At the Beach with Dustin

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At the Beach with Dustin
by Mary and Kim

I had just finished cheerleading practice and I was in the locker room pulling my sweaty sports bra over my head when my best friend Kimmie came rushing in to find me.
“Mary!” she called out. “Dustin and the guys just got done with football practice and instead of showering off they all want to go to the beach and go swimming. He’s going to meet you out in the back parking lot. I’ll see you out there!”
“OK!” I yelled back. “I’m hurrying!”
With that, I hear the locker room door slam shut as Kimmie raced out to find everybody.
‘Swimming?’ I thought. Seeing as how I didn’t have a suit with me, I had to dig through my locker and luckily found a clean sports bra and a pair of spandex bikinis….the same kind we usually wear under our cheer outfits. They would work just fine for a suit. I was thankful they were my dark blue set as opposed to our all white ones. I had learned from a previous pool experience that our white spandex under gear becomes nearly invisible when wet! It was pretty embarrassing to say the least….especially when no one told me for like ten minutes!
I picked up my damp bra and threw it into my sports bag and found a clean wife beater to pull on. I figured I would just leave the rest of my practice outfit on and change at the beach. I had on a pair of short Track shorts, pink, cotton panties, a pair of soft, white ribbed ankle socks, my tight wife beater, and my cheer shoes. I would be fine for the ride to the beach.
I grabbed a towel from the towel room and threw it in my bag as I cut through the locker room to go out the back door. I slammed the door shut to make sure it locked behind me and ran over to the parking lot. I could see Dustin standing next to his dad’s SUV and ran up to him.
“Hi baby…..ready to hit the beach?” he asked as he pulled me tight to his sweaty, dirty body.
“Icky Dusty! You’re filthy!” I giggled as he covered my mouth with his.
Our tongues found each other and I let out a moan. Jake was really a good kisser and kissing him always made me hot! I felt a tingle between my legs and felt my nipples push against the thin material of my tee shirt.
“Look what you’ve done!” I teased. I dramatically pointed to my once clean, white wife beater.
Sweat and dirt from Dusty’s practice shirt had rubbed off on me and made me look like I had been practicing with the football team instead of the cheerleaders!
“Well baby, I certainly like what I’m looking at!” Dustin gushed.
I looked down and could see my now damp tee shirt clinging to my swelling breasts. My dark brown nipples were easily seen and they were starting to poke out against the cooling dampness. Dusty pulled me close to him again and gave me another deep kiss. This time I moaned softly as his hand covered my ass and pulled my tingling pussy tight against the crotch of his gym shorts. I pushed him away!
“Dustin……not in the parking lot! What if a teacher sees us?!” I teased.
“Well if anyone would see us….I know for a fact they’d be jealous!” Dusty teased back. “C’mon, let’s go.”
I threw my bag into the back of the SUV and climbed into the front seat. Jake’s dad’s truck had a big console between the front seats which stopped me from leaning over and giving Dustin a nice, sloppy blow job on our way to the beach. That was really too bad to, because after our little grope in the parking lot, I had gotten horny enough to have eagerly enjoyed a load of Dusty’s hot, salty cream. On top of that….it always made so hot going down on him when he was driving, especially during the daytime!
Dusty and I had been dating for about six months. He had asked me out when I was just a sophomore on the JV cheerleading squad and he was a Junior on the Varsity basketball team. Now I was a Junior on the Varsity cheerleading squad and he was the Senior quarterback on the Football team. We were both looking forward to the upcoming school year. Dustin was also the boy I gave my cherry to last year on Prom night!
All the girls thought Dusty was just gorgeous, and so did I. He was just less than six foot three and was very well built, and worked out a lot……so he was pretty muscular. He had light brown, blondish hair and deep blue eyes……and he was very well endowed!
I hadn’t seen a lot of cocks before Dustins, but I knew he was bigger than most of the other boys when I compared him to what the other girls on the cheerleading squad said about their boyfriends! So, I guess I was pretty lucky!
I’m five foot four and have long blond hair that I usually wear in a ponytail with bangs. I have big brown eyes and a really sexy smile. My body is pretty good I guess, and it should be for all the time I spend working out with the cheerleaders! My boobs aren’t as big as some of the other girls, but they are a 34 C, which look pretty good on my slender frame.
