Editing Reailty Book 2, Chapter 11: Unwrapping His Gift

Editing Reality

Book Two: Sultry Fantasies Unleashed

Chapter Eleven: Emotional Clashes

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to WRC 264 for beta reading this.

Becky Davies

I released the doorknob and fled the classroom. Inside, my friend was having sex with Seth. I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't cheat on my Daddy. I didn't care how much I wanted it. I loved Daddy. I wasn't that sort of person who did that.

My footsteps echoed through the hallways. I raced past empty classrooms. My skirt swirled. My heart beat in my chest. Pounded. I legs stretched as I fled my desire for Seth Meyer. I whipped around the corner, fists pumping.

I reached the door to my father's classroom. I could see him through the rectangular window. He was with my mother. They were talking. Mom was naked, of course, her breasts rising and falling as they talked about something.

Probably what Daddy would do once he became mayor on Saturday. I leaned against the wall. I ached for him. My pussy was on fire. I squeezed my breasts through my gray vest and a white blouse, my nipples aching. My hands dug into my tits and brushed my nipples. I drew in a deep breath.

My body trembled. I needed my Daddy right now.


Steve Davies

Linda's breasts were in mid-sway when I paused time. It was strange to see her tits defying gravity as she laughed. There were piles and piles of papers spread out before us, covered in lists on what I had to do with all my edits. How to protect our house, the college, and city hall. I needed to edit the police. I had to protect my family.

“You look focused,” Anael said. She frowned. “The game has gotten serious.”

I nodded as I navigated the menu. I went to my wife's wedding ring and opened its menu.

Linda Davies's Wedding Band

• Physical Quality

• Spiritual Quality

I went to its Spiritual Quality Menu.

Spiritual Quality

• History

• Meaning

• Aura

And then to the Aura Sub-Menu. I took a deep breath, grabbing the list we'd made and begun editing:

• People who have a desire to hurt Linda Davies will find their desire evaporating upon sight of her. They will realize it is not worth it. Whatever compels them to violence will dwindle.

• People who interact with Linda Davies will have a desire to be civil with her and to find what she says to have value and give it due consideration. They do not have to obey her but will weigh her opinion as coming from someone they trust.

• Women who interact with Linda Davies find her sexually attractive no matter how straight they are. They do not think this is weird nor will they resist being seduced. They will want to enjoy her touch and desire without it changing their own feelings about their romantic partners. They will feel no guilt over any sexual encounter with Linda Davies.

I nodded at that. Then I switched to the History Sub-Menu. It showed the history of the ring. From the moment it came into being—when it was cast and the diamond was attached—to its arrival at its jewelry shop, handled again and again by people, then purchased by me, sized for my wife, handed to the ring bearer, handed back to me, slipped on my wife's finger, welded to her engagement ring merging the two items, all the times my wife had taken it on and off, the times she had washed it, the time she thought she lost it and then found it, and more and more. I added a new history to this item.

• Linda Davies can never lose her wedding ring. It will never be accidentally lost or be stolen. When she takes it off, she always sets it in a safe place and never forgets to retrieve it.

I navigated to the Physical Properties Menu.

Physical Quality

• State

• Mass

• Volume

• Strength

• Material

• Shape

• Temperature

• Location

I selected Material Sub-Menu.

• 75% gold and 25% copper

It was 18 karats, as I recalled. I edited the properties of the ring. I made it so strong that it was virtually indestructible. It was impossible to make so nothing could harm it, but you would need the force of a nuclear explosion to damage the ring. Its atomic bonds were beyond anything that should be possible.

I glanced down at the cheat sheet.

“These are some great ideas,” said Anael, looking at the list. “You'll leave yourself a single edit for Saturday.”

“Just in case,” I said. “As much as I want to get the State Troopers on our side, I think I'll need one edit just in case.”

“Smart,” she said as I did a search for Shapiro and Sons Jewelry Shop. It was local. Down the street. The image on my phone flashed to it. There were so many objects in there to scroll through. I had to find a pair of gold crucifixes. I found the first one. This would be Becky's. I opened the item's History Sub-Menu, seeing when it was created, shipped to the shop, and moved around a few times. It was only three months and seven days old.

• Purchased by Steve Davies on 4/24/19 at 1:04 PM.

