Pantyhose CD Lexi Gets Dominated

My beginning stages of crossdressing was nothing more than dolling up & taking self portraits (thank goodness for the digital camera and it’s delay setting). Later, I would peruse through the portraits and jerk off excitedly at how sexy I looked and how hot my hard cock was stretching out those precious pantyhose. This went on for a few years and I would supplement the photos with dildos to make me appear more feminine. I would envelop the plastic cocks in a pair of my hose and even though dildos were nothing more than props, that too evolved my fetish into new dimensions. I began “practicing” on them fantasizing about blowjobs & getting fucked like a woman; however, that was the extent of it and I never had any intentions of acting on it. Honestly, back then & still even now the thought of being with a man does not appeal to me.

A couple years later I discovered Craigslist personals… wow, this opened up a whole new chapter. I now had a way to connect with others who also love pantyhose and crossdressing. My first encounter was with another CD with a huge pantyhose fetish. We dressed together & talked all things pantyhose. I started getting horny and curious. Luckily, she was an older man and very aware it was my first time. She let me rub my hands on her legs and as my curiosity got the best of my fear- my hand slowly inched up her skirt further & further until I felt it… Oh My God! It was amazing! At that moment I had a new mission in life… to feel as many cocks in pantyhose as I possibly could. I loved the tightening of her pantyhose around his shaft as I grasped it and stroked it. My mind raced back to my pantyhose wrapped dildos and before I knew what I was doing my lips were wrapped around his nylon clad cock… Holy Shit, I was giving a CD in pantyhose a blowjob! I obviously wasn’t very good at it because she ended up jerking herself off & came in her pantyhose, but I was on my knees eagerly awaiting the close up & personal view.

I was now addicted to cock in pantyhose. After that first encounter, Craigslist became more frustrating. Finding CD’s with a pantyhose fetish became a lot more difficult than I thought. After striking out & getting stood up over & over for several months, I was yearning for pantyhose cock now more than ever. I was forced to abandon my prerequisite of meeting a CD and was ready to accept any cock willing to wear hose. As I stated earlier, the thought of being with a man is not appealing; however, I can’t get enough nylon cock. I will not look a guy in the eyes- my only interest is in his raging hard penile appendage; but staying true to my initial fetish I will not waiver on my pantyhose rule- wear them & I’ll make you come in them; don’t wear them & leave without pleasure. I found over the years that my greatest pleasure comes from stroking a guy’s hose covered cock until all his cum has managed to squeeze itself through those tiny sheer nylon threads.

Handjobs are safe and so much fun as my blowjob skills never really did evolve much. Plus, I never liked the thought of cum shooting down my throat along with the threat of catching some disease. The problem is that most people aren’t interested in meeting without oral. Luckily, I discovered flavored condoms for those desperate times when I had to give a blowjob… safe sex only!

I always fantasize about being fully dolled up, posing on the bed on all fours with my nude sheer to waist pantyhose on, ass cheeks peeking out of my short skirt, the spike of my nude high heels pointed horizontally, my long brown wig hanging down over my face, fake boobs sagging down towards the bed and a rock hard cock rubbing all over my sheer hose. The feeling of a man in hose grinding his nylon bulge up against me is just down right erotic. The fantasies eventually evolved into wanting to hear the sound of ripping nylon breaking the monotony of silence as the rock hard stick prepares to enter my manpussy. “Oh yes! Rip those pantyhose and FUCK ME!” just comes pouring out of my mouth uncontrollably. But then in reality anal sex is not really in the cards for me because I’m not attracted to men.

Well… now that you know my fantasies, let me say that being dominated is pure fantasy. My personality always makes me the dominant one. I like to control things and usually do. This story is about the fear that always prevented me from playing out that fantasy and how it was probably my most pleasurable pantyhose escapade of all.

Craigslist personals have become a thing of the past. Now enter Doublelist which has proven to be even more unreliable than Craigslist but is unfortunately the best option you have to explore fetish sex in a variety of cities. I was wearing pantyhose under my clothes while driving to a small town in North Carolina on a business trip. Wearing hosiery gives my brain sexual tunnel vision until I can unload the pressure in my testicles. I stopped at a gas station while in route & took out a Doublelist ad, the drive had built up so much estrogen I was really feeling the need to be feminine…so unlike me, I posted that I was looking to bottom and described my fantasy of getting my hose ripped open. This wouldn’t be my first anal experience but most previous ones were disappointing at best. After several responses I settled on a very nice looking clean cut & shaved cock, the stats he gave seemed honest “ddf, white, 6-1/2 in cut”. I left out the part about his requirement to wear pantyhose as to not deter anyone from showing up. After all, once he is in my hotel room and sees how sexy I am, he’ll do anything to fuck me!

