Naughty Babysitter: Chapter 2

Jennifer went to her classes after Tina told her she could continue babysitting, but had a tough time concentrating, thinking about what they had done to her. She didn't know she would experience that much pleasure from being treated or talked to the way she was, but she had never felt that much pleasure before.

After her classes were over, she went back to her apartment. She spent the rest of the evening thinking about how she might be able to experience that again.

After Jennifer had left, Tina got dressed and went to get Elizabeth from her friend's house. Paul also got dressed, but remained at home, still trying to figure why all of that had just happened. He knew his wife liked to be dominant, but why did she involve him, and have sex with the babysitter.

Paul was a little surprised that Tina had used the strap-on on Jennifer, not knowing she liked doing that to girls as well. He wasn't about to complain about having sex with Jennifer, he just wondered what else his wife wanted to do to the girl, because he knew she wasn't through with Jennifer yet. He also wondered if his wife was going to teach Jennifer about dominating people as well. Paul had always been a little submissive, and loved it when his wife dominated him, 'but would Tina teach Jennifer about that too,' he wondered. That's when he started getting a little excited, thinking about what it would be like to be dominated by two women at once.

When Tina got home, they didn't talk about what had happened with Jennifer much, except for Tina asking Paul if he had enjoyed himself. He simply nodded at her, and she smiled, "well it may happen again." Paul nodded again, but didn't ask her what she had planned for the girl, deciding to just leave it alone.

The next day Jennifer showed up right on time to watch Elizabeth. She was a little sore from the day before, but didn't say a word about it to Tina.

Tina didn't make any requests or demands of Jennifer, just telling her a little lie, that she would be home around 2:00. Tina thought about telling Jennifer to be ready for more punishment and training, but kept quiet, thinking maybe she could catch Jennifer doing something again.

Just after lunch, Jennifer laid Elizabeth down for her afternoon nap. She was walking past their room door when she flashed back to yesterday. She thought about what Tina had said about the computer and webcam always being on. She stopped at the closed door, tempted to enter the room and see if that was true.

Jennifer knew she should just leave it alone, and be glad they kept her as their babysitter, but for the second day in a row, her curiosity got the best of her. She turned the handle and opened the door, heading straight to the computer. As she approached the desk, she noticed that the tower was on, so that part was true. She wiggled the mouse around, and the screen lit up, surprising her a little.

Jennifer looked at the screen, surprised it wasn't password protected. She looked at the desktop, not seeing anything that would indicate the webcam being on. But as she looked at the folders on the screen, one of them stuck out to her. "PAUL'S TRAINING," it read, and was the only one in all capitals.

Jennifer opened the folder, and saw screenshots of video clips on the screen. She looked at them, finding one that interested her.

On the screen shot, it was a side shot of Paul tied down to the bed, with his hard dick pointing straight up in the air. It appeared there was something tied around his dick, and his ball sack was tight. It had, "Denial," typed in under it.

Jennifer clicked on it and the media player opened to that picture. Her eyes widened at the scene, covering her mouth in shock. Paul's dick and ball sack appeared to have rubber bands wrapped around them, one around the base of his dick, and another tight around the top of his ball sack.

"So my naughty slave wants to cum huh," Tina said in the video, but not being seen.

"Yes, please mistress, let me cum, oh god I wanna cum so bad mistress," Paul groaned, struggling against his restraints.

Jennifer stared at the screen, mesmerized by what she was watching. Yes she had seen porn before, but nothing like this. Her sore pussy began to tingle from looking at Paul's erection, remembering yesterday.

Jennifer watched Tina move in front of the camera, and to the foot of the bed, intrigued by the woman's outfit. Tina was wearing a leather, open bust, camisole, that hugged her curves tight. It had thin straps connecting rings around her tits, to a leather ring around her neck. The bottom of the camisole had straps connected to thigh high stockings on her legs. She also had on a leather thong, that rode up her ass crack, showing off her curvaceous ass, and a riding crop in her hand.

Jennifer watched with interest as Tina raised the riding crop into the air, and brought it down hard on Paul's thigh. Jennifer watched Paul jump on the bed, and yell out in pain.

