Suzy Unleashed Chapter 1 (formatting corrected)

Suzy Unleashed

Chapter 1

I've always had a fondness for women's clothing, dating back to when I was a young boy. For most of my life, I kept that under control, but, as I got older, the fascination only increased. After I got married, I discovered I had an entire wardrobe of women's clothes to try on whenever my wife wasn't around. Eventually, the fear that I might soil or tear something of hers and get caught pushed me to invest in my own female clothing, which I managed to keep hidden in the attic. Over time, I built up a nice collection of skirts, panties, garterbelts, stockings, and even high heels and a wig. A flesh-colored body-stocking covered up my hairy legs and arms so that I didn't have to explain shaving them to my wife. When I added some artificial breasts and a dildo to play with, my collection was complete. Whenever Kathy was going to be gone for a few hours, I'd pull out my clothes and transform myself into my female alter-ego, Suzy. Of course, in my games, Suzy was a complete slut who wore only miniskirts and lived to tease men to the breaking point before she finally sucked their cocks. When my wife was called out of town to care for her sick mother for a week, my imagination went wild. On Monday, the first day she was gone, I hurried home from work and quickly changed into Suzy. I spent nearly an hour applying makeup, then pulled on my garterbelt, stockings, bra, panties and my shortest miniskirt and blouse combo. When I stepped into my 5" heels, I thought I was going to cum instantly! I managed ot hold off the orgasm while I strutted around the house, reveling in the fact that I had an entire week to play. After a half hour or so, however, I couldn't fight it any longer and let myself experience a huge orgasm. After the glow started to wear off, I was laying there wondering what I could do that would be really special. The idea that followed nearly floored me: what if I went out in public dressed as Suzy? The thought was totally outrageous and frightening, but the more I thought about it the more enticing it became. Even though one orgasm a day was usually my limit, that night I jerked myself off to a second one thinking about walking in public in my miniskirt.
The next day at work, all I could think of was trying to figure out a "safe" way to do it. Slowly, a plan formed, and I actually began to think it might be possible. After work, I again dressed up, making sure my makeup was perfect, then had dinner and waited for night to fall. Once it was dark, I took a deep breath, grabbed a purse, and got into my car. I drove to an interstate highway exit about 20 miles from my home. The exit was miles from everything, but there was a combination fast food and truckstop nearby that stayed open 24 hours a day. I reasoned that the place was not somewhere local residents went; the only traffic was from truckers or other travelers who got off the highway for a quick burger or a fill-up. That meant there was almost no chance of running into anyone who would recognize me, which fed my courage. Following my plan, I went through the drive-thru, ordering only a small Coke. When I approached the window, my heart was beating harder and faster than ever before. I handed the clerk my money and took the Coke, my fingers trembling. Even in the relative darkness, when his eyes widened, I knew he could see how short my skirt was. My anxiety kicked up even more until he said the one thing that absolutely made my night: "Thank you, ma'am, have a good night."
As I pulled away, I nearly screamed, "He called me ma'am! He thought I was a woman!" Even though I had thought that I did a good job with my makeup and looked passable, in the back of my mind I was afraid that I was only seeing what I wanted to see and that anyone else would see through my disguise. I was thrilled to discover that the clerk hadn't done that. Deciding to push my adventure even farther, I pulled into a parking place and sipped my Coke. When I had finished it, I looked around, checking the area. I was parked about 100 feet from the window of the burger joint and about 20 feet from the nearest trash receptacle. When I was certain no one was nearby, I opened the door and stepped out of the car. The blood rushed to my head and I could feel myself shaking. "I'm doing it!" I gasped. "I'm actually out of the car where people can see me!" I walked to the trashcan and pitched my empty cup, then turned and walked back to the car. As I did, I snuck a look toward the window and saw three guys who looked like college students sitting at a table, staring out at me! My first urge was to run back to the car, but I was afraid if I tried I'd fall off my heels, so I forced myself to walk casually. As I got near the car, I suddenly had an uncontrollable urge: instead of getting back into the car immediately, I went to the trunk and opened it, prolonging my exposure. Then, just for good measure, I bent over and pretended to be adjusting something in the trunk. The rush of air told me that my short skirt had ridden up and I knew that at least the tops of my stockings and possibly my panties were now visible to anyone looking out that window. I moaned softly, wondering if I was going to cum right there in the parking lot. Luckily, I was able to avoid that, and managed to get back into the car and drive off. Again, I fought the urge to hurry, afraid that I might get pulled over for speeding. When I did get home, it took me only about 30 seconds of jerking off to reach a huge orgasm. The next day at work was even worse than Tuesday had been—I kept replaying my adventure in my mind, thinking about those three guys watching me and wondering what they thought of the slut in the miniskirt they had been watching. It finally got so bad that I had to make a lame excuse about not feeling well and went home early. After stopping at an adult video store on the way and buying a couple shemale porn movies, the first thing I did when I got home was jerk off while watching one of them. The second thing I did was change into Suzy. Once again, by the time I finished my makeup and was dressed I had an erection. "Jesus," I whispered to myself, "I just had an orgasm! How can I be hard again already?" After cooking and eating dinner, I decided it was time to "whore it up" and spent some quality time licking and sucking my dildo. The entire time I did, I kept picturing the three guys who I had noticed the night before and imagining that my dildo was one of their cocks. It didn't take long for me to decide that I absolutely needed to pay another visit to what was now my favorite parking lot. Although the cautious side of me wanted to wait until dark again, the adventurous side decided that wasn't necessary. "The clerk saw me close up and thought I was a woman," I told myself, "and that was under the lights at the window. If I could pass then, I can pass now! There's no reason to wait!"
