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Gail Holmes

The evening was going very well; it was a surprised for Toni, she’d not realised she’d so many friends. When a hen night had been suggested she’d considered it out of the question who would come she’d questioned. Eddy her fiancé wasn’t to pleased with the idea, thinking that it would be a girl’s night out just to pull, mind you there were some hunky guys there, the choice of want, was unlimited. Toni knew she’d enough on her plate to cope with without encouraging another guy, she never realised that she would still be in this situation; Christ she was getting married tomorrow, Eddy was a good hearted soul, she hated to consider as to his thoughts should he have known.

“Come on Toni, it will be a laugh!” Sonia always was the clown of the show, she didn’t give a dam as to how she embarrassed any of her friends, but they all loved her for her outlandish ideas.

“Musical chairs, I’ll not be ending up on some guys lap, one never knows as to where it could lead to!” Toni laughed, knowing only to well of her friend’s scheme. They’d all made up their minds to get Toni laid; this would be her final night of freedom.

The girls were well oiled by this time; after all it was getting on for one in the morning. Toni was glad that she was on a fortnight’s holiday; she knew she wouldn’t feel much like work in the morning, knowing that tomorrow was her wedding day she knew she’d need a clear head, and she was tiring already.

“I’ll have to throw the towel in soon, the wedding is at 10.30, I’ll never be ready in time if I sleep over!”

“Can’t see your Dad letting you do that, he’s a stickler for timekeeping!” Sonia implied, knowing only to well of her father’s habits.

Trouble was Toni knew she was right, but there was an additional side to her father that Sonia didn’t know of. Toni knew he’d be at home waiting up for her.

“Sonia, honest I really am bushed, I need a good nights sleep before tomorrow, or I be to shattered to go through the day even then, we’ll have the flight, that’s over four hours!” Toni was beginning to feel the drain on her energy after her long evening.

“Okay, I’ll get one of the doormen to get you a taxi!” Sonia smiled holding onto her friends arm then leaving to contact the doorman.

Sonia had been going out with Eddy for five years now, never had he made any advances toward her, always saying he was saving himself just for her, thinking of course that she also was a virgin, but Sonia knew she have to play the part on their wedding day, Eddy had already informed her that he was going to take her straight after the wedding, he wanted her really bad, he felt sure he’d not let her down, Toni knew only to well she had to make it look right if only for her own sake, the thought that he’d never had sex, he’d possibly not be able to tell.

Eddy was a good man, had there future all mapped out, they’d decided that two children would be enough, hopefully one of each. He was from a good family well respected in their area; he’d everything a girl could hope for, a good job, and superior wealth in the bank. Eddy’s parents had given them their first home as a wedding present. “To start off on the right foot,” His father had advised them both.

“Good girl, I hoped you’d be home early. I’m going to miss you when you’re on honeymoon!” He father implied with a smile.

“Thought you’d have been in bed by now Dad?”

“I’ll not miss out on your final night of freedom sweetheart!”

“Dad, not to night I’m to bushed, please!”

Toni could see by the look on his face that he was upset, but she really had drained herself at the hen do. “I’m sure you don’t mind missing out just this once?”

Okay, I’ll make up for it in the morning; I can see you look tired out” Her father smiled. “I take it you had a good evening then?”

“It’s for sure I couldn’t do it every night, yes we had some fun, and the party is still going on!” Toni smiled weakly.

“See you in the morning then!” He smiled as he headed toward the stairs.

Thankfully for Toni she woke early; she knew she had heaps to do before getting dressed ready for the wedding, she’d numerous phone calls from friends wishing her all the best for the day even though they’d be at the wedding. She supposed that they were just checking that she’d not had a change of mind.

At 9.30 she made her way up to her bedroom to do the final touch up before she dressed. Her clothes were all laid out on the bed, she stood and looked down upon them, the wedding dress had been her mother’s, God bless her, she died more than seven years ago, it was surely the most beautiful dress she ever seen. Her father had bought her underwear, the bra and panties matching, a gorgeous white satin with a hint of pink, with lace edging, slowly she started to get dressed in front of the large peer glass mirror that she had treasured, it was one of her mothers possessions.

