My daughters turn me on (Part VI)

continued from part V…

Amber took control of the room. She finally saw the chance to take her younger sister Amy and have her way. This thought coupled with the realization that her whole family is open to having sex with each other made her feel secure in a new way.

She trusted her family. She loved them. What better way to explore her sexuality and try new things than with her family. It allowed her a freedom she didn’t know if she could ever get anywhere else. It unleashed her sex obsessed mind. She could get anything she wanted. Right now, that was her sister and her uncle.

“I can’t believe you let uncle Max have you before I could.” Amber said as she stormed toward the bed. “If he already got your ass, then I get your pussy”

Amber reached the bed. She had shed her clothes on the way, and her 33E tits in all their glory sent a pulse from Max’s brain down to his groin. His body knew he better get ready to go again.

“Uncle Max, could you go to my mom’s room and grab the strap on from under the bed?” Amber asked looking at Max and cupping each of her breasts in her hands. She lifted up her left breast so her nipple reached her mouth. She sucked at it, then licked her aerials and hard pink nipple.

Max let out a “sure” then added “fuck yes baby” as his mind caught up with what he needed to do. He walked out of the room as Amber requested.

Amber crawled on top of Amy and gave her a rushed, passionate kiss. She jutted her tongue deep into Amy’s mouth, biting gently Amy’s lower lip as she released. Amy grabbed Amber from the back of her head and pulled her down for another, their mouths wet with saliva and hot with desire. Amy pulled Amber up by the ribcage to place Amber’s right tit in her mouth and began sucking hard on it. She felt the skin of Amber’s areola and the cup of her breast grow tight with the suction. She then cracked the edge of her lip open releasing the grip of her mouth, letting out a popping sound and a leaving a deep red mark on Amber’s flesh.

Amber reached her right hand down to find Amy’s wet pussy. She knew she turned her sister on, and now this was confirmation. Amy’s pussy lips spread with was to Amber’s two middle fingers. Amber felt the heat envelop them and draw them inside her younger sister’s pussy. Amber finger fucked Amy, while Amy took Amber’s other breast in her mouth.

Max returned to the room to this sight, sending the second call to action down to his dick. Inside Max this triggered a release of blood flow down into his shaft which started to bulge his member from flaccid to semi-hard. His heavy 10” dick swung as he walked towards the nubile young girls going at it with each other. He thought for a second that Amber might not even need him. Just hand her the strap and then they would ask him to leave. Amber had other plans.

When Amber saw Max had reached the edge of the bed she pushed her self up on her knees, still on top of Amy. She withdrew her fingers and placed one of them in her own mouth, sucking the entire length of it. She raised the other, soaked with pussy juice to Max’s mouth which he opened as Amber shoved it it. It tasted so pure, so raw and fresh. His cock grew even more. Amber moved off of Amy and stood next to Max, taking the strap on from him. She stepped into it, pulling it up to her waist, feeling the rubber dick oscillate back and forth. She tightened the straps.

She locked eyes with Amy and crawled back on top of her. Amy’s eyes were begging for what was about to happen. Amy had almost the same thought Amber did earlier. She loved her sister, and this was the start of a new sexual relationship with her. Amy excitedly opened her legs allowing Amber to position her hips over Amy’s and line up the tip of the cock with Amy’s wet pussy lips.

Amber thrust her pelvis forward while gripping the base of the cock to steady it straight for entry. It slid into Amy, rolling back her eyes and head as she felt her older sister inside her. Amber and that rubber cock were one. She let out a moan. Amber started to fuck Amy slowly in and out. Amy timed her moans to the push of the cock deep into her pussy. It was a sexual dance. Even Amber’s tits swayed to and fro with the rhythm of her strokes. She was a natural with the strap on.

Amber slowly increased the pace, now familiar with the force and position necessary to move the cock between her legs into her younger sister just as she desired. Max’s dick was now hard and he was slowly stroking it as he watched. Standing, he pressed his thighs forward on the side of the bed, letting his cock hover next to Amber’s head, sending a sign he hoped would be recognized and accepted. Amber turned her head to face his dick, opened her mouth and extended her mouth down around his member, stiff and upright. She bobbed her head leaving her moist spit on him, stringy and warm. She released her mouth from him, grabbed his dick with her right hand and pulled it down towards Amy’s head. She would always share with her younger sister. What Amber enjoyed, Amy would enjoy. She pushed Max’s dick inside Amy’s gaped open mouth. Amy lifted her head and grasped the base of his dick from Amber and started to suck and stroke the same dick that earlier was deep inside her own ass. All three of them enjoyed this position for some time, Amber pumping down on her sister, each of them exchanging back and forth their uncle’s dick, dripping with spit.

Amy felt a rush down to her cunt. She was readying to cum. She wanted to look into her sister’s eyes as she did. “I’m about to cum” Amy said turning to look at Amber. “Keep going, oh yes”

They were breathing heavily out both their mouths and nose, their fit young bodies sweating with passion. Amber thrust harder and faster. “I feel like I am about to pee” Amy said, thinking she was about to ruin this moment.

“No Amy, that’s not what is about to happen.” replied Amber. “When you feel that mass of liquid inside you about to come out I want you to push it out hard.” Amy had always stopped short of this feeling when she masturbated. “That’s not pee” said Amber. "Trust me"

Amy turned her focus back to the sensation. It was coming. “OK, I’m…I’m….cummmmiiiing” Amy said. Simultaneously Amber withdrew the rubber dick, letting out a gush of cum that surprised even her. Amy was a squirter just like her, and just like their mother. “Fuuuuuuck!” Amy exclaimed looking down to see herself squirt out for the first time all over her sister’s body. She came 3-4 times leaving her sister soaked.

“You too uncle Max” Amber said. “I want both of your juices on me. Max was already furiously stroking his dick, leaving it ready to burst when he crawled onto the bed and on top of Amber, who had now laid on her back. He sat on top of her stomach and pulled hard and fast down his shaft. “Cum on me uncle Max, cum all over me.” Max felt his cum rise up and finally out of the top of his dick. It flew out in heavy white streams. They flung down onto Amber’s breasts, one shot onto her face, another up to her hair, and the last few down onto her firm belly.

Amber basked in it. Combined with her sister’s pussy juice she was bathed in liquid.

They all laid together for a bit, talking openly and freely about their bodies, their lives, and most of all flirting with the ideas of what they would all do next.

None of them knew that the whole while they were all over each other, something else was going on. Not far away, in a small shopping center, the rest of the family was bonding in their own way.

to be continued

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