The next thing I knew, I was in my car, driving back to the truckstop. Once again, I hit the drive-thru window for a Coke, and, once again, the results were encouraging. A different clerk was in the window than the night before, but his reaction was just as exciting: as he handed me my Coke and change, he couldn't keep his eyes off of my legs. As I pulled away from the window, I glanced down and saw that in turning to hand him my money and take the Coke, my skirt had slid up exposing the tops of my stockings. "No wonder he was staring," I smiled to myself. "I hope he enjoyed the show." The parking lot was a little more crowded at this hour than it had been the night before, but I managed to find a parking place, barely noticing that it was much farther from the trash can than the other spot had been. I sipped at my Coke, allowing my excitement to build. When I finished, I made sure no one was around and stepped out of the car. My heart immediately started pounding yet again as I realized how many people there were in the burger joint who could look out and see me. I made my way to the trash can, deposited my empty cup and turned to go back to my car. As I did, a couple of men came out of the burger joint and started walking toward where I was parked. My heart skipped a beat and fear gripped me. Were they going to meet me there? What would I do? What would I say? Again I had to fight the urge to run, concentrating on breathing while I walked back to my car, keeping one eye on the men the entire time. When they stopped at a pickup truck two rows before they reached my car, I realized they weren't coming to meet me. I breathed a sigh of relief, but almost immediately also felt a pang of disappointment. The two men stood beside the truck talking, and I noticed both had keys in their hands. Apparently, they weren't traveling in the same vehicle, but had parked beside each other and were finishing their conversation before they got in their vehicles. The intelligent, cautious side of me was grateful that they hadn't actually been walking to my car and wanted to get in and drive away. Unfortunately, Suzy the Slut wasn't satisfied with that, and I discovered that she was the one in charge of my body. Following her desires, I walked to the trunk of my car and repeated the show I had put on the night before, bending over to reach deep into the trunk. The difference, I knew, was that the night before I had put on my little show after dark and with my audience 100 feet away in the restaurant. Now, although it was dusk, it wasn't yet dark and my audience was standing about 20 feet away! "I know they can see my panties," I thought as I leaned into the trunk. "They can see all of my legs, my stockings, my garters and my panties! Oh, God, what am I doing?" The answer flashed quickly into my head: "I'm putting on a show. I'm teasing them with my legs and ass. I bet I'm making their cocks hard! Jesus, Suzy, you're such a cocktease!" The Suzy part of me wanted to stay there, bent over and displaying my ass, but finally the rational side of me won a battle and I straightened up. I closed the trunk and walked to the door of my car, and, as I opened it, I could see the two men still standing by their vehicles, staring at me. "They saw it," I thought. "They saw the whole show! I hope they liked it!" I climbed into my car, aware that in doing so I was giving them one last look at my legs. I glanced in my mirror and saw them still staring, both with huge grins on their faces. "They did like it," I told myself. "I wonder what they're thinking. I wonder if they're thinking about fucking me. I wonder if they'd like me to suck their cocks." My entire body was tingling with excitement. "I bet they would," I breathed. "I bet they'd love to have me suck their cocks. God, would that be exciting! I bet they have really nice cocks." As I stared into the mirror, I realized they weren't getting into their cars. Instead, they were slowly moving towards me! Panic set in and I quickly started my car and pulled out of my parking spot. I sped away, leaving them staring at my car as I disappeared. Halfway home, my panic finally subsided and Suzy asked, "Why did I run away? Why didn't I stay? That was my chance to really suck a cock! In fact, it was a chance to suck two cocks! I could have done it! I know I could!" The fact that I could even think of such a possibility stunned me. Was there really a part of me that wanted to suck cock? Sure, I had played my whore role game with a dildo, but that wasn't like doing the real thing. I started shaking uncontrollably and didn't stop until long after I had parked the car and taken refuge at home.
