Deborah: Fulfilling a Fantasy

The day after Deborah and I had given a mutual thumbs up to the idea of me waking her up with a fuck while her boyfriend slept next to her events took an unexpected turn. I had waited until we were alone in the house and gone up to her room to see if she fancied giving my cock a quick suck to tide me over until that night (from the moment she’d told me what she wanted me to do to her I’d been hard as fuck) when I had planned on bringing the fantasy she had told me about to the next level.

Her door was open and she had her back to the entrance. I crept forward quietly then grabbed her arse with both hands, making her jump and spin round to face me. She looked pissed off.

‘What are you doing, you idiot? You scared me!’ she shouted.

I smirked at her. ‘I thought you liked being, y’know…taken by surprise’ I said, giving the last three words emphasis by wiggling my groin suggestively.

Deborah scowled. ‘Oh, for fuck’s sake!’ she said before sitting down on the bed. ‘Look, about that. I know I said I wanted to do it again and everything, but…well, it just doesn’t feel right. We’re both in relationships, after all, and…I just want to forget about it, okay?’

I stood, frozen on the spot. ‘What the fuck is this?’ I thought angrily.

‘Forget about it? I had you cumming all over my hand yesterday afternoon! How can you want to forget about it?’ I said.

‘I just do. Don’t make a big deal about it.’


‘Go away! I don’t want to talk about it anymore – we’re done with it all.’

I couldn’t believe it. I was about to protest some more when I heard keys and the front door to the house opened; realising that it could only have been Deborah’s boyfriend as he was the only other one home at that point I knew I had to leave in case he got suspicious. I kept my eyes on Deborah while I was backing slowly out of the room, staring at her with anger all over my face. Just before I left the room I could have sworn I saw her smile slightly, which just angered me even more.

Deborah’s boyfriend came into view on the stairs. ‘Hey man, what’s up?’ he asked.

‘Oh, you know’ I replied, completely uninterested in conversation. ‘I’d better get going, lots to do. See you in a bit.’

I brushed past him on the stairs and strode off to my room, hearing him say ‘okay’ and sounding confused before I slammed the door shut.

I’d never been so fucking pissed off in my life. Why had she changed her mind all of a sudden? And what was with that stupid smile? What, was she enjoying fucking me off like that? Stupid bitch!

I sat down on the end of my bed and put my head in my hands. ‘Fuck!’ I said loudly. ‘Fucking fuck!’ I lay down on the bed and, going against what was in my head, took a few deep breaths and tried to calm down.

‘Well’ I thought ‘so much for that. She’s probably right, anyway, the missus will be back soon, and it was a bit weird, sleep-fucking and all that. Maybe it’s best to let it go.' I sat back up, calmer and a bit more in control. ‘Still, it was a great shag. Pity.’


Three weeks later the rest of the house, including my girlfriend, were due to come back for the start of the new semester at Uni. Deborah had been blanking me, refusing to even make eye contact, so I had unbelievable blue balls by this point (jerking off to the thought of fucking Deborah face down on her bed with her boyfriend snoring away next to us just wasn’t enough for me) so I was hoping I would get a fuck out of the girlfriend pretty sharpish.

I was in my room that night in front of the Playstation when my phone went; it was her. She said she was running a little late and would see me as soon as she could. I said okay, we said a quick ‘bye, love you’ and that sort of stuff and I hung up. I put my phone down on my desk and glanced at the picture I keep of her next to my TV and let my thoughts begin to wander.

Her name’s Rene (pronounced ‘Reen’ rather than ‘Renay’ or ‘Reenie’, something to do with some weird family tradition she told me about once). She is just over five feet tall, has long, naturally blonde hair (her best feature in my opinion), slim build with 34B tits and a nice, firm arse that looks great in tight jeans. She also has a beautiful pussy with blonde pubes that she keeps closely trimmed.

When we first met she was a virgin and had never been in a serious relationship. She had been brought up to keep sex private. Over the six months we’d been together I’d had to show her how to do everything, right down to getting herself off properly. She loved to be fucked and particularly liked it when I licked her out but she only ever wanted it missionary with her on her back and lots of kissing and cuddling, never wanting to try anything out of the ordinary. Even tweaking her nipples or scratching her arse was off limits, and as for blow jobs, absolutely no chance. I hadn’t given up hope of getting her out of the Victorian era yet, but it had been frustrating the hell out of me even before Deborah had come along.

