Old Man Young Tenant Chapter 7 THE END

Part 7 Old Man and Young Tenant
William had been to the doctor and except for a little high blood pressure he was fine. The doctor had told him to take it easy and not work so hard, little did the doctor know the sort of exercise William was getting. The blood pressure medicine was going to cause some problems though.

Ann and Alice continued to have sex on an almost daily basis. They were now very close friends and seem to go and do everything together. Their close friendship was noted by several of the other tenants and there were some knowing smiles as they were seen going into Williams apartment on occasion.

Nursing training put individual in situations where they see and do things that most people never know about. The day they learned about enemas was a very interesting time. At first the women were embarrassed and then amused. They even started to giggle a little as their thoughts took them in all the wrong places. They used life sized dummies for the training and the comments that flew around the room were wild. They were chastised by the instructor but still could not keep a straight face.

When they got back to the apartment Ann and Alice still were talking and thinking about class that day. They engaged in some pleasurable touching but did not get to do anything heavy as the other girls returned before they could.

Alice went to bed that night with some very strange thoughts. Soon her hand found her warm wet pussy and she thought about what she had seen during the day. She began to wonder what it would be like getting an enema and then she reached further and let a finger massage her tight little rosebud of an anus. She continued to finger her anus and her clit until she reached an orgasm. She did enjoy the sensation of the anal massage and thought maybe the enema might be enjoyable, she would have to talk to Ann about that.

Without talking to anyone she had purchased a disposable enema and used it on herself one day after school. The sensation of the liquid squirting into her ass while she fingered her pussy was great and she bought several more of the disposable enemas. The next time she put the silver bullet vibrator in her pussy and then squirted the liquid in her ass. The orgasm was great and she decided to tell Ann all about it.

There had not been any time that the two were alone long enough to start anything and finally Alice had taken Ann to Williams’s apartment to be alone. Alice was so horny for Ann that as soon as they closed the door she grabbed Ann and kissed her hard and deep. Her tongue pushed into Ann’s mouth and attacked her tongue while her hands moved all over her body. Then she broke the kiss.

“Oh man I wanted that in the worst way and I am so horny for you.” Alice’s hands were moving all over Ann’s body and then started to unbutton her blouse.

“Oh yes I want you too I was wet just walking over here, I hope we have enough time,” and Ann’s hands started to undo Alice’s dress. She undid all the buttons to the waist and then bent and kissed her bare belly and let her tongue tickle and move up to the bra. Then as she pulled the top of the dress over Alice’s shoulders her lips and tongue worked over the bare skin above the bra. Her teeth took the bra strap and pulled it off. Then she started the other side. All the time Alice was working on Ann’s skirt and blouse the skirt dropped quickly and the blouse was open exposing the very sexy bra Ann was wearing. One of the sexy bras William had bought her.

“Oh me too, I want to eat and lick you so bad.” With that Ann ripped off Alice’s bra and took hold of each breast and as she squeezed them both she sucked a nipple hard into her mouth and then let her teeth close around the very hard brown nipple.

The sensation of Ann’s teeth on her nipple sent the most pleasurable sensations through her body and she moaned and pull Ann’s hip to her and felt the pubic bone rub her hip. She was wet and needed more. Alice sucked hard and then finished pulling down the dress then her hand was caressing Alice’s satin panty cover ass as the pubic mounds of each met and the ground together.