When I got checked into my hotel, I choose some black seamless pantyhose about 20 denier. Seamless hose give your cock more freedom and aren’t as restrictive as control top, not to mention they are sexy as hell and feel exceptionally soft! To go with my black seamless hose, I wore a black bra stuffed with my homemade breast implants (pantyhose stuffed with rice & tied up to make a rudimentary breast form). I chose a little black dress with black heels to compliment my outfit. I have a long slightly curly brunette wig. To my horror, I realized that my makeup bag had been left at home- all I had was some lipstick. I needed to cover my face as he was going to be arriving any minute, so to improvise I took some light nude pantyhose and stretched them over my head- my glaring red lipstick glowing from under them. I wore a large pearl necklace to cover up the lines the pantyhose left on my neck and then pulled my wig on to conceal the remaining leg & crotch of the hose. There was no mention of me giving a blowjob in my ad and with getting fucked doggystyle, he’d barely see my face anyway.

Hector was the name on his email address. When he arrived I was getting ready to hand him the pantyhose that I would require him to wear while fucking me. But before I could get a word out, he pushed me on the bed & dropped his pants… he was already raging hard. It was fully erect without even a touch! He was true in his email, circumcised, about 6-1/2 inches long, nice girth but not enormous, pale color, shaved & clean with a lightly purple tinged mushroom head. His dominance reigned without saying a word. I knew at that moment he was far too dominant & there was no chance he was going to put on my pantyhose.

I immediately stood back up, turned around and bent over the bed assuming the position to get fucked but Hector was a man on a mission, and he had other plans. Before I really even had time to think about it, he jumped up on the bed and stood in front of me with his manhood staring me directly in the face. Two thoughts immediately entered my mind, a.) I never agreed to a blowjob and b.) I have these pantyhose over my face & mouth- how am I supposed to suck his dick like this? Hector viewed me the same as most CD’s- submissive sluts that love sticking cock & yearn to be grudge fucked. But that is totally not me, he didn’t care & wasn’t going to give me the opportunity to explain myself. He grabbed my head & forcefully shoved his cock into my mouth stretching the pantyhose on my head as deep into my throat as he could forcefully thrust them. I could sense frustration in him as the pantyhose restricted his ability to ram his hard rod deep into the depths of my esophagus. But Hector never said anything about it, he just kept ramming it in thrust after thrust. The pantyhose kept me from gagging as I knew there is no way I could have taken the forceful face fucking he was giving without the hose restricting his depth. He clamped his hand down on the back of my head so that I would have no opportunity to take a break. My lack of blowjob skills were essentially irrelevant, all he cared about was sliding his cock in & out of a wet mouth as hard as he could. This was all about him & he was going to do to me whatever he wanted.

As violent as the face fucking was, the pantyhose on my head actually made it somewhat enjoyable for me; afterall, I do love pantyhose cock! Anyhow, after a few minutes, Hector had enough and got down off the bed. I was still standing in front of the bed, bent over with my arms stretched out & hands propping my torso & head up. Hector was a short man, probably just under 5-1/2 feet tall; mind you that I’m 6ft4 in high heels!

My dress was covering the fact that I was wearing pantyhose & not thigh high stockings. He walked around behind me, lifted my skirt and uttered his first words of the encounter: “How in the hell am I supposed to fuck you in those?” To that I just replied, “Rip them open!” They were seamless pantyhose, but they had a thick, wide 4” high waistband. He grabbed a fistful of pantyhose around my ass & gave them a hard tug but unfortunately they did not rip. He then grabbed them by the waistband a persuasively yanked them down just far enough so he could expose my hole. I had condoms laying on the bed bedside me. I requested he put one on, but he ignored me. My fear of being bent over exposed in front of this forceful man prevented me from arguing.