She knew that Sonia would be around at 10.15 so she had to race, there was a light tapping on the bedroom door, as she’d finish her hair.

Toni thought the worst, and she knew she was right.
“Already then!” He father smiled.

Toni knew by the look on his face as to what was on his mind.

“Dad, you can’t be serious?”

“You promised me last night sweetheart!” He stated as he crossed the room.

“Dad for heavens sake I’m all dressed!”

“That’s just the way I want you, we never go back on our promises in this family young lady!”

She knew she’d made the promise last night, but to leave it to her being at this stage, was really out of the question, she knew what her father was like, she’d be messed up for the rest of the day. Remembering Eddy’s idea of taking her straight after the wedding, things didn’t look that good for her. Toni had been accommodating her father with sex from the year after her mother had died, she’d felt sorry for him, as all his time was taken making sure that she was happy, he’d never go out so there was little or no chance of him getting laid.

“Dad, think of the mess, I haven’t got time now!” She pleaded.

“Promise is a promise, we both know that; now you’re not going to let you’re old dad down are you”

He walked over and stood besides her looking into the mirror, “Now there is my daughter all ready for church, with one last thing to do before she left!” He smiled reaching under her dress.

Toni could feel his fingers searching her underwear, his fingers nibbling at the edge of her panties; he then lifted her leg placing her foot onto a nearby stool then moved in behind her, his eyes not leaving the mirror to the front of them. She felt the back of her wedding dress being lifted.

“Dad, Dad you can’t at this stage!” Toni tried to ease herself out of his hold, but she didn’t want to damage the dress.

It was to late she sensed his cock sliding up inside her, he held the front of the dress up so they could both take advantage of the spectacular view in front of them.

It was no good, her father knew once he’d entered her she’d not be satisfied until he’d finished. She put her arm around his neck trying to pull him towards her.

“God you’ve got to have the last word haven’t you Dad!”

Her father knew by her movements that she was enjoying him.

“You deserve at least one last good filling my sweet, remember it’s not going to be that easy for me from now on!”

The position that he’d held her in was not comfortable; she needed to feel all of him. Toni eased her body away swinging her arms and hands down onto the stool, her father then started to plough into her. She thoroughly enjoyed a good fucking from him, not yet trying Eddy she didn’t know if he’d be able to satisfy her in this field, her father had taught her the full Karma Sutra, she knew everyway possible way to have sex, and over the years they’d tried all. However this position was her favourite, she could feel every last inch of his cock, plus it aided her in giving her own assistance.

Toni’s head was spinning, her mind in turmoil, she’d a wedding to go to; but she could take this treatment for the rest of the day God willing that was. Her pussy was faithfully sucking his cock eager for his load, and boy when he cum, he cum buckets. Her father never faltered, he knew this would be the last fucking she’d get from him for at least a fortnight, or until she’d find time after the honeymoon. Toni pushed her head down between her arms giving out loud growls, her orgasms were that strong, she felt like an animal on heat. His cock was so thick to her, his thrusting nearly pushing her off the stool, but she held herself tightly from it’s high back. Her father’s back was arched as he assured himself of full depth, gripping her rump firmly for the deepest of penetrations. Toni scream to him to fuck her harder, and harder he went. Her orgasms were electric as she thrust her whole body backward and forward onto his manly shaft, she was literally crying at this stage with the pleasure of it all.

He gripped her waist pulling her and himself deep as he blew his multiple load, filling her pussy to the brim. At the same moment a car tooted outside. She knew it was to late for cleanup; her father pulled her panties over the gapping hole that he’d left her pussy in. Toni could hardly walk back down the stairs having to take her fathers arm for balance.

As her father opened the front door Sonia came running toward them. “Toni whatever is a matter?”

“I’ll be fine just get me to the car!” Toni sighed, taking Sonia by the arm for extra support.

Toni knew this was supposed to be a day to remember, but she felt sure her father had packed her as he did his lunch box, he’d sure made up for any shortage she might have in the coming weeks.

Sonia raced back to the following car as Toni and her father pulled away.