"I didn't hear you bitch," Tina yelled.

"Please mistress, let me cummm," Paul pleaded.

Jennifer watched the video intently, as Tina climbed onto the bed,.seeing the woman was wearing high heels as well. Jennifer covered her mouth in horror, as Tina put the tip of her her heel against Paul's scrotum and pushed in.

"I don't think my bitch deserves to cum tonight," Tina growled, grinding the heel into his ball sack.

Jennifer was beside herself, watching as Tina moved her foot forward, pressing Paul's dick against his lower abdomen, grinding it with the ball of her foot. 'What kind of freaks are they,' she thought to herself, but feeling her excitement growing.

Tina ground her shoe into Paul's dick for a bit, and then moved it away, Paul's dick springing back up. She then moved to her knees between Paul's spread legs, grasping the base of his swollen member. "Maybe I'll be nice since you've been such a good slave," Tina said, slowly stroking his dick.

Jennifer's hand was down the front of her jean shorts, and in her panties, rubbing her middle finger up and down her moistening slit, watching the video intently. Her legs started to tremble each time her finger ran over her swollen clit, an orgasm growing inside of her.

Tina started stroking Paul's faster, moaning loudly at him, "is my slave gonna cum? Huh is he gonna shoot it all over?"

Paul's groans grew louder, his body writhing on the bed. "Oh god," he groaned loudly, his hips bouncing off of the bed.

Jennifer knew he was getting close to ejaculating, frigging her pussy fast and hard now. Her hand froze on her pussy when she watched Tina abruptly move her hand away from his dick.

"Not so fast bitch, you can't cum that easily," Tina moaned with a laugh.

Jennifer watched Paul's dick bounce and move around, and listening to him groan with want. 'Wow she is mean,' she said to herself.


Tina had her friend follow her home, already planning on having her watch Elizabeth again, so she could have fun with Jennifer again. She pulled into the driveway, and told Rachel, her friend, to wait outside.

Tina quietly entered the house, not sure what she was going to find. She walked into the front room to a television that was shut off this time, but no sign of Jennifer. "Ohh that slut is up to it again," she said under her breath, quietly walking towards the hallway.

She could hear her voice coming from her bedroom, puzzling her a little, and then it donned on her. "That fucking bitch is on our computer, she didn't learn a fucking thing," she scowled to herself, already fuming with anger.

Tina stopped by her bedroom door, seeing Jennifer with her eyes glued to the computer monitor. She almost barged into the room at that point, her anger boiling over, but she restrained herself, quickly heading for Elizabeth's room.

Jennifer continued watching the video, slowly rubbing her pussy again. She watched Tina slowly begin stroking Paul's dick again, going from the base to the tip of it, alternating hands each time. She listened to Paul's groans grow louder and more frequent, but before he ejaculated, Tina would move her hands away from his dick.

Jennifer was intrigued by how Tina was teasing him, but also felt sorry for Paul because he was near crying for release. She watched Tina play with the massive amount of precum that was leaking from his dick, and hearing her chuckle at him, "if you want to cum, you have to do it on your own."

"You didn't learn a fucking thing, huh slut," Tina yelled from the bedroom entrance.

Jennifer almost jumped out of the chair when she heard Tina, quickly looking back at the woman. 'Oh shit,' she mouthed, looking at Tina in fear.

Tina had carried Elizabeth out and come back inside, as quiet as possible, "I can't believe you have the fucking nerve to come into my room again, and on top of that watch videos of me and my husband, oooo you're one naughty little slut," Tina yelled, enraged with anger.

Jennifer kept her eyes on Tina, as the woman quickly walked towards her. She had already pulled her hand away from her pussy, her excitement dampened by the interruption. She knew she had been caught again, and knew this probably meant more humiliation from Tina and Paul.

Tina walked up behind Jennifer, looking at the video playing on the computer. She smiled to herself, knowing that had brought her so much satisfaction, denying Paul of his orgasm. Tina then looked down at Jennifer, contemplating on what to do with her now. "So what do you have to say for yourself slut?" Tina yelled, still trying to figure out what she was going to do to Jennifer.

"I I'm sor sorry Tina, I I" Jennifer was cut off by Tina covering her mouth with her hand.

