Naruto: Lost in the Forest of Lust chapter 3

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It was now late at night and Naruto still hadn’t found his teammates. Since the intimate encounter with Hinata, Naruto had looked for them non-stop. All he had found was a few coins that someone dropped and a porno magazine. Apparently someone that that having this with them in an exam was a good idea.

Suddenly, Naruto smelled blood. Fearing that it might be his teammates he changed his course and headed to the source. It took his several minutes and when he got there he was relieved to find that it wasn’t Sasuke or Sakura. It was the crazy examiner who threw the kunai at him.

He bent down to examine her more closely. Her hand looked like it had been stabbed and there were a few other bruises. Other than that she seemed to be fine, just knocked out.

Naruto folded his arms as he tried to make a decision. Should he help her? On one hand, she was a little on the crazy side and he didn’t want to deal with her when she woke up. On the other, she was a fellow Leaf-nin. He couldn’t just leave her here like this. Sighing he picked her up, with some difficulty, and carried her until he found a place to set up camp.

The spot Naruto had found was a hole inside one of the very large trees. It was high off the ground and the inside was large enough for several people to move around comfortably. In short, it was perfect. Naruto set her down gently before he bandaged her arm. He then put down the magazine and drifted off to sleep himself.

It was the mornings light hitting her face that woke Anko up. At first she was startled at her new surroundings. She had expected to wake up in a hospital, lying on the forest floor, or in one of Orochimaru’s labs. She looked around and saw the blond she had scared half to death lying near the opening of the hole. She picked herself up and moved towards him. She wanted to thank him for looking after her in any way possible. Personally, she was hoping for sex since she hadn’t had any for a long time.

“That felt good Hinata-chan,” mumbled Naruto in his sleep. Anko stopped when she heard that. It looked like sex was out of the question if he already was with someone. She may be cruel, but not cruel enough to break apart two lovers. Then again, he might have a crush on this girl and just dreaming about her. Then he spoke in his sleep again. “You’re much better than Temari-chan or Tenten-chan.”

Not wanting to wait any longer Anko moved the rest of the way over to him and shook him awake.

“Hey, get up,” she said. A few moments later Naruto lazily opened his eyes. “So, how was she?”

“Wh-what are you talking about?” asked Naruto as his face turned deep red.

“Your little Hinata-chan,” she said with a smile.

“How did you know about that?” demanded Naruto. “I didn’t see you around there when we did it!”

“Gaki, you were talking in your sleep,” laughed Anko as Naruto looked redder than ever. “You need to work on keeping things like that a secret. Anyways, you’re the one who helped me out, right?” Naruto nodded. “Good. Now then, I would like to thank you by doing something nice for you. But first, tell me how it was with this girl and if you ever did it with anyone else.”

“I’m not saying anything,” said Naruto as he stood up. “You do you care!”

“Because I want to know how it was,” said Anko as she walked over to him. She then took off her jacket to reveal her fishnet clothing to him. Well, give him a better view at least. She then pressed her soft body against his and held him tight. “Are you sure you’re not going to tell me?”

“N-No,” stammered Naruto. ‘I have to be strong,’ he thought. ‘I need to be strong for Hinata-chan.’ He then felt her grab his arms and a second later his hands were tied behind his back. “What’s the big idea?” he demanded.

Anko said nothing as she bent down and pulled down his pants and boxers. She then put her face right in front of his soft member and gave it a lick. It twitched for a moment and got a little hard. Anko smirked as she moved down and licked the tip this time, giving Naruto shock waves of pleasure that went all over his body. He tried to fight it, but it was no use. His cock was now fully hard.

Anko continued to lick it for awhile while she savored the taste. It was a bit salty, but she loved it. Then she took the whole thing in her mouth, causing Naruto to gasp in surprise and pleasure. Her mouth was warm and wet. The suction she was creating was amazing. She slowly began to bob her head up and down while Naruto gritted his teeth to keep from cuming. Then, Anko move her tongue so it began to stroke his dick by wrapping around it. The tongue then moved back and forth and sent Naruto over the edge. Soon her mouth was full of his white seed which she drank.

“Damn kid,” she said when she was finished. “That was some of the best cum I have ever had. Any girl would love to suck on you day and night after having a taste of that.” She then stood up and removed her skirt to reveal that she wasn’t wearing any panties. She then pushed Naruto down and then moved to startle his face. Soon, Naruto was looking at the pussy of Anko. “Lick it,” she commanded.

