My friend Jenn.

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Like I said above this is a story that happend when I was 15, and although we never had sex I Fanaticized about almost everyday of my last year of high school. This is one of my fantasies

Every year was the same, go to bed late, wake up and miss the bus and not get laid. For the most part of the year I was really quite and very shy, I would never talk to anybody i didn't know and I had very few friends that were girls. Well after a couple months of high school my self-esteemed began to grow and i was alot less shy.

Around this time I was in math class and we just had a new seating arrangement, we were two at a table and one of my friends got to sit next to me and right in front of me was a cute girl named jennifer but we just called her jenn. After we got our new seats, she was sitting alone one day when i called out "where's your friend"? (She would usually sit next her friend scott, who was gay). She looked back and said "I don't know"? She said it very unenthusiastically and I couldn't blame her, we were total strangers, but when she turned around I was amazed how cute she looked, long dark red hair, black eyeliner and a great pair of breasts, (Although she wore a hoodie, she left it open with her shirt all the way down).

Over the next couple of weeks we began to talk more and more. (I even became friends with her friend Scott, so it wouldn't look like I was all interested in her). It was very easy to make her smile, but to make her laugh was awhole other story. One day we were talking as we normaly did, except this time her and Scott were talking about going to her house after school, I forcefully enter the conversation by saying "Can I come"? They both smiled and she said "Sure" sacasticly, but i was true to my word.

Even thought her house was only a couple blocks away form the school, they took the bus while I walked. When I finnaly got there, they opened the door surprised and shocked to see me here. After a few momments of looking at each other she said "How surprising, we were both talking about if you showed up". "Well I'm herenow,so I guess you got everything planned out then". They invited me in and walked to her bedroom, It was a common teen bedroom but a few pictures of unicorns to keep its childhood innocents. We talked for a bit, then we decided to go outside. Me and Scott went outside while she changed into something more revealing. When she got outside, she wore a tiny white shirt with tight short shorts. I almost came right there, but I had to control myself. We walked around a bit and sat in the backyard but the evening was upon us and Scott had to go home. As he left I asked her parents to come pick me up, they asked me why, and I said I have to go eat supper. They declined saying I can have supper here. I accepted the offer, when desert came her parents gave us popsicles, and she went to her room. Not wanting to be stuck with her parents I followed her in. Later after we were done. Her parents said that they were going to get a movie from the videostore and asked us if we wanted to come along, she said no. Now I was excited, we were home alone and her parents were going to be gone along time. She sat in her room on her computer and looking at stuff on youtube. I said "Now tell me were you keep your porn". jokingly. But she took it seriouly and said she never really looks at porn, we were silent for a moment, and then she asked me if I looked at porn, I didn't lie to her and said "yea sometimes". I could see the curiousity building up in her face.

"What kind of porn do you usally watch" she said, I was shocked at how deep she was taking my comment, but i answered. "Well I like to watch fantasy type situations" Which was sort of true, but i thought this could lead up to something. Again we were silent for a moment, but I didn't want to make things akward. I asked her "What kind of porn do you watch"? "well I like the ones when the guy fucks the babysitter". I liked how she said "fucks", to me it was a sign she was getting more comfortable with me.
I sat down on my knees and moved the computer to me and I put on my favorite porn site. I couldn't tell if she was uncomfortable or getting turned on since she was behind me. I put it on a babysitter video that i was quite fond of. Now we were both watching the video and from time to time I took a peek at her to see her reaction, amazingly I could see she was getting turned on. I knew what little time we had so i took advantage, i said to her "You know Jenn, you look really pretty". She turned to me and broke her consentration with the video "Thanks I think you pretty cute too". That's all I needed, I got up and kissed her. she then forcefully put her tounge throught my teeth and before you know it we were french kissing, very passionatly for a few minute and then my heart almost stopped. I felt her starting to move her hand up and down my hung hard on. After a few moments I broke off the kiss and I unzipped me pants and now my cock was staring right in front of her face in full glory. Her eyes widened "Wow you have a massive cock". I then start to take off that white shirt of hers and she wasn't wearing a bra, then I returned the favor by saying "oh my god.began to tickle the outside of her nipples and I could see see was starting to breath heavily and so was I. Teasing her nipples, I look down and see she was getting really wet, enought to go through her shorts and panties (If she was wearing any). Then I thought I ve been teasing her long enough.

I bent down and took off her shorts, She was wearing a fuzzy pink thong underneath, very kinky I thought to myself. I took then off aswell, and begin to tease around her clit. when her eyes closed and her head went back I knew she was having and mild climax, but thats not what i wanted. She screamed out "PUT IT IN ME NOW!". Well I wasn't going to leave her hanging, I stuck my cock in her tight little pussy, and as soon as its head went it she let out a quite moan. Then I trusted it in her, then she screamed, i went in a smooth slow rythem. Her breathing more heavily now going at the same pace as my thrusts. Then she screamed again and squirted all over me and the chair she was on. "Oh my god" that was the best orgasim i ever had". Then I jokingly said "better then your fingers"? She opened her eyes and smiled "fuck yea" Even thought I had not yet climaxed, I was ready to put my clothes on because I thought she had enough for tonite. "What do you think your doing" she said? "just putting my pants on". "Oh no your not I have to return the favour". I smiled as she got on all four teasingly crawling towards me. I fell on the bed, she came up and stared at my cock, still red and ready to explode. She started with the head and worked her way down. She said "Mmmm just like a lollipop". Again jokingly I said "Best lollipop of your life". Then she laughed the first time in my presence, and with my cock in her mouth of all times. Her speed began to quicken and so did my breath, I could feel her touge gliding along my dick, "I'm going to cum" I said. She let her head go but kept on jerking me off. Then I screamed as I jizzed countless streams of sperm that squirted all over her face and tits. I looked at my cock, it was still erect and my jizz was dripping down it on to her hands which was still grasping it. "Was that good" she whispered. "It wasn't bad, I ve had better" I said jokingly. She looked and me with a smile, but was trying to make her face look like she was angry. But we both knew it was a joke. "do you have a towel" I said? She left the room and wiped up herself, my cock and the chair and floor where she jizzed.

The front door then opened, which i saw a look of horror in her face and we quickly put our clothes back on. We when downstairs like nothing happend. Her father said "Anything happen while we were gone"? We both said no. and after we started to watch the movie her parents had brought back. she put her hand on my leg, then i put my arm over her shoulder. After the movie was over I put my shoes on and was heading out the door, I gave Jenn a kiss before going. She then said "I'll see you tommorow nite". I then gave her another kiss and left, Thinking about what just happened and what she just said. Then I thought, This is going to be one interesting school year.


To be continued?

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