There was a lot of moaning coming from the wet bodies. Alice in her blue satin panties was wiggling against Ann who was in her black panties and lacy push up bra. Quickly the girls moved to the bedroom and fell on the bed in each other’s arms. Slowly Alice removed the bra, kissing Ann’s breasts and nipples with tenderness at first then with the passion of a very horny woman she was sucking and biting then all over. A little pain only heightened the pleasure for Ann and this was sort of new for her. The pain of Alice’s teeth biting on her nipple sent thrills through her body starting deep in her pussy and moving up to the back of her neck. A shiver raced through her and her whole body tensed and quivered as a small orgasm took her. Alice grabbed Ann’s head and made a fist holding hair in each hand then pushed her head down. Ann kissed, licked and sucked the soft smooth flesh of Alice’s belly. Ann hooked her thumbs in the panties and as her head moved lower she pulled the panties down. Very slowly the pubic mound was exposed to Ann’s lips and then the panties were down to Alice’s ankles and Ann’s lips were over the clit. Ann sucked the clit hard and let her tongue part the lips and start to lick the slit. The feeling of Ann’s mouth on her pussy sent Alice into orgasm causing her to tense up and moan loudly. Ann sucked in the wetness of passion that now flowed from Alice’s very wet pussy. Her hands had moved up to cup, squeeze and pinch the nipples of each breast. Alice tensed and shook as several more thrills ran through her body. Alice exhaled and lay back then pulled Ann up alongside of her. Alice’s hands then started to caress Ann’s body as she lay on her back and Alice on her side. The hand moved first very lightly tracing the nose, eye, and lips then moved to ear and down neck. Finger tips only very lightly touching the soft warm smooth skin. Ann felt tingles as the finger moved lower over her breast and then she even arched her back a little as the finger neared the nipple. She wanted the hand to squeeze her tit and then pinch the nipple but it was not happening fast enough for her. Ann took the hand and moved it over her tit and pushed it down hard.

“Squeeze it and pinch my nipples now, oh yes.” She moaned as the hand cupped, squeezed and took the nipple between thumb and finger pulling it back hard. “Yes, more, pinch harder, ah.”
Ann was now squirming and her own hand was between her legs massaging her pussy. Two fingers slipped into the warm wet pussy and found the G spot. Ann moaned loudly and bucked her hips up as the orgasm surged through her.

Now both girls lay on the bed, entwined in each other’s arms and legs, wet with the moisture of passion. They were kissing and touching as William entered the apartment.

He knew the girls were here as there were clothes scattered about and the bedroom door was closed.
The idea of two cute naked girls on his bed aroused him but his cock did not get as hard as it use to. Seems the medication he was taking was causing some problems. He opened the door and there was a beautiful sight. Both girls were naked and and their bodies glistened with the perspiration. His cock jumped and started to harden, still not the rock hard shaft of the past.

“Well, look what I found in my bed two little Goldilocks. Did you find it just right?” He moved over to the edge of the bed and ran a hand up and down the bare legs. “MMM, I do love the smooth soft skin on you two.”
“We just had to get some time alone together and the other girls have been in and out all week and we just could not wait any more. Please don’t be upset with us okay.”

William smiled and thought, upset with having two naked girls laying on my bed. “Now how could I be upset, two beautiful naked girls laying here all wet and horny.” “ You are horny aren’t you?”
Alice replied quickly, “Well I sure was but Ann sort of took care of it.”

“I am always horny but Alice is so good and feels great”, as her hand moved up and down Alice’s body.
The feel of Ann’s hand sent shivers through Alice’s body and she started to get turned on again.

William noticed the expression on Alice’s’ face and the sight of Ann stroking her body turned him on.
“Well you two look so good”, and he bent down and kiss each slow and soft at first and then increased the pressure and passion. His tongue part Alice’s lips and he grabbed the back of her head and pulled her to him hard. His hands move over her body with the urgency of a horny old man. Ann watched as William kissed Alice and started to grope her body; cupping her breasts and feeling her nipples harden against the palm of his hand. Then he felt his pants being unbuckled and opened. Ann pulled his pants and shorts down and he stepped out of them. She then caressed his cock and cupped his balls as she slid her other hand up across his belly. Alice gave a little moan and let her hands move around his back and pull up his shirt, which was soon shed. Now William was naked and his libido was very active.