• Engraved by Jacob Shapiro to say: “To my beautiful daughter Becky, may your love shine bright and pure.”

• Given to Becky Davies by Steve Davies at 4/24/19 2:17 PM.

• Becky Davies can never lose her crucifix. It will never be accidentally lost or be stolen. When she takes it off, she always sets it in a safe place and never forgets to retrieve it.

I went into its Aura Sub-Menu and added similar notes to my wife to give her protection and to make her opinion carry weight with people. I hesitated on the seduction angle. My wife knew the truth, but Becky didn't know anything was wrong. I tweaked it to make women aroused by her and more open to seduction, but Becky would still have to work on it.

I found another crucifix, not the same design as Becky's but similar in price, and edited it for Sam. The engraving was the only part different: “For my adventurous daughter, may you always keep your joy and love for life.”

I didn't give her the women being attracted to her since Sam didn't seem to have the desire to seduce women like her mother. She was happy with her friends and me. I felt good about it. My wife and daughters were protected. Tomorrow, I would take care of my son and his two girlfriends, then I would edit my wedding band, our home, and the police.

I hit the final edit.

I unpaused time. My wife's breast finished bouncing, swaying before me. She shook her head. “Ooh, are you done?” She rubbed her wedding ring. “Did it work?”

“Let's see,” I said, switching over to my banking app. I punched in my password and checked the balance. “Yeah, our checking account is down the amount and there is a pending charge for the jewelry shop. Becky and Sam must be wearing their crucifixes.”

“Wonderful,” my wife said. She rubbed her ring. “You are an amazing man, Steve. I love you.”

I smiled at her. I stretched my back. “Ready to go home?”

She nodded her head. I stood and gathered up the papers. We placed them in my briefcase, making sure they were organized. I closed it up as my wife began dressing herself, prepared to leave. She pulled on her nurse's scrubs. It didn't take long. She didn't bother wearing a bra and panties to work at the college. She hummed as she opened the door.

Becky waited for us. She was kneading her tits through her blouse, her new crucifix proudly on display draping down the front of her uniform. She shuddered at the sight of me, her green eyes glassy with desire.

She threw herself at me. I gripped my briefcase as my daughter's arms went around my neck. She pressed her tits against me. Her lips melted to mine. They were hot and delicious. Her tongue thrust into my mouth. She clung to me. I groaned, my hand releasing my briefcase as heat flowed through me.

An incestuous thrill shot through me. This heat throbbed in my pants. This amazing tingle ran through my body. I kissed her back with hunger. My wife giggled beside us as Becky kissed me right here in the middle of the hallway.

While her tongue thrust into my mouth, she slid her hand down my body. She caressed me. Her fingers scratched down my body. Her hand went lower and lower. My heart pounded. We were in the middle of the hallway. The school day was done, but people were still around. Janitors, students in clubs or just studying, staff finishing up projects.

Her hand squeezed my cock through my slacks. She massaged me as she backed up, drawing me to the far wall. I couldn't fight her. She had turned me on so fast. So hot. My wife purred in delight as she watched us.

“Naughty daddy,” Linda purred.

My lusts surged through me. I pressed my daughter against the wall beside the beige row of lockers. My hands slid down her side, grabbing her skirt. I drew it up her thigh as she squeezed my dick. She manipulated me through my clothing.

Becky broke our kiss, her green eyes glossy. My zipper rasped as she moaned. “Just take me, Daddy. I need to love you. I love you, Daddy. I do.”

“I know,” I groaned and kissed her. Her hand reached into my fly. Her hand slid along my boxers, tugging them down. She seized my cock in her hot hand.

She felt amazing as she pulled my dick out. She stroked me, sending tingles through me. My hands slid up beneath her skirt as she spread her thighs. I kissed her with hunger as she pressed my cock against her panties. They felt sleek and satin, not the cotton panties she used to wear. She had been shopping, buying sexier lingerie.

I hooked her gusset to the side. I groaned as she pushed my cock into her fiery bush. Her silky hairs caressed me. I groaned at the feel of her. Then I felt her hot lips. My daughter's incestuous flesh felt amazing against me. A hot tremble raced through my body.

I pressed into her twat. She groaned into my mouth, kissing me tight as I sank into her pussy.