I also have a couple of other features that almost everyone, except for Kimmie and Dusty, know nothing about. About four months ago my mother made sure I had started on birth control pills, and that was probably a good thing to, because after Dusty and I had finally “done it”, there were times when I would become completely insatiable! Anyway, after taking “the pill” for about 6 weeks I noticed that my pubes had really started to fill in and get thick. And I mean really thick! Luckily they just cover my pussy and have stayed away from my bikini line… I never really need to trim my bush unless I want to.
And….. actually, I really like it! To many of the other girls I see in the locker room have either trimmed their pubes to a thin strip or have shaven themselves bare. They end up looking like ten year old girls! Besides, since I have fairly big pussy lips, I think I look a lot better hairy than I would with my thick lips hanging down if I was hairless. And probably most important……Dustin absolutely loves my bush! Kimmie always teases me about my poor Dusty getting lost in the jungle!
The other thing that happened after I started on the pill was that my nipples started getting really long whenever they got hard! They never used to do that! It’s not like I have big, huge nipples to start with….in fact kind of the opposite. They are dark brown and probably no bigger around than a quarter. But, around the same time that my bush started getting so full, my nipples began sticking out further and further whenever I got excited. It is to the point now that when they get hard, they are probably sticking out as long as the tip of my little finger! And on top of that, they are really, really sensitive. In fact, a lot of times I can have an orgasm just from having Dustin suck and kiss my nips! Add a little fingering and I can become an orgasm machine! Once when we were in Dusty’s basement making out, I had taken my bra off and he was feeling me up on the outside my sweater and I came in like two minutes!
Again, Dustin absolutely loves it when my nipples do that, and of course I let him play with them as often as he wants. I even try to go without a bra as often as I can, but unless I am wearing something bulky, everyone will know I am braless within minutes! I just don’t think that little Miss Goody Two Shoes should be running around town with her inch long nipples sticking out for everyone to see….maybe when I get a little older, but not now!
I always hoped that Dustin hadn’t passed these two little tidbits of info on to all of his buddies in the locker room…..I would just die!
So, after about a ten minute drive, Dusty pulled into the driveway for the beach and headed down the little road that took us near the water. He backed his dad’s SUV against some trees so we would have at least a little privacy in which to change our clothes. We both got out of the front seat and walked around to the back. I saw Kimmie a little ways down the beach and gave her a wave.
Dusty popped open the back of the SUV and pulled the door up. I climbed into the back and sat up against my bag while I untied and removed my cheer shoes.
“You know baby….” I whispered as I teased the outline of his cock through his shorts with my sock covered foot, “maybe we should just stay here for a few minutes before we join everybody else! These windows are tinted out pretty dark you know…..”
One of the things I liked best about Dustin is that he would get horny and be ready to fuck me at the drop of a hat! And….I knew that he had kind of a “thing” for the soft, white ribbed ankle socks that I wore quite often. It all started when I gave him a sock job in the back seat of his car after just our third date! Since then, Dusty has often asked me to keep them on when we have sex…..and I don’t mind either. I have actually noticed quite a few guys that eye up my legs whenever I wear them…..I don’t know what it is, but I think a lot of guys have a white sock thing!
“Geez Mar, you are such a tease… mean it?” he asked sheepishly.
I continued caressing Dusty’s hard-on with my foot as I pulled my dirty wife beater over my head. I looked down and saw that my nipples were very stiff and sticking out from my breasts like little hard cocks. Dustin couldn’t pull his eyes away from my flushed chest.
I leaned forward without saying a word and stuck my hand down his sweaty gym shorts and pulled his semi hard dick over the waist band and slid him into my wet mouth. I had been thinking about doing this, the whole ride to the beach, and the salty taste of his stiffening prick was absolutely wonderful! As I bobbed my head up and down the length of his shaft, I managed to pull his shorts down far enough so that I could caress his hairy nut sack. I pulled my mouth off of Dusty’s dick for a second and spit a large amount of my saliva into my hand….and immediately got his throbbing shaft back in my mouth! As I began to gently massage his balls with my spit covered hand, I heard him let out a low moan.
“Don’t you come yet, mister!” I teased as I again pulled my mouth of his throbbing meat and lay back against my gym bag.
