Summer Camp Surprise_(4)

“Uhhhhh,” I said as I sat down at the park bench, already feeling exhausted. I had brought all of the camp equipment up to the picnic tables, and was in no mood to deal with the kids today. Only a couple were here so far and they were already fighting over a ball. This camp pays well, but the boredom I feel makes it so painful. The little joy I get comes from sneaking peaks at the younger moms dropping off their brats.
I curse the kids who got to suck on those soft tits. My cock hardens slightly as I picture this gorgeous young Spanish mother who always wears her black yoga pants and red tank top to drop of her kid. I imagine pushing her face down into her bed as I plow her pussy; her husband off at work not knowing his wife was such a slut. She is moaning my name, telling me that her husband’s is so much smaller than mine.
“Bang,” my fantasy ends as the head counselor slams her big box of crafts onto one of the tables. I look down to see a little bulge in my pants and quickly try to shift it around in case she sees. I sigh as I wish for my fantasies to come true. I have never slept with a woman before, and yet I fantasize about catching a married woman. I laugh a little at myself.
I look back at the head councilor, MaryKate, and stare at her ass a bit. It isn’t flat, but neither is it anything special. She is an average woman, with medium length brown hair, and A cup tits. I look away as the other assistant counselor approaches. He sits down next to me, but I don’t enjoy talking to him, as he just plays around on his phone the whole day. I look around, hoping another mother will come around, but sadly the rest of the kids walk to camp.
The days seems to drag on, and no serious incidents occur, thank god. Occasionally I’ll think about one of the mothers, or one of the girls in my school, but that only increases my desire to go home to rub one off. Eventually, I walk back up to the tables and force the other assistant counselor to go down with the kids so that I can sit down.
“So how is your day going?” I ask MaryKate. She starts talking about her broken car and then about having to rush to her second job after the camp closes. I listen, not really thinking about much else. I hear a vibration and check my phone, only to realize that it isn’t mine. I look over, half interested in what text MaryKate got, when she suddenly slams her fist down on the table.
“Son of a bitch,” she mutters, looking pissed. I try to ask her what happened, but she clams up and I decide that I don’t want to get involved. This goes on for a while and she doesn’t seem like she wants to talk, so I start thinking about that Spanish mom again. Her soft ass, the feeling of her lips on my cock,
“Ah!” I shouted surprised that something was gripping my cock through my shorts. I look over and MaryKate is touching me as she smile over.
“What are you doing?” I ask.
“I have a little problem.”
“What is it?”
“You see… My boyfriend cheated on me with a little skank from work, so I want to show him what it feels like.”
“What does that have to do with me?” I ask like an idiot. She shoves her phone into my hand and stands up. Her hand is still gripping my cock so I stand up with her. I look around, petrified that someone will see us, but all of the others are over on the far field playing soccer. I gulp, my face turning red, as my cock hardens in my shorts. Despite my embarrassment, I start to look at MaryKate again, noticing her ass swaying a bit as she is walking. We reach the bathroom, which is nothing more than a portapotty, over in the corner in the camp. I am confused, but then she turns her head and winks at me.
She opens the door and brings me into the small plastic room. She reaches down and pulls her shirt over her head, revealing her small tits to me. As a virgin, my cock strains harder against my shorts, even though her tits aren’t as big as my fantasies.
“Use my phone to film this.” She whispers in my ear as she starts to unzip my shorts. Feeling incredibly horny, I unhesitatingly turn the video on, and point it at her. She rubs my cock through my briefs and I moan involuntarily. She shakes her ass as she squats, and it looks so beautiful.
My 7 inch cock springs out and hits her in the face. She gasps and shows a look of surprise on her face.
“You are definitely bigger than my boyfriend. This will piss that fucker off seeing me sucking this off.”
I shudder as she wraps her two hand around my cock. She sticks out her tongue and licks the tip of my cock. I feel like fireworks are going off in my head as her tiny mouth pushes onto my cock. I forget we are in a small bathroom as her head starts to bob up and down, with her hands now fondling my balls. I try to keep quiet, but I just can’t take it. I start moaning the more she works my cock. I don’t even know if this is a good blowjob, but I don’t care. I grab her head as I try pushing her harder. Her throat vibrates and she grabs my ass, trying to get it farther in her mouth.
“I am about to cum!” I yell. My hand shaking, trying to keep the phone in focus. She looks up at me like the sluts in my fantasies, and I explode in her mouth. I fall back against the door bucking in her mouth, dropping the phone on the ground. She pulls back after squeezing the last few drops out. She closes her mouth and when I finally open my eyes she points at the phone and then at her face. Confused, I reach down and point the phone at her again.
Amazingly, she opens her mouth filled with cum and swirls it around. She tilts her head back, letting it slid down her throat, instantly getting me hard again.
Staring at the camera and licking her lips, she says “Mmmmm, his cum tastes so good, and he has such a big fucking cock. I hope you don’t mind me choosing the bigger cock baby. I am sure that slut sucks better than me anyway.”
I just stand there, dumbfounded, when she grabs the phone from my hand. Her hands swiftly fly over her phone, presumably sending the video to her now ex-boyfriend. I stand there like a dumbass as she put her shirt back on. She brushes past me, out of the bathroom.
Turning around and winking, she says “I hope your parents like me. Oh, and I don’t think you want to flash that thing in front of the kids.” She winks, walking back to the tables. I pull up my pants, realizing that her ass is more beautiful than any of my fantasies.

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