Her incestuous flesh wrapped around me. I was her father. I created her in her mother's womb. It was an incredible delight to be inside of her. To feel her around me. I slid deeper and deeper into her. I reveled in this amazing grip.

“Mmm, that's it,” Linda purred, groping her tits through her pink scrubs. “Show our daughter your passion. She needs you.”

Becky broke the kiss. “I do need you, Daddy. I love you.”

“I love you, too,” I groaned as drew back my hips. This incredible delight, this sensual grip, held my cock. I groaned as I thrust forward into her. This amazing passion surged into my body. I buried into her depths. This amazing passion that burned around me. “You're my eldest daughter. My sexy, beautiful girl.”

“Daddy!” she moaned, her pussy clenching around my cock.

I thrust into her depths as she shuddered. My hands untucked her blouse. I shoved my hands up beneath her top, sliding up to grip her breasts constrained in her satin bra, brushing the lace trimming them. I squeezed her and pounded her. I buried to the hilt in her. My balls smacked into her flesh.

I kissed my daughter. She whimpered, moaned. A wonderful bliss shot through me. It was an incredible delight to experience. I buried into her again and again. Her pussy squeezed around my dick. She massaged me as I fucked her.

Our tongues danced together. Her hands roamed my body as I fucked her. I buried into her hard. Fast. My cum-filled balls smacked into her flesh. Her juices bathed my cock. Her fingernails scratched at me through my dress shirt.

“Mmm, that's it,” my wife groaned. “Love our daughter. Fuck her hard.” She shuddered, her green eyes bright. “You could get caught.”

I know.

My wife's hands dug into her tits. She squeezed her breasts with such passion through her pink scrub top. Her hips wiggled from side to side. She moaned and whimpered. Her fingers rubbed against her nubs. Pleasure shot through my body.

I pounded my daughter. I fucked her. Our bodies writhed together. Her pussy squeezed around me. The ache built and built at the tip of my cock. My balls grew tighter and tighter. My daughter whimpered into our kiss. Her fingernails scratched.

Her pussy convulsed around me.

My daughter's orgasm rippled around me. This incredible pleasure surged through me. I savored it. I buried into her massaging depths. The ache swelled at the tip of my cock. My balls, thudding into her flesh, grew tighter and tighter.

Her fingernails scratched along my back. I pounded her. I fucked her with delight. I gave my daughter everything that she needed. Craved. My nuts swelled in pressure. My cum came closer and closer to my eruption.

To flooding her with my seed.

She broke the kiss and hissed, “Daddy! Daddy!”

“My beautiful angel!” I groaned and rammed into her. I buried to the hilt in my daughter.

I erupted.

My cum spurted into her. This powerful blast of pleasure surged out of me. Her pussy convulsed around me, writhing, milking me as the ecstasy screamed through me. Stars burst across my vision. I groaned and gasped. My heart pounded in my chest. I pressed my forehead against hers. My nose rubbed into hers.

The powerful jolts rippled through me. I groaned as I stared into her eyes. My daughter was beautiful. I would protect her. My wife. Sam. I growled through my orgasm. My pleasure peaked. I fired the last jolt of jizz into her depths.

“Daddy,” she moaned. “Oh, yes, Daddy, that was amazing.”

“Uh-huh,” I panted, stroking her thighs. “Love you.”

She smiled at me. “I love you, too.”

I stared into her eyes. “Are you okay? As much as I liked this, you're not usually so bold. Is everything fine?”

She bit her lip and squirmed.

“Let me talk to her,” my wife said. She held out a beckoning hand. “Come on, honey.”

Becky bit her lip. Then she nodded.

I groaned as I pulled out of her. My cock throbbed before me, coated in her juices. I turned around, leaning against the wall, panting. I was flushed. My chest rose and fell. My wife led Becky into the classroom, and I frowned.

“Damn, what was that?” That was something Sam would do.


Linda Davies

I stepped into my husband's classroom and grabbed the hem of my scrub top. It felt so right to be naked in here. Necessary. I knew it was the aura of the room, that my husband had edited reality, but that didn't change how right this felt. My breasts bounced free of my top as I turned around and faced my daughter.

She pulled off her gray vest, biting her lip. Her new cross swayed over her blouse, her tie dangling over her large breasts. She was a busty girl. I shimmied out of my scrub bottoms, naked in a flash, my pussy juicy from watching their passion.