At this point I had very little experience receiving anal sex, maybe 4 or 5 times. Initial entry is usually painful, but I’d been able to control the speed & depth to ease the initial shock of having my asshole split wide open by an eager cock. With Hector though, I had no say in the matter and he rammed his cock forcefully into my submissive backside; although not surprised by his enthusiasm that did not stop the sheer pain I felt. I wanted so bad for him to pull out & give me a chance to regroup, but Hector had both hands firmly grasping my thighs not allowing me to escape. He pumped me with full strokes, teasing me by nearly pulling the tip out but then violently ramming it back in as deep as he could go. It felt like the head of his cock was punching my stomach from the inside. And yet through all the fear & pain, I found pleasure… being submissive, fucked like most CD’s beg for.

My ass cheeks shook every time he reached full depth. Sometimes he would slap my ass & grunt. He called me a sissy whore. My cock was fully erect under my pantyhose and was bouncing around with every thrust. I was in doggy style position with my arms supporting me so I couldn’t jack myself off. I was so horny, my cock was longing for some attention. Much to my surprise I felt one of Hector’s hands release his grip from my thighs; he leaned forward and reached around my waist. His strong hand cupped my erection, although I knew a pantyhose covered cock was not his thing, having mine touched by him while getting my ass tore up was total ecstasy! He stroked it through my pantyhose a few times and I know he felt my precum soaking through the soft black nylon. Then he grabbed the crotch of my pantyhose and ripped them open…”Ahh finally I thought,” I craved that sound of nylons tearing, the sound of submission & domination. My cock was now free from their hosiery confines. He grasped it tightly in his fist & yanked my hard on with every stroke of his cock in my ass.

According to his email, Hector loved fucking crossdressers. I am not sure what that makes him nor do I care about labeling him or anyone, but he is obviously turned on by femininity. However, I know he is also gay (obviously, right?) because immediately after he started stroking my cock, I could tell his sensitivity was heightening quickly. I began thinking, where is he going to cum? In my ass? On my ass? On my pantyhose? On my dress? I wasn’t sure, all I knew was I wanted to “see” it shooting out of the head of his manhood, not just feel it. About that time he pulled out, I instinctively turned around & got on my knees for the close up view. He was attempting to shove his cock back down my throat to cum in my mouth because he again grabbed my head with his hands, but remember my face is covered with nude pantyhose. Anyhow, time ran out & his cock just starting spewing thick white man juice all over my pantyhose covered face! He was a heavy cummer, so I leaned my head back & watched several ropes fly over my chin landing on my nylon clad nose, cheeks, and forehead, even some reached my wig! After he finished shooting, cum was still dribbling slowly from his cock hole like uncontrollable drool. Several drops landed on my black dress. My pantyhose were soaked with his sperm and I could feel it seeping through the nylon onto my skin. I never knew being a warm, gooey cum dumpster could feel so gratifying!

Lying on the bed were some suntan sheer to waist pantyhose wadded up; they were the hose I had intended to require Hector wear while he fucked me. He reached down, grabbed them and wiped the excess cum off his pulsating cock. I was a cummy mess and now my spare hose were a cum rag… I was loathing! Hector quickly put his pants back on & left without saying a word nor without draining my abundantly full testicles. As the door shut behind him, I grabbed the cum rag pantyhose & stretched them over my exposed throbbing cock. His cum was still warm and provided lubrication while I stroked myself. The smell & feel of all his cum on me was overwhelming & it only took a couple strokes before I started spewing more cum into the soft nylon cum saturated hosiery. After removing my wig, I peeled the cum drenched stockings off my head & hung them up in the shower to dry before washing my face & changing back into male clothes to head out for dinner.

This was a small town by the interstate & not many restaurant choices, I chose a local sandwich shop near the hotel and sat down to eat. It was near closing, I was the only patron and my seat was facing the entrance. Low & Behold, here comes Hector walking through the door! I thought “Holy Shit, he followed me! What is he going to do to me now?” That fear from earlier returned in a different way this time. The girl behind the counter said “Hi Jorge”… imagine that Hector isn’t his real name! Kinda makes the fantasy more real! Anyhow, I’m not sure he even recognized me with out my dress, wig & pantyhose on my face. He spoke to the employee a few minutes and then left. I went back to the hotel and grabbed the pantyhose hung over the shower door, the ones Jorge had face fucked me through & soaked with his hot load. I jerked off again this time with them stretched over my cock replaying the entire event in my head. What a wild ride!

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