Rene arrived at the house at about nine and was in a really shit mood because her flight from Ireland had been delayed and she’d been hanging around waiting in various places on her own. I helped her get her bags into my room and unpack, then once we’d finished she told me she just wanted to get changed and go to sleep. I started kissing her and pawing at her but she just kept shrugging me off. Eventually, after a lot of persuading (which mostly involved me whining, something I normally hate doing but I was getting desperate) she gave in and let me get her sat on my knee with her jeans down around her thighs, kissing her softly and stroking her hair. Once I was certain she had calmed down enough that she’d let me I slid my hand into her knickers and pushed a finger between her lips, making her moan softly into my mouth.

I broke the kiss and looked down at her pussy area. She was absolutely sopping. ‘Christ, you’re soaking wet! I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this wet!’

She blushed a little. ‘I know, the whole time I was away and the entire journey back I was thinking about sex. I’ve really missed you and I was thinking about what we’d do when I got home, I’m just really tired and all I want to do is sleep. Can you wait ‘till later?’

‘Sleep?’ I began circling her clit with my finger, making her moan a little more. After about thirty seconds of gentle rubbing with some kisses thrown in I whispered ‘Do you still want to sleep?’

She shook her head and grinned. I lifted her off my knee, set her down on the bed, pulled the jeans and knickers off her in one swift motion, took out my cock and plunged straight into her, making her squeal loudly. I only managed about two minutes before I blew my load inside her with a roar.

‘Ssssshhhhh, everyone will hear you!’ Rene whispered, trying not to laugh.

‘Sorry, I got a bit carried away ‘cos you were so pleased to see me you creamed your pants.’

She looked at me in horror. ‘Don’t be so disgusting!’ You’re ruining the moment.’

‘Sorry’ I said again, pausing to make sure she wasn’t too annoyed before inching my hand forward and lightly brushing her clit with my thumb.

Rene scooched out of my reach. ‘No, stop it, I’m too sensitive down there. Anyway, I’m still tired. I have to get some sleep now.’ With that she crawled round to her side of the bed and pulled the blankets over her half naked body. ‘Don’t make too much noise’ she added, and she was asleep in seconds.

I went back to the Playstation, turning the volume right down so as not to disturb Rene, who was snoring away softly behind me. By about eleven I was getting a little tired myself so I decided to call it a night. I turned everything off, stripped off down to my boxers and climbed into bed.

I actually fucked her again later that night; about half eleven she had woken up to go and take a piss which made me stir, and when she came back into bed I rolled up behind her and started playing with her tits through her top. She turned around and started kissing me and I took it from there. I even managed to convince her to get on all fours so I could do her from behind for the first time; she had always knocked that one back in the past so I guess she must still have been pretty horny from earlier. The sight of her sexy arse bouncing against my cock while I fucked her was getting me extremely hot so, thinking I had nothing to lose, I smacked her bum hard.

She jumped forward, my cock slipping out of her. ‘Oww! What are you doing?’

‘Sorry, it just seemed like the right moment.’

‘That hurt. You’ve ruined it now, I’m off to sleep.’

‘For fuck’s sake’ I thought ‘It was only a little spank’. There was no chance of me getting back in there now if she was in a mood, so I marched out to the bathroom, wanked myself off, came back in to my room and fell asleep.


I woke up with a start. I glanced over at my alarm clock and saw that it was three in the morning. My cock was hard as iron. ‘Fuuuuckkk’ I thought ‘It practically hurts! I need to fuck something quick or I might cum all over my bed!’

I thought about sleep fucking Rene but she was probably still in a mood about the arse-slapping and was a light sleeper anyway, so I’d have hell to pay if I tried anything; I decided it wasn’t worth the aggravation. I got up to go back to the bathroom, resigned to the fact that I’d be beating off into the toilet again, when a thought occurred to me.


I’d almost forgotten how much the lanky bitch had annoyed me with all that ‘just forget about it’ shit a few weeks ago, especially now that Rene was back. It still didn’t make sense to me. She had told me about how much she fancied me and that she’d been waiting for weeks to get me alone so she could get me to ‘sleep-fuck’ her. There was no way she would want to ‘just forget about it’ the very next day unless something major had happened in the meantime.

Or unless this was just another part of the fantasy…

I thought back to our first fuck and what she’d said afterwards, specifically the part about it being her ultimate sex fantasy to be woken up with a dicking while her boyfriend was asleep next to her. Maybe what she hadn’t mentioned was that the fantasy involved her taking a dicking she wasn’t expecting, almost like a rape situation or something. ‘Jesus’ I thought ‘is that it? Is she fantasising about me raping her in her sleep?' I remembered that little smile she had given me after telling me to fuck off. Was that whole thing part of her weird game?

Only one way to find out.

