Maggie - Part 5 - The girls meet up with Rocky

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Emmitt sat on the steps of the trailer rubbing at his crotch as he watched his two young, but rapidly maturing, daughters bounce up the path to the barn. He’d ordered them into their “work clothes” early and given them a list of chores to do in the garden and barn. He and his youngest, Earl, had work to do around their little trailer. A poor country family, home was a small trailer, tucked into a mountain holler outside of Hazard Kentucky. It was August and hotter than hell.

Thirty minutes working in the garden, weeding and picking beans, and both Maggie and Molly were soaked. Today they were glad they were wearing their daddy’s favorite “work clothes”; baggy cutoff jeans and ratty old wife-beater tank-tops. Being dirt poor, undergarments were a luxury reserved for school. The hot, humid breeze blew easily through their clothes, and Maggie could feel it tickling her thick light-brown bush. Emmitt made sure the girls wore them every time he gave them chores. Bending over or squatting down in the garden gave him a clear view of their cute little cunts. His 8” cock enjoyed the view and the baggy cutoffs provided quick, easy access whenever he had the chance.

The girls finished up in the garden, and took the beans they’d just picked back to the trailer. Emmitt’s cock stiffened in his bibs as he admired Maggie’s tits, visible through her sweat-soaked, sheer top. Molly’s were much smaller as she still hadn’t started her growth spurt into maturity yet. But she would soon, and she was gonna be a looker too, just like her older sister. Goddamn, he was one lucky daddy.

“You girls walk that fence line down to the creek then back up the other side. That storm last night mighta blown down a tree across the fence and I can’t afford to lose no cows by them getting out.” Emmitt raised a few cows for money, so the girls understood and headed towards the barn to start their task.

It took them only twenty minutes to walk the right fence line down to the creek and they decided to take advantage of the cool pool of water. In ten seconds they were both buck naked and splashing in the water. Maggie had grown into a fine young lady, round firm tits, a tight ass and a gorgeous light-brown bush. Molly, a year younger, was just growing her first pubes. Her tits were more nipple than boob. That hadn’t stopped their daddy from having his way with both of them, stretching their tight little cunts and robbing them both of their virginity.

Checking the fence line was a job that could be done in 30 minutes or three hours depending if any damage was found, so they had time to kill. The girls laid back, eyes closed, basking in the sun, completely naked in the sand beside the creek. The water cascading over the rocks into the big pool of water drowned out the sounds of the woods behind them. Suddenly Molly jumped and screamed as something cold touched her peach-fuzz pussy. Looking up, it was Rocky, the big, bluetick coondog of ol’ lady Woodson. He stood almost 30” tall and weighed 90 lbs. He was a big boy, weighing the same as Molly, and often strolled through the farm. Emmitt never complained since he didn’t chase the animals and the girls always played with him. They had always wanted a dog but Emmitt fussed that he “wasn’t paying to feed the damn thing”.

“Whatcha doing boy? You scared me.” Molly laughed. Rocky took another step forward and sniffed at her cunt.

“Let him sniff ya, Molly” said Maggie. “He ain’t gonna hurt ya. He’s a good ol’ boy!”

Molly rose up on her elbows and bending her knees, spread her legs. Rocky, tail just a wagging, stepped forward between her legs and licked at her tight little cunt. Molly jumped as he ran his tongue up the crack of her ass, up over her cunt, parting her bare pussy lips. She quivered as he continued his licks. Maggie climbed up on her knees, watching her sister enjoy the big hound’s tongue, and spotted his bright red cock slipping from his sheath. She reached up and began to stroke his growing cock as he kept pace licking Molly’s wet cunt, wet from his licks and the juices they created. Molly spread her legs further as his tongue forced its’ way deeper into her tight little hole. Moaning, she threw back her head, “Oh Rocky. Lick me, Rocky. Good boy, Rocky.”

Maggie wasted no time. She was stroking Rocky at a rapid pace, his ten inch cock humping against her hand, all the while lapping up the juices from Molly’s excited cunt. “Roll over and get up on all fours”, Maggie instructed.

