A Simpleton Becomes Business Women -20

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Woman around 27 years old. Married childless after 6 years of marriage. She and her husband were trying their best for a child with their full force But still she has not been able to become a mother .

Then she tried with her old boy friend and then with Mr Vijay Kumar to have a child but all her efforts were fruitless as ever. Then she went to Her sister who was blessed with a baby girl to assist her in raising her baby.

In her quest to have her own child she visits a ashram to take a special treatment. She was given Diksha and named Maya after Diksha.

In Part 19 you Read

Maya was so much relieved. And just then happened a frightful incident. Ramlal screamed like anything and jumped to her side almost colliding with Maya . Master-ji also went a couple of steps back and pulling her hand held me back. Initially Maya did not notice anything, but when she looked at the door, there were a couple of snakes standing there.

Ramlal: It's a cobra Master-ji. Beware.

Master-ji: Yes, I have seen that. No one should move now.

The snakes were almost guarding the doorway and if they proceed towards us there was nowhere to move, as the room was too small. The snakes were quite big and slowly moving their heads and seemed to keep a watch on us Maya was very much frightened seeing snakes so close. Ramlal seemed to be also very scared, but Master-ji was relatively cool. Master-ji said he encountered snakes here before, but never in the room like this. For the next few minutes, Master-ji tried many ways like making a move towards them or throwing an article to them and virtually left no stone unturned, but was unsuccessful to turn those snakes away.


Now Further

Maya was sweating profusely now, in the heat and also due to fear.

Master-ji: There is only one way we can get rid of these snakes. We need to offer them milk and they might drink and move away, otherwise any moment they can attack us.

Maya also thought that's a good idea and probably the only way to get out of this dreadful situation.

Ramlal: But Master-ji, I have to go out to bring milk for snake, but they are on the doorway and surely would bite me if I try doing something silly.

Maya: Right Master-ji. No one can go out. Then what to do?

Master-ji thought for a while and then said, "Madam, you can only save us from this situation."

Me? I was very astonished. How can I help out this situation?

Master-ji: Madam, you have the natural milk. Please get out some milk and feed these snakes, then only the snakes might go.

Maya was simply dumbstruck!

What does this old ruffian mean? She needs to squeeze out milk from her breasts for these snakes! She was getting confused. But due to this awful situation, She could not even work out in her mind of an alternative too. There were droplets of sweat on her exposed breast area and Maya could realize she was sweating more throughout her body due to this abnormal situation I she was in.

Master-ji: Madam, please think with a cool head. Milk will satisfy these snakes and we might be saved. It will take only some minutes for you to get it from your breasts.

Ramlal: Madam, please. I also have a bowl here for her eating purpose in which you can get out the milk.

Maya understood the situation, but since she was childless till then, milk formation was not there in her breasts. These two males did not know that. She had no other way but to reveal that to Master-ji.

Maya: Master-ji, I mean err I do not have a child till now. So, you can understand probably that

Master-ji was witty enough to get what I meant and exclaimed, "Oh! I can understand Madam, but then the only hope is also gone!"

Maya was so thankful that Master-ji understood me at once, but that rascal Ramlal was after her .

Ramlal: But Madam, I have heard if proper sucking is done on the breasts, unmarried females can also produce milk.

Maya: Just shut up! Master-ji, please

Master-ji: Ramlal, don't talk rubbish. What do you mean? You will suck Madam's breast and milk will come out? Milk will only form in Madam's breasts after she gets pregnant at least once. Didn't you hear that Madam has not been pregnant till now.

Maya was feeling very embarrassed, as Master-ji instead of speaking in general terms, told Ramlal using her direct example. Maya being a matured married woman could not escape the heat hidden in those words and was feeling the womanly tightness in her boobs. She could not look directly to Master-ji in some shame and had to adjust her bra from the sides to accommodate her heavy breathing.

Simultaneously Maya was sweating profusely and her white bra was now very clearly visible over her blouse and below also, she began to look indecent, as the thin layer of petticoat was now soaked with drops of sweat on her thighs. She looked down from the corner of her eyes and realized that her petticoat was clinging to her well-formed thighs in a lewd manner. She pulled and jerked the cloth of the petticoat in a reluctant way so that it did not look very obvious to these males.

One thing was puzzling for me that the snakes were not approaching us; they both remained stationed at the doorway only. They were gently swaying their heads standing in an upright position. And due to their strategic position it was impossible for anyone of us getting out of this room without being bitten by them.

Ramlal: But Master-ji, then what to do?

There was silence for a while and then Master-ji came up with an idea, which was the most bizarre and weird any one would have ever heard.

Master-ji: Eureka!

The old man almost jumped and both Ramlal and Maya were surprised seeing his reaction.

Master-ji: Please listen to me carefully Ramlal. You can save us.

Ramlal looked equally puzzled as Maya .

Master-ji: Listen to me carefully. I can see only one way of getting the milk and get rid of these snakes. But since Madam does not yet have developed milk in her breasts, I have this plan.

He paused. Maya wondered what he is up to!

Master-ji: Madam, these snakes will not be able to differentiate between milk and a white liquid. So what I feel is we can fool the snakes with a white liquid, which is not actually milk. Ramlal, you will masturbate here and pour your fluid in the bowl and we will fool the snakes with that white solution.

There was pin drop silence in the room, only the slight hissing of the snakes could be heard. Maya did not know what to say. Even though she I appreciated in her mind his idea as Brilliant, but looking at the practical angle was highly scared. An unknown middle-aged lower class male will masturbate in front of her , a beautiful grownup lady of 27; that too married!

Maya was truly feeling very edgy and uncomfortable now and could not counter also as she do not have any alternative way to get rid of this situation. Giving milk to snake to get rid of them seemed to be the wisest decision to her .

Ramlal: Master-ji, will it work?

Master-ji: Nothing works, Ramlal, till we try. Madam, I know it will be somewhat uncomfortable for you, but as you do not have the milk in your breast, you can also realize

Maya: I can understand Master-ji.

What more would she say in this situation ? The very thoughts of this idea was giving Maya a wild turn on and more so as she was not fully dressed also for a long time now.

Master-ji: Ramlal, do not waste time, as anytime the snakes may proceed to us.

Ramlal: Master-ji, how can I do it fast? I need the time. I need to think.

At this comment, Maya could not stop laughing and Ramlal probably was encouraged seeing her reacting positively to such a 'hot' issue.

Ramlal: Madam, this man will not be able to remember when he last did 'that', and he is telling me to do it fast.



This story is not meant to offend or an attack on Muslims or Hindus or any of their Gurus or ways. it is my way of putting a twist for fun and enjoyment.

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