Rhianna's education

First, a bit of background; I was married later in life (55) to the Grandmother of the subject of this story, Rhianna. I had known her about the same time as her grandmother. . She was a cute, shy and respectful little girl who I got on with quite well which was a welcome surprise to both her grandmother and mother as, in their eyes, she was painfully shy and completely lost in the social world. She grew up just with her mother as her father had left when she was very young.

I was quite happy to make conversation with all of them when we all came together and over the next year or so I watched Rhianna develop from a little girl into a curvy teenager with a really nice shape and magnificent huge boobs. Not a surprise really as both her grandmother and mother were well endowed in that department. There was a difference though in that Rhianna was so proud of them that she was always talking about them and playing with them not showing any of the shyness that she still had. She never really exposed them but there wasn't much left to the imagination.

As the years wore on and she got older the boobs became bigger but Rhianna remained shy and reserved (except for her pride and joy). I heard that by the time she was seventeen she was 38DD! She was the subject of much admiration from boys but she didn't want to know preferring the company of close girl friends. It was this that gave me the wrong idea about her sexuality. She'd had a sleep over with one of her friends and then published some photos of themselves on social media. I had a look at them and found one of Rhianna fully clothed with her feet up on a coffee table thrusting her pelvis forward. She had on woollen tights but you could clearly see her panties through them at the top of her wide open legs. The most shocking thing though was that she also had her top teeth grasping her lower lip in an obviously provocative sexy way. Oh I thought, these two were more than just friends! This thought was consolidated by my partner, her grandmother, who told me that Rhianna more or less hated men and was determined to keep her virginity until she married but she did not even want to start dating any of the boys she knew. I surmised that she liked girls best.

A few more years and I was on the verge of splitting up with my partner and Rhianna had discovered alcohol! Oh boy had she ever! She went out frequently with an established friend who had a live-in male partner and nearly always got drunk. I was called upon to drive and pick them up from clubs and pubs quite often. They nearly always emerged from a crowd of guys and jumped into the car looking like dishevelled tarts and flirted with me all the way home. When I dropped her friend off Rhianna would go quiet and shy again. This sort of thing became quite the norm until Rhianna started a new job and I was told by my partner that she had become friends with a boy at college. Even when I was told that this boy was stopping over at her house, I still believed that either he was gay or shy like her and that nothing sexual was taking place. I was told that she loved this boy but that the relationship was rocky as he thought more of his friends than her. There was a split up and we had Rhianna round a lot as in tears she confided in her grandmother. I was excluded from the conversation but picked up what was going on. Basically although Matthew was a year older than Rhianna at 19, mentally and socially he was years younger. He couldn't admit to their relationship and joined in his mate's badmouthing her on social media but professing love for her when they were alone together. I recognised this behaviour quite easily as I am male and seen it all before. This little shit was shagging her! I explained this to her grandmother but she still held firm that it was because Rhianna was still a confirmed virgin and that he couldn't cope with the rejection!

There was a parting for a couple of weeks and then Rhianna went to see Matthew at his house to have it out with him. She didn't tell her grandmother very much about this and a couple more weeks went by. One evening I answered the phone to Rhianna who was in tears. She asked for her “Nan” and when I passed the phone my partner immediately left the room and I then heard crying from her too. When she came back in ashen faced I said “She's pregnant isn't she?” She had just turned 19!

She sure was! And as the weeks and month's ticked by, the pregnancy dominated the family. Never a day went past when it wasn't mentioned in one way or another. It turned out the father didn't want to know. There was never though the question asked about why it happened. One day however I got the chance to find out when I was alone with Rhianna. My relationship with her grandmother was in its death throes and I no longer cared if I upset the family by being outspoken. Rhianna was very big and at the stage of continually stroking, lifting and pushing her large belly about.(it made a pleasant change from her boobs!) I just asked her outright, “ How come you got yourself pregnant?”

“ I thought it would bring us closer and He'd step up and drop his mates. Be a man!” she said.

