What Jehovah Witnessed Part Four

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Looking down "Fuck your look so sexy Dawn, especially that sweet little ass!" Cupping her ass cheek with his left palm. "I think it's time to teach you why the church doesn't want you to preform anal!". " Reaching down I scoop her up and carry her unresisting body upstairs to the master bedroom. All the way talking to her "You want to know our cocks feel like in your little asshole don't you?" and "You’re going to beg to be fucked in the ass aren't you?" All she does is sob and shake her head. "You'll tell us what you want before letting us won't you?!

Just in front of the door I put her down on her feet, leaning her against the wall. "Just so you’re aware Dawn! There are cameras focus everywhere and you're already aware what I can do with the footage!" Again all she does is shake her head, her body trembling as she understands what we're here for. Opening the door, Dave and Mike walks right in, then Dawn comes in with me bringing up the rear. Without being told she walks right over to the bed,lays down, looks around to us.

"Who first Dawn?"

"You Thomas!" as she rolls over onto her stomach. I go over and join her on the bed, my hand groping her ass cheeks. Leaning down I tongue her crack before spreading them and licking her tight little starfish. As my tongue touches her inner skin she shivers, Dave a hems! then "I want to be fucked in the ass while sucking a cock!" With her head lowered "Mike I want you in my mouth!"

Mike moves onto the bed above her as I mount between her legs. I slather her ass with lubricant outside and inside before mounting her. Adding some to my cock I prepare to take her last virginity. Mike waits as I slowly work my at into her "Oh god it hurts!" I slow down after the tip pops into her "You’re tearing me open. I smile at that then thrust all myself into her tight passage. " She screams allowing Mike the perfect chance to lift her head and throat fuck her. Between us we synchronize so she's filled as the other pulls out. Under me she trying to move out from under me so I pin her with my entire weight on her. Getting rougher I plow her newly stuffed ass and feel her tense below me. As I pull out I feel my legs getting wet "Christ guys she just cummed for me!"

When Mike heard that he sprayed the back of her throat with a large load. "Damn what a natural cocksucker your turning out to be!" Coughing, she just looks up at him with tears in her eyes and nods her head thanks. I'm not ready to blow yet so I grab my ball and give a little squeeze, then I lift Dawn to her hands and knees while still in her ass. Now with each thrust she moaning out loud and rocking back to meet my forward thrusts. Unable to hold on any longer I shoot everything I had into her sweet tight ass.! Pulling out, gobs of cum comes with me.

"No sooner have I left the bed before Mike has her by the waist and is thrusting into her ass. Dave takes his chance and stuffs her mouth. I comes beside her "You’re lucky Dawn, I wanted your mouth to clean my cock up, looks like I'll have to use your hair!" As I grab a handful and rub my cock with it! All the While Mike is rutting her ass like a mad man, Dawn rocking faster to match his thrusts. Then I actually see when she climaxes once again "Your loving it aren't you?" If it wasn't for Dave holding her head up Dawn would have buried her head into the mattress. This time it's Mike who fills her first. Grinding his hips while still inside her, Dawn wobbles then collapses back onto the mattress. Only her head was off if but not for long as Dave pulls out and sprays her back with his load.

From beside her "One to go Dawn and two to clean up!" Dave turns her onto her side so both Mike and me can get into her face, then he rams into her. Once again a scream emerges from Dawn which you silence by stuffing her mouth with my cock. Dave doesn't hold back as her fuck her ass harder than the two of us combined did. With each thrust she screaming around out cocks, tears burst from her tear ducts and soon the sheet is wet by her head. Glancing at the clock a bright red 12:35 A.M. glares. Another ten minutes she's fucked before we all cum at once. Dave inside her ass, Me into her mouth and Mike across her head and chest.

"Think she's been taught enough guys!" We leave her on the bed, cum dripping from her ass and coating her body. The stain under her was a big as the stain on the couch downstairs. We close the door and listen to her sobs and bare movements on the bed. Walking back downstairs we watch the footage of her anal rapes Stopping to edit a video. When done I bring up the Kingdom Hall website and see that the next meeting is set for Sunday at one giving an evil laugh and sent the video to the Elder.

Morning comes early and Dawn finds herself alone in the bedroom. On the hair across from the bed her blouse, skirt and underwear freshly laundered, hanging over the back of the chair a new white bra, price tag still attached. Her body still aching from the fucking she endured, she moves gingerly off the bed. Going over to the chair she finds a note.

"Dave and Mike thank you for the great time last night. Gone out for the morning, feel free to shower and eat. Hopefully I'll be back before you leave, Thomas

She staggers her way to the bathroom and draws a hot bath to soak her abused body in. Gingerly laying out in the hot water she begins to cry, remembering how they used her last night. Her thoughts turn to what her parents will say when she meets them for bible study today. they can't find out what happened to me or they'll throw me out. Her tears flow faster thinking about where and what she will do if they do. After more than a half hour Dawn gingerly climbs out of the tub and dries off.

Finding a robe she goes downstairs and makes herself a couple pieces of toast and a glass of orange juice. While eating Thomas comes in through the kitchen door "There's our little sex kitten, sleep well?" Tensing as he leans in to kiss her on the lips "Mmmm Butter tasting lips!" Walking over to the counter to deposit his bag. "You know what likes Buttery lips Dawn?" She shakes her head no as he walks back over to her, his hand unzipping his pants. "My cock!" Grasping her around the head, he forces her to suck his cock.

For five minutes all she can taste is his unwashed cock before he shoots his cum into her mouth. "What do you think Dawn, one more fuck before you go?"
Grasping her hand Thomas leads her into the living room "Here or up in the bed, your choice Dawn!"