Tina had finally come up with a plan to punish the girl. "Enough talking slut, we're just gonna have to double the punishment on you today," she yelled, grabbing Jennifer's arm and yanking her out of the chair.

Jennifer gasped in surprise when she was yanked out of the chair. She looked at the older woman in fear, as she was led to the bed. She squealed in surprise when Tina threw her on the bed, knowing this meant she was going to tied to the bed again.

Tina looked down at the flailing teenager, laughing to herself at Jennifer's helplessness. "You better not fucking move," she yelled, moving to the cabinet headboard. She opened it and retrieved a pair of metal handcuffs and spanking paddle. She looked back at Jennifer with a devilish smile, not wanting to wait for her husband this time.

Jennifer looked at the spanking paddle in fear, already knowing this was going to be worse than yesterday. She whimpered lightly, watching Tina raise the paddle and smack it on her own hand.

"I think our slut needs to be spanked for not learning her lesson the first time," Tina scowled, smacking the paddle against her hand again, watching Jennifer jump a little. She chuckled evilly, "ah is someone scared, well she should have thought about that earlier."

Jennifer cowered, even though she knew it was going to happen no matter what. It was at this point that she wished she would have just went back to the front room, instead of letting her curiosity bring her back into this room.

Tina dropped the paddle and handcuffs on the bed, and grabbed Jennifer's legs, pulling the girl towards her. Tina pulled Jennifer off of the bed, and retrieved the handcuffs. She spun the girl around, and quickly cuffed Jennifer's arms behind her back. "Ok slut, back on the bed," Tina yelled, pushing the teenager forward.

Jennifer felt the handcuffs digging into her wrists, as she fell onto the bed, her legs remaining over the side of it. She thought about rolling onto her back, thinking that would prevent her from getting spanked, but knew it didn't matter. She laid face down on the bed, her face pressed into the mattress, already feeling degraded.

Tina grabbed the paddle, looking at the girl's firm ass she was about to spank. She ran her free hand over Jennifer's covered ass, moaning seductively, "such a naughty ass slut." She moved her hand away, raising the paddle into the air, and bringing it down hard across the girl's ass, but not with full force.

Jennifer cried out into the mattress, in pain, feeling the pain shoot up her body. Tears welled up in her eyes, as Tina brought the paddle down, across her covered ass again, with a little more force.

Tina raised the paddle one more time, bringing it down harder across Jennifer's ass. She then dropped the paddle on the bed again, and grabbed Jennifer's arm, rolling the teenager over, noticing the tears in her eyes. "Ah does that hurt slut, you poor baby," she said sarcastically.

Jennifer's ass was stinging, and felt like it was on fire. She slowly nodded at the older woman, hoping the spankings were over.

Tina laughed at the girl nodding at her, "I bet it does, maybe this time you'll learn your fucking lesson, but I doubt it." She then reached down and quickly unbuttoned the girl's shorts, tugging at them and pulling them down to reveal a white lace thong. "Wow a thong again, you are a dirty slut," she cooed, teasingly running her fingers over Jennifer's inflamed slit, and throwing the girl's shorts aside.

Jennifer trembled when she felt Tina touch her covered slit, her excitement on overdrive now. She moaned softly, writhing on the bed in want. She wanted Tina to touch her pussy more, wanting the woman to make her cum. "Please," she gasped under her breath, more turned on than she ever was yesterday.

Tina noticed Jennifer trying to push her pussy into her hand, quickly pulling her hand away. "Not so fast slut, it's not gonna be that easy for you," she hissed, grabbing Jennifer's arm and rolling the girl over again.

"No," Jennifer pleaded as she was rolled over. She thought the spanking was over, but now she knew it wasn't, and didn't know if she could take anymore.

Tina retrieved the paddle again, laughing at Jennifer's plea, "what's the matter slut, I told you that you were going to learn your lesson." She looked at the girl's reddened ass, admiring her handy work, raising the paddle in the air, and bringing it down hard across the girl's bare ass.