William let out a low animal moan as Ann’s hand tightened around his balls and her other hand started to pump his cock. Alice’s tongue was exploring his mouth while her hands moved down his bare back to his ass. She pulled his butt cheeks apart and squeezed them hard digging her nails into his flesh.
He moaned again and felt a new pleasurable sensation surge from his ass to his head. Alice then started to probe his anus with her middle finger and there was no hesitation from either of them. Her middle finger was into his ass to the second knuckle and Ann was now kissing, licking and sucking his cock. Then she took his semi hard cock fully into her mouth.

William felt his cock slid into her mouth and the feel of her lips and teeth moving up his cock made him quiver with pleasure. Her tongue worked the bottom of his cock as it slid deeper and deeper until the head hit the back of her throat.

She loved the feel of his cock and the sensation of the cap as it moved further into her mouth. She tongued the shaft as best she could but it was big and there was little room in her mouth. Playing with his balls made him moan and she got all wet and hot hearing his response to her administrations.

Alice was probing his anus and Ann was sucking his cock. William was tensing as his body responded to the girls play. He bend and grabbed some legs, at this point he did not care who’s, and pulled them so he could eat a sweet wet hot pussy. His tongue parted the wet lips of Ann’s pussy and slid up and found her clit. Sucking her clit and probing her pussy with a finger which he then used to probe her tight little anus. He pushed the finger into her ass as he sucked hard on her pussy causing her to suck on his cock even more.

He started to buck his hips and tense up and felt Ann tense as well. Then William shot a big load of cum deep into her mouth and Ann tensed and moaned as the orgasm surged through her. She was shaking and tensing so her teeth were biting into his cock. Just as he exploded Alice had pushed two fingers into his ass and this heightened all sensation.

Now there was a mass of bucking quivering moaning bodies on the bed as William came and Ann had and orgasm. Only Alice was not having as much enjoyment and she felt left out. William rolled on to his back and Ann lay alongside, both breathing heavily.

“Hey when do I get to have some fun?” Alice then put a hand on her pussy and rubbed it hard.
“Oh you poor neglected little thing come here and let me do that” and William reached out and pulled her to him and kissed her deeply probing her mouth with his tongue. He kissed her hard for a moment and then let the kiss move along her jaw to the ear which he nibbled on and then moved down her neck biting, sucking and kissing as he went. He moved down over her breast and kissing and licked them until he heard a little moan and sigh from her. Then he circled her nipple with his tongue until she grabbed his head and forced him to take the nipple into his mouth. Sucking the nipple deep and grasping it with his teeth he got a whimper from her as he pulled back. He then moved down kissing and licking over her belly until he reached the pubic mound which he sucked hard. Moving down he parted her pussy lips with his fingers and his tongue licked and sought the clit. As he closed over the clit and sucked she bucked her hips up to meet him. Ann then moved in and started to kiss Alice probing her mouth with her tongue while she massaged and pinched her breast and nipples. He spread her legs wide until she thought he would split her pussy wide open. Then while he sucked the clit he pushed two fingers into her pussy.

She thought she would explode with the pleasure of the sensation of her legs being spread wide then the feeling of the fingers wiggling inside her pussy made her moan and orgasm. She bucked her hips up hard and he removed the finger from her pussy and pushed them into her ass. Then she felt his thumb enter her pussy. Her body began to quiver and shake as a massive orgasm raced through her.

Ann felt Alice buck and tense and she sucked even harder on the tits.
Alice had a great orgasm and both William and Ann continued to assault her body sucking her nipples and clit while fingers probed her pussy and ass.

This went on until Alice had had another orgasm and she begged them to stop. Then they all lay on the bed exhausted and sated.

William notice the funny flash in his closed eyes and a head ache started.
“Well that was an enjoyable afternoon or is it evening now.” Ann was not sure what time it was but figured they had better get up and moving.

“Hey anyone for a shower” and Ann got up and headed to the bathroom followed by Alice and then William.
There wasn’t really enough room in the shower for all 3 of them so William just watched as the two soaped each other down paying special attention to the most sensitive spots.