I raised my hips up off the floor of the SUV and pulled my tiny shorts and damp panties down over my ass and pulled them down my legs. As I lay in the back of the SUV naked, except for my soft, white, slouchy cheer socks, I spread my knees apart and could feel the cool air tickle my wet pussy as I felt my swollen lips pull apart. I stretched my legs out and dug my sock covered heels into the back of Dusty’s ass. I slid myself toward him until my ass was almost hanging out the back of his dad’s new Explorer. As I pulled Jake towards me, I reached down and wrapped my fingers around his thick cock and guided the swollen head between my hairy, wet, lips.
Between all my saliva and my pussy juices, Dustin didn’t have any trouble what-so-ever sliding the rest of his dick into my tight, wet hole. As he pushed his hips forward, we both grunted out loud when the base of his prick hit up against my hard clit! It felt so good…..and Jake sure knew how to fuck me! Instead of just pumping his cock in and out of me until he came, he kept himself buried all the way in my pussy and let me grind my clit against his hardness. I was rubbing my sock covered feet up and down the length of his legs as I lifted my ass to meet his thrusts. Finally Jake lay on top of me and gently began sucking and biting my stiff nipples. The whole time he did that, I could feel the tip of his cock rubbing a spot deep inside of me…….and I knew I was going to cum quickly!
I cried out as he went from one nipple to the other and sucked them long and hard…..taking time to pull them deep into his mouth before he gently bite down on them. He pushed the base of his shaft hard against my swollen clit and I felt my pussy gush as I came hard against his now pounding cock.
“God……Dusty……do me……deep……yeah!” Oh yes……..oh god baby…!”
My body shook underneath the weight of Dusty’s body. My young cunt muscles squeezed along the thickness of Dusty’s long tool. My nipples burned under his touch as he rolled them between his fingers. Just as I was just coming down from my orgasm, Dusty started to slide his meat in and out of me at a little faster pace
When my orgasm finally ended……I knew what I wanted…..
“Please cum in me Dusty……oh god…..give me your hot load…….shoot it in me Dustin!” I whispered in his ear as he began to fuck me harder……..and harder.
“I’m cumming baby…..oh god….here it comes!” Dusty growled as I felt his cock begin to twitch deep inside of me. As soon as I felt his hot cum begin to spurt inside me, I came again…..pushing my dripping pussy hard against Jake’s thrusting.
“Oh god baby…..keep it in me……yeah, that’s it…” I moaned quietly as I wrapped my legs around him the best I could. After a little bit, he began to push himself up and I squeezed his shaft with my cunt as hard as I could. Dusty groaned his approval.
When he had pushed himself up a little further onto his elbows, I looked down and I could see that my pussy lips were wrapped around his thick cock at least a half an inch up his shaft. My thick bush was matted down with a combination of Dusty’s sweat and my pussy juices. As we lay there catching our breath, I could feel Dusty’s cum begin to leak out of me as he started to slide his softening prick out of my hole. The head of his spent dick pulled free of my used pussy with a gentle plopping noise and I could suddenly feel our hot juices begin to dribble down over my asshole.
I didn’t think we should leave to many stains in the back of his dad’s new vehicle, so I reached over and grabbed my wife beater and wiped it over my slit. Dusty was sliding his shorts down and about ready to step into his swim trunks when I quickly leaned over and slid his spent prick into my mouth. I ran my tongue all around it and slowly pulled my mouth down the length of it until I had milked a spoonful of his jizz into my mouth. I just gave him a sexy smile and whispered….
Jake pulled his suit up and adjusted himself. I pulled off my socks and threw them into my bag along with my sticky wife beater, my panties, and my shorts. Dusty watched as I pulled my spandex bikinis and sports bra on over my sweaty skin. I shook my hair out and dug in my bag for a brush. I pulled my hair back into a pony tail and we were finally all set to go. As we stepped around from the back of the SUV, we almost ran right into Kimmie.
“What have you guys been up to?!” she asked knowingly. “It seems like we’ve been waiting for you forever! Looks like you two better get in the water and cool off right away!”
She couldn’t have been more right! I needed to cool off and…..I really didn’t want everyone to see the wet stain that was about to start forming in the front of my bikinis. I smiled as I felt my stud boyfriend’s cream begin to leak from my still tingling pussy. If everybody only knew!

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