Molly rolled over, “Is it gonna be ok? It ain’t gonna hurt is it?”

“No sis, you’ll be fine. He ain’t no bigger than daddy.” Maggie knew it was a lie. Rocky’s cock was 2’ longer and much bigger around.

Molly’s apprehension turned to desire as she felt Rocky run his tongue up the crack of her ass. Each lick going a little deeper into her cunt, and tickling her little clit. He humped against Maggie’s hand and she watched as the pre-cum dribbled over her fingers. She moved her hand to her mouth, tasting his cum and it reminded her of Thunder’s cum, the pony from last week. Rocky‘s cock was fully extended as he dry-humped, inching his way closer to Molly bent over in front of him. Suddenly, he was on her back before she knew it, clawing for a tighter grip around her waist. His hot, throbbing, red poker jabbed at her little ass.

Maggie moved Rocky to the left so he was better aligned to hit her cunt. “Arch your back, sis!” No sooner than Molly arched her back, better exposing her little cunt, Rocky hit his target. As soon as his hot red love poker felt her wet cunt, he thrust forward. Molly screamed out in pain as the first 6 inches of dog dick slammed into her tight little cunt.

“Owwwoooo, he’s ripping me apart” screamed Molly. “I can’t take his whole cock.”

Rocky humped harder until all ten inches of his fat cock were deep inside. Molly’s screams of pain turned to pleasure. Maggie was nearing an orgasm just watching and she slid in closer for a better view, fingering at her hairy pussy the whole time.

“Oh my god, I can’t take it” screamed Molly, but Rocky just fucked her faster. With each stroke, Molly’s tight young pussy loosened up more and more, the pleasure she felt in her cunt driving her wild. She began to push her little ass back against Rocky as he hammered at her ass. She could hold back no longer and her body erupted in orgasm, jerking and slamming back against his pounding dog cock. As her orgasm intensified, and her cunt griped his cock tighter, she felt his cock growing even bigger. She could feel a bulge pounding against her pussy. It felt as if he was trying to push a grapefruit into her.

“He’s getting bigger Maggie, he’s killin’ me?”

Maggie lay on her back and slid under Rocky, staring up as his fat red cock slammed into her little sister. She saw something she’d never seen before. At the base of his ten inch cock, a ball was forming. With each stroke he pushed it harder into Molly. He griped her hips tighter and slammed furiously into her drenched cunt. Two more lunges and the growing knot disappeared inside Molly. She gasped, screaming from pain and unknown pleasure as she felt the big ball lock inside her cunt. She could feel his already huge cock being to swell, and suddenly felt the gush of dog cum explode into her cunt. She screamed out in pleasure, again erupting into another orgasm, her head thrashing, her body jerking and pushing back hard into the painful cock that filled her young cunt. Her cunt could hold no more and she felt their cum spraying out around the big ball locked inside her pussy. Her arms gave way and she collapsed onto her face and shoulders, into the sandy creek bank, her ass still up in the air, locked onto the big bluetick hound.

Watching from below, Maggie’s cunt exploded in orgasm, as cum from Rocky and her lil’ sister poured out onto her face. She lapped it up as she continued pounding her pussy, now with three fingers. She rolled onto her side, out from under Rocky as he stepped off of Molly, twisting her ass sideways. Panting and slobbering from the heat as well as the fucking he’d just laid on the little neighbor girl, he took two steps towards the creek, dragging Molly by her cunt as he moved. She screamed out in pain as Rocky’s knot dragged her into the cool water. Keeping her head up to avoid drowning, Rocky’s knot slowly began to shrink as he stood in the cooling stream. Finally, Molly felt the huge ball shrink and finally plop free from her cunt. She turned and watched as their cum floated away downstream.

Both girls collapsed, their naked bodies in the water and their heads in the sand beside the creek. Neither knew how much time had passed before they awoke, but they washed off in the stream, got dressed and headed back along the fence line towards the barn. Molly had never had such an experience and it was all she could do to walk. Cum continued to dribble from her cutoffs and run down her leg as they walked along the fence. The last week had been an amazing sexual journey and she would never look at her daddy ,or Rocky, the same way again.

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