My daughter and ex wife did what?

Debbie Does The Whole West Coast could be the title of my story, but lets not get too far ahead of us. Debbie was the girl every Dad seemed to dream about having as his Daughter. She was the child conceived through a love story where a John, me, falls in love with a prostitute he had hired just to fuck and forget. Rhonda was a prostitute who stole Paul's heart and from that first night he was on a constant quest to have as much if her as possible. Before a year had passed Rhonda had become convinced that I loved her and agreed to marry me. Though we participated as swingers we had agreed to never have sex for pay. It was only later that I found out that Rhonda was not able to give up sex with strangers, especially those who could pay. Needless to say our marriage did not last and Debbie and Rhonda moved to California while I stayed in Ohio.

About a year after the divorce someone delivered a rather large number of porn movies, a bunch of skin mags and a diary all of which had one thing in common Debbie. I learned from her diary that Rhonda first sold her for sex when she was in 9th grade. She sold her as a virgin, captured the act on video and sold the tape for lots of money. A copy was somewhere among the stash I had laid out around me. I began to look through them, putting aside any that might contain my Daughter's defloration. As I read through titles like "Anal initiation", "A Teens First Gang bang" and "Mom and Daughter Do the Ghetto". I began to feel my cock harden as I searched for the tape. I knew that the thought of seeing Debbie have sex with strangers was majorly within my world of forbidden fantasy. Then I found it. I held in my hand film of my Daughter losing her virginity and the thought of it had my cock rock hard and my imagination running wild. What the hell am I doing that is my Daughter? That fact was becoming less relevant as I watched a huge black cock pummel her gorgeous virgin pussy. I was going crazy watching this maybe 12 year old girl get fucked for the first time taking a huge black cock into her tight pink pussy.

I lost it. This was maybe the hottest sex scene I had ever watched. The gorgeous illegally young girl being pummeled was not my Debbie. She was a nameless bitch feeding my addiction by riding this black man's enormous tool. I screamed at the screen "Fuck that God Damn little girl just like her Daddy does when he visits her room at night to take what he wants." I watched as the 12" black dick was rammed into her deeper and deeper. He shoves his cock into her faster and harder making her scream with the intensity. "Fuck her you bastard. That is my Daughter and I want to see her pussy destroyed". Then I saw it. That enormous black cock began to swell up with an enormous load of cum. His dick began to pulsate as he was becoming less able to hold back his orgasm. His back arched as he thrust his cock as far in to Debbie as he could drive his cock. The expression on her face told the story of what she was feeling. First was a look of pain that somehow can only be described as hurts so good. Then was a look of total sexual bliss as she felt shot after shot of of jizz hit the back of her pussy. She began to quiver as she pushed herself down onto his cock erupting into an intense orgasm. My cum shot out of my swollen member as I fantasized that it was my cock exploding into her.

No sooner had I climaxed than I was planning on how I could fuck Debbie and her Mom for real. I spent the rest of the week fucking Rhonda and in my mind Debbie was there in our bed. I fucked Rhonda as hard as I could while in my mind I was fucking my hot daughter. I watched other couples fucking as I stroked off, butt. in my mind I was actually fucking Debbie with a cock that was bigger than that black one ever was. All I could ever really think about was that big black cock sliding in and out of my daughter. Eventually, I was able to have sex without Debbie and that black cock taking her virginity, Deep in my sexually sick mind she was always there. I sought out young looking girls in porn. Girls, who like my Debbie had no tits and no hair on their pussies. I had become a total addict for girls that reminded me of Debbie. They were girls who loved big black cocks that could make them hurt so good. My obsession with my Daughter was ruining my sex life with Rhonda.

Unwilling to give up on our sex life Rhonda took a drastic approach to my obsession with our Daughter. On my birthday she arranged for Debbie to share our bed. The first thing that I had to do was to let go of my little girl and embrace the incredibly beautiful woman she had become. That was not as hard as I thought it would be.. Rhonda was sucking my cock like no other woman could suck it when I became aware of another woman in our bed that seemed to be content to be an observer. She only participated in the sex when I could not see her face. Her participation as a lover escalated, but, only in ways that hid her identity from me and stopped short of me actually fucking her. Then it happened, she guided my dick into a warm, wet pussy that I began to fuck harder and harder. Rhonda encouraged me to fuck both of the pussies in my bed, Rhonda and the unknown woman. Eventually I did everything a woman can do to give a man sexual pleasure. At one point Rhonda tied a blind fold on to my face.My cock was guided in to the mystery woman's tight pussy. She began to be my personal cheerleader telling me just what to do to my mystery lover. "Take your cock out of her pussy" she told me. "Now , bitch suck off my pussy juice from his dick". The blind folded lover complied with a familiar touch. Rhonda was guiding me to do more and more aggressive things to her. I fucked her pussy like a rapist doing everything he could do to his victim. When I was done with her cunt I was told to face fuck my blindfolded lover. Rhonda was rapidly ordering me to do things that I often fantasized about but seldom got to do. I took my cock from her asshole and fed it to both women. I took my cock from inside her and I pushed it deep down her throat. I was ordered to fuck her face as hard as I could. I rammed my cock down her throat as I was told. I pushed it deeper as I was ordered to do. I fucked her face like I would fuck the pussy of a street whore. No consideration for how she felt, I only worried about what I wanted to do to get pleasure. I was getting that pleasure by ramming my rock hard boner so deep that my blind folded lover gasped for air any time she could. She puked all over my cock as I expected her to do. What I had not counted on was getting so turned on by feeling her gag on my dick . I secretly wanted to fuck this secret lover to death. I wanted to push my cock so deep down her throat that she began to struggle for just one more breathe. I felt the life slip out of her body. I wanted to feel her die with my cock down her throat. Rhonda took charge saving the girls life. The girl was sent to wash up, get dressed like a sleazy whore and finish what we had started. As I was ramming my manhood into her she took off her blind fold. I was shocked to see Debbie under me doing things to her that a dad should never do to his daughter. Debbie begged me not to stop. Several thrusts later I filled my daughter with my cum. Shot after shot of my cum filled Debbie's body She begged me not to stop. I was only able to drive my cock into her a few times before I came.

Debbie and I still get together. often with her mom and fuck each others brains out. Most may find my incest with my daughter a taboo I should not engage in. To them I offer this suggestion.Try your daughter and tell me it isn't the best sex you have ever had; mine is.

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Written: June 14 2006Proofed by: KaosAngelPlease send any comments about this story to ()************************************NOTE: the main idea for this story came from the movie "She’s The Man"a movie about a girl who goes to school posing as her twin brother
The story is by one of his friend Montu Kumar starts around the year-2011-12, around 7-8 years back from the present time. He become friend with me during a fashion show in Delhi.. Where he was the Event Planner for the company which has organised this fashion show.
The minute I saw her I knew I had to have her. There she was, with an inviting smile, wavy shoulder length brunette hair dressed in a sexy business suit that curved in all the right areas. Underneath her picture it read "Sandy Braxton - Top selling agent for the second year in a row"
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