William wondered if maybe the girls were starting to find more interest in each other and he was now just a second thought. Oh well, he thought, this could not last forever, hell my body could not take much more of this heavy sex. Still you really enjoyed it, you dirty old man. He looked at the two naked girls washing each other smiled and chuckled. In days long past he would have had a massive hard on but now his libido was spent and his cock was limp. Still he did enjoy their company and the sight of them in the shower seemed to be enough for now.

The girls dried off while William showered and he notice how they were totally absorbed with drying each other and no thought of him.
When they were all dry and sitting in the living room he asked how things were at school. They explained how the study and work load had gotten very heavy and so they did not have much time to be together or with him. It was then that William noticed the open gym bag and reached into it pulling out a disposable enema bottle.
“Hey what’s this, ah what are you two into now you naughty little girls”.

Alice blushed a little and said, “We were shown how to do enemas at school the other day and I got it to see what it would be like. I tried it and well it was sort of a turn on especially when I used it with my vibrator.”
Now Ann looks at her and smiled and William’s mouth was just hanging open.
William could not believe what he heard but no matter his little Alice had turned into a very sexy woman with some very sexy feeling.

“So you brought it here to try it out did you? And just who were you going to try it on? I think maybe I should just bend you over and stick it in your ass for you , fill your sweet little behind with all sorts of stuff.” William had also taken a couple of blue pills before getting in the shower and his cock twitched at the thought of the girls naked again. Then his cock got even harder when he thought of giving them enemas and fucking them. He wondered what it would be like to fill their pussy with cum while the enema filled their ass with soapy water. A nasty smile crossed his lips.

“Well I did not have time to talk to Ann about it but hey I did have a really good orgasm when I tried it so I thought maybe.” She reached over at took the bottles.
Ann smiled and looked at William who now had a massive erection and a dirty smile on his face.
Both girls had put on big T shirts and panties after the shower. William had put on some sweats and a T shirt.
“So you want to give Ann an enema maybe while I am fucking her?” He saw Ann smile at the suggestion and thought, well she is game.

“I don’t know what I want to try but we can just see how things go, right?” Alice was a little nervous with the idea but also turned on. “Maybe we should do you while you fuck one of us, sort of filling both holes at once.”
William was sitting in his big recliner and patted his lap, “ come here and sit on my lap”.

All the talk had gotten Ann very horny and curious. She wondered what it would be like to have a dick in her pussy and the enema tub in her ass. She jumped up quickly sitting on Williams lap and she felt his hard cock against her tight buns.

She gave a wiggle of her butt teasing his cock and making her pussy wet with anticipation. “Oh you seem to be all set to have a go now.” She bent and kissed him hard on the lips forcing her tongue between his lips. His hands responded instantly one reaching up under the T shirt up the back and the other under the T shirt rubbing her warm wet pussy. She wrapped her hands around his head and pulls it down as the T shirt came up exposing her breasts. She wanted his lips around her nipples.

Ann moaned as his lips took the nipple and sucked it deep.
Alice had been watching and then got up and wanted to join in. She took Ann’s head kissing her deeply while her hand cupped the other breast and pinched the nipple. Ann’s hand move under Alice’s shirt and found her wet pussy.

Alice broke the kiss and stood up, “okay come here”, and she took William by the hand leading him to the kitchen chair. “You sit and Ann you face him straddle his legs”. They all quickly got naked.

Ann was hot and wanted that hard cock so she spread her legs and sat down. Alice reaches down and guided his cock to Ann’s pussy. Ann let out a moan as the cock slipped into her and penetrated her pussy deeply. Then she started to move up and down, feeling the cock head sliding inside her and occasionally hitting the cervix caused her body to tense.

The feel of the naked woman on his lap sent a thrill through him and when she flexed her pussy muscle around his cock he moaned deeply.

