go through their closets for the sexiest outfits they can find. Off they run upstairs as zeta tells Jill to get the big water cooler the vine comes in and raises a vine above the cooler and feels it with clear liquid that looks like water. We have to get just one to drink and he will talk the rest in drinking as zeta and Becky carry it to the locker room. They talk as they enter the hall how come we didn’t think of this. I don’t know but we can have them later, or how about the wrestling team as they grin at each other as they enter the locker room. Good no one is here there is the water cooler let’s switch it and get out. They switch it and empty the other one and hide to watch for the team as they burst into the room after practice and head straight to the cooler. Guy after guy drinks cup after cup as they make guy talk and start to strip to take a shower. A number of the team comments on how good the water tastes and drinks more. Zeta and Becky watch as the naked men parade around. Nice tight abs and muscular asses make then wet between their legs. They then come out of hiding as the men see them and start whistling at them as the girls walk around and caress a chest or two as they check them out they say how would you guys like to have four young ladies for your pleasure in a no holes bared free for all. Sure bring them on the team feeling the effect of the special water as Meg, Tina, Peggy and Sammy enter the room. They are dressed to kill in lingerie outfits that leave their breasts exposed. Complete with garters and stocking and hills. The team erupts with hoots and hollers as the college girl’s parade around. Each girl picks one guy and goes up to him and run their fingers down his chest.

Meg tells the team captain nice and hard I see but do you know how to use it. He tells her hell yes I do as he scoops her up in his arms and takes her to a nearby table. He says out loud what you are waiting for. Let’s fuck these girls so hard they will have to be carried out. As he starts kissing Meg the rest of the team grabs the others and starts on each girl as they start squeezing their breasts as the girls grab hard cocks. The girls get down on their knees and start sucking cock. Sammy not having sucked a cock before gets one in her face. Wide eyed as she grasps it and breathing in the smell of it where most haven’t showered yet. The smell turns her on as she takes him in her mouth as her lust takes over. The rest of the guys are changing from one to another. The captain sucking hard on Megs breasts, as his hand roams down to her crotch and runs his fingers over her pussy through her panties. Meg gasps as she feels his finger, he says don’t move as he takes her panties and rips them off her. He moves between her legs and licks up her thigh and dives into her pussy sucking her outer lips and entering her with his tongue. He sucks on her clit as her legs fall to the sides. He holds her wider as he feasts on her pussy. Another team member comes over and puts his cock in her face. In turn she takes him in her mouth deeply as he starts to throat fuck her. Another comes over and starts sucking her breasts as Meg grabs his cock and slowly strokes him. Holding her legs wide apart enters her wet pussy with one thrust as his cock slides into her hot wet pussy. He wastes no time and fucks her hard and fast as her moans get louder. Her pussy seems to pull him deep into her milking him, begging him to cum inside her. She gasps as she pauses to say cum in me fill my pussy full, and then returns sucking cock.

The team captain screams as he shoots in to her then trading places after Meg has milked him of every drop. Other team member takes his place and penetrates her quickly. He comments by saying girl your pussy is so tight. I figured my buddy would have loosened you up as he leans into her, pounding her like a rabbit hard and fast as she shakes in pre-orgasm. It doesn’t take him long before he fills her full of his cum. Her pussy milking him of every drop, then he moves on to another girl. The girls have gotten into a half-circle. Some on their backs others on their knees as each get a hard cock in their hungry pussy. One after another each girl gets her pussy filled with another guy until all the team has had them. Then the girls say don’t forget our asses you have to fill then also as start fucking again. Tina gasps as a team members cock pushes into her ass. He slow strokes her a few times then starts pounding her hard and fast. Tina milks his cock with her ass muscles it doesn’t take long until he grunts as he fills her up. Peggy straddles a player in the forward cowgirl position filling her pussy with his cock as another team member mover over her and enters her ass. Peggy’s body starts to quiver all over massing both cocks until they explode inside her as she gasps and growls in her orgasm.

