Oral sex with wife and sister in law

Oral sex with wife and sister in law

It was Friday-evening and my sister in law, Aisha, was planning to stay the weekend with me and my wife Layla. I love my wife and we have a good sex-life, but every time I see Aisha, I got excited. I cannot resist myself jerking off now and then while having a fantasy about my sister in law.

It is half past eight that Friday and we are sitting in the living room and watch television. Aisha just had a shower and wears exercise clothes of my wife. Her hair is still wet which gives her a sensual look to me. She is sitting next to Layla on one couch, while I sit on another couch. We cannot find anything interesting to watch and so Layla changes the television channels a lot. Suddenly we watch a free adult channel that is part of our package. A guy is licking a girl with a lot of passion.

After a few seconds of silence, because the three of us do not know what to say, Aisha tells us that her (only) ex-boyfriend did not want oral sex and so does not know if she would like this…Layla and Aisha are very close, so Layla immediately responses that she likes it. I am blushing and feel a little bit ashamed, but Layla starts to tell her sister all details: how we have oral sex, and the best way to get an orgasm by oral sex.

I got an erection from listening to the sisters talking about sex. Aisha looks very curious to Layla and listens with full attention. I can see that Layla got excited by telling. When Layla notices my erection, she cannot resist to say: “Wow, you horny boy. You already got excited by listening?”.

I do not know what to say. Especially because Aisha also notices the bubble in my pants now and starts to smile. Layla whispers something into Aisha ears. Both sisters start to laugh. “No, you do not dare such thing”, I hear Aisha saying.

“Oh yes, you know me. You know everything of me, so I do not have any shame. Besides I am horny”, Layla says.

She gets off the couch and goes upstairs. Aisha smiles at me, but does not say anything. I do not know what to say to her as well and we both keep on watching the adult channel, that shows the girl sucking the guy. My dick is in full erection right now. I feel stupid, because my sister in law is sitting that close to me.

Layla enters the living room. She has changed into exercise clothes like her sister. With a big smile she sits down next to her sister. “I had a quick shower”, she says with an even bigger smile. Then she pulls down her trousers and pants. I can see her just shaven pussy.

“Show her how you lick and suck me”, she says to me.

“I do not know”, I say. “Now? Here?”

“Yes, now, please suck me!”, Layla says.

“I would like to see”, Aisha says with a big smile.

Although I feel some hesitation, I also feel excited about having sex with Layla, while Aisha watches. My horny feelings and lust win and I kneel down between Layla’s spread legs. I start to suck her lips and clit which makes her to moan softly. The moaning gets louder while I fasten my licking and sucking. She pushes het pussy into my mouth as far as possible. Moving and pushing her body while I suck her clit into my mouth and play with my tongue between her lips. I start to taste her juices. I start to finger her with three fingers while I continue to suck and lick her. The sweetness of her juices excites me a lot. My dick bounces within my pants. Then I feel the contractions of Layla’s pussy.

While she pushes my head away from her pussy, she says: “Pull down your pants. I want to suck you”.

“But Aisha”, I try to say while standing up. But it is too late. Layla pulls my pants down. My fully erected dick shows up. Aisha looks with big eyes and she smiles. She looks turned on by watching me and her sister.

Layla kneels down in front of me and she takes my dick, puts it into her mouth and starts giving me a blowjob. Her movements with her tongue drive me crazy. Because I got excited by licking her, by Aisha watching and her great sucking, it does not take long before I got an orgasm and my cum shoots out of my dick. It was already a week ago when I had my last ejaculation, so there are several shoots.

Layla does not like the taste of cum, so my cum is on her face and hands. I do not mind the taste of my own cum. I often suck her after fucking and taste the combination of her juices and my cum. Because I know that Layla does not like the cum too long on her face, I start to lick it from her face and hands.

There is still some cum dripping out of my dick. Just at the moment I want to prevent it from falling on the ground, Aisha moves towards me, takes my dick and licks the last drops of cum from my dick. Thereafter she moves her mouth around my dick. I got so excited, that my dick is in full erection again. Aisha starts to suck and lick with more and more passion. She definitely has one goal: another orgasm…And she succeeds. After some minutes of a lovely blowjob my second load of cum shoots into her mouth. She swallows everything and says that she loves it.

“And now, I want to get sucked”, Aisha says. “Do you mind?”

“No, not at all”, Layla smiles.

Aisha sits back in the couch and pulls her trousers and pants down. The view of her pussy turns me on. I had many fantasies about her and now it is getting real. I softly start to touch her pussy, her lips, her clit. I start to lick her lips, clit and go somewhat more inside with my tongue. I fasten my licking and notice that Aisha’s pussy is getting wetter and wetter. I taste her sweet juices. I start to suck her clit into my mouth and lick her pussy. Aisha starts to scream and pushes her pussy into my mouth. I start to use my fingers as well and feel the contractions within her pussy coming. Then with a loud scream Aisha starts to squirt into my face and mouth. Not much, but still. I had never experienced it, but it turned me on.

Without saying anything to each other, we kind of decided this was the border. Aisha went to the guest bedroom, while Layla and I went to our bedroom. Still horny by what happened we had a nice fuck before we felt asleep…

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