“Oh for fucks sake Rhianna! I always thought that you were naïve but surely you knew that a baby would just scare a boy off. Not make him love you. Did you go over there that night to get yourself impregnated?”

“Not really I just wanted to sort it out” She started to sob. “ I really loved him and when I got there he was so nice”.

“Let me guess”. I said, He took you in his arms, said I'm sorry, or I really missed you,or can we start again, along with,you look fantastic, and then followed that up with a kiss?”


“ And then asked you to come to bed?”

“Yes. I really wanted him.”

“ How? How did you really want him?”

“ I wanted us to be together”.

“What together in bed? Or together for life?”

“ I don't know. I just knew that if I gave in to him. We'd be together” she sobbed.

“Gave into him? I thought you said you wanted him.”

“Yes but I'm not into sex. It's so embarrassing. I know men want it and I wanted Matthew to enjoy it so I let him”

“Rhianna! For fucks sake. Its not about letting a man fuck you. Its about both of you wanting it” I sternly told her. God. “You have so much to learn. You should know it all by now but you're pregnant by a boy just sowing his wild oats”. I could see she was getting more upset. “Don't worry. What's done is done. We can't change that. Just enjoy your pregnancy and your baby. Just promise me this. Next time you are getting close to someone. Don't just “let him”. Come and talk to me and I'll try and teach you how you can make the right decisions and hopefully how you can get a bit more control and enjoyment for yourself.”

“OK I promise” she whimpered.

“Tell me did he make you come? Have you EVER had an orgasm?”

“No and Yes” she said without lifting her eyes to me.

“OK I understand. Come and talk to me when you're ready and I'll help you”

“OK. Thank you for talking to me. Please don't tell Nan”

“Don't worry. It'll be between us. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want anyone to know you received sex instruction from a grandad!” I laughed and so did she.

Things went fairly quiet after that. Rhianna made less of a drama over her pregnancy. I separated amicably from her Nan and was kept informed at the time of the birth of her baby boy. I visited and had a cuddle with him and after promising to stay in touch I resolved to get on with the rest of MY life. It was quite a surprise then when the baby was 4 or 5 months old that Rhianna rang me. After a few pleasantries and catching up she asked,”You know we had that talk? Well I think I'd like the benefit of your knowledge”.

“OK Rhianna. Sure I'll try and help. God it didn't take you long to find someone! Its not Matthew is it?”

“No chance. I don't want that idiot anywhere near me”

“OK you can tell me all when we meet” I said and a meeting was arranged at my flat for the following day as that was when her grandmother was claiming her share of her great grandson and was having him with her all day.

My doorbell rang about half hour after I was expecting Rhianna. I was kind of expecting that! She was wearing Quite a heavy coat which was odd because we were well into summer. When I asked her for her coat she said that she'd keep it on for now. I got her a coke and sat down opposite her across my coffee table. I noticed she was heavily made up like she used to do in her clubbing days.

“Got a date?” I asked and she lowered her eyes saying,”Not exactly” After a few seconds she continued. “ You know you asked me if Matthew made me come?”. I nodded. “Well the truth is he did and I didn't”

“That was fairly obvious Rhianna. But you have on your own?”

She visibly blushed and eventually said,” You are the only person that has ever asked me that. In fact you're the only person that's ever spoken about it”

“What including your friends?” I said, very surprised.

“ Its all bravado with them. Some of them claim to have done it. You know had sex. But none of them talk about how it felt and certainly not about orgasming. Nor doing it themselves”.

“ I can believe that” I told her. “All guys know each other wank off but none of them will ever admit it. Imagine what they'd do if their girlfriends were then told!”

“What?” Are you saying that they still do it even when they have a girlfriend?” she asked incredulously.

“Don't know for certain Rhianna. I don't ask!” We laughed.

After a long sip of her coke and a few comments about my flat she cleared her throat. “ OK here's what I want to know. How will I know when I really want someone? I'm not going to do it again just for them!”

“Rhianna, let me ask you something. What makes you decide to masturbate? When you do”

“I just do it”

“But you feel you want to or you feel you need to cum?”