Don’t forget we have to suck you off as well. Sammy has taken to the joy of sex rather well as she rides a player while another fucks her up the ass. Another one is getting blow job. Just imagine a locker room filled with a team of guys and four women fucking in every way possible. The smell of sex in the room is intoxicating, and the sounds of pleasure. It makes me want to be there. As the girls wear out the team, they leave them passed out all over the room. Leaving as the sun comes up, well satisfied and full of cum they walk back to their house on campus and make plans for the other girls in their house. A few of them think out loud some of us could transfer to other schools and start houses there and giggle. As they enter their rooms and lay down, a deep sleep takes them as the seeds inside them start to change. One seed absorbs in to their bodies as one seed starts to grow the other seed hibernates until the girls have another girl for their pleasure.

We see the four as they return back to the house as the vine greats them and starts to suck on their breasts and enter all of their holes. They mentally link with the girls in the locker room orgy, as they share in their feelings. As the vine drinks from them as it starts to fuck the four harder and faster. Until they start to orgasm, one after the other. Zeta gets on her knees and leans over on her forearms, letting her ass stick high in the air as the vine takes both holes quickly. All the girls are drunk with pleasure as the vine fucks and feeds on each pleasure and juices.

We see a figure of shadow move across the porch to the front door. The front door being open slips inside all dressed in black we can tell it is a man as he wonders around down stairs looking for something to steal he hears the sounds of pleasure coming from upstairs. He makes his way up the stairs and peeks in the bedroom in shock as he sees the four in different positions all over the room. Says what the hell these girls need help and starts tearing at the vines. The girls don’t even know he is there as the vine protects itself by slapping at him. Which makes him even madder tearing at the vine. The vine protects the four by shielding them but not stopping fucking them as the vine shoots into the man’s leg he screams as another wraps around his neck and tightens up cutting off his air until he goes limp.

The vine pulls his body out the window and cleans up the blood from his leg. Once outside the vine starts ripping the man apart as the barbs cut into his flesh. After cutting him up into smaller pieces makes a cone of vines and starts spinning around grinding him up until nothing left, not even blood. as it absorbs him completely. Having tasted blood other than virgin sex blood the vine wants more of this and fears for the others safety. knows it must remain a secret and doesn’t share this with the others. It deposits a special seed of its self into zeta as the four lay exhausted on the floor. The vine retreats out the window and makes a vine ball of its self and starts rolling out of the garden. Down the path and over the hill out of sight all will be explained in due time.

Morning comes and the four wake up to each other and no vine. They go to the window and see no vine. Zeta feels tightness in her stomach as she caressed says I think I am pregnant as the other come over and caress her belly. They all think where the vine is. They think maybe the vine thought it was time to move on. The others say who is going to milk our breasts and drink of our juices as their nipples ooze fluid from them. I guess we do each other until zetas seed is ready to come out. As the girls start sucking, on each other’s breasts and fingering one another. Zeta’s belly rumbles a bit as the seed inside her grows. A cock-like vine pushes out zeta’s pussy as she says who is first. Jill smiles and says me and bends over. Her nice round ass begging to be fucked hard as she shakes it teasing, as zeta moves behind her and gives a cheek a slap as she then grabs her hips. Zeta teases her pussy by running her vine cock between her lips. Zeta then starts slowly pushing into her wet tight pussy, enjoying the feeling of Jill’s pussy massaging her vine cock as she slowly goes in and out. Penetrating her more and more each time, Jill moans as zeta fucks her harder and faster. Becky moves behind zeta as she is bent over thrusting out of Jill. As zeta pulls back Jill slides into her ass and grabs her hips to steady her as she increases her rhythm opposite of zeta.