My daughter bit her lip as she loosened her tie. It whisked through the collar of her top. I took it from her and set it on the cubby as she worked out of her blouse. Her fingers went fast, not taking her time or being sensual. She just had to be naked. I wondered what she felt. It wouldn't be weird to her, just something you did in this room.

She opened her blouse. Her large breasts jiggled in her bra. It was a satin pink trimmed in white lace. It was sexy. In the last few weeks, she had bought herself naughty lingerie. No more of the plain stuff she favored.

It was wonderful. We had gone shopping a few times, Sam joining us, and both girls delighted in buying kinky things for their father. To feel like hot women. I bit my lip as my daughter unzipped her skirt, her panties matching it, cut high, the crotch soaked with her father's cum.

I licked my lips as I took the skirt from her. She was sexy. She unhooked her bra, freeing a pair of tits as big as mine, though hers were a little perkier. They were lush and delicious tits. A hot ache built in my cunt's depths. Then she stepped out of her panties, Steve's cum matting her dark-red bush.

What a yummy sight.

“So what's wrong?” I asked, her cross glinting between her breasts. “What prompted that? Not that I'm complaining; it was hot to watch.”

My daughter shifted, her hips wiggling.

“It's okay,” I told her. I took her hand. “You can't say anything that would make me mad. I've eaten your pussy, Becky. You're my daughter and my lover.”

“I've been feeling things for someone else,” she said, shaking her hips.

“Mmm, you've been seducing your professors. Who caught your eye? One of your classmates? There are some cuties here.” I knew. I had been having sex with a different coed every school day, eating pussies, sucking on nipples, and writhing in lesbian passion with them.

“It's Seth,” she said. My daughter's cheeks burned. Even the tips of her ears were growing red, almost blending in with her auburn hair. “He's cute. I've been thinking about him.”

“And?” I asked.

“And I love Daddy,” she said. “He's the man I've committed to.” She squeezed my hand. “I'm so glad you're willing to share him with me, Mom, but why am I feeling this way?”

“Oh, honey, I've had attraction to other men. It's normal.”

“But” She swallowed. “I love Daddy.”

“Being attracted to someone isn't the same as loving them.” I squeezed her hand. “It's normal. You're a healthy, young woman. You should have attraction to others. It doesn't mean you love Seth.”

“I want to do something with him,” she groaned. Her hands clenched tight.

“But you haven't,” I said. “Being faithful to someone is a choice. It's choosing to go against your desires to preserve something that's important. Not to soil it with a fleeting moment of passion. And the fact you haven't given in to your desires shows how important your relationship to your father is.”

As I spoke, this strange guilt rippled through me. There was a version of myself that had cheated on Steve with Marissa. In another life, one where I couldn't admit my bisexual nature, I had continued my relationship with Marissa after committing to Steve. That wasn't the current me. I was a different version, but in me was the potential to choose to risk my relationship with Steve for my own pleasure.

I wasn't as good as my daughter. I wasn't as strong.

My heart ached. What did that mean about me? I wasn't the original Linda Davies at all. I was a modified version. Improved. I felt real, but—

My daughter kissed me with passion. Her naked breasts pressed against mine. It startled me. I shuddered as her nipples throbbed against my tits. Her arms hugged me as she pressed me backward. Our tongues dueled as I melted into her.

I wasn't that person. I couldn't remember it. I could only remember this life. I was sure my other self felt bad about it. Steve was shocked by it. He made it sound like we had a great marriage before, but I had needs my husband could never satiate.

But my daughter could

She pressed me back onto my husband's desk. It was clear of almost everything. My pussy clenched in delight as I sat down on it, the smooth surface cool against my rump. My nipples ached. My pussy clenched. My daughter's hands gripped my shoulders as we loved each other.

Our tongues dueled together. She pushed me down. She was so aggressive and bold. This was the new Becky, edited by my husband to gain confidence. She used to be a tight flower bud with such potential, but now she had blossomed into a gorgeous flower. It was amazing. My eyes squeezed shut.

My heart thundered. It was an incredible delight as we kissed. Her body settled on mine, squirming with me. I loved my daughter. I slid my hands down her back. I cupped her rump. I squeezed her. It was incredible.