Jennifer jumped when her bare ass was spanked, crying out in searing pain. Her ass was already sore from the pounding it took yesterday, and now this bare ass spanking was making it hurt even more. Pain was shooting throughout her body, feeling Tina rubbing the paddle over her ass.

Tina rubbed the paddle over the girl's reddened ass, knowing Jennifer was experiencing a lot of pain, but didn't feel much remorse for the girl. She pulled the paddle away, noticing the wet spot in the crotch of Jennifer's thong, smiling to herself. "Someone seems to be enjoying this," she growled, raising the paddle once again and smacking Jennifer's ass harder.

Jennifer cried out again at the stinging pain, feeling like there was a thousand needles being stuck into her ass cheeks. Despite the pain, Jennifer was getting more turned on by this, knowing it was from her being helpless to the punishment, and after yesterday, found out that being helpless, talked down to, and being humiliated excited her.

Tina tossed the paddle onto the bed again, and moved behind Jennifer, looking at her blistered ass. She knew the girl would feel that tomorrow, but she wasn't done spanking the helpless slut just yet. She put her hands on Jennifer's ass cheeks, feeling the heat coming from the reddened parts. She raised her right hand into the air and brought it down hard on Jennifer's right hip, leaving her handprint on the girl's cheek.

Jennifer jumped in surprise, but didn't cry out in pain, her ass starting to become numb now. When Tina smacked her left cheek hard, it sent a jolt to her pussy, heightening her excitement. She start moaning and wriggling her ass, wanting the woman to touch her dripping pussy.

Tina smacked both sides of Jennifer's ass one more time, and then moved away from the girl. "I think it's time for the next part of your punishment," she hissed, unzipping the side of her dress, and quickly pushing it and her panties to the floor.

Jennifer looked over her shoulder at Tina, tears rolling down her cheeks. While she was in a lot of pain, she was still excited and turned on, feeling the crotch of her thong soaked with her juices.

Tina then unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her white bra holding her tits back. She quickly unhooked her bra, and let it fall to the floor in front of her. She looked at Jennifer, noticing the tears, and smiled slyly, "ah did that hurt?"

Jennifer didn't say or do anything, remaining perfectly still as Tina retrieved the handcuff keys. She wondered what the woman had in store for her today, and also a little surprised she didn't wait for Paul this time.

Tina quickly took the handcuffs off of Jennifer, and rolled the girl onto her back. She then pushed Jennifer onto the bed, into the middle of it, and quickly moved on top of the teenager, pinning her to the bed.

Jennifer felt the heat from the woman's pussy against her shirt covered stomach, feeling her own pussy tingle a little. She watched as Tina reached over her head, and heard the clinking of the chains, knowing she was about to be rendered helpless now.

"So you wanna watch me deny my husband of his orgasm, well then its time you see what it's like," Tina said, dropping the chain cuffs on the bed. She quickly attached one to each of Jennifer's wrists, and then attached the other ends to the eye hooks on the headboard.

Jennifer had no idea what Tina meant by that, but figured it would involve her being humiliated by the older woman. She didn't fight or struggle while she was tied down to the bed, knowing it wouldn't do any good.

Tina moved back up Jennifer's body after securing the girl's ankles, still straddling her and facing the headboard. Tina was preparing for her first, true, girl on girl action, and didn't really know what to expect from it. She moved herself forward, until her pussy hovered over Jennifer's face.

Jennifer could smell the woman's excitement as her pussy moved over her face, wondering what was going on here. She looked up at Tina's shaved pussy, noticing the woman's enlarged clit sticking out. She had seen pussies in porns before, but had never seen that big of a clit before.

"Time for my slut to please me," Tina moaned, grabbing Jennifer's hair and pulling the girl's face into her pussy.

Jennifer let out a surprised gasp when her face was forced into Tina's pussy, her nose pushing against the woman's oversized clit. She struggled to breath as her face was smothered by Tina's pussy, her mouth being inundated with the woman's juices.

Tina moaned softly, grinding herself against Jennifer's face. She closed her eyes, feeling the teenager's tongue penetrate the outer region of her pussy, and her nose pushing against her clit.

Jennifer had no clue what she was doing, but figured she would try what she liked having done to her. She tried pushing her tongue into Tina's pussy, as far as she could, and swallowing the woman's juices as fast as she could.