All three are moaning and breathing heavy as their juices run down their inner thighs and puddle on the floor. Jill starts to quiver and shake as her orgasm builds. Zetas lower stomach muscles start to contract as she gasps as she squirts into Jill. Which pushes her over as her pussy goes crazy contracting wildly on zeta as it milks her dry. Becky then explodes deep in zetas ass. Jill says I want some of Becky now as she lays her down opening her thighs wide so Jill can enter her. Jill lies between Becky’s legs Jill starts tongue kissing Becky as the cock vine finds its way inside her. Becky gasps and locks eyes with Jill as it enters her and starts to expand and contract going deeper each time. Jill sits up a little and starts’ thrusting into Becky as the vine expands with each thrust. Slowly opening Becky up more than she had ever been spread open before, Jill’s pussy is flooding juices until she is about the size of a softball. Jill then starts grinding into Becky and fucking her with short fast thrusts mixed up with long deep ones. Becky’s body quivers and shakes as her orgasm builds. A low growl comes from her throat as she gets a lustful look of wanting more on her eyes as she starts thrusting back into her as she grabs her own breasts and squeezes then hard and rolling her nipples between her fingers. She arches her back as she screams and shakes all over. Her juices squirt out hard around the vine cock. Jill doesn’t slow down fucking her as she feels the cock vine explode deep into her. She can feel the fluid squirt out each grunt she has. As her body shakes also and then collapses on toy of Becky as they both gasp for breath and hold each other until they recover to get up.

Zeta then hears a knock at the door as the vine flows from her skin to cover her as she answers the door. She opens it and finds a young girl about seventeen or eighteen dressed in a short skirt that shows off her long tone legs that seen to go on forever. A very tight white polo shirt that hugs every curve of her torso almost see through. No bra on underneath hugging her small breasts. They might be a large “A” size or a medium “B” size. Come in zeta says what we can do to you I mean for you. The young girl didn’t catch her misspoken words. The young girl enters and says she was separated from a field trip class camping out in the woods from here and was wondering if she could call for help her cell phone was dead. Sure use our phone. She calls a cell number and tells the person on the other end that she was alright and she gives the phone to zeta and tells her. Our guide wants to talk to you. Zeta takes the phone and says hello the guide asks her some questions on where to find them, and tells her that they will be by the next day to pick her up, and if it would be alright if she stayed the night. Of course no problem and hangs up telling her you get to spend the night and they will come by and get you tomorrow. She says great I didn’t like camping to much anyway. Zeta says you hungry we can go and check out the kitchen. Great I am starved as the go to the kitchen the young girl who introduces herself as June says I love your outfit where I could get one. Zeta tells her that it is hard to get outfit and you have to earn it as June touches it and says I love how it fits on your body. Thank you zeta says and I like the way your shirt fits you also. June blushes a little and says thanks. After rummaging through the cabinets, zeta finds a can of soup and shows it to her you like soup. Sure and she fixes it for her as she sits down to eat zeta what to drink we have water or milk. June says milk, as zeta pours her a tall glass. June drinks fast spilling some on her shirt and says oops and wipes off the spill as she starts to eat her soup. I am a messy eater I can’t help it. I might have something that might fit you if you want to change later ok let me finish first. Or I would have to walk around naked. Zeta mummers that would be ok but June doesn’t hear her. As she goes upstairs to tell the others and find June something to wear, they all giggle as zeta finds a very skimpy string bikini. Let’s put on bikinis also and she will wear it. They each get an outfit and change into one and go down stairs.

They go downstairs and see June sitting on the couch watching TV as they introduce themselves. I didn’t have anything that would fit you but this bikini. Or you can go naked if you want. Most of the time we are naked ourselves, but we dress up to play. We was getting ready to play some card you can join us if you want to. What kind of play June asks. Each girl pulls out a sex toy and a bottle of oil, and says strip poker with a twist. We deal a hand of five cards and the highest total wins the least looses. I have no problem being naked but I would love to play strip poker with you as she takes the outfit and goes to the bathroom to change trying to be a little modest. Becky says with a grin we are going to have so much fun with her. June comes out of the bathroom the bikini fits her very well. Her little nipples stick out through the top and her breasts shake as she walks by. As she goes by you don’t even see the string that down between her round tight cheeks. June has a hit of baby fat as she sits at the table as Becky asks how old you are. You look nineteen or twenty. June says I am sixteen shall we play. Ok as they sit down and explain the rules to her. For every hand you lose you have to remove a piece of clothing. If you have lost all the next hand you lose you have to rub oil over a body part, and so on. After than you have to take a toy and the number cards are equal to that and the face cards are equal to twenty seconds. You will have to massage a body part or use the toy on yourself or another for that time amount.

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