“What’s wrong Sonia’s friend asked. “I’m sure I don’t know; she could hardly breath when I took her arm. I just hope she’s well enough when we get to the church.

Family and friends were waiting at the church gate, everyone cheering and clapping their hands. Toni virtually fell out of the car; thankfully the driver was already out catching her hand avoiding any accident. Lookers on thought she might be the worse for wear after a heavy hen night.

Finally she got to the church gate after pulling herself together.

“For God’s sake Dad, don’t let go of my arm!” Toni advised her father as they stepped forward.

“Don’t you worry sweetheart I’ll be with you all the way.

The congregation turned as the organist started to play her cums the bride.

“Hell!” Toni blurted out, not realising that half the congregation had heard her.

“What’s a matter sweetheart?” He father asked through his teeth whilst holding her arm firmly.

“As if you didn’t know. I’ve got a bloody gusset full thanks to you!”

He father smiled around the congregation, hoping to God they’d not heard her last remark.

She walked up toward Eddy taking his arm as her father stood beside her. Eddy lifted her veil smiling at her sweet face.

“You look lovely darling!” He appraised her

It was the congregation who’d notice the awkward way to which she was standing with one leg wrapped around the other.

The pastor turned to the congregation and called out the first hymen number and they all stood.

Toni knew her problems had not yet finished; she tried hard to drown any un-natural noise that was likely to be heard over the words of the hymen.

(Dear reader please forgive my spelling mistakes)

So far the service was going without a hitch; everything was going to plan. It was when the pastor was got to the declaration that it happened. Toni was prone to this sort of happening, especially after her father had given her a superior seeing to.

“Do you Toni take Eddy to be your lawful wedded husband?

Then it happened, she let out the loudest fanny fart, known to man.

“Jesus Christ!” She stammered turning back to the congregation, trying to pass the buck.

Eddy in his gentlemanliness, ignored the sound, readying himself for his own part of the declaration.

The pastor took two paces backward; the whole area was in stench of pussy. Toni’s father twitched his nose, to him the aroma was good, Eddy, he’d never smelt anything like it before, but never complained to it’s flavour on the nostrils.

There was a few chuckles from the back of the church, some of her friends knowing only to well as to where the noise came from, Toni would often do it when they were out on Friday nights.

After the service as the happy couple walked back up the isle; Toni’s panty gusset felt not unlike a hammock, and the way it hung the experience was as if there was a sailor sleeping there, she was however thankful for the heavy stitching.

Eddy was as please as pie; everyone took his hand and shook it, congratulating the happy couple, once the photographer had finished his work, Toni called her father over.

“Sorry Dad!” There was a look of anguish on here face, she didn’t know whether to have a go at him, but consider not. “We’ll go back to the house I want to change into something more suitable!” She lied.

Eddy’s face lit up by her suggestion, thinking it was as they’d agreed, sex straight after the service, he clutched at her arm as she made for the exit door of the hall.

Once back home Toni headed straight for her bedroom collecting her going away clothing.

“I’m just going to the bathroom to freshen up” she told Eddy. “I won’t be long!” She smiled.

Toni was a mite upset as the cum had soaked into her wedding dress, taking it off she laid it onto a stool and dabbed the material with a damp sponge, thankfully it hadn’t had time to dry, then she turned to herself, her pussy was still leaking, stepping into the bath she pulled the shower down to her body spraying the hot water over her. When she got to her pussy she took the showerhead off the shower and eased the tubing up into her pussy, its warmth aroused her even more. The thought of having her virgin husband filled her mind. Once assured that all her fathers cum had been washed away, without thinking of dressing leaving the bathroom she went back to the bedroom.

“Feel better?” Eddy smiled as he lie on the bed with his cock in his hand, well at least that was Toni’s thought.

“Much! Are you ready for me?” Toni smiled sitting herself on the bed next to him. “Don’t be shy!”

Toni couldn’t comprehend as to why he’d pressed his cock down between his legs. He must have wanted her badly, being as he’d waited so long, she knew she couldn’t be to forward with her actions as he himself thought that she was also a virgin.