“ Well yes” she said sheepishly.

“Now tell me this. What do you feel about Harry?”(her son)

“I love him to bits. I could eat him”

“Now. When you feel like that about someone else and you feel it deep inside you but its combined with the need to cum. To find out about their body to explore and feel it. Then its right” I smiled.

She said thank you and then just sat in silence for some time thinking about what I had told her.

Out of the blue she blurted out,”I feel like that now!”

“What do you mean?” I asked. “Do you want to go home?”

“ No. I felt like that before I came round to see you. Now that you've explained it. That's what I feel about you! You know I love you and I've got this ache deep in my stomach and I want YOU to make me cum! Oh fuck I've said it.” She put her hands over her face.

Now it was my turn to sit in silence, broken when I saw Rhianna was shaping up to get up and leave.” No please don't go. I can still help you.” I gathered my thoughts. “You know that we can never be an item. Just think about your family. Then again they just don't talk to you about real life do they?” Whoops that was a little too far!I continued, “Sorry. Look, if you really want to, we could find out what makes you tick and things you could do with your man to make it good for both of you.”

“That's almost exactly what I had in mind” she grinned. “Take me to bed”

“ First things first” I said holding my flat hand out, “Do you want to kiss and make love or shall we be a bit more matter of fact like teacher and pupil”

“ I really want you to hold me”she said lifting her arms toward me. I took the step toward her and put my arms around her,She looked up at me and I placed my lips over hers. Her mouth came open and my tongue explored hers. Very soon we were gnawing each others lips and groaning at each other. I had a more or less instant erection. She clearly felt this and rubbed her stomach into it. She reached between us and unbuttoned her coat. Underneath she had on only a thin slip and panties. No bra to hold up her pendulous breasts. Her nipples stuck out like thumb tips through the slip. I could not resist these so I gently stoked across them both with the palms of my hands. I felt them harden beneath my touch. Her breasts pushed out at me and she murmured that no-one had ever done it like that before. “Ooh I love it”

I took one hand away from her breasts and slid it down her still plump belly and into her panties. I let my fingers play across her shaved mound.

“ How do you play with it?” I asked putting a slight pressure on her with the palm of my hand. “Just rub me at the top”. She said . I took this to mean her clit so my finger went into her very deep cleft and searched for her clit. It was wet in there but I could not feel that elusive button with my fingers.

I kept up the pressure with my palm in case that was what she meant by “at the top”.

“ I think we should go and lay down” I said and led her by the hand to my bed. I moved behind her and pulled off her coat from her shoulders exposing her lovely arse beneath her slip. Her panties only covered the bottom of her cheeks and the cleft of her arse reached high above them. I stroked them with my hands before moving to her hands and pulling her around to face me gently lowered her to sitting and then I placed an arm under her legs and lifted them onto the bed.

She laid back with her arms above her head and over her eyes, her legs only slightly apart and those enormous breasts slightly falling to her side but still very high above her chest. A real sexy picture!

I also saw that pussies run in her family. The only visible thing was the long deep cleft cutting through her mound and disappearing between her legs. Same as her grandmother's! I knew that I had to get between her legs and open her wide to give her any pleasure at all! I stripped off and laid down beside her and began kissing her again gently rubbing her nipples. She breathed heavily, her chest rising and falling slowly. When I released her lips she breathed, “Don't you want me?”

“All in good time” I whispered. “ Is this where Matthew just rolled on and pushed his cock in you?”

“Yes it was so quick” she said.

“That's so sad” I said, “ From now on make sure that you get what I'm going to give to you now. Don't accept anything less and try to get more. If you ask a good lover for what you want. What you feel. He should want to give it to you. If he doesn't, he's not worth it! Never be afraid to ask. A real man will always give you it”

“ Oh God. What are you going to do to me?”

I didn't answer. I slid down her body, quickly sucking both nipples before arriving over her mound. I gently pulled apart her outer lips and after giving her a wet lick from top to bottom had a good look for her clitoris. It was there. Not hooded and very small but when I concentrated my tongue on it she really came alive. She started little whimpering noises and pushing up against my mouth. All her important bits were deep in her cleft. Her vulva must have been about two inches deep. This meant that she had to be pulled very wide apart for my tongue to be able to penetrate her. When I did that she really went wild and very quickly had her first orgasm. I went back to her clit and circled round it with my tongue, She was calming down now but still pumping her hips up and down. I lifted my head. “ You should know that this is your clit and its your route to pleasure. Its quite small and you should work at getting it hard. It will get bigger though not that big but the more sensitive you can make it yourself the more you will get out of fucking” I said very matter-of-factly then returned to her clit. I repeated the same routine and brought her off again by pushing my tongue as far as I could into her vagina and eating some of the cum now starting to run from it. I then worked my way up to her face kissing all the way. When I went to kiss her lips she turned her head away.

“ Oh no” she said, I can't kiss you now. Not where you've been.”

“Why do you think I've been there? I asked. “Its because you taste good! You cant expect anything like that unless you're prepared to at least taste it yourself”. She turned her face back with a sort of grimace on her face and I kissed her at first lightly and graduating to lip grinding and tongue thrusting. I could still taste her so I knew she could. She ended up licking around my mouth to remove any traces of her cum.

“Nice?” I asked.

“Yes. Very nice” she whispered. “Oh God. I never knew!”

“OK. We'll try some more later “ I told her. “Now its time for you to do some work.”

I laid down beside her and grasping my cock began to rub it up and down. “What do you want me to do?” she asked and I replied, “Do what you feel”

She sat up and replaced my hand with one of hers She stroked me slowly and watched my cock intensely before getting closer and giving the head a quick kiss. I said nothing but sighed as I worked my arse into the bed and she gave my cock another peck. A few more strokes later and she placed her lips over the top. I sighed but did not move. This had to be completely voluntary. She had to want to do it. She carried on her slow stroking and gradually her mouth took in more and more of my cock. Then her head began to move up and down in time with her hand and she really got into it. A very good blow job and I told her so. “You'd better stop now or you'll make me cum too soon” I told her but she kept sucking my cock for a few more seconds before lifting up her head leaving behind a trail of mixed pre-cum and saliva. “ I never thought I would ever do that” she said. “I couldn't do it for Matthew. His cock was horrible. It smelled and had a foreskin all over the top. Yours is beautiful.” I held her face in my hands and kissed her deeply. “ And I didn't expect that” she said as I pulled away.

“Are you ready to make love now?” I asked and in response she almost threw herself onto her back.

I positioned myself between her legs and opened her outer lips again. “Now take my cock in your hands and guide it in”. My willing pupil did exactly that, adjusting her pelvis as I slid very very slowly into her. I kept going until I had everything I've got into her delicious hot cunt. I ground my mouth on hers until I felt her start to move her pelvis rhythmically against me. I pulled out just a little way so that she had to move further to get the same penetration. After making her work like this for a minute I started to match her thrusts. Pulling out a little more each time. Eventually I was fucking her with the entire length of my cock sliding in and out of her. Now she got vocal and started shouting at me to fuck her and to fuck her harder. She was pumping herself really hard at my groin and I knew that the banging together would get her clit really excited.

“Oh my god I think I'm gonna cum” she shouted. And a few more groin bangs later, “ Oh Fuck. Oh my God Its so fucking good. So good. Oh fuck. I'm cumming” She made the last word last right into her orgasm and kept babbling unintelligibly as she shook and writhed through it. I held still until she had calmed right down, though still panting. Then I slowly pulled my cock out and clambered up her body to present it to her mouth. This time she willingly took it in both hands and thrust it into her mouth. She was like a dog with it's dinner as she slurped around it licking it clean.

“Er we didn't talk about precautions before we started this” I said, “Are you on the pill now?”

She shook her head. “OK. I'll go and get a condom and then I'll fuck you from behind” I said striding off the bed.

“ What? I don't think I can do that” she said disgustedly but then curled up on the bed contentedly when I replied “ Who's the fucking teacher here?”

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