Paul pulled into the driveway, next to his wife's car, noticing Jennifer's car in the street yet. 'What is Tina doing to the poor girl now,' he asked himself, climbing out of the car.

He made his way into the house, knowing the girls were probably in their room again. He headed straight for the room, hearing his wife's moans coming from the room. He froze in the doorway, getting a sight that he figured he would never see again.

Paul stared at his wife's wide ass ,hiding all of Jennifer's head, and the half naked teenager splayed out on his bed. He looked at the girl's covered slit, seeing it make a small cameltoe in her thong. His dick immediately hardened in his pants, quickly entering the room, and beginning to strip his clothes off.

Tina heard the commotion behind her, turning her head to look at her husband. "Oh hey honey," she stammered out, Jennifer continuing to munch on her pussy.

Paul was naked in a matter of seconds, ready to sink his erection into Jennifer's tight slit again. He nodded in greeting to his wife, slowly stroking his dick, and staring at the girl's covered slit.

Tina let go of Jennifer's hair and reluctantly climbed off of her. She was really starting to enjoy herself, but knew Paul would ruin her plan if she didn't explain it to him. "First off honey, this bitch didn't learn her lesson yesterday. I caught her watching our videos on the computer," she said, looking at her husband sternly.

Paul nodded in acknowledgement, not sure what to say. He only had one thing on his mind, as he continued staring at Jennifer's swollen pussy in her thong, and getting his dick in there.

"I caught her watching the video where I denied you your orgasm," Tina continued, her anger growing again.

This drew Paul's attention from Jennifer's slit, looking at his wife with interest. He knew his wife was in charge, so he could only do what she would allow him to do. "So what do you have in mind for her?" Paul finally asked.

"We are going to deny the slut of any pleasure, you are going to tease her tiny, slut pussy without fully penetrating her," Tina said, glancing at the helpless girl, "and she is going to make me cum at the same time."

Jennifer didn't like what she was hearing, but knew she couldn't stop them. She also had to admit, that just like yesterday, being dominated like this was exciting her even more, but didn't like the idea of being teased by a hard cock, but not being penetrated by it.

Paul slowly got onto the foot of the bed, and moved up between the teenager's spread legs, focusing on her swollen slit. He knew it was going to be hard to resist the urge to sink his dick into the girl's tight recess, but didn't want to find out what his wife would do if he did. He moved forward until his dick hovered over her tiny slit, making it throb over her.

Jennifer looked down at the older man's dick, watching it throb and bounce. She sucked in her lower lip, wanting to feel it deep in her pussy. She sucked in her breath, watching him push his dick down, and feeling the tip of it brush over her thong, and across her clit. "Mmm," she moaned softly, lifting her hips up towards him.

Paul groaned in pleasure, feeling the heat permeating from her pussy. He rubbed the head of his dick up and down her thong, feeling her body tremble every he brush over her clit. His breathing hastened, using all of his willpower to keep from just moving her thong aside and sinking his member into her.

Tina stood there for a bit, watching her husband tease the young girl with the tip of his dick, feeling her own pussy tingle more. She slowly climbed onto the bed, straddling Jennifer, facing her husband. She moved back until her pussy hovered over Jennifer's face, looking down at the girl, "time to make me cum slut," she moaned, abruptly dropping her pussy onto Jennifer's face.

Jennifer gasped into Tina's pussy in surprise, her mouth being inundated with the woman's juices once again. She swallowed it as fast as she could, while concentrating on the dick moving up and down her thong, feeling the pressure building inside of her.

Paul decided to take the teasing a little further, reaching down and moving the strap of her thong aside, revealing her glistening slit to him. He groaned loudly, moving the tip of his dick into her folds.

Jennifer moaned loudly into Tina's pussy, feeling Paul's dick push into her slit. She lifted her hips up, trying line it up with her entrance, and get him to enter her.

Paul noticed her moving her hips with the movements of his dick, knowing this was probably driving her just as crazy as it was him. He finally stopped the head of his dick at her entrance, and slowly pushed the tip in, noticing her trying to push herself into him. He quickly pulled away before his member went in very far, listening to her moan into his wife's pussy.