Toni lie back down on the bed beside him hoping to take some of his embarrassment away, that way he’d have to make the first move.

Eddy moved up besides her taking her head into his hands.

“God, Toni I’ve waited so long for this, as I’m sure you have!” He kissed her passionately on the lips, a long loving kiss; Toni responded, slipping her tongue into his mouth.

She was glad now to have her own man, knowing that her father would still have to be looked after from time to time. Pushing Eddy over onto his side; she moved her hand down over his muscular body, even that was a turn on, slowly her hand move to his groin. It was then that her mind went blank; she was almost stunned; having to sit up to assure herself that her mind had not gone wild.

Toni was gob smacked, she knew now as to why he was hiding it from her; she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Never ever had she seen a cock like it? She did wonder if he used a pin to get it out when he wanted a slash, it stood firm of that she was sure, but its full length was no more than two inches. She looked up to him with a smile.

“You like?” He repeated with a grin. “I’ve saved myself just for you!” His face still holding its silly grin.

Girls at work had often used the expression; try before you buy, God, how she’d wished she had?

She looked back down at it…would a blowjob help she wondered.

“Well?” Eddy chuckled. “This will be a new experience for us both?”

“Yes of that I’m sure!” Toni replied, thinking that it certainly would.

She could only assume that he’d no idea of foreplay, not that she’d need of it, she nestled down on the bed beside him opening her legs.

“Take me Eddy, make a women out of me!” She smiled as moved across her body.

Eddy was more than ready to go, his cock was gagging for it. Toni closed her eyes as she sensed movement at her pussy lips. Know she have to grip her muscles like never before, even to feel such an ungenerous penis.

Eddy noticed her face was screwed up; he’d not realised that it was from the force she was putting on her pussy.

“Fear not, I’ll be as gentle as I can!” He informed her, leaning down pecking her gently on the cheek. A sensation was slowly developing, but even that felt as if she was being fingered with a little finger, he’d more than likely inserted an inch of his two-inch manhood.

Toni knew that he’d entered her, but the feeling was silt, under no circumstances had she ever had sex and not experience some sort of feeling, His body was moving above her, he was making all sorts of noises, noises that showed he was enjoying the sensation of her pussy. She could only imagine that it must have felt not unlike fucking a jar of worms to him.

Eddy started to increase his pace, and the noises he was making. Toni could only assume he was about to cum, she put herself in readiness, he might lack in size but perhaps he made up for it in, the amount of cum he could produce. Toni waited…waited; Eddy collapsed over her.

“God, Toni that was well worth the wait, I’ll not go astray with a pussy like yours!”

Toni looked up into his face, sweat was seeping from his brow. Nevertheless, she’d felt nothing, not a sausage, (for the use of a word) She took his face into her hands kissing him gently on the lips.

“Lovely, I couldn’t have asked for better!” She lied. “Now we’d better get back or we’ll be missed!”

Both stood from the bed and dressed, when they got to the front door Eddy stopped, clutching her arm and kissing her on the cheek. “That was well worth the wait; you can have as much as you want once on honeymoon!” He smiled.

“I’ll be looking forward to it!” Toni grinned toward him. “I just hope you’ll have the energy!”

“So I take it that Eddy has lost his virginity?” Toni’s father smiled. “I thought you’d shot off for something, how was it?”

“You won’t believe it Dad, I think I’ll being seeing more of you in the future! Never would I have anticipated a man to have such a small cock, I didn’t even feel him cum!” She stopped mid-sentence squeezing her pussy muscles; there was not even as much as a trickle. “You’ll have to get me around to do some cleaning or else I think I’ll surely go mad, all his done is wind me up, it feels as if I’ve been finger and left high and dry!”

Her father couldn’t believe his good fortune; he’d considered that that would be it once she’d wed, nevertheless, he’d be more that welcome to assist her whenever the need aroused her.

All Eddy’s mates had gathered around him, knowing only to well as to what he’d been up to. Toni could but watch; quite a few of them had wanted to date her. She wondered as to what tale he was telling them. Some looked up over his shoulder with a smile on their faces.

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