Maria is initiated

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I am married to an eastern european woman,we live in eastern europe.
Recently my wife and I were driving back from our home we have in a small villlage to our main home in the city.
As usual I was going too fast and as usual I got stopped by the police.
I wasn't too worried by this,it has happened so many times it doesn't worry me anymore.All I had to do was pass over some cash and we would be on our way again.
I got the usual amount of money ready to give to the police.
The guy that had flagged me down approached my car,I lowered the window, he told me to get out of the car.
When I was out of the car he asked me for my documents,you must always carry all the cars documents and your documents.
I put my hand into my bumbag to take them out and give them to him but they were not there,I suddenly remembered that my wife,Maria,had taken them because she had to pay the insurance and road tax,she hadnt given them back to me.
I told them to wait a moment and went back to my car.
I explained to Maria what had happened,she was worried, she said that I would be taken to the police station and kept there overnight.
Although I speak the langauge enough to get by I cant speak it well enough for situations like the one we were now in.
Maria said that she would talk to them,she got out of the car and walked towards them.
I could see that they liked what they saw.
She had on a black open lacy top, which had thin pieces of material going over her shoulders,it was cut low enough to expose a fair amount of cleavage,it was also see through enough for her tits to be seen clearly,although she doesn't usually wear it in public she was wearing it because I liked it and had asked her to,she had said that she would be raped if she wore it in public and I wasnt there.
She was also wearing a black pleated micro skirt,it came to about three inches below her cunt and flounced about as she walked,something else she doesn't usually wear in public,again I had asked her to wear it for me. I loved it when guys fucked her with their eyes.
To finish off she had on a pair of black very high heels.
The guys ogled her as she walked towards them.
She started talking to them,I could understand that she was offering them money but they were not interested.
She opened her bag to show them the money,I noticed that she had two of her vibrators in her bag,the cops noticed too,This went on for more than five minutes,they still were not interested.
Maria turned to me and said it was no good they were going to arrest me.
I said wasnt there anything else she could think of to offer them.
She thought for a minute and then said that the only thing she could think of ,was to offer them something that they couldnt refuse,I asked her what.
She hesitated again for a moment and then said that she could offer herself to them.
I couldnt say anything for a few seconds and then asked if she was serious.
She said of course she was,she reminded me that she had already agreed to being fucked by guys other than me ,now was the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.She said that she hoped that after all my badgering her to fuck other men I wasnt going to change my mind now the perfect opportunity was presenting itself and she was prepared to do so.

I had brought up the subject of her fucking other men again in the car on Friday as we were travelling to the country house, and I was surprised when she said ok she would,normally she would answer that she would think about it,which I took as meaning no. She said that she would look for someone as soon as we got back home, I said only one, she asked me how many guys I wanted to fuck her,I said at least two, she didnt answer for a moment or so then she had said ok at least two ,to begin,I asked her what she meant by to begin,she said who knows she might like it and decide that she wanted to be fucked by more.I said great, as long as she was sure,she said she was.I ask her why she had suddenly said she would, she replied because everytime I had mentioned it her cunt had juiced up,so it must mean that she really wanted to.
I was so excited by the thought of her agreeing to fuck other guys that I kept on about it for the whole weekend,I even talked about it when we were in bed having sex,I asked her again how many guys she would fuck and she laughed and said at least five or six,I said what about a gang bang, she said ok she would set about arranging it as well as soon as we got back, I asked her if she was serious she said of course she was,now that she had decided to do it she wanted to do it as soon as possible,this really excited me and I made her promise that she would,she said why not,she promised faithfully that she would arrange to be gang banged as soon as we got back,I asked her how she would go about it,she must have already have thought about it because straight away said that she would put an advert in a paper where we both knew they published adverts for prostitutes etc,I could tell that she was excited too by the thought of being fucked by so many guys.
We were even talking about it when I was stopped by the police,Maria had been telling me again that she wanted to begin as soon as we got home, she said that she would phone a couple of guys that are friends of ours and tell them to come over for an impromptue party she was giving,she said that her cunt was as horny as hell and already juiced up at the thought of being fucked by two guys,I said what would her cunt feel like if it knew that it was going to be gang banged by five or six guys,she said why stop at only six,I was amazed by what she had said and asked her if she was serious,she said why not.