Tina started grinding her pussy against the girl's face, moaning loudly, "that's it you dirty slut, eat my pussy."

Paul slowly moved the head of his dick back to Jennifer's entrance, repeating the process of pushing just the tip between her lips, wanting to go further, but quickly pulling back. He continued to tease her pussy this way, watching her writhe on the bed, as if wanting more. He didn't know if it was teasing the young girl, or what, but he could already feel his balls starting to churn, so he knew that when he did sink his dick into a hot pussy, it wouldn't take him long to cum.

Jennifer wished she could force Tina off of her and beg to be fucked by Paul. She knew she couldn't do that, as she delved her tongue into the woman's dripping pussy, finding that eating another woman's pussy wasn't that bad. She tried to push herself into Paul, wishing he would just sink his dick into her already.

Tina watched her husband tease the teenager, feeling the girl move under her, knowing the girl wanted more of his dick inside of her. "That's it honey, tease our dirty slut, make her suffer, and beg for it," she moaned, grinding her pussy harder against Jennifer's face.

Tina could tell by the look on Paul's face, that he so badly wanted to fuck the girl, but she had other plans for him. She moved her hand to her clit, wanting to move this along a little faster before he couldn't resist it any longer. She started roughly rubbing her clit, while grinding her pussy harder against Jennifer's face, feeling her orgasm quickly building.

Jennifer noticed Tina's pussy getting even wetter, more of the woman's juices filling her mouth. It also felt like the woman's pussy was tightening up around her tongue, as she moved it in and out of Tina. 'Oh my god she is going to cum,' she said to herself, not sure what to expect.

Paul stopped teasing Jennifer's pussy when he heard his wife start moaning louder. "That's it honey, cum on her face," he groaned, urging her on, kneeling back and slowly stroking his dick.

Tina froze on top of Jennifer, vigorously rubbing her clit, "oh fuckkkkkk," she moaned out, her orgasm rushing through her. Her body bucked and jumped on top of the teenager, moaning loudly throughout her orgasm.

Jennifer was having trouble breathing, as Tina completely smothered her, the woman's juices overfilling her mouth. She tried to swallow as fast as she could, with her tongue buried in Tina's contracting pussy, and could feel the juices running down her cheeks and into her hair below.

Paul watched his wife continue to jerk on top of Jennifer's face, watching her voluptuous tits bounce and sway with her movements. He hoped that after she came back down, his wife would change her mind and let him bury his dick deep in Jennifer.

Tina slowed her hand on her swollen clit, her orgasm slowly fading. She fell forward onto Jennifer, trying to catch her breath, and looking at her husband's glistening dick as he stroked it.

Jennifer moved her head up, trying to breath as the heavier woman laid on top of her. She could feel Tina's juices soaking her hair, wanting to go take a shower right now. It had been another first for her, making another woman cum, and she was still a little undecided on whether she liked it or not.

Tina slowly lifted her head, smiling at Paul, "so are you ready to fuck now?"

Paul quickly nodded, hoping this meant burying his dick into the teenager's tight hole now. He quickly knelt up and began guiding it towards Jennifer's slit, getting excited until his wife put her hand on his abdomen to halt him.

"I told you, not in her, but you can put it in her mouth once and a while," Tina said, pushing back on him. "Go back there and fuck me from behind, let our naughty slut get a close up view of you fucking me, and you can make the dirty bitch clean you off every so often," she added.

Jennifer heard what Tina had, wishing it was her getting Paul's dick instead. She thought about asking if she could get his dick in her, but bit her tongue, not wanting to find out what would happen if she did.

Paul looked at his wife, a little disappointed, but not wanting to go against his wife's wishes. He moved around the bed, until he was behind his wife's wide hips, looking down at Jennifer with a look of want on her face. An evil grin crossed his face, guiding his dick towards the girl's closed mouth.

Jennifer held her mouth shut, not really wanting to suck on his dick, just wanting to feel it in her pussy. She looked up at his plump ball sack, as the head of his dick prodded against her lips. Finally she gave in, opening her mouth and feeling the fat head of his cock slide over her tongue.

