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"Awwyou have to go already, Shadow?" Chloe whimpered, poking out her lip and pouting. I couldn't help snickering as I looked away, covering my face. "What's so funny, baby?" Chloe asked, tilting her head curiously as she watched me. I turned, looking back at her then broke into a smile. "It just you looked so kawaii when you stuck your lip out like that, Chloe." She grabbed a pillow and threw it at me, "Oh, you." I blocked my face with my fore arm, avoiding the hit then looked back at her with a mischievous grin on my face. Chloe's eyes grew wide then she quickly grabbed the covers, pulling them over her head. "Eeep!" I laugh then began slowly crawling over her, making my way up her body until I was looking down at her, directly. "What's the matter, babe?" I asked as I reached up and pulled down the cover. She gripped the sheet a little tighter as I felt her body shiver beneath me. "Can't I see you, Chloe?" My voice purred as I began tracing her lip through the sheet with my index finger. Chloe snickered as she slowly lowered the sheet slightly, peaking out at me. I smiled softly as I watched the light sparkle in those beautiful amethyst eyes that I loved to lose myself in, setting them aglow.

"Shadow?" I blinked my eyes bringing myself back from the enchantment spell that her eyes as well as her hold body has the power to put me under, 'Hmm?' Her eyes flickered with a slight worry as she laid there watching me. "Baby are you okay?" I nodded then smiled at her, reassuring her that everything was okay. Chloe looked so beautiful laying there before me. It was like seeing her for the first time all over again. We had been dating for a few months now but every time that I saw her laying there after making love always reminded me of the first time. I then felt Chloe's warm soft palms caress my fore arms gently, running from my elbows to my shoulders slowly. The gentle, delicate touch of her hand against me, brought me shivering as the flame of my desire was brought back to life within me, rekindling quickly and engulfing me in its warmth. A soft and pleading whimper sprung forth from me as my eyes grew hazy then began to glow a honey golden orange. Chloe chuckled softly, 'are you still hungry, love?', her voice came out in a gentle whisper with a seductive purr. I bit my lip, whimpering and pleading for her touch as my cheeks flared with a deep crimson blush. "I'll take that as a yes", Chloe snickered and gripped my shoulders gently, guiding my body back down onto the bed beside her.

I quickly became mesmerized once again as I gazed up into those beautiful and bewitching, deep amethyst eyes that I loved to lose myself in. Chloe's hands slowly roamed over my body, exploring every inch of me. Her fingers delicately traced the curves of my hips as her fiery lips met the tender flesh of my neck. I bit down on my lower lip as I felt the warmth of her palm move to my inner thigh. My hips jerked under her touch, drawing a pitiful and pleading whimper from me as the aching need in my loins grew stronger. Chloe moaned against my neck then moved her kisses down to the V of my neck and along my collar bone. The sensation of each new kiss set the fire ablaze even more within me. I bit down harder on my lip trying to keep my grip on reality so that I didn't lose myself in the mist of the pleasure that her simple and oh so delicious touches ignited within me. Chloe leaned up and licked the blood away as it ran down my chin, savoring the coppery sweetness before capturing my lips in a searing kiss. In the midst of the kiss I felt her cool fingers press against me, slipping into my warm, wet orifice. The sudden attack of overwhelming pleasure threw my head back as I cried out in pure pleasure. "Ah, Chloe!"

Chloe wrapped her free arm around my shoulders, holding me close to her as she began pumping her fingers into my warmth at a slow and steady pace. The gentle tempo of her movements were so bewitchingly bitter sweet that it made me feel as if I were dreaming as I lost myself in the whirl wind of passion. It wasn't long before began to contract around her digits, squeezing them tightly as the fire within me began to blaze out of control. The overwhelming heat mixed with my emotions, over powering me causing my tears to spring forth. I gripped Chloe's shoulders, clinging to her tightly as the pleasure waves became even more intense as they crashed into me. With each new wave I was brought even closer to reaching my peak. To have my lover bring me so close to ecstasy, so quickly without ever strengthening her rhythm the slightest bit was all so new and surprising to me. I was one who usually asked for and craved the rough touch.

-Chloe's POV-

I was shocked to see this new side of my beloved as she lay there before me. To see her being so submissive and writhing from my gentle touches was a rare and beautiful sight to see. I knew that I may never get to see this side of her again so I wanted to treasure the moment for as long as it would last. Her whimpers slowly grew into soft cries when I pressed my fingers into her sweet spot without breaking or changing my rhythm. Shadow arched her back and her breathing increased to a wild pant as she gripped my shoulders tightly. Her body jerked, her hips bucking upwards into me, forcing a loud and hungry cry from her lips as her muscles contracted repeatedly. I leaned in closer to her neck and kissed her neck heatedly. The extra sensation was apparently just what she needed to send her over the edge making her scream my name. I then felt a sudden warmth rush over my fingers as her body convulsed against mine as she rode out the waves of her orgasm. Shadow's eyes slowly began to close as I gently pulled my hand away from her, holding her close to me. I gently pressed a soft butterfly kiss to her nose then whispered, 'It's okay, loverest now,' just as she drifted off into a peaceful sleep in my arms. I didn't care that the pleasure was one sided because all that mattered was being with the one that I love and making her happy. I've always been told that love isn't always about giving and receiving. It's also about making the most of what you have because you never know when the day will come when you don't have it anymore. So treasure every waking moment that you have with those that you love.

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