She broke the kiss, staring down at me. Her green eyes shone. “Thank you, Mom.”

I smiled at her. “Anytime. You're my beautiful flower.”

Her smile grew and joy burst in her emerald depths.

“Mmm, and I bet you have such sweet nectar. And you've been pollinated by your daddy.” I squirmed beneath her. “I would love to taste your delight.”

“Sixty-nine?” Becky asked, a big grin on her face.

I nodded my head.

My daughter squealed in delight. She spun around on me. Her breasts rubbed around across my torso, those heavy tits sliding down to my belly as she straddled my face. I groaned as I stared up at her red-furred muff covered in her daddy's pearly spunk. It was such a hot sight to see. This incestuous thrill shot through me.

I grabbed my daughter's rump. I pulled her tight as she pressed her furred snatch into my mouth. That salty delight coated my lips. My tongue flicked out, lapping up that wonderful flavor mixed with her spicy delight. It was incredible to enjoy. This heat rippled through me. I groaned and shuddered, enjoying this moment.

My fingers dug into her rump. I feasted upon her. I groaned in delight as she buried her face into my pussy. She licked at my labia. She feasted on me. It was a delight to experience being loved by my daughter. Incestuous rapture rippled through my body.

Our nipples rubbed on the other's stomach. Mine throbbed and ached as my daughter squirmed atop me. Her furry muff tickled my lips and nose. My tongue fluttered through her fold, gathering up more of her spicy passion seasoned with her daddy's cum.

I thrust my tongue into her depths.

“Mommy!” she moaned into my snatch.

I swirled around inside of her. I scooped out my husband's cum. He flooded so much into our daughter's pregnant depths. It was so hot. He'd bred both our daughters. This wicked heat surged through me. My fingers dug into my daughter's rump, pulling her down.

Stars burst around my eyes. Her breasts rubbed against my stomach. They were so soft and topped by those hard nubs. It was just such an exciting thing to feel against my skin. My toes curled. My heart pounded, pumping hot blood through my veins.

I sucked on her clit. I nibbled on her bud, teased her. Her juices soaked my face. My nose breathed in her spicy delight.

My fingers dipped into her butt-crack as we loved each other. I caressed down her crack and found her sphincter. She whimpered into my pussy as I circled her. More of her spicy cream trickled into my mouth, mixed with more of Steve's cum.

What a treat.

“Mommy!” she squealed as my middle finger rammed into her asshole.

Her velvety bowels engulfed my digit. I wiggled it as deep into her anal sheath as I could. Her body trembled. She moaned around my clit as I fucked my finger in and out of her. I loved it. My tongue flicked through her pussy.

“Mmm, just relax and let Mommy make you cum,” I purred. I loved this. I was glad my husband edited me into this new life. It had to be better than what I had. I was a better person. Our family was happier.

And we wouldn't lose it.

My tongue fluttered through my daughter's folds. I caressed her. Teased her. I made her shudder into me. Her bowels clenched around my finger while my tongue dived into her cunt. I savored her spicy pleasure soaking my tongue. Her juices spilled into my mouth.

What a treat.

My daughter feasted on me. Her tongue licked and lapped through my folds. She devoured me. She teased me. She had me shuddering. Her tongue licked and lapped at my flesh. I thrust a second finger deep into her. I plundered her.

“Mommy!” she moaned, squirming atop me. “Oh, yes, yes, that's incredible. I love it!”

“Mmm, cum for Mommy!” I cooed. “Just let yourself go. Coat my face. Gush your juices and drown me.”

“Yes, Mommy!”

She pressed her face into my pussy and moaned her rapture. Her asshole squeezed around my fingers. Then convulsed. My daughter was cumming. She squealed her delight into my cunt, my flesh drinking in her passion.

Her spicy juices spilled over me. Her cream soaked my face. My eyes squeezed shut. My body shuddered as she groaned into my cunt. She nibbled on my labia. She drove me wild as she squirmed on me in her orgasmic delight.

“Cum, too, Mommy!” she moaned. “Join me!”

“Almost there,” I moaned, my pleasure swelling in me as her tongue found my clit. She fluttered against it. “Yes! Just give me a little more!”

