Around the World

The tour of a lifetime my dad said. Around the world by car, train, boat and planes. We would start from our home in Jersey and spend almost four months visiting half the countries of the world, some of the most famous and beautiful spots on earth, and enjoying the finest cuisine of each country. This was the pinnacle of his bucket list, the dream of a lifetime and my sister and I had to go. Our mother was long dead, I barely remembered her but dad had a string of girlfriends that would make a teenager envious but they were just after our money. My sister Elizabeth and I grew up listening to women moaning and his bed bouncing as he auditioned dozens of hopeful second wives. We both learned early about sex because he didn’t hide it from us, we learned by watching, listening and then our own experiences.

Dad laid out the itinerary for Beth and me and excitedly detailed the next few months. He told us when and where we would be, how we got there and where we would be sleeping as we toured the world. Neither Beth nor I were ecstatic about the trip; it would take us from our home, friends and even school we complained. His answer was that we would miss only six weeks of school and he had already talked to the teachers and hired a traveling nanny, Miss Mallory, to tutor us, we wouldn’t be missing any education. Besides the entire trip would be one long field trip in history, sociology and anthropology. When we met Miss Mallory, our new nanny and tutor, my sister and I knew immediately that dad hired her for the tutoring she could do under blankets. Long legged, busty and pretty; whether or not she could teach us anything academic was questionable.

We started in London; we stayed in a quaint 400 year old B-n-B near Hyde Park. We had two rooms, Beth and Mallory in one, dad and me in the other. It didn’t take long to figure out the routine. We toured, ate then dad would suggest that Beth and I walk around the city enjoying the sights while he and Mallory planned the next day of activities. Since the activities had been planned for months both my sister and I caught on in about two seconds “He wants to fuck her” she said, “we have to leave.”

This went on for ten days in London, Stockholm and Amsterdam. Beth and I finally got fed up with the deceit and fooling around behind our backs and told dad he didn't need to be so damn sneaky when he wanted to get screwed, that he should just take a room with her, we would be okay with it. “Then we'll have to get another room, I didn't plan for three rooms but I’m sure I can change our reservations.”

It was Beth who put that plan back in the drawer, “Is okay dad, Mel and I can share a room as long as there are two beds in it.”

The next city on the list was Berlin. Beth and I took one room, dad and our nanny the other. We got to the room I threw my stuff on the bed by the window, my sister the other, we would unpack after dinner. When we finally got back to the room Beth was the first to pull out her sleepwear and while I was rummaging in my pack for mine I noticed her pulling off her clothes. I turned to watch her drop her skirt and shed her blouse. She looked up at me “What? Am I embarrassing you?”

“Well, not really, are you going to take everything off? I don't mind.”

My sister paused for a moment then smiled “Sure, but you get naked too.” She slipped her panties off her legs; I could only stare in surprise. I don’t remember if I’d ever seen her naked before and my sister’s 18 year old body was awesome. I’d seen three girls naked but they were 15 to 17, still evolving from girl to woman. Beth had fully developed into a heart stopping turn-on. I was stepping out of my pants as she watched me, a half smile on her full red glossed lips.

I pulled my shirt off then turned away to hide my reaction to her. “Don’t turn away, if we are going to share the same room, we are going to be taking baths or showers or changing clothes often. I’m gonna see what you have hanging so let’s get it over with.”

My cock was semi stiff when I faced her. She checked me from eyes to balls, the half smile growing larger. I’m to the day one year younger than my sister and I was reaching physical maturity too so I wasn’t as timid as I thought I should be; I almost strutted while she inspected me. When Beth dropped the panties she held and stepped up to get a closer look, my cock reacted to nearness of her nude pussy. It filled to capacity, rising against gravity until it aimed its single eye to the ceiling. “Nice, I bet your girlfriend likes that.” She turned to put on her night gown giving me an intimate view of her back, butt and legs. She snuggled under her blankets and I went to my bed, naked and stiff.

It started just minutes after my sister turned off the lights. Dad and Mallory were deeply involved in some hot heavy sex on the opposite side of the wall and she was letting the night know how good it felt. The bed was banging, she was yelping and he was groaning as they consummated the new sleeping arrangements. Beth started to giggle. Every time Mallory yelped her pleasure my sister snuffled into her pillow. About the time our nanny went off on a strong wave of rapture I felt my bed jiggle, Beth was sitting with her bare ass next to my face. “What are you doing here? What happened to your night gown?

“It was hot so I took it off. Doesn’t it bother you that dad is fucking her and you aren’t getting any?”

“He’s been doing that since mom died. Why? Does it bother you?”

She looked down at me, I was staring at her firm packed tits, her body glowed almost luminescent in the dim light from the street. “I don’t care if he slams her every day, but I really miss my boyfriend.”

Just then the other room went quiet “You think they’re done?”

“No,” she replied “he's probably got his dick so far down her throat his balls look like her double chin. Anyway that’s not what we were talking about.”

I looked Beth in the eyes, I was slightly puzzled, “What are we talking about?”

“Sex. I want to fuck, you like to fuck, so move over, I’m getting in.” She lifted my blanket and slipped into the bed. My cock which had been lazing softly between my legs rapidly swelled full and hard with hormone driven energy. Beth rolled up on my body with her legs spread across my thighs, reached between us for my erection then guided me to her. As soon as the head of my hard-on entered her I humped my ass and drove into her until my nuts stopped me. Beth gasped delightedly then began to undulate her body, sliding her soft hot cunt on me. And just like that my sister and I were screwing like we'd been at it forever.

She was starting to sweat as she bounced on my hips, driving my rock hard cock up and in then pulling off until the just the head of it was in her then she would bang back down on me, crushing my nuts under her sweet feeling ass. I think I heard the bed bumping the wall but I didn't give a damn, Beth and I were having way too much fun to worry about what others could hear. I pushed my sister off my lap and threw her to the bed; her legs were wide, knees high at my sides when I plunged back into the tender trap between her legs. She smiled up at me then slammed her eyes shut as the long nights of frustration finally ended in a body wrenching climax. Beth was humping, slapping her cunt on me as she shuddered and moaned through clenched teeth. Her legs arrowed straight, toes pointed toward the end of the bed as her thighs vibrated against my legs. In the final moments of her orgasm she gasped “Oh fuck me that feels so good, cum my sweet brother, pump me up ---!” then she peaked a second time. My balls twitched and my cock convulsed as I filled my sisters pussy to overflowing with hot jets of cum.

We were collapsed side by side when our room door opened and our father stuck his head in “Are you two fighting, it sounded like you were tearing each other apart?”

Beth looked at him from my bed, “No dad, we just had sex, listening to you and Mallory got us hot.”

He looked at her for about five long seconds then said to me “We have to get an early start tomorrow, and don't fucking knock her up” then closed the door again.

Once my terror subsided I looked at my sister, she was smiling “Now what? You think he’s gonna stop this trip and his sex life just because we go at it? No way. I knew he wouldn’t say anything or get pissed, he’s living a fantasy right now and he don’t give a damn what we do as long as we don’t screw up this fucking trip. You want to do it again?”

I wasn’t as rash as my sister so I got up and moved the bed away from the wall before I dived back under the blankets to her. We played with each other, laughing, teasing, necking, petting and groping until she fell back to the pillows and opened up for me. I slipped my thick, heavy erection into her again but this time we took our time, we savored each other while building to another major blow up. Beth tripped over her lust first and fell headlong into a body quaking orgasm; I could feel her cunt sucking the life out of my nuts as I joined her on a flight of ecstasy. I knew without a doubt my sister and I would enjoy the rest of our trip around the world.

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