Before we went back to the two cops,I told to her to let me control what to do,I said that I would know better what would interest them from a mans point of view,she agreed to do what I said,I was getting horny with the thought of what we were about to do.I thought that I would make her act outrageously.
We went back to the cops and Maria started talking to them,I could see that they were interested,I asked what they were saying,she said that they wanted to see what was on offer,in english I told her to pull her top up over her tits.
Smiling at them she pulled her top up, I could see that they liked what they saw,but I understood enough to know that they were still not sure what to do.
I told Maria to take off her top and give it to them, which she did ,they were still unsure but more interested,next I told her to take off her skirt and give this to them too,she removed her skirt ,she was wearing a very small see through g-string,her hairless cunt could be seen through it, I told her not to stop now ,she took off her g-string and gave that to them.
They were definitely interested now.
I told her to go down onto her knees and beg them to fuck her instead of arresting me.
She went down onto her knees and started to beg them,I heard her say that they could do what they liked to her,for as long as they liked, as long as they didnt arrest me,she put her arms behind her and bowed her head in subjection.
I asked her if her cunt was juicing up,she said it was, I told her to tell the two guys to feel and smell her pants as proof that she was almost cumming thinking about them fucking her.
This did it they felt her pants and sniffed them,they said ok it was a deal,but if she didnt perform to their satisfaction they would fuck her and then arrest me.
They made Maria stand up and they handcuffed her arms behind her and marched her naked to their car,they made her get in the back,then one of them came back to me and told me to follow them.
I picked up Maria's clothes which the guys had left on the road.
Before we drove off the same guy came back to me again,he said that Maria wanted her handbag and shopping bag,for the life of me I couldnt understand why,he told me to take it to the car.
When I got to the car Maria had a smile on her lips and was sitting with her head tipped onto the back of the seat and with her legs wide open,she looked very relaxed,I asked if she was ok,she turned her head to me and said of course she was and told me not to be such a worrier,after all I was going to see her get what I had always wanted,she said that she wouldnt let me down,she said that she was determined to let them fuck her all night if necessary,she had said all this in her langauge,I knew she spoke like this for the benefit of the guys.
We drove for about ten or fifteen minutes,then they suddenly pulled off of the road into a narrow track,they stopped their car just in the entrance of the track,the back door opened an Maria got out,still handcuffed.
She looked fantastic as she walked back to me naked and wearing her high heels,she told me to park across the entrance to stop anyone else driving down it.She also told me that I had to stay with the car.
I was disappointed,I wanted to see her being fucked.I asked her if she was worried being on her own with the guys,she laughed and said not at all,it was going to be fun.
It was obvious that she was excited,I said ok I would stay here,she turned and ran back to the police car,she was eager to begin.
They drove off slowly,the track was very rutted so they couldnt go fast,when they went round the first corner I got out of the car and ran after them,I was determined to watch Maria being fucked.
The car was a couple of hundred metres away and was just turning into a gap in the trees,I thought that I could probably run through the trees and get to where they were without being seen.
This is what I did,it took me a couple of minutes to get near them, they had chosen a good spot,there was no way any one could see or hear anything.
I could see that Maria was standing naked outside the car,the two cops were taking their clothes off,I very carefully crept nearer, until I was close enough to hear what they were saying.I hid behind a bush.
One of them asked Maria how she wanted to be fucked,she said as many times as possible and in everyway possible,but to start what about them fucking her over the boot of the car.
They made her bend over the boot still handcuffed,and straight away one of them started to fuck her .After several minutes his colleague said that it was his turn.
Next they spread a blanket on the floor and made her lay down on it.
She was made to put her legs up onto the guys shoulders and he started to fuck her,the other guy was fucking her mouth,I could hear her gagging.
Then they changed over,they asked if she was enjoying it,she laughed and said of course she was,and told them not to spoil it by cumming too quickly.
They progressed to fucking her arse and mouth at the same time.
I had heard her cum several times,she is a prolific cummer,then the guys took it in turns to cum in her cunt.
She begged them to fuck her again,but they said that they were exausted,I thought that I had better be getting back to the car if they had finished,but before I could go I heard Maria say if they took the handcuffs of she would fuck herself with her vibrators for them.
The handcuffs were removed,she rubbed her wrists,then got up and went over to the car,she then lent in the car and emerged with a bottle of olive oil and both of her vibrators,and went back to the blanket.
She tipped some of the olive oil onto the larger of the two vibrators then knelt on the blanket with it between her legs,then she slowly lowered herself onto it,it was one of her smaller ones,but it was still about thirty centimetres long,she got almost all of it into her cunt,then she started to work her cunt up and down it.
She lay on her back on the blanket and took hold of the vibrator with both hands and started to fuck her cunt hard,she was moaning and gasping as she did it,I new that she would cum very soon,she did,crying out loudly as she came.
I heard them tell her that they were going to fuck her with their truncheons.One guy made her put her legs onto his shoulders and took hold of the truncheon and started to work it into her cunt,she told him to tip oil onto the truncheon as he did it.He kept pushing it further and further into her cunt,she started screaming out that it was too long,I heard her beg him to stop,but he said either take it all or they would arrest me.After some minutes almost all of its thirtyfive or more centimetres was in her cunt,and she was moaning.
Then the other guy said that he wanted to fuck her arse at the same time with his truncheon.She got the other guy to tip oil into her arse before he stuffed the other truncheon up it.She started screaming again as both of them fucked her with their truncheons
After several minutes of having her arse and cunt fucked by their truncheons she had gradually quietened down and was now making less noise,a sort of half moan and half whimper,I guessed that it was making the guys more excited,because they fucked her even harder.
She started to cum and continued cumming for a long time,I knew that she was having a multiple orgasm.
When she had finished cumming the guys took the truncheons out of her arse and cunt,but before they could put them away they made Maria lick one and then the other.
Maria was laying on the blanket exhusted,but by now both the guys cocks were hard again,first one and then the other straddled her and fucked her mouth.
To finish they both pissed on her,telling her to open her mouth wide and made her drink their piss.
I had never seen her behave in such a depraved way before,I liked it.
I knew it was time to leave and ran back through the trees to our car,I had been back a couple of minutes before they arrived.
The back door opened and Maria ,still naked,got out,they threw her clothes out after her,she told them to wait a moment,she bent down and opened her bag then took out a pen and a piece of paper, I saw her write something on the paper,I guessed that it was her phone number,she leant inside the car and I heard her say anytime they wanted to do it again let her know. As they drove away she turned to me smiling,I noticed that she still had cum dribbling from the side of her mouth,I told her,she put her tongue out and licked it off.
I asked her if she was ok,she said she was.
I asked her if she had enjoyed it,she said she had.
I asked her if she would do it again,she smiled hugely and said of course,as soon as we got back she would phone the guys we know and arrange for them to come over.I thought she was joking,so I asked which guys,she didnt answer,just smiled enigmatically.

To be continued

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