Then she thrust her fingers into my twat. My cunt clenched around them, drinking in the feel of her as she sucked and nursed on my clit. It was such a delight. The pressure built and built inside of me as I trembled on the desk.

Her fingers brushed that wonderful spot inside of me. I gasped as I convulsed. My pussy writhed around her digits. I jammed my fingers deep into her writhing asshole as my orgasm surged through me. This incestuous bliss rushed through my body.

“Mommy loves you!” I howled as my body bucked beneath her, pressing my tits into her belly.

“I love you, too, Mommy!” she moaned as her fingers jammed deep into my cumming pussy.

The pleasure carried me to that wonderful peak. My tongue fluttered through her folds, licking up her spicy delight as she trembled atop me. My toes curled as I floated on ecstasy for that wonderful heartbeat.

Then I collapsed into panting joy, shuddering, staring up at my daughter's furred muff.

“Feel better, flower,” I moaned.

“I do,” she said, shivering. “Mmm, I love you, Mom. You and Daddy and Sam. Even James, though not like Daddy. Our family is amazing.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned, happy I could make her happy.


Sam Davies

I played with the new crucifix Daddy bought for me yesterday. It was strange. I didn't normally like jewelry, but he gave it to me and

Did he modify me to like necklaces? To be his lover?

“You okay, Sam?” Courtney asked.

“Huh?” I asked, blinking as I stared out at my friends. We were all naked, the air smelling of hot, pregnant pussies. All of us were bred by my father.

Because he modified us with his powers? Did he have powers? How many other fathers had orgies with his wife, daughter, and her friends? He bred us all. That has to be crazy. Some couples go years trying to have a baby, and Daddy bred the four of us in the same week.

“You look out of it,” Rita said. My Black friend put her hand on my pale thigh, stroking me. “What's up?”

I shook my head. How could I tell my friends? I didn't like this at all. “Just thinking about things.”

“You don't want to study, do you?” asked Rita. “Do you got to read more weird books?”

I blanched. I wished I had never read that dumb book on psychic powers. “Just distracted. You know, lot's happened.”

“I know,” Tammy sighed, a happy smile on her lips as she rubbed her belly. “I don't know when to tell my parents. They'll freak. We need a cover story.”

“A boy to be a patsy,” said Rita. “If it comes out our professor knocked us up.”

I bit my lip. “I'll—”

The door opened. I was about to say I'd talk to my daddy, but there he was, coming in with Mom and Becky. My older sister had a huge grin on her face, her fingers playing with the same crucifix that Daddy gave us after church on Sunday. I hadn't taken it off the last two days except in the shower, and then I carefully set it down so I wouldn't lose it. I just wanted to always wear it.

Becky seemed the same.

“Well, hello, girls,” Daddy said, grinning.

Mom licked her lips. “I wish we had time for an orgy, but dinner needs to be getting started. And it is a school night, girls. I'm sure you all have homework.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Rita said.

I bounded to my feet and moved to Daddy. He couldn't have made me love him. That would be so weird. So wrong. I stopped before him, trembling. I swallowed. “Um, Daddy, there's—”

“You're wearing the necklace,” he said, touching the cross dangling between my small breasts. He picked it up, stroking it. It was almost like he was reassuring himself that I was wearing it. That it even existed. “That's great.”

“I like it,” I said, my heart squeezing tight. What if he did make me wear this? Why? “Um Daddy, what are we going to say when people start realizing we're pregnant? I mean, who is going to be the father?”

He swallowed. “Well, you let me and your mother think about it. We'll get to it. Just need to get past this week. It's busy.”

“Yeah, you're about to be mayor,” I said, my mouth dry. He hadn't even run an election or announced his candidacy, so why did everyone vote for him. It was the largest landslide election ever.

“Is everything okay?” he asked.

I nodded my head.

He leans his head down to kiss me and This bubble of panicky fear shot through me. I suddenly felt so dirty. I pulled away, taking a few steps back. Daddy blinked in shock as I trembled. My chest felt so tight. It was hard to breathe. The room felt moments from spinning.

Was I my true self?

“Kumquat?” Daddy asked, using my pet name. “Is everything okay?”

My feelings had to be real. I loved my daddy. I did. I had always loved him. Even before I knew about sex, when I was just a little girl, I wanted him. It had to be real. He wouldn't make me love him. Daddy was a good man.