Of course, my little adventure did give me lots of fantasy fodder for jerking off the rest of the night, much to "Suzy's" pleasure. I watched both of my new videos, picturing myself in the starring roles with very little trouble. The experience and the vibrant memories also made it nearly impossible to concentrate at work on Thursday. Once again, I rushed home after quitting time, changed clothes and put on my makeup, eager to spend another evening as my favorite slut. And, once again, I was so excited that I couldn't even wait for dark; by 8:00 I was out cruising, and it was still light out when I got to the interstate. I followed the same routine I had the night before. I was actually a little disappointed that there was no audience quite as close as the night before and that I had to content myself with putting on a show for the people inside. As I climbed back into my car, I sighed, "Well, no cock for Suzy tonight. Too bad." Despite the let down, my fantasy world wasn't affected—when I got home I simply made up a more satisfying memory, imagining that I had let a stranger get close enough to hit on me. Of course, in my dream world, I accepted his advance and ended up on my knees behind the truckstop giving him a blowjob. By the time my fantasy lover blew his load in my mouth, my own dick was soaking my panties with cum.
On Friday, I was even more worthless at work. Literally, the only thing I could think of was the fact that in a few hours I was going to be able to change into Suzy and not have to change back for an entire weekend. My poor dick was hard all day, and I couldn't help thinking about the Cialis warning: "For an erection lasting more than four hours seek medical help." I smiled to myself, thinking, "The only medical help I need is a good-looking doctor to fuck my mouth." As soon as I got home, I surrendered to my needs and jerked off. I wasn't surprised in the least that even after a huge orgasm my rod stayed hard; there was no way it was going to shrink until I made my evening visit to the truckstop. Wanting to prolong the fun, and knowing I had all weekend to play, I forced myself to cook dinner. I ate without even tasting the food and hurriedly washed the dishes, thinking "even a slut like me has to do housework before she can go get laid." As I approached the truckstop, I felt a surge of courage. "I think it's time to step up the excitement," I told myself. "No drive-thru tonight." I pulled into the parking lot and this time went straight for a parking space near the door to the truckstop portion of the building. "I can't do this," I heard myself whisper. "Sure you can," Suzy responded. "You're a sexy bitch. Now get your ass in there and have fun." Grabbing my purse, I got out of the car and determinedly walked into the truckstop. As I walked around the various displays, at least a dozen men eyed my long legs and short skirt, and once again I started fantasizing about what I could do to please them. When I felt my lust getting out of control, I decided it was time to leave, and I headed for the door.
I was halfway out when I heard a voice say, "John? John? Oh my God, it is you!" My eyes immediately jerked in the direction the voice was coming from, and, to my total shock, I was face to face with my wife! "What the fuck!" she gasped. "What are you doing here dressed like that?"
At that moment, I could only think of one response: I ran to my car, jumped in and drove off. I was in a total state of panic the whole way home; tears ran down my cheeks while I desperately tried to think of a way to explain what Kathy had seen. I pulled into the garage and hurried into the house, wanting to hide as much evidence as I could. Unfortunately, Kathy was right behind me and stormed into the bedroom only seconds after I did, catching me with the videos and my dildo in my hands. "Jesus Christ!" she exclaimed, grabbing the DVD's from me. She stared at the artwork on the movie cases and then looked back at me. "Tranny Cocksuckers and Shemale Whores?" she asked, reading the titles. "This is what you're into? I guess this explains why you were out at the truckstop dressed like a slut!"
"It, it's not what it looks like," I protested lamely.
"It's not?" she laughed. "Well, that's good, because what it looks like is that my husband is out prancing around dressed like a whore. I'm glad that's not really what I saw. And, I guess that's not really a big, stiff dildo in your hands, right?" I could feel my cheeks flushing as embarrassment overwhelmed me. I tried to respond, but there was nothing I could say to change the facts. "Well?" Kathy growled, "are you going to explain to me what I'm really seeing? No? Then I guess maybe it is what it looks like: my husband is a closet crossdressing whore!"
"No!" I gasped. "I'm not! I'm really not! I, I've never, ever actually touched another man like that!"
"But you sure were trying, weren't you?" she spat. "That is why you were at that truckstop, isn't it? You were out trying to pick up a guy!"
"No," I whimpered. "I, I was just seeing what it was like to be out in public like this."
"Yeah, and you never even dreamed of sucking some guy's cock, right? You expect me to believe that crap?"
"It's true," I sobbed. "I, I've never touched another man's cock. I swear!"