"Please I'm still sore from last night!" She shaking once again at the thought of him fucking her abused pussy again.

"Tell you what, let me eat you and you can go, alright Dawn?" Leading her to the couch, making her lay down, opening the robe then going between her legs. His tongue causing shiver to travel her spine, deep down she beginning to enjoy his administration. Her cheeks turning red as Thomas twirls his tongue around her clit. before long he has her extremely wet then she cums onto his lips. True to his word he lets her up after bring her to orgasm. Once again she in the shower washing self, ashamed that she liked him making her cum.

With Thomas watching her, Dawn slides the underwear on, picking the bra up "Thank you for the new bra." she mumbled loud enough for him to hear.

"Your welcome Dawn, great thing Wal-Mart is open so early isn't it!"

Dressed Dawn expects Thomas to prevent her from leaving, but instead he asks her if she wanted a ride somewhere. Shaking her head no, she looks around to see if anyone is watching her leave. As fast as her legs could go Dawn made her way to her house. Safe inside the first thing she did was to change her bra, not wanting the one on because it reminds her of last night. Redressed she makes her way to the Kingdom Hall, to met her parents from bible study. Finding them she acts like everything is fine, giving no hints of what she endured.

After the study session Dawn and her mother returned home, under the watchful eye of Thomas in his town car. Meanwhile at the Kingdom Hall Elder Thompson and a select few Ministerial servants including Dawn's father, were reviewing the website. Videos of the usual religious intolerance were watched then deleted. Only one video remained to be watched before they could call it a day. Don Foster as tasked with opening the video, pressing the play icon he the first to see a girl walking into a bed room, two men already inside while a third comes in behind her. All the men attention was riveted on the screen when voice are heard.

"Who first Dawn?" no one recognizes the speaker voice then, "You Thomas!" The girl on the bed and the speaker joins her getting between her legs and doing unspeakable things to her. Another voice id heard then "I want to be fucked in the ass while sucking a cock!" Another one of the men goes to her front and inserts his cock into her mouth. Don Foster is in shock, to himself "Dawn". The view changes and the girl is fully identifiable, Elder Thompson Blurts out "Don that's your daughter we're watching!" Everyone is in shock at what they see. Don stops and deletes the video as fast as he could.

For the next hour they discuss what has to be done. Don blanches as he knows the only option was Disfellowship and shunning. With that decided Elder Thompson call the meeting closed. Don return home, Dawn is in her room, and June is in the kitchen. Telling her what her about the video and the council's decision the both start to cry thinking of the public shame about to be served onto them. Don shaking in fury "Well they is no way I can condone her actions if I want to advance within the council." Looking to June "For the good of our future she has to leave our house!" "June begs Don to hold off until it's announced at Tomorrow's service.

Sunday 1:25 P.M.

The congregation is in full attendance, when The Fosters arrived. Deliberately taking seats in the back they waited for Elder Thompson to start the service.
He emerge within a few minutes and the congregation falls silent.

"Before today's service begins! A reading of Disfellowship must be done!" Everyone ears perk up as the elder pauses "Jon Peters, Carol Winters". All eyes search the two called out, then they lower the shunning has begun. Elder Thompson continues "And finally Dawn Foster" gasps are heard through the hall as Dawn’s friends turns to look at her. Dawn crying, red faced jumps from her seat, racing out of the hall, her father in pursuit

Catching up to her Don grabs her "I don't know why went against Jehovah's teachings but I can't have you in my house. Be gone before we return!'

"But daddy I was raped by those men!" Dawn crying tries to justify

"No the video sent to the Hall clearly shows your active participation in amoral behavior!" Don is shaking in fury as he yells at Dawn. Then he turns ,returning to the Hall, leaving Dawn staring at the place where he stood. Inside she shattered, making her way home she packs a small case then leaves Don demanded. Tears flowing down her face she makes her way from the only home she ever knew. In a daze she wanders the streets unaware that she's being followed by a maroon town car. Inside Thomas, Dave and Mike were drooling at the prospect of what they had planned.

As she about to cross Hickory Drive to Rathburn Road, the car pulls up and Thomas opens the door "Get in Dawn!" She stops, seeing the three of them she collapses to the tarred street crying and shaking.. Thomas picks her up and places her onto the back seat. Climbing in with her, the car takes off Mike driving, Dave turning to watch Thomas groping Dawn through her clothes. "Can't wait to get back in that again!"

From the back "That has a name use it!" Thomas snarls at Dave. Soon back at Thomas's, he helps her into the house.

"Why did you sent that video? Getting more hysterical 'I'm being shunned by my friends and family!" Tears flowing freely down her face "I've been thrown out by my parents and have nowhere to go!"

Thomas covers her mouth with two fingers "You will live here, just like you did Friday night!" Dawn is dazed as Thomas unbuttons her top "Fucking and suck us to our heart's content. Dawn looks and see Mike and Dave naked already. She feels her bra fall off "And to prove your willingness you’re going to be fuck by all of us at the same time. Dawn is so distraught that once again she allows them to lead her to the bedroom upstairs .

Dave lays down in the centre of the bed his cock straight up . Mike lead Dawn to the bed and makes her mount Dave's cock. Pulling her down to his chest allowing Thomas to penetrate Dawn's ass. Screaming at the pain she in Mike grabs her head and stuffs his cock. Soon Dawn is being forced onto and off all three cocks. Her mind explodes in pain then the beginning of pleasure at her rough fucking. For twenty minutes she abused before the take turns cumming into her orifices.

The rest of the night they rotate through her, making her orgasm time and time again. When they are sexually sated Thomas springs his final surprise on her "Well Dawn how do you like the beginning of the rest of your life?" Dawn just lays there defeated in both body and spirit.

The End

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