Paul let out a loud groan of pleasure, feeling his dick enter the teenager's warm mouth. He pushed his dick into her mouth until he heard her start gagging on it, knowing he was in her throat. He held it there for a bit, and then slowly pulled back, groaning "that's a good slut."

Tina had moved up to her hands and knees, ready for her husband to enter her. She looked over her shoulder at him, "what the hell are you doing, come on and fuck me already."

Paul looked at his wife, "I was making the slut get my dick wet first." He reluctantly pulled his dick out of Jennifer's mouth, and lined it up with his wife's entrance.

Jennifer looked at the head of his dick, as it moved towards Tina's swollen slit. She watched in awe as the tip of his dick slowly opened the woman's lips, and began disappearing into her wet recess. Jennifer felt her pussy tingle even more, watching Tina's pussy stretch around Paul's sinking member. She had watched a lot of pornos with her boyfriends before, but it came nowhere close to exciting as this. Getting a closeup view of a dick entering a pussy was exciting her beyond belief.

Tina slowly moved her hips back towards her husband, feeling his dick sink into her fully. "Ok slut, now you had better lick my clit while I'm getting fucked, and you had better make me cum before he does," she yelled, grinding her ass against Paul. "Now fuck me until you cum honey, fill me with your hot load so the dirty whore can clean me out," she said a little softer, but looking at her husband sternly.

Paul grabbed the sides of his wife, gradually sliding his dick back out of her, feeling her pussy squeeze at his exiting member. He felt his ball sack graze over Jennifer's forehead and hair, and then the felt the tip of her tongue flick against the underside of his shaft, sending a shiver through him.

Jennifer had seen something similar to this in porn before, but the girl below wasn't restrained so she could play with the man's balls, and the girl on top was pleasuring the other one. She decided to just go with anyway, lifting her head up and flicking her tongue over Tina's clit, and Paul's dick and balls as he fucked his wife. She could feel both of them jump and shiver, just quickly flicking her tongue between their genitals.

Paul wasn't fucking his wife hard, just moving in and out of her at a steady pace, enjoying the feeling of his ball sack moving over Jennifer's face, and her tongue flicking over his balls and dick. He started to move a little faster, feeling his balls beginning to churn even more. He then quickly pulled his dick completely out of his wife, and guided it towards Jennifer's mouth, groaning as she quickly engulfed it.

Jennifer gladly took Paul's dick into her, tasting Tina's juices on it, and sucking on it hard. She moaned into his dick when Tina started slapping her sensitive clit, her body jumping as the woman slapped her clit rapidly.

"Mmm, do you like slut? Does that clit like being mistreated like this?" Tina moaned, feeling Jennifer's body jumping under her.

Paul fucked Jennifer's mouth for a bit, sliding his dick into her throat, and then pulling back, fucking her mouth like it was a pussy. He then quickly pulled his dick away from her and slammed it back into his wife, hard, their skin slapping together. Paul started fucking his wife, hard and fast, feeling his balls tightening up for their release.

Tina threw her head back in pleasure, continuing to roughly slap Jennifer's clit, "that's it honey, fuck me, fuck my pussy until you explode." She started meeting Paul's thrusts, feeling his dick beginning to grow inside of her, knowing he was going to be cumming soon.

Jennifer laid there, watching Paul's dick moving quickly in and out of the pussy, and hearing a squishing sound coming when he slammed into Tina. She could also feel her orgasm building inside of her, as Tina began roughly rubbing her clit. Her back arched as she fought against the restraints, wanting to sink her fingers into her pussy to help herself cum.

Paul threw his head back, letting out a loud growl, and slamming into his wife one last time. His cum rushed up his cock and erupted deep into her pussy. He pulled his dick back slightly, as he continued to fill her pussy with his cum.

Jennifer watched into amazement, watching Paul's dick throb and twitch with each shot of cum. She suddenly felt a twinge of jealousy, wishing it was her pussy he was filling with his cum, and her cumming at the same time.

Tina slowly moved herself forward and back on Paul's ejaculating dick, enjoying the feeling of his hot cum filling her up. "Mmm, that's it honey, give me all of that cum, give that slut a lot to clean up," she moaned, feeling his dick beginning to soften inside of her.