"But you aren't denying that you were thinking about it, are you?"
I slowly shook my head. "I guess not," I conceded. "I'll be honest: I, I did fantasize about it, but that's all it was, a fantasy!"
"Well," she sighed, "I guess this explains why you're so worthless in bed. You don't want my pussy, you want a nice hard cock!"
"No!" I gasped. "That's not true!"
"The fuck it's not!" she laughed. Suddenly, she pulled out her cell phone and started snapping pictures of me.
"What, what are you doing?" I asked.
"Getting evidence," she grinned.
"Evidence? Evidence for what?"
"For whatever I need it for," she grinned even more. "For the divorce action, for any arguments we might have…for whatever."
"Divorce?" I gulped. "Kathy, please, you can't mean that!"
"I come home a little early because my mother is feeling better and find out my husband wants to be a tranny whore? Why wouldn't I be serious about a divorce?"
"Please," I sobbed, "don't do that. I'll do anything."
She stared at me for a full 10 seconds without saying anything, then her lips twisted into a vicious smile. "You will, huh? Anything?"
I nodded. "Anything. I'll prove to you that I can be a good husband. I'll prove to you that I'm not a tranny whore."
Her smile got even bigger. "No, I don't think you will," she laughed. "As a matter of fact, I think you'll prove exactly the opposite."
"What? What does that mean?"
"It means you've always been pathetic in bed. Your tiny little dick is bad enough, but even worse is the fact that you can only get it up once a week if I'm lucky. Hell, even that would be acceptable if you could keep it hard long enough to get me off, but you can't do that, either. To be perfectly honest, I suspect you'd make a much better whore than you do a husband."
"Kathy," I protested, "please…"
"Shut the fuck up!" she screamed. "I don't want to hear your excuses!" I went silent immediately while she glared at me. "OK, darling," she finally grinned, "let's see if you meant what you said about being willing to do anything to avoid a divorce."
"I, I did," I gulped. "Just tell me what you want me to do."
Her eyes sparkled. "The first thing I want you to do is to get into the shower. Scrub off all that makeup." I nodded. "Then, shave," she grinned.
"Shave," she nodded. "Shave your arms, your legs, your chest, your armpits…in short get rid of any hair that a woman wouldn't have."
"What? Why?"
"Because if you're going to dress like a slut, you should do it right."
"But, but…" I stammered.
"But nothing!" she cut me off. "You're either going to do what I say or you're getting out of my house! I will file for divorce, and I will post all of these pictures on Facebook and tell the entire world why I'm divorcing you. Everyone will know how I discovered that my husband was a crossdressing whore! Now, what's it going to be? Are you going to do what I say or not?"
I gulped and nodded. "I'll do it," I whispered.
"Good. Now get your ass into that shower and don't come out until you've gotten rid of all that ugly masculine hair." She turned on her heels and stormed out of the bedroom.
With nothing else to say or do, I stripped and got into the shower. It took over a half hour, but when I got out of the shower, my face, arms, legs and body were shaven clean except for a tiny patch of pubic hair that I left in place. Kathy was waiting for me in the bedroom. After running her eyes over my hairless body she grinned. "Sit down," she ordered, pointing at the stool in front of her makeup table. "Let me show you the right way to apply makeup." She proceeded to do just that, explaining step by step what she was doing. When she was done, she ordered me to put my Suzy clothing back on (minus the body-stocking, which was obviously no longer needed). When I was completely dressed, she smiled and nodded. "Wonderful," she said. "If you had looked like that when I saw you earlier, I might not have even recognized you. Go take a look."
I walked over to the full-length mirror and stared at my reflection. I was absolutely stunned at what I saw. While I had thought I was passable before, what Kathy had done with the makeup was amazing—I not only looked convincingly female, I actually looked hot! "Wow!" I gasped. "I can't believe that's me!"
"You make a very pretty woman," Kathy complimented. "I think you could go anywhere without worrying about anyone suspecting you aren't."
I turned and looked at her. "I don't understand. Why are you doing this? I mean, I can understand how angry you were before, but I don't understand why you're trying to make me look pretty. Shouldn't you be making me burn my female things instead of making me look better in them?"
She shrugged. "Sometimes the best strategy for a child is to give them exactly what they want and let them see that having something isn't always as nice as wanting it. I figure that if I forbid you from dressing up all I'm doing is making you want it more. So, instead, I decided to let you see what it's really like being the slut you were daydreaming about."
"I see," I said. Silently, I laughed to myself. If I had known this would be Kathy's idea of punishment, I'd have confessed long ago. I looked back at the mirror. "I never even dreamed that I could look this good," I told her.
"Speaking of which," she smiled, "tell me about your dreams and fantasies. Did you have a woman's name?"
"Suzy," I said softly.
"That's a cute name," she smiled. "I like it. Now, what about action? Did you see yourself getting fucked as a woman?"
"No," I said hastily. "I never, ever imagined that!"
"I see," she smiled. "So what did you imagine? Sucking cock, maybe?" I didn't answer, but I didn't have to. "Judging from the way you're blushing, I'd say that's a yes," Kathy giggled. "Is that what you did with that dildo?" Blushing even more I nodded slightly. "Well," she smiled, "I hope you do that better than you fuck. Then again, you almost have to. You couldn't be any worse."
I stood and stewed in the humiliation of the insults she was lightly tossing. "You, you never complained before," I said.
"Not to you," she smirked. "I figured it wouldn't help. It's not like you could grow a real dick." I wanted to defend myself, but I didn't think it was the best time to start an argument, considering what had already happened in the last few hours, so I bit my tongue. The last thing I wanted was for her to stop my "punishment". Suddenly, the doorbell rang and Kathy smiled wickedly. "Phase two," she announced brightly.
"Phase two?" I echoed.
"You'll see," she promised. "Wait here." I didn't tell her that I fully intended to stay away from whoever was at the door while I was dressed the way I was. I went back to admiring my new look in the mirror until I heard Kathy call, "Suzy." I turned around and saw with shock that she wasn't alone. Standing beside her was a tall, very muscular black man. "Suzy, this is Ron," she smiled. "Ron, meet Suzy."
"Hi," I gulped.
"Hi, yourself, sexy," he grinned. He looked at Kathy. "You said she was hot, but you didn't say she was smokin'."
"You like Suzy, then?" she asked.
"I like Suzy a lot," he grinned. "And I think I'm going to like Suzy a lot more pretty soon."
"I hope so," Kathy giggled. "Let's get you ready, OK?" He nodded and I watched as Kathy moved into his arms. They kissed passionately, his hands roaming down her back to her ass, which he playfully fondled. Without breaking the kiss, Kathy unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off, revealing a chest that was even more muscular than I had thought. Ron kicked off his shoes as Kathy unfastened his pants. When they dropped to the floor, he stepped out of them. He was now wearing only white jockey shorts and Kathy melted into his flesh, kissing him even more passionately. Meanwhile, I stood there, staring helplessly as my wife made out with this stranger. After a few minutes, Kathy's hand slid down his body to the front of his shorts. She moaned softly and said, "Oh, my, I'd say you're more than ready."
"You know me," he grinned. "I'm always ready."
Kathy kissed him once more and turned to face me. She held Ron's hand and said, "Come here, Suzy." I moved closer and she smiled. "I have a present for you darling." Reaching out, she grabbed my hand and pulled. When I stepped closer, she moved my hand to the front of Ron's shorts. I jerked it away, but she was still holding my wrist and immediately moved it back. "Feel that," she ordered. "Feel what a real cock is like." I could definitely feel that—it felt like Ron was hiding a baseball bat in his shorts. Holding my hand in place, Kathy said, "In case your brain is as tiny as your dick, Suzy, Ron and I are very good friends."
"Very good?" I gulped. "How good?"
"Well," she grinned. "Let's just say Ron has fucked me more times in the last month than you have since we've been married."
I gulped. "He's fucking you?"
"Uh-huh," she smiled, "and now he's going to fuck you, too."
"NO!" I gasped again trying to pull away.
Ron reached out and grabbed my arm, squeezing hard enough to cause pain. "What's wrong, Suzy," he asked. "Kathy said you were really into cock. You've got a really cute little ass. I think I'm going to love fucking it."
His grip was like a vice and I knew I couldn't get my arm free from it. "Kathy, please," I begged.
She smiled and shrugged. "OK, honey, I'll cut you a break. Ron, Suzy and I have been talking since I called you and I've discovered that getting fucked isn't her thing. Would you mind too much if we sort of changed the agenda?"
"Hey, I'm flexible," he grinned.
"Good, because Suzy is much more into sucking cock."
I felt my entire body turn cold. "Kathy, please," I begged.
"You don't have to say please, Suzy, I've already told you that you can suck his cock."
"No," I begged. "Don't do this to me."
"Would you rather he fucked you?" she asked. "It's your choice." Silently I shook my head, and Kathy's sweet demeanor vanished. "Listen to me, slut," she growled. "You want to dress like a whore? You want to play slut? Well, now it's time to pay the piper. You're either going to blow Ron or he's going to fuck your pretty little ass. You can choose which one you want, but one way or another Ron is going to get his rocks off inside you. You have ten seconds to make up your mind. If I don't hear you tell Ron that you want to suck his cock, we're going to assume that you're just too shy to tell him you want your ass fucked. If that happens, we're going to tie you down to that bed over there and Ron is going to pound that big, beautiful cock in your ass until he cums. Understand?" I nodded in shock. "Good," she grinned. "Your ten seconds starts now."
