Amber and Bobby 2 - The wedding day

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It had been several years since Amber and I had first indulged in our sexual proclivity together on the side of the creek bank that fateful August day. Amber and I had always been extremely close and could literally read each others minds but after that day our bond became even more solidified and unbreakable. We knew each others emotions despite any distance that existed as well as knowing what the other one was thinking or doing at any time. Sexually we had continued to mature not only in body but also in our acts together. With the exception of the days Amber was menstruating we seldom missed a day of being joined together.

We had never been caught together but I always thought mom may have had ideas that something was going on between us. She became concerned when I would shave in the bathroom while Amber was showering or Amber would do her hair in the bathroom or dress in my presence. She had talked to several experts about it and they had all calmed any fear she felt in telling her that our being fraternal twins essentially made us one in the same. That she would not think anything if we had both been of the same sex and that there was assuredly nothing between us not shared by all fraternal twin sets. This seemed to help mom reduce her concerns for the most part.

About a year after our first encounter before school started that year mom had taken Amber into the female doctor for her annual exam and the doctor mentioned during the examination that Amber’s hymen was broken. Mom really freaked out about that for almost as month until the doctor told her that the exams or the use of tampons could have torn her hymen and that it did not mean Amber was sexually active. Outside of those two occurrences mom and dad both were pretty oblivious to our daily coitus. Amber and I would meet out in the barn during chores or anywhere else we could gain some degree of privacy. Several times during the following few years’ mom and dad would leave trusting the farm to us. It was a lot of work on our part to keep things going for several days but the extra work was worth it as Amber and I would have the house to ourselves for our extra curricular activities the entire time they were gone.

Sexually both Amber and I had really expanded our repertoire. Our bodies just seemed to meld together and from the start we were able to achieve mutual states of climax and orgasm. Within a few months we went from beginners to exploring our fantasies and fetishes in the safety and security of each others relationship together. Both Amber and I had also begun dating during our senior year of high school and now at 19 we both had become engaged to our prospective fiancé’s. Neither of us had been sexually active with anyone other than each other and we were not sure how we would take on the task of dealing with each others spouse. Both of our partners knew that Amber and I had a special bond and closeness that they appreciated and did not try to get in-between.

On the 22nd of June that year the big day finally arrived in which Amber would be wed to her fiancé James and I would be married to my fiancé April. We had purposely planned our wedding for the same day and the same ceremony as well as planning our honeymoons together. That morning we got up and both mom and dad went to make final preparations to the church and hall while we stayed behind to get ready. We would meet them at the church in about four hours. Amber was excited and I gave her a hot mineral salts bath allowing her to lay in the steamy hot water as I showered. I then used a luffa sponge to get her scrubbed up from head to toe taking time to caress and kiss each of her parts as I went along. I spent time working on her toenails and hands and then shaved her pretty legs. I moved on and gave her a tidy shave of her entire pubic area and finished off with toweling her dry and rubbing her down with some expensive lotion. I was getting dressed as she stood naked doing her hair and makeup and I admired her beauty. Occasionally we would make eye contact in our chit chat and smile at each other. Once she was done I helped her put on a pair of lacy panties, her thigh high hose, her garter and her brazier.

We embraced with both of us standing in our underwear holding each other tightly. We kissed passionately and as we broke our seal I felt Amber run her hands into the front of my boxers clutching my hard cock with her dainty little fingers. “Make love to me brother” I heard her tender little voice say into my ear. I ran my hands into the back of those lacy panties grabbing Amber’s taught firm ass cheeks and pulling her tightly into me as we kissed and our tongues darted around each others mouths. Amber had my cock out and my boxers pushed down off my hips and I moved down to suck on her tender nipples. In the heat of passion I left a bluish hickey on her left breast and she left one on my right chest between my nipple and breastbone. I slid down and pulled her panties to her ankles burying my face into her sweet shaved crotch lapping my tongue up over her sweet tasting slit making her shudder as I brushed against her clitoris each time. As I felt her orgasm rise I took her tender clitoral shaft between my lips and bit down tenderly making her squeal and whine out in ecstasy. As her orgasm subsided slightly I heard her tell me she wanted me inside her. I decided to use the short time we had available and pushed her to her knees in front of me leaving her made up face level with my raging hard cock which she immediately took into her mouth.

Amber spent several minutes making love to my male organ with her talented mouth before pulling me out and turning me around facing away from her. She reached around and began masturbating my cock and asking “does that feel good to your weenie?” I trying to keep from blowing my load mumbled “yes.” She then still working my cock bit my right cheek lightly playing with me and then as she slapped my cheek making a “Do you want me to stick a finger up your tight little hiene?” I bit my lip and said “yes” as I felt her lick my tight little back hole getting me ready for her finger. I felt one finger enter inside me and then heard her ask “How many fingers do you want?” I biting my lip still managed to mumble “two” as I felt her second finger enter me and she started sucking on my right cheek trying to get me back for leaving the hickey on her breast. Just as I didn’t think I could stand anymore she pulled her fingers from my anus and released her grip of my pulsing cock.

We moved over to the vanity and Amber sat in front of me with her legs spread wide and her pretty freshly shaved pussy almost calling my name. “Put your hard wiener inside my tight little ginnie now” I heard her moan as her fingers feverishly worked her clitoris with one hand and played with a nipple with the other. I pushed myself as deep into her hot wet tight hole as possible and we both exploded in one of the hottest most climactic orgasms ever together. We held each other and kissed deeply as the waves riveted through our bodies until we both subsided and melted in each others arms. My cock had grown limp and as I pulled out of my twin sister a large trail of my white hot sticky cum trailed on the end of my cock to the entrance of Amber’s pussy mixed with our combined juices. The aroma of sex was overpowering in the room as we stood on shaky legs and I helped Amber pull up her white lacy panties covering her cum drenched pussy. It was time to go and we hurriedly dressed and headed out the door.

The ceremony went quickly and soon we were at the reception hall. The meal was served and we danced a few songs. As I held Amber close to me in a dance I could smell the pungent aroma of sex and cum on her. Despite the last minute romp together Amber’s hair and makeup still looked perfect and her dress showed no signs of the afternoons activities we had engaged in. Shortly before it was time for us to depart April and Amber were seated on chairs in front of all the single males in the group. The raised their dresses on the leg that held the garter and James knelt at Amber’s leg and I at April’s. We pulled the garters off their legs and then threw them into the crowd. I could see that being this close to his brides freshly filled creamy pussy James had realized that something was not as it seemed. He didn’t say anything but he did give a rather puzzled look away. It was a short time later when we walked out the door and all got into a limousine together to head to the hotel we had made reservations at for the night. The driver started the car and we pulled away from the waving family and friends.

I looked into Amber’s deep blue eyes as she starred into mine. Up to this point nobody else on earth was aware of the relationship that the two of us shared. That was up until tonight when we would for the first time together disclose our true passion and bond for each other to our new spouses. The limo ride to the hotel was relatively short and we toasted champagne and made small talk along the way waiting to tell our darkest secret. How would April and James react? Would they understand or would they close themselves off and pull away. Maybe it was unfair to have kept this from them until now but we were unsure how to proceed. To this point they had both fully understood our start up plans for sharing a hotel for the honeymoon and deciding to get an apartment together under the pretenses of saving money. Now when they learned just how much we shared and where their roles would lay, would they continue to be so understanding?

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