Lust and what it brings

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One summer in my past I had a girlfriend, I had a good job, and I had a few beautiful friends. My girlfriend decided to spend her summer out of the country on vacation with her family. I couldn't leave with her nor could I visit her so I would just call her every now and then. During that summer I worked and worked until she came home and found the present I had gotten her for her b-day. It was a promise ring ( i was afraid of commitment so i didn't want to get engaged) i told her i promised to stay loyal to her and so on.She smiled and teared a little and said she loved it, She gave me this long wet kiss, and began to draw me closer to her, we were in the kitchen the house was also full, after all this was a birthday party. Jenny (My gf) said let's go upstairs, I didn't care that the house was full since she had been away for so long, I felt like I was going to bust when she started kissing me. When we got into the room, she immediately shut the door and grabbed me by collar and pressed her lips to mine, I couldn't help but oblige, her lips were so soft, her breath was warm, and it was ever so moist i didn't want it to end. we kept kissing, passing our tongues over one each others still not letting our lips part, my hands began to roam over her dress and start going up her leg, these were the softest and fit legs I had ever felt. I reached up to her ass which is by far the greatest ass that I have ever seen or felt on any woman, It is a nice firm and soft combination of a huge bubble shaped ass. I cupped her ass and noticed she was wearing a lace thong. At that moment i just had to see it, I broke our kiss and turned her around, slightly moved her against the wall and pulled her dress off, my god she had a great looking ass, and that thong just made it all better, black lace with a baby--blue bow, now that her back was to me i decided to take advantage.
Her turn on spots have always been on her neck and back, especially when I am behind her and I she can rub her ass all over my dick and feel how hard she makes me. I began to slowly kiss back neck, and make my way down to her back, I could hear her gasp every time she felt me kiss her, every time i dragged my tongue in circles on her earlobe. She started moaning when i reached forward and began playing with her C cup breasts and puffed out nipples, she kept saying i want you inside me already, but i was just getting started, I hadn't even gotten to playing with her below the waist, but right before I reached down, she grabbed my left hand and began sucking on my index finger, slowly and softly I could feel her warm mouth and it was so wet i started to gasp a little. I reached down with my right hand and pulled her thong off, and slowly began to rub her clit,, every thing was wet, her lips, her pussy, her clit, her legs, she was soaking wet, and i started to rub her clit a little faster untill she started moaning, she let go of my finger and got on the floor. She was expecting for me to get on top of her, but i just came up next to her and began sucking on her nipples while my hand made its way down to the entrance of her pussy, Immediately two finger went in i slowly made circles on her gspot, while slowly rubbing her clit with my thumb, this drove her mad,
I could feel she was reaching an orgasm, so i sped up up a bit when suddenly she convulsed and began to moan at that point I covered her mouth a bit so she wouldn't cause anyone to come knocking after she finished she panted a bit and said why are you using your hand to cover my mouth when you have a hard 9 inch dick to stick in it? Immediately she pulled my pants off, not unzipping or anything just yanked them off pnned me to the floor and took my dick as far as she could down her throat, gagging a little so she came up and said " fuck this, your fucking me and fucking me good" and got on she was so hot inside i couldn't believe it, immediately she started grinding on my dick, while going back and forth, I felt like i wasn't going to last, it felt amazing, Jenny's pussy was sopping wet, hot, and she was riding me like there was no tomorrow, her moaning was getting louder and louder, she kept saying " yes, yes O my yes, God i missed you Jerry, your dick feels so good inside me" at that point i thought I cum in her, but i just bit my tongue, and held for a longer, She had an orgasm and yelled as loud as she could "fuck yes" ( her sister came knocking and said what are you doing quit it mom and dad are going to hear you fucking your boyfriend in my room) I doubt Jenny heard because all she yelled was yes another one o my Jerry yes yes, she began to slow down when again she yelled o Jerry yes yes ooowoooo and panted are going to come baby??? o come for me baby, I want to feel you cum in my throat tell me when to swallow your big cock. I lost it there i pulled her off and stood up, immediately she went to work taking my whole shaft into her mouth and moaning, back and forth all the way again and again until I came down her throat and watched as it drizzled out through her cheeks.

Immediately we got dressed fixed up her hair, and headed down stairs as if nothing had happened, worried that her parents might have heard something or had been told by Jenny's sister, but no everyone was fine. Except her sister of course who with a day at the mall would get over it. A little later we sang happy birthday and every one started to leave. It was getting late so I decided to head home, so we went out side and noticed it was already dark, we talked a bit about how her trip was and she seemed kind of rare thinking about the trip i asked and she said "nothing it was ok, though i don't want to go back soon" she kissed me and began to grope me, immediately I go hard again, and she said this will take our mind off things and pulled me around the house to there back yard, she got on her knees unzipped me and began sucking me already hard dick at first she started slow and ran her tongue around the head while she sucked, then she took it as deep as she could with out gagging and in no time she had me cumming. after that we kissed and said good night. She went inside and i drove home.

When I got home, she immediately called and said, I feel so bad i did something horrible I should have told you. At that point I became concerned and asked whats going on babe? she said
" I kissed my ex boyfriend when I was over on vacation it didn't mean anything but then we
we went cruising the next day and we made out, after that nothing happened but I feel horrible
if you want to break up I understand, but I love you and only you"
I didn't know what to think or do so I just said Im not breaking up with you but i have to think and hung up.
First thing I did was call up my best friend Nola ( btw she's smoking hot she has D cup breasts, thing little waist, red head, well shaped ass ( not that big or small its ok), and a great pair of long legs) I told her to come over that I needed to talk. Nola came over and I told her what happened, she said " that bitch doesn't she know how to appreciate you?" she asked me if i was going to break up with her or not and then did the strangest thing, she put her hand on my inner thigh, and said " you know you got options right" then slowly gave me a kiss and slightly slipped her tongue into my mouth, at first I moved her away a little, and thought to myself i can't do this I love Jenny, but with all the mixed emotions of being cheated on and secretly have a lust for Nola, I gave in grabbed her back and started kissing her. Nola had a sweet taste in her breath that was cooling and wet, she turned me on and she straight began to take off all her clothes. She asked " did you fuck jenny today??" I said yes why, she just pulled me to the shower and said " let get you all cleaned up for me" I didn't care i just wanted to fuck Nola, when we got in the water was cold and made her nipples get rock hard. I bent down to suck on them and she just hugged me to her, and told me to bite, I love bitting and jenny hates it, but Nola by god this girl was amazing and i just bit on her nipple so she got some soap, and started washing my dick. It felt more like she was lubbing me up and giving me a handjob then washing it. then she washed my hard chest and back, rinsed and said Fuck me in your shower, your bed, your kitchen, your garage, and your car. I know you love her but tonight your mine, after tonight we can play every now and then but itll be hard because I love you. I was stunned and started to feel a bit bad she noticed and said Ive been wanting ur dick for months now, so you better fuck me and fuck me good. So i did as i was told I picked her up and slowly put her on top of my dick.
She was so tight my dick didn't fit in her, she said slowly Jerry, you have the biggest dick that I've ever been with, I slowly started to go in her but when i finally got in she squealed gasped and bit on my neck. then Yelled ooo my fucking god, I just came and all you did was go in me, You fill me so well, ooo keep going slow but don't stop. I was slowly thrust in her i was nibbiling on her ear and kissing her on the mouth when she said oooo my god oo my god Jerry again another orgasm. Then she said lets go to your bed I need to ride you. we went to the bed and she with out hesitation through me on to it and straddled my dick. She rