Sav In The Lav

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It all started one lunchtime when I was walking through the year 9 locker areas and Sav Manelli sat down in front of me. I thought that it was unintentional at the time but I got a very nice up skirt and a good look at her lacy pink g string that only just hid her (as I found out later very satisfying) secret. I cherished this memory for several weeks often wanking at school when it happened again. This time I was in English and she was sitting behind me. She called my name an as I turned around asked me to grab a pen off the floor in front of her. Naturally I went down and as I did I noticed that she had not closed her legs and pushed her skirt down like most girls at school did. I was rewarded with another view up her skirt only this time she wasn’t wearing ANY panties. This surprised the hell out of me as she was the school good girl and not the kind to walk around without panties. As I lingered a second longer than I needed to I noticed the slightest bit of moisture on her cunny lips. This was my first clue that goody two shoes Sav was an exhibitionist. This pattern continued for several weeks with my sightings becoming more and more frequent until finally in one day I had seen her, shaven, cunt 1 – 2 times every lesson. At the end of school I was just itching to relive myself and as I struggled to walk to my locker with a slight boner I saw a note sticking out of my locker door. Picking it up before anyone else noticed I looked at the note which was written in very familiar curly pink handwriting that told me to be in the last stall of the boys bathroom at 3 30 and hat if I was there I would get a nice surprise but that if I was late I would miss it. I was so keen that I was there at 3 25 so I locked myself in the second to last stall and waited. All the while trying to remember where I had seen that handwriting. Well sure enough on the stroke of half 3 a pair of shoes walked in wearing the girls uniform socks and walked their owner straight into the last stall. Less than a second later I hear the sound of a school dress hitting the floor immediately followed by a bra and a suspicious lack of panties. Looking under the divide I saw a blue school dress with a large wet spot on the back and a mysterious square out line. Walking out of my stall I knocked on the last stall door and was greeted with the door swinging open and a beautiful sight awaiting me. Sav stood there her back to me bent over the toilet. The best part was not just her dripping wet perfectly shaved cunt but the black butt plug shoved all the way in her ass. Sav turned to me and said ‘oh good you made it’
I stuttered a hello and asked her what was going on. She told me that she was not the good innocent little girl that everyone thought she was. She was in fact a horny teen submissive and had wanted to fuck me ever since I arrived at school. She told me about how her little brother had found her masturbating to my picture and start blackmailing her. She told me how he told her to give me up skirts and wear those tiny little panties and eventually to wear none. He then moved on to using butt plugs and remote control vibraters pressing at random times of the day. She told me that he had ordered her to let me fuck her or that he would tell her parents about her activities. Realizing that this would likely result in her getting expelled and that I already had a boner I decided to take her up on her offer.
Walking forward I reached between her legs to fell her dripping wet cunt and found her clit already out from under its hood. As I started stroking it she moaned loudly. Reaching behind me I closed and locked the stall door. Leaving the huge butt plug in for the moment I sat down on the toilet turned her around and without ceremony shoved my cock up her perfect little cunt. Even though she was not a virgin anymore her cunt was super tight. As I slowly started to work her up and down on my dick she started moaning and groaning on every in and every out. At the same time as I was fucking her up and down I was playing with her tits with one hand and moving her butt plug around in her ass. She moaned even louder and I realized what she wanted standing up and pushing her over I started fucking her doggie style scraping across her clit with every stroke. All this time I continued moving her butt plug around making room for my cock as I thought she would be fairly tight. As it turned out I was wrong. After making her come twice and having not cum myself she was begging me to fuck her in the ass. I was happy to oblige and pushing her forward I ripped the butt plug straight out of her ass but then I stopped in shock. It was far larger than I thought. It was at least 3 inches wide at its thinnest point and must have been almost a foot long. As I gapped at her also gaping asshole she turned around smiled and said.’ I had to wear that for a week straight all day every day. I only get to take it out to shit and even then I don’t get lube to put it back in.’ Smiling back at her I unceremoniously shoved my dick up her ass. I would’ve thought she’d be tight but I went in without scraping the sides. However with the sudden lack of butt plug and the ecstasy she was feeling Savs ass quickly tightened around my dick. The pressure was unbelievably good. I held out long enough to give her another orgasm an then I could hold out no longer. With a final burst of strength I buried my cock to the hilt in her ass and came the hardest and the most I had ever done. Taking my wilting dick out of her ass I picked up the giant black butt plug and lined it up with her assshole. Slapping the end I pushed it back in bit by bit until it was finally all the way in. Turning around she pushed me down onto the toilet seat and kneeling down started sucking my cock licking the cum pussy juice and shit off my cock. This awakened my tired cock and at this point she stood up straddled my waist and shoved my cock back up her pussy. Then she started bouncing up and down as hard and fast as she could. I reached up and pulled her tit into my mouth. I started sucking vigorously and to my surprise some milk came out. I was so shocked that I swallowed and just kept sucking. Eventually she came and that sent me over the edge. After I finished cumming in her tight little cunt she just sat there and enjoyed my wilting cock in her vag. Kind of confused I asked her about the milk and she told me that her brother had given her a drug that made the body think it was pregnant but also worked a as contraceptive. This surprised but relieved me because it meant I couldn’t get her pregnant and I loved the taste of her milk. Without further ado she dressed and left leaving me there stunned. This was the first time I fucked Sav but it wasn’t to be the last

Epilogue: the next day I sat in front of Sav and she dropped something again. Winking at me she asked me to pick it up and as I did I noticed a note down her skirt. It was written on the back of a very large vibrator and it said “thanks for using my sister she needed it sincerely Savs brother. This told me that Sav wasn’t quite finished fucking me just yet

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