My eyes darted back and forth between Kathy and Ron. It only took me two seconds to decide that neither running nor fighting was an option. Ron had muscles on his muscles, so any fight with him would be a foregone conclusion. And, even if I could find a way to outrun him in my spike heels, where would I go? As my mind reeled, Kathy held up five fingers. A second later, she dropped one. A second later there were only three fingers up. "All right, all right," I croaked. "I get it." I turned to Ron and forced the words out of my mouth. "I, I want to suck your cock," I heard my voice say.
He grinned broadly. "Help yourself, sexy," he replied.
I glanced at Kathy who nodded and grinned. "Go ahead, Suzy. Just pretend he's that cute dildo you've been practicing on."
I slowly lowered myself to my knees, still hoping that Kathy was bluffing. Maybe she was just testing me to see if I'd follow her orders. Maybe she'd step in and stop me from having to do this. With those prayers dancing in my head, I knelt in front of Ron my face a foot away from his bulging white shorts. My hands were both free now, and I slowly moved my right hand to the bulge. I ran a finger down it and felt my body shiver. It felt so big and so hard! "You need to pull his shorts down," Kathy directed. "Just wait until you see his dick!"
My fingers moved up to his waistband and tugged out and down, pulling the white cotton down to his thighs. They slid down his legs while my eyes locked on a dick that was easily twice as big as mine. "Oh, God," I murmured, "it's huge!"
"It is," Kathy agreed, "and it's all yours. Enjoy yourself, Suzy."
My fingers seemed drawn to the stiff rod that was pointing straight at me. As they wrapped around it, my heart started pounding. A part of my brain marveled at the sight of my white fingers and bright red fingernails curled around the ebony shaft. If it wasn't the sexiest sight I'd ever seen, it wasn't far off. I ran a fingernail down the shaft to his balls and then back up to the tip, both trying to measure it and feeling its obvious strength and power. "Oh, God," I whimpered again.
Kathy knelt beside me. "Do you need help?" she asked. "Would you like me to coach you?" I nodded, suddenly realizing I hadn't been breathing. "OK," she said softly. "You're doing good. Go ahead and stroke it a little. I'm sure you know how to do that—the only difference is your strokes will be nine inches now instead of the two inches you're used to." She giggled at her little joke as my fingers moved up and down the hard rod. "Good," she urged. "Now, kiss it." My eyes moved to hers, silently pleading. "Kiss it," she said a little more firmly. I leaned forward until my lips made contact with the middle of his shaft, then lightly kissed it. I pulled back, staring at the lipstick mark on his cock. "Again," Kathy ordered. I leaned in and gave it another peck. "Now, kiss it like you mean it," she said firmly. Kiss it for at least five seconds." I did as she ordered, feeling the soft flesh of his cock stretched tight by his erection. "Now," Kathy said softly, "kiss the head. Kiss it really nicely." Again, I followed her instructions, kissing the soft purplish-black head for a few seconds. "Run your tongue around it," Kathy ordered. The tip of my tongue traced the ridge below his cockhead. "Now, run your tongue down the shaft to his balls." As my tongue moved down his cock, she added, "an kiss his balls. Feel how big and heavy they are. That's how a man's balls feel." I kissed and fondled his sac, involuntarily recognizing the difference between his and what was in my panties. "Lick your way back up," Kathy commanded. As my tongue moved back up the long rod, she issued her next command, "Kiss the head some more, then lick it again." I wasn't even thinking now, just following her orders, which were coming more rapidly. "Kiss it, lick down to his balls, kiss them, now lick back up, kiss and lick, oh, good girl! Now kiss and lick at the same time; that's it, like a French kiss. Good, now open your mouth a little wider and kiss the tip. Good! Kiss it harder; oh, yeah, now open wider, go ahead…." She paused and I suddenly realized why: Ron's cock was now in my mouth! His hands grabbed the back of my head, preventing me from pulling away. My eyes shot to Kathy, who was staring and rubbing her own crotch. "Suck it," she said hoarsely. "You have him in your mouth, now suck it, slut." Ron was pressing in and up with his hips, forcing his dick deeper into my mouth. Unable to resist, I surrendered and started gently sucking.
"Jesus," Ron groaned, "she's doing it."
"Of course she is," Kathy replied. "Suzy's a slut. It's what she does. It's what she's wanted to do for a long time."