“I'm just being silly,” I said. “It's the hormones.”

I forced myself to go to him. Daddy cupped my face, leaned down, and kissed me.

My skin crawled. It felt so wrong. So icky. I wanted to pull away. This part of me screamed I wasn't myself. That I had never loved him. That he made me into this girl that just wanted to please him with my body. With my asshole and pussy.

“Enough of that,” Mom said, smacking my rump. “I want you to help me with the green beans.”

I broke the kiss and nodded. “Um, sure, Mom.”

What was wrong with me? Stupid fucking book!


James Davies

My new watch felt heavy on my wrist as I worked on my drawing. It was a gift from my father. He gave it to me on Sunday after church. I would swear after wearing it for three days, I would have thought I would have gotten used to it, but it felt like I just started wearing it this morning.

I shook my head. It was Wednesday, and I had to get as many drawings done as I could for Friday. We had a lot of customers eager to have fun at Dreamgirl Delights over the weekend. Fridays were always wild.

The moment my classes were done, I was here. Even in classes, I found myself pulling out my sketchpad and roughing out the girls in pencil. Ariel, Princess Myne, Haruhi, Ms. Marvel, Supergirl, Jiburu (I had to google that one). I just had to get them done.

The door opened and Seth walked in, a bounce to his step. “Chess club was amazing,” he said. “Your sister's not fitting in well, but Tonya Mmm, Tonya is a treat.”

“Uh-huh,” I muttered, not looking up as I inked in Maria Renard, drawing in her shape.

“No more lists,” Orihime said, marching up. “You can take those names and go. He has enough to draw.”

“What?” Seth blinked.

“Yes,” Ruri said. “You will not overwork him any longer. It's all he does is draw.”

“He likes it.”

“I do,” I muttered, my pen drawing. I was getting closer to creating another dream girl. She would sleep on the page until someone awakened her. It would take either Seth, one of the girls already animated, or myself touching the page and willing her to awaken to animate her. “I can get four or five more done before I need to sleep.”

“You're killing him, idiot!” Ruri said. “No more. You take that list and burn it.”

Seth groaned. “Talk to your women, man.”

“Drawing,” I said, focusing on the final line. I shuddered as I made it, feeling that tingle of new life being born. Maria would step out of the page, so eager to please, to make a guy's fantasy come to life. She would love him with all her passion.

“Shit,” Seth muttered. He pulled his phone out of his pocket, his papers rustling as he shifted around. “I do not need this right now. It's really stressful for the business.”

“Boo-hoo,” Orihime said. “It's stressful to our man. Look at him. He's already starting the next girl.”

“Ariel won't draw herself,” I muttered, staring at the rough sketch of her with legs.

Seth put his phone away. “Just look at the list, Orihime and Ruri. See if you approve.”

Orihime snatched the list. “I don't” Her words trailed off. “Oh, my. Is that Rukia. I feel like I should know her.”

“She's from your series,” said Seth.

“You are not serious,” Ruri said, leaning in. “Oh oh, wow, Belldandy. She's elegant and and”

“We should let him work,” said Orihime. “Maybe we should amuse ourselves.”

Ruri squirmed. “Go away, Seth. James needs to work and we need to to talk. Just Orihime and me.”

“Of course,” Seth said. “Thank you, girls.” He closed the door as I inked in Ariel. Behind me, my women were kissing, ripping off each other's clothes. They needed something to occupy themselves. I would love to join them as they fell into their wild sixty-nine.

But I had cuties to draw.


Sam Davies

As the week dragged on, I couldn't get this pernicious—a word I looked up just to fully understand what that dumb book had done to me—feeling out of my mind. The doubts had burrowed in deep. I was moping, not that Daddy noticed. He and Mom were always talking, getting ready for the inauguration tomorrow.

I was in my history class, taught by Mrs. Rosemarie Blum. I didn't care. I was a knot of emotions. I had sex with Daddy the night before, and I had to fake enjoying it. I wanted to love it. Becky seemed happy, but I just wanted it over with. I felt so dirty when he came in me.

What if he had made me love him. It was such a horrifying thought. It burrowed through me. I couldn't concentrate on anything. I just wanted to ask him, but I was afraid of the response. What if he thought I was crazy?