Naruto at first refused. Anko smirked at his resistance and pushed her pussy so that it covered his face. She held it there until Naruto needed air and opened his mouth. Now he knew he had to or else she would just do that again. Slowly he stuck his tongue out and began to lick her slit. Anko moaned in pleasure at the first lick that her clit felt. It had been so long. Acting on desire she bent down towards his cock and saw that it wasn’t fully hard yet. But that wasn’t a problem as she grasped it with her hand. She stroked it several times and then bent down a little more to swallow his balls. Naruto’s dick hardened instantly when his balls felt the warmth of her mouth and he almost came when he felt her tongue glide over them. Soon her mouth left his balls and was once again attached to his cock. She stroked the base of his shaft while her mouth sucked on the tip. It was almost more than he could bear. Then, right before he came he lightly bit on her clit. Anko nearly screamed as she came all over his face and he came on hers.

Once the orgasm subsided, Anko used her finger to scup up his cum and ate it. ‘Good to the last drop,’ she thought. She then moved her body and positioned herself between his legs. The next thing Naruto felt was his cock being pressed against her soft breasts. Slowly she lifted them up and down. Naruto groaned as he felt he was in heaven. Then Anko did something that pushed him over the edge. She moved one breast up while the other moved down. After about a minute of this cum shot out of his cock and covered her tits and face. Once again Anko began to scup it up with much vigor.

“Why are you doing his?” asked Naruto while he was gasping for air. Anko moved her body like a cat and crawled over to his face. She then looked down at him and smiled.

“Because I want to help you out,” she said.

“How are helping me by raping me?!” he demanded.

“I bet that Hinata girl made a lot of mistakes when you two did it,” she said. She took it as a yes when Naruto looked away. “I bet she bit on your cock by accident or she came too quickly or something like that. Well as my way of thanking you for saving my life, I’m going to help you out by giving her lessons on sex.” Naruto stared at Anko with wide eyes.

“Then why are you having sex with me?” he asked.

“Because, gaki, you need some help in that department too,” she said as she moved her body and placed herself over his cock. “You need to get as much sex as possible to get better. I suggest that you screw as many girls as possible while you’re here in the forest. Remember, what goes on in the woods stays in the woods. Also, I really need this. The last person I had sex with was Kakashi and he came the second he was in my pussy. Believe me; you are much better than he will ever be in the sex department.”

She then dropped herself onto Naruto’s cock and nearly screamed. It had been far too long and he was so big. He was filling her completely and sending pleasure throughout her body. She hissed as she began to move up and down. Her breast jiggled with every thrust.

Naruto moaned in pleasure. She was so good. Her cunt wasn’t as tight as Hinata’s or the others, but it was just as warm and made him feel soooooo good. He desperately wanted to grab hold of her breasts and gnaw at her nipples, but the rope that held his arms tighter prevented that from happening. It wasn’t fair. He wanted to slap her ass or participate in some way, but he couldn’t. The only thing that thing he could do was move his hips which caused Anko to moan in pleasure.

“Faster,” moaned Anko. “Move those hips faster. I want to cum so badly. Fill my pussy with your cum. Spray it inside of me.” She then grabbed her own breasts and began to play with them. She kneaded at them and then lifted one up to her mouth and began to suck on it.

“I’m going to cum,” moaned Naruto.

“DO IT!” screamed Anko. Then, with one final thrust, Naruto came inside of her and she came along with him. She then fell on his chest and kissed his check.

“Thank you,” she said softly. “I really needed that. Anything you want me to teach her in particular?” Naruto thought for a while and then nodded.

“Could you help her on her confidence?” he asked. “She got really down on herself when she messed up. Also, she needs some help with sucking cock. And please don’t…ah…insert anything into her if you know what I mean.” Anko gave him a pout.

“You mean I can’t use tools?” she asked. Naruto nodded. “I guess you want her pussy all for yourself then. Fine, I won’t do that to her. Do you know where she is?”

“Hai,” said Naruto as she got off of him. “She’s at the Tower right now.” Anko smiled.

“That’s great,” she said as she got dressed. “That’s where I’m going!” Once she was finished dressing herself, she undid Naruto’s hands. She then picked up the magazine and tossed it to him. “This should help you with ideas. Later!” And with that, she was gone.


Later that day, Hinata was walking down the hallways. Her pussy was beginning to ache for her lovers dick. She was staying away from Kiba who would be able to smell her wetness. Then, out of nowhere, Anko appeared before her.

“Hinata is it,” she said. Said girl nodded shyly “Until this part of the exam is over, you are my student!”

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