I tried to disassociate myself from what was happening, but I couldn't. Ron's huge dick was rhythmically sliding in and out of my mouth, moving across my lips and tongue. "He's fucking my mouth," I realized. "He's really doing it. I'm really doing it! I'm sucking his cock! I'm blowing him! My mind flashed back to the feeling I'd had the night before when I hurried away from the two truckdrivers. "I could have blown them, but I didn't," I thought. "But now I'm doing it! I'm sucking a cock!" I heard a moaning sound that I couldn't place for a few seconds. It didn't sound like Kathy and it was too close to be Ron…with a start I realized it was coming from my throat. Ron's dick was now sliding in and out even faster, moving deeper into my mouth until it bumped against the back of my throat. I was about to beg him to slow down and be gentle when it dawned on me that his hands were no longer on my head. He had let go and was letting me set the tempo…I was the one bobbing up and down on his dick faster and harder. Kathy was no longer directing my movements. Instead I could see her watching in awe and stroking her pussy, which was now exposed, her pants and panties having been tossed aside. My hands were stroking the thick rod while I sucked and licked the head and as much of the rod as I could fit into my mouth. It felt so hard and yet so soft, so big, so delicious…..I drifted happily in a fog of lust, feeling the stiffness growing in my own panties, until suddenly Ron grabbed my head again. As he held my face still, I looked up and saw him, head back, eyes closed, lips clenched. Just as my lust-addled brain put the pieces together, Ron groaned and thrust into my mouth. His cock exploded, sending a torrent of cum onto my tongue and don my throat. I gagged at the first blast, then regained control enough to keep the rest of his semen from running down my throat. Again and again the huge cock spurted, filling my mouth with hot, thick fluid.
When he finally stopped cumming and sat back, his dick popped out of my mouth, leaving me sitting there on the floor with a mouth full of sperm. "Swallow it," Kathy gave one last command. "Swallow it like the nasty whore you are." I sobbed softly but did as she ordered, downing the thick, salty fluid. "Good girl," she smiled. "You make such a good whore! Congratulations, darling, now you're officially a cocksucker!" While I tried to catch my breath and slow my racing heart, she asked Ron, "How was it?"
"Excellent," he grinned. "She started a little slowly, but once she got into it, she was great!"
"So you're saying you'd do her again?"
"Hell, yeah," he laughed. "In fact, give me five minutes and I'll be happy to do hr again."
"You've got yourself a deal," Kathy giggled.
I laughed along with them, certain that he was joking. My laughter lasted only a few minutes though, until I saw Ron reach down and rub his soft cock. To my amazement, it responded almost immediately and within a minute it was starting to stiffen. "Oh my God," I gasped.
Ron laughed and asked, "Would you like to take over, Suzy?"
"Of course she would," Kathy answered for me. "Go ahead, Suzy, show him what a slut you really are." Knowing how futile it would have been to argue, I meekly moved back into position kneeling between Ron's legs. He let go of his dick and my fingers replaced his. His dick wasn't yet hard, but it was also far from soft. I played with it, feeling it stiffen as I did. "That's it," Kathy encouraged. "You're really doing great, Suzy. Just remember, though the second orgasm always takes longer than the first. This time it won't be a quickie, so take your time and enjoy yourself."
Using the lessons I had learned a few minutes before, I started kissing and licking Ron's dick, coaxing it back to a completely hard condition. "This is amazing," I whispered, staring at it. I opened my mouth wide and slipped him between my lips. Unlike the panic I had felt a few minutes earlier, I was now relaxed and felt a little more in control. I had been sucking for about five minutes when, for some reason, I recalled Kathy's last comment: "Take your time and enjoy yourself." As the recollection bounced around my brain, it was joined by a response: "I am taking my time and I am enjoying myself!" I reacted to the thought by immediately denying it, but as I worked on Ron's cock, I knew that my denial was coming from my brain, not my body. My body was enjoying it—from the stiffness in my panties to the aching, longing, glowing feeling in my mouth, I was enjoying it! I settled in, kissing, licking, sucking and stroking Ron's magnificent dick. While my first blowjob had been hurried and frantic, tinged with fear and doubt, this one became relaxed and adventuresome. I was actually exploring, seeing how much of his cock I could swallow before I gagged, then licking him like a popsicle, watching my saliva glisten along the ark black rod. I kissed and sucked at his balls, still amazed at how huge and heavy they seemed. During the first blowjob, my only goals were to get it over with and survive it. During the second one, there was no such pressure. During the first blowjob, I had been torn: a part of me wanted Ron to cum, to end my torture, while a part of me dreaded the fact that a man was about to cum in my mouth. Now, I was torn again, but for a completely different reason: part of me wanted him to cum, wanted to feel his hard cock throbbing and spurting, wanted to taste his thick, salty, sweet sperm, but another part of me didn't want what I was experiencing to end. "I like having him in my mouth," I admitted. "I like kissing and sucking his gorgeous cock. I don't want it to end."
