I’m going to grab you when you open the door to the hotel and kiss you everywhere I can. Then I’m going to lean you on the bed and slowly take off your shirt and kiss your skin as it comes into view. I’m going to kiss your neck as your shirt comes over your head and all the way up to your ear.
Then I’m going to kiss your lips as I undo your pants and you slip off your shoes. I’ll pull them off your body and take your underwear off with my teeth and blow on your wet pussy as I work my way down your legs. When I come up I’m going to kiss you as you take my shirt. Then I slip my hands under you bra and over your head. Then I kiss each nipple making you sigh.

I run my hands over your sides and feel the goose bumps where my fingers land. Your hands explore my back as I keep turning you on. I pull my pants and boxers off and put my legs between yours. I rest my clit on top of yours and sigh as I finally get to caress you. I lay my body over yours and feel the heat of your body.
I play my tongue over yours, tasting your kiss after waiting for so long. My body quivers in anticipation, but I hold back, wanting to learn your body more. I run my hands over your chest and across your breasts and you nipples making them stand up. You sigh as I kiss down your neck. I lick a circle around you nipple tasting the sensitive skin there.

I move down your body to your stomach and kiss across it form hip to hip I reach up and massage your breast in my hand while rolling your nipple between my fingers. I suddenly lick you clit and you moan, pushing your hips forward into my face wanting more.
I put my whole mouth on your pussy and lick from your hole to the top of your clit. You jump every time my tongue runs over your clit. Your juices are all over my face and I haven’t even started yet. I push my tongue into your pussy and feel your heat and finally get to taste you. Your pussy tightens around my tongue. I start to move in and out of you.

You legs close around my head and I dive deeper into you, trying to hit your g-spot. I grab your ass and hold your pussy to my face so I can get my tongue inside you as deep as it goes. I lick the inside of you until I think I’ve hit everything. Right as I get ready to pull my tongue from out of your pussy, your body tenses and you moan. I lick past it again and you moan even louder. I continue to lick your g-spot as your body starts to jump and you legs quiver around my head. I don’t want you to cum yet so I pull out of you and attack your clit.

I suck your swollen clit into my mouth and I bite it, holding it there between my teeth. I flick my tongue past it fast. I watch your face as a bead of sweat drips down from your forehead and around your open mouth and over your chin to follow the line of your neck and between your breasts until it stops right in front of my eyes. I want you to sweat more as I bite your clit in rhythm to my tongue flicking it at the same time.
I trace my hands along the inside of your legs where they join your hips. I put my hand right above your slit. I put two fingers form my other hand inside you. As I thrust into you with one hand, I gently push on your body with the hand that is resting above your slit. You moan again as the pressure from my hand pushes against my fingers inside you. I lick slower as I continue to thrust with my right hand and push down with my left. I thrust a little deeper, the whole time my eyes are on your face watching the ecstasy play across it.
Now it’s time to make you scream.

I pull away from you, not touching a single part of you. Your body goes slack as it gets a chance to relax. I rush at you and thrust three fingers into you, deep and hard. I can feel the back of your walls and I pull out again. I thrust in once more making you sit up suddenly. I wrap my arm around your waist and my lips around your nipple. I lick your nipple fast as I begin to thrust into your dripping pussy. My fingers find that spot that makes your body shake and I stay there. My arm around your waist tightens against you as you begin to try to pull away form all that your pussy is feeling, trying to get a break.
I kiss your nipple and then just to the left of it. I bite your creamy skin, tasting the saltiness of your sweat. I lock my jaw onto your chest so you can’t lean away. I want to confuse your mind with the pain of my teeth and the pleasure of my hand.

I get onto one knee for more leverage as I thrust into you. My hand moves faster as my arm starts to cramp. Your right hand is wrapped in my hair as your left hand digs into my back. You try to pull my mouth off of your breast but I only bite harder making you scream and dig into my back harder.
I let go of your breast and latch onto your neck. I suck your flesh into my mouth and bite down again. My thumb starts to dram circles around your clit making your squirm in my arms, causing my fingers to go deeper into you.
Your body begins to vibrate as your orgasm starts from your pussy and warms your whole body. Your breathing stops as your head is thrown back. Your body becomes tense and your nails pop through my skin and blood begins to run down my back. Your whole body begins to quiver from the effort. I let go of your neck and let you fall back onto the bed. I bring my hands to caress your face.
I look into your eyes waiting for you to breathe again. Your eyes open and you take a deep breath. They close again and I wait for you to wake up. I watch your chest as your breathing slows to normal.

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