Paul grabbed his wilting member as it slipped out of his wife's creamy pussy. He squeezed it from the base to the head, watching a small trickle of cum come out and drip onto Jennifer's cheek. He climbed off of the bed completely exhausted now.

Jennifer jumped when the tiny dollop of cum dropped onto her cheek, watching it come out of his dick, but surprising her when it landed on her. She then looked up at Tina's pussy, seeing Paul's cum beginning to ooze back out. Her eyes grew wide, hearing Tina grunt, and a huge dollop of Paul's cum coming out, running down the woman's gaping slit, and down onto her face, landing on her chin and stringing down to her neck.

"Time to go to work slut, clean my messy pussy up," Tina moaned, trying to push more of Paul's cum out of her.

Jennifer reluctantly lifted her head, sticking her tongue out as far as she could, seeing more of Paul's cum oozing out of the hole. She scooped up the leaking cum and brought it into her mouth, cringing a little at the taste. She quickly swallowed it, and then stuck out her tongue to retrieve more. She continued to clean up the cum, slowly getting used to the tart and tangy taste of the mixed fluids.

Tina moaned softly, feeling Jennifer's tongue lick up the leaking cum from her slit. She finally moved herself back, sitting back down on the girl's face. "I wanna cum one last time slut, and since failed to make me cum before Paul did its time to get to work," she moaned, grinding her pussy against Jennifer's mouth, and moving her hand to the teenager's slit again.

Jennifer was taken by surprise when Tina sat back on her face, but moaned into the woman's pussy when she felt a hand on her pussy. She stuck her tongue into Tina as far as she could, hoping she was going to be able to cum now, feeling the hand begin rubbing her slit quickly.

Paul sat down in the computer chain, watching the girls pleasure each other. He had never been one to get hard again quickly after cumming, so he knew he was done until the night, and was content with just watching them.

Tina moved her other hand to her own clit and began vigorously rubbing it, feeling her orgasm already building inside of her. She decided to let Jennifer cum now, knowing how bad it was when you get close to cumming but don't get to. She rubbed Jennifer's clit side to side, feeling the girl's pussy getting wetter and wetter, and body beginning to tremble.

Jennifer was right on the verge of cumming, as she darted her tongue in and out of Tina's tightening hole, knowing the woman was on the edge of orgasming as well. Jennifer's back arched high, her orgasm quickly taking over her body, her loud moan being muffled by Tina's pussy.

Tina watched Jennifer's back arch, and felt her moan into her pussy, knowing the girl was cumming. She roughly continued rubbing the girl's clit, feeling and hearing Jennifer's juices squirting from her pussy. Tina started pinching her own clit, Jennifer's moans helping her orgasm grow inside of her.

Tina's hand froze on Jennifer's slit, and her body began to jerk on top of the girl's face, her orgasm coursing through her. She let out a long, pleasurable moan, as she came for the second time today.

Jennifer's mouth was once again quickly inundated by Tina's juices, but this time mixed with the remnants of Paul's cum. As she continued to cum herself, she began to choke on the fluids filling her mouth, coughing and forcing the juices back out, and down her cheeks again.

Paul sat there, watching his wife and their babysitter experience mutual orgasms. He felt his dick tingle a little, but still refused to even think about rising again.

Jennifer laid limp on the bed, still choking and coughing, trying to catch her breath. Tina was coming down from her own orgasm, falling onto the bed, next to Jennifer, with one leg still over the girl.

Tina finally got back her strength, pushing herself up, and turning around on the bed to look at Jennifer. "So did you learn your lesson this time slut? I better, and I fucking mean it, better not catch you in our room again," she said, almost yelling.

Jennifer slowly nodded, her reddened ass really starting to hurt now. She knew that she didn't want to get spanked like that again, so didn't plan it.

"Good, because next time I won't be so easy on you," Tina said, uncuffing Jennifer and letting her up.

Paul looked at Jennifer's blistered ass when she got off of the bed. He almost cringed at the sight, knowing that was going to hurt for a few days.

Should I add another part? Let me know. Constructive criticism only please.

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