I felt Kathy move to my side. She whispered, "Having fun, darling?"
I nodded and whimpered back, "I am. Oh, God, this is so amazing! I love it!"
She kissed me lightly on the cheek and said, "I can tell. You look so happy!"
She moved away and let me continue working on Ron's dick while her words and mine echoed in my head. When Ron finally did cum, I slurped up every drop, this time savoring it before I swallowed. When his spent dick slipped from my hand, I stared at it and smiled to myself. "I did that," I whispered. "I took that wonderful cock, made it hard and sucked it dry. God, that's so hot!"
"It must have been," Kathy snickered. "Look at your panties!" When I had sat back after releasing Ron's dick, my skirt had ridden up, exposing my panties. When I looked down to see what Kathy meant, I was mortified—the front of the panties was soaked with a spreading wet spot. "Looks like Ron wasn't the only one to get his rocks off from that blowjob!" Kathy pointed out. "Our Suzy had an orgasm, too!" I pulled down my skirt to cover the spot, but the damage was already done. "Don't be ashamed," Kathy grinned. "It's natural for a girl to cum when she's having fun like that."
I blushed. "I, I don't know what to say. I really didn't expect to react the way I have."
"I didn't expect it, either," Kathy said huskily. "You're so-o-o much better at this than I thought you'd be. I absolutely love watching you suck cock."
"Thanks, I guess," I blushed.
"No, thank you," she purred. "And do you want to know the best part?"
"Sure," I said against my better judgment.
"The best part is thinking about all the fun we're going to have in the future now that we both know what a great whore you are!"
"The future?" I gasped. "God, no! Kathy, you can't mean that!"
"Oh, but I do," she grinned.
"I'm not going to do this again! Look, you wanted to punish me and you did. But, fair's fair. I think tonight has been enough to earn your forgiveness!"
"Well, it probably is," she nodded. "But, from now on, you have another problem. You really don't want your little hobby exposed to everyone, do you?"
"Go ahead and show your pictures to anyone you want," I sqid defiantly. "I'll just tell them you took them when I got dressed up for a Halloween party!"
"Pictures?" she laughed. "God, you're right—those pictures aren't very damning." She paused, smiled again and added, "The videos though, well, that's a different story."
"Videos? What videos?"
"Oh, I'm sorry," she giggled. "Did I forget to mention that I sort of recorded both of the blowjobs you just gave Ron?"
"You what?"
She pulled out her cell phone, ran her fingers across the screen and turned it toward me. I watched as the screen filled with a picture of me slurping on Ron's thick cock. After a few seconds, the picture zoomed in, focusing on my face, leaving no doubt as to my identity, then zoomed back out for a better shot of the action. "I love the part where you tell me how much you love what you're doing," Kathy said. "I bet your friends will like that part, too." I grabbed for the phone, but she pulled it away. "Now, now," she grinned, wagging a finger at me. "Don't be grabby. I'll let you watch as much as you want. Besides, I've already emailed both videos to Ron. I'm sure he'll be happy to burn some DVD's from them if you want."
I stared at her. "Why are you doing this?" I asked.
"Well, to be honest, it did start out as revenge. I wanted to punish you, just lie you said. But, somewhere along the line, I discovered that I like having you as
Suzy. I meant what I said before: I love watching you suck cock. After all those years of putting up with you as a dickless husband, it's really nice having you as my obedient little whore. I want to keep it that way. So, here's the new deal, darling. You keep becoming Suzy whenever I tell you to and you keep doing the things Suzy does so well, like sucking cock when I tell you to. If you do that, these videos will stay our little secret. The way I see it, that's a win-win situation. You get to do all the things you've been fantasizing about and I get to enjoy watching you do them. Doesn't that sound like fun?"
"No, it doesn't."
"Oh, too bad," she said sarcastically. "But you are going to do it, aren't you?"
"I, I don't know."
"Well, why don't you sleep on it?" she suggested. "You can give me a decision in the morning." She looked at the time on her phone. "Speaking of which, it's getting late. Why don't the three of us get some sleep?"
"The three of us?"
"Sure. Our bed's big enough for all of us. I don't think Ron will mind if you join us." She abruptly took Ron's hand and led him to the bedroom, leaving me to follow. When we got there, she tossed me a pink negligee. "This should fit you honey," she smiled. "I think you need to stay in character tonight."

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