What if he changed me again?

Made me forget that I even had this problem and I would just go back to being his loving daughter oblivious to what he had done to me. My stomach curdled. I felt like throwing up, and it wasn't morning sickness.

This wouldn't go away.

Why did Seth tell me about that dumb book? If that weird thought that Daddy already knew I was pregnant hadn't crept into my mind, none of this would have happened. I was happy then. Delirious with joy. I wanted that back.

Maybe I should tell Daddy so he could make me forget.

I shuddered. It was such a terrible thought. A father shouldn't make his daughter love her. My hand clutched at the front of my gray vest, part of the dumb school uniform my stupid college made me wear.

My professor said something.

I had to tell Daddy, but but Did I really want to know? Maybe I could just force this back inside of me. Bottle it up or something. It would go away. I could relax again. I had Daddy's child in me. Our love child. It was a miracle.


My professor said something again. Louder.

I wanted to shriek. I wanted to throw back my head and cry out all these stupid, dumb feelings twisting inside of me. This was so stupid. I squirmed in my desk. My fingers pulled at my vest, gripping it tight.

“Miss Davies, I asked you a question?”

I blinked and realized my professor was right before me, her hands on her hips. Students were staring at me.

“Do I have your attention now?” she asked.

“Yes,” I hissed.

“Why did Napoleon march his troops so hard for Moscow?” she asked, looming over me.

“I don't fricking know!” I shouted in her face. “Who cares what some dumb midget did five hundred fricking years ago! Just shut the hell up, bitch!”

The color vanished from her face. An uncomfortable silence descended on the room.

It hit me right then. I groaned, leaning over. I pressed my face into my hands. Why did I just do that? I had never called a teacher a bitch or any other name. I swallowed as I felt the fury brimming through my professor. She trembled with fury.

“Come with me, Ms. Davies,” she said, her voice ice. “Now.”

I swallowed and stood up, gathering my bookbag. Everyone was staring at me. I swallowed, my heart racing. JoBeth Black shook her head while Evita Loyola's jaw dropped. Stefan Roydon blinked at me. I wanted to melt away as I trailed after the furious professor.

Her shoulders bristled. Her gait was fast, forcing me to rush after her as she burst out into the hallway. I clutched my bookbag to myself. I bit my lip. I was in so much trouble. Why couldn't he have made me into a model student or to like college as much as I liked fucking him?

Our footsteps echoed through the empty hallways along with the whisk of her skirt. She rounded the corner and then we were at the main administration office. She shoved through the door. The secretary sitting behind her tall desk blinked at the sight of me. I swallowed.

“I need to see President Atterbury,” Mrs. Blum said. “And send for Miss Davies's father.”

“Of course,” the secretary said. She picked up her phone and talked quietly into it. “The president will see you.”

“You sit there and don't move,” hissed my professor, pointing at one of the chairs.

I swallowed and sank down on it, clutching my bag tight. I trembled, tears building at the corner of my eye. I felt the secretary watching me as she spoke in the phone for a few minutes. Then she hung up. She pretended to work, but I knew she was watching me out of the corner of her eye.

A few minutes later, my father strode in. He glanced at me and I looked down. His expression tightened. I could tell he was annoyed. He had his big, important inauguration the next day. He didn't need his daughter being crazy.

You made me crazy, I thought, this anger burning inside of me.

He walked down the hallway.

It felt like an eternity waiting, wondering, trembling. My daddy emerged again. “Sam, let's talk.”

“I'm getting suspended, aren't I?” I asked.

“Maybe,” he said, his voice hard. He opened the door to a dark office. “Come on.”

I rose to my feet and dragged my heels on the way there. My stomach twisted. My shoulders sagged. I had no idea what I would say in there. My pigtails swayed about my face as I felt my father's eyes on me. I felt so low and

This anger surged through me. I shouldn't feel low. Not if he did this to me. The moment the door closed and we were alone, I whirled around.

“Did you modify me and make me love you?” I hissed.

Daddy flinched. His face paled. My body trembled. It was true. He did do that. Tears suddenly burst from my eyes. My throat burned as he reached for me. I took a step back, my entire body shaking as the horror settled down on me.

“Let me explain,” he said.

The room spun around me.

To be continued

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