Alice had gotten one of the enema bottles and now reached down and started to play with Ann’s butt cheeks. She pulled the cheeks apart and then slid her hand down to her pussy and Williams cock. She cupped his balls causing him to moan loudly and she wet her fingers with the juices flowing from Ann’s hot wet pussy. Then she moved her wet fingers back and teased her anus. Very slowly she slipped a finger into Ann causing her to wiggle and moan. Then she put a second finger in and pushed them deep.

The sensation of Alice’s finger in your ass made Ann buck harder and sit down hard on his cock.
Alice pulled her fingers out and pushed the enema tube into Ann’s ass. As soon as it was in as deep as it would go she squeezed the bottle sending the warm soapy liquid deep into Ann’s bowels.

The warm liquid squirting into her ass and the big cock filling her pussy sent sensations through her she had not experienced before and her body quivered as an orgasm started to surge through her.

He felt her pussy grip his cock with suck force he could only moan. Her breasts were rubbing his face and he grabbed them in each hand and squeezed them hard as he started to cum. He may be old but still he could shoot a good load of cum and he felt his cock pulsing as he pumped his load into the tight hot pussy.
She could not believe the feeling of the liquid being squirted into her ass and his cock squirting cum into her pussy. She screamed out; “oh yes fuck me, fuck me in my ass you bastard, fuck my cunt, yes, oh yes fill me.” She moaned and gyrated on his lap squeezing both his cock and the enema tube.

Then it was over and his cock was getting soft and slipping out. Alice had pulled the enema tube out. She clasped against his chest and then looked at him and kissed him gently. The feel of the naked body was good but now she had to go to the bathroom.

Ann had gone and Alice looked at William and smile a very devilish smile, “ you up for another go around?”
William’s head ache had returned and he looked at the woman stand in front of him, “are you trying to kill me? I don’t think I could anything right now. I am going to have to take another shower now.” He got up and headed to the bathroom.

Ann was in the shower again as he entered and he just got in with her. Taking the soap he started to wash and they soaped each other. Alice watched them and it turned her on so much she started to rub her pussy and then slipped her panties off and was rubbing her clit and squeezing a breast and pinching the nipple hard.

They saw Alice masturbating and realized she had not had as much as they had. They reached out and pulled her into the shower which was now crowded but no matter. Two naked women and a naked man in a shower is not crowded its fun. William slid down the back wall and let his legs slide out so his mouth was level with Alice’s wanting pussy. His hands grabbed her butt cheeks and pulled her to him. His tongue teased her pussy lips and then her clit while Ann went and got the other enema bottle.

Ann returned and came up behind Alice and reached around and cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples causing her to moan. William was kneading the butt cheeks and his finger was probing her anus with one hand and her pussy with the other. He was biting and sucking the pussy lips and tonguing the clit. Alice was moaning and twisting as Ann pushed the enema tube deep up her ass causing her to gasp and moan loudly.
Alice was enjoying it and moaned for more; “ oh yes push it deeper please more, fuck me eat me oh fuck my ass.”

Ann squeezed the bottle shooting the liquid deep into Alice’s bowels.
Williams fingers were deep into her pussy and his tongue whipped her clit.
Alice moaned and screamed and then settled down. Ann pulled the tube out as Alice squatted down and the soapy liquid gushed out of her. There was a soft moan and Alice clasped onto William.
They all showered again.

The women dressed and left as they had studying to do before tomorrow and a long night ahead.

William was feeling weak and the head ache was getting worse. He had put on some boxers and gone to bed.
The next day Alice had stopped by at Williams to talk and used her key to enter. She could not get an answer and then she found him lying on the bed in his boxers. Her nurse training kicked in and she ran over and took his pulse. Nothing, he was dead. William died with a smile on his face put there by two very sexy women.

This is the end of the series “Old Man Young Tenant”. I hope you enjoyed all of it. Sorry if the grammar and spelling are not perfect. I could not think of where else to take the story so I had to end it. I will be writing more for the Apartment complex and some other stories that have been requested.

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