I crept out of my room and up the stairs, taking care to be as quiet as possible in case anyone else was still up. I got to Deborah’s room and, taking a deep breath, pushed the door open and peered inside. The curtains in the room were quite thin so the light from the street lamps outside coming through, allowing me to see what was going on. Deborah was asleep but the blankets were all pulled over to her boyfriends’ side of the bed; he was sleeping as well. She was lying on her left side with her left arm tucked under her and her back to the door. She was wearing a short black night-dress that sat just above her pert cheeks, giving me an ever-so-slight view of her pussy lips as well as her arse.

‘This is perfect’ I thought, resisting the temptation to take out my still-throbbing cock there and then and cum all over the floor. ‘I wonder if she’s gone commando because it’s a warm night, or because she’s been waiting for me to come in here and give it to her?’

‘Deborah’ I whispered to see if I got any sort of response. Nothing.

I moved forwards through the door and into the room, as slowly and as quietly as possible. The insanity of the situation, especially with the boyfriend only a couple of feet away from me, was only making me want to do it more. I knelt down next to the bed and waited for either one of them to stir. Neither of them did.

I got as close as possible to Deborah’s bare arse and studied it for a moment. Lovely and tight, more so than Rene’s, and those long, long legs looked deliciously smooth. I reached out and very, very gently ran my hand up the back of her leg, over her arse and back down again. She didn’t make a peep.

‘This is very familiar’ I thought to myself with a mental smile ‘she didn’t move at all last time, either. I bet she’s awake.’ I peered over the top of her body as far as I dared, trying to figure out if she was actually awake, but I couldn’t see her face. ‘Time to take it to the next level, then’ I thought.

I ran my hand up and down her arse again, but this time let two fingers rest in between her cheeks. I paused again for just a second and then inched a finger inside her cunt. She was moist, but not wet. I deftly began finger-fucking her, slowly at first but picking up a little pace every couple of minutes, until she started to get wetter. She still hadn’t moved or made a sound.

‘Is she awake or asleep, for crying out loud?’ I thought, getting impatient. An idea hit me. ‘I know what I’ll do.’

Leaving my finger touching her outer pussy lips I leaned forward as quietly as I could until I was as close as I could get to Deborah’s right ear.

‘Deborah, I know you’re awake, you dirty bitch’ I whispered. Nothing.

‘Deborah, I’m going to fuck you raw with your boyfriend lying right there beside you and you’re going to love it because you’re a filthy cunt.’ Still nothing.

‘She must be asleep’ I thought ‘maybe I should just get the fuck out of here in case she catches me’.

I decided to give it one last try. ‘Deborah, how does it feel knowing I’m going to rape the shit out of you in a few seconds?’


The shock of hearing Deborah make such a sudden noise startled me and caused me to fall back on my arse with a thud. ‘Oh holy shit!’ I thought, alarm bells going off in my head. I sat there stock still, waiting for one or both of them to wake up and beat the shit out of me. ‘Oh my god, please help me, god, oh, no no no!’ I thought in terror. ‘Fuck me, fuck me fuck meeee!’

It took about a minute for me to calm down and realise that everything was quiet. Maybe I’d got away with it.


I froze in place again when I heard Deborah making more sounds. I looked right at her, hoping against hope that she hadn’t seen me. She was still lying with her head on the pillow facing away from me but she seemed to have shifted position.

She was on all fours on the bed pointing her arse over at me.

I almost made a triumphant noise before catching it my throat. ‘I knew it’ I thought ‘rape fantasy!' I pulled off my shorts, letting my cock spring free, and tossed them aside before walking over, grabbing her roughly by the hips and thrusting straight into her. I thought I could hear her moan very softly as I pumped and pumped away at her pussy with as much speed as I could manage. She had grabbed hold of the blankets for support and was definitely fucking me back.

After about five minutes of frenzied fucking my cock exploded inside her, filling her with more cum than I’d ever let loose before. Deborah had her face buried in the pillows but I was certain she screamed as I was gushing inside her. I stood there for a moment, catching my breath and looking nervously over at the boyfriend (who hadn’t made a peep throughout the whole thing, but it wasn’t lost on me that he could still wake up and see all this at any moment). Eventually I pulled out of Deborah, picked up my boxers and slipped them back on and went to leave.

I looked back at Deborah, still lying there pretending to be asleep. ‘Crazy fucking girl’ I thought ‘but one hell of a good fuck’. I crept back over to her and bent down to kiss her on the cheek. ‘Nighty night, you dirty fucking whore.’ I whispered. I was turning once more to leave when I saw her eyes flicker open. She looked right at me, smiled, and whispered ‘Good boy. Nice dirty talk. Next time, though, you should do me in the arse and spank me and pull my hair a bit, yeah?’ And with that she rolled over again and fell asleep.

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