Garden of Eden, Generation Seven 3

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Garden of Eden, Generation Seven 3

As Kandi leaves with her parents, Centiger stares at her beautiful body adorned only by late afternoon sunlight, waving and throwing kisses, as long as he still sees her. He can hardly believe they just expressed their love for each other in the most intimate way possible. With his head still spinning, he continues staring even with Kandi out of sight. Finally Adam and Eve approach him, embracing him. Eve softly whispers, “As with each grown child of ours, this moment feels so special to me.”

“And to me, my son, now a young man. The Lord blesses us more and more. Now you learn a little more how lavishly he provides.”

“More than I could ever imagine. Absolutely wild!”

“Are you ready to go, young man?” Eve asks.

“Yes, my wonderful wife.”

“Not you, dear! I’m talking to our sweet son.”

Acting disappointed, “Oh.”

Managing to break a smile, “Yes, I’m ready Mom. Where has everyone gone?”

Adam and Eve laugh. Adam answers, “They left because they don’t want to catch your bug.”

Centiger looks bewildered as he leaves with his parents. He wonders, “Who cares if they catch a bug. Besides, what bug do I have?”

Before long, they meet seven girls on the path. Each one bubbles over, “Hi Tiger! We were waiting for you.” Then they each add, “Hi Grandma and Grandpa.” No one add the “greats” when addressing great grandparents. Nor do they call someone their own age, “great uncle,” which Centiger is to each of them, with varying number of “greats.” Adam and Eve know each of these good girlfriends of their son. They know all their grandchildren, even though they have a few million already. These seven granddaughters have gotten to know their “parents who knew no womb” better than most, having spent so much time with Centiger. They savor the thought that their best boyfriend was given birth by matriarch and patriarch of the garden. As eager as they were to be with Centiger, they now would focus on Adam and Eve, cherishing each moment with them. Adam and Eve tenderly take their time with each of them, taking genuine interest in each of their lives. Yet the girls had plenty of opportunity during the interaction to hug and kiss their Tiger. They even get to share an awesome sunset together. After the sun disappears behind the skyline, Adam and Eve bid farewell to their gracious granddaughters, leaving Centiger in their hands.

In their hands quite literally--he barely can move. They ravish every square inch of his perfect pubescent body, not only with their hands but with their lips, their tongues, their hair, their breasts, their butt cheeks, their vaginal lips, and whatever they could think of. Even though they spoke over one another, Centiger heard it all, responding to every loving reflection. Eventually he asks glowingly, “When do I get my turn?”

The girls cease reluctantly, as Aleesha suggests, “Let’s make a circle around lover boy.”

“Yeah, let’s spread our legs and touch foot to foot,” Flora adds.

As they form the foot-to-foot circle Cora interjects, “Now let’s lean forward, locking arms around each others shoulders.”

Centiger turns, looking in amazement at the circle of sweethearts surrounding him, “Girls, pearl girls, just let ’em flap, talk about a booby trap!”

The girls fall to the lush lawn in laughter. Centiger adds, “Like a hissing snake, I just ruined everything.” The girls laugh ’til it hurts. But hurt doesn’t feel painful in Paradise.

Centiger wonders, “What’s so funny?” Now there’s more laughter. “OK, I’ll just shut up.” Even more laughter. So he starts slapping every bare butt he can reach. The girls roll over laughing. “OK, girls. I’m leaving now.”

“No. No. No. No. No. No….” They quickly get up, again gathering in circle formation around the hundredth child of the parents who knew no womb. Centiger looks into Aleesha’s sky-blue eyes as his fingers find her hairless home between her outspread legs. Her giggles add to the moment. After exchanging loving smiles, he makes eye contact with Britney and then Cora. With a few fingers still fondling Aleesha, he buries his face in Britney’s blossoming breasts as his right hand slides down Cora’s stomach through her dark forest to smother her eager clitoris. In the cool breeze his dripping tongue moves back and forth between Britney’s firm nipples. He then nibbles them with his teeth.

“Ew, that’s scary, Tiger.” So he moves his left hand to her moist genitalia, pulling her luscious lips apart. “Oh, I’m so ready for you!” He moves both hands to her shapely hips, feeling his chest brush against her taut teats as he thrusts his semi-erect rod against her beckoning lips. He rotates his hips as his dick dances in her daisies.

Evelyn cries, “Oh let me feel that throbbing throttle.” So in rhythm Centiger moves to rub his energized erection around her elegant entryway, while running his chest along her bosom, keeping balance by holding on to the breasts of Debbie and Flora.

In a tantalizing tone Gloria whispers, “Have you forgotten me, my true blue Tiger?”

He turns, viewing her voluptuous protuberance in the modest moonlight, “You know better than that! I remember when my hands could hide your bezels.” Trying to lift one beauty, using both hands, “Now my hands have shrunk into tadpoles. Ohhh, Gloria, let me squeeze you or bust.”

As they hug, feeling each others’ heat, she reminisces, “I used to make your little tiger disappear, just pressing with one finger. Now I still can make him disappear, one way or another.”

“I think you can…. I know you can.”

“But you lost yourself in someone else.”

“Couldn’t you just beat around the bush? Or let me beat around the bush?”

Cora coos, “Come grow in my garden.”

Sensuously, “How does your garden grow?”

Britney begs, “Go swimming in my canal.”

Debbie decides, “You’re gonna whip up dinner for me. You all will see.”

Flora finds a solution, “Tiger, just marry all of us. You love us. We love you. Tomorrow, we all can say, ‘I do.’”

“Yes, what a sparkling idea! What do you say, girls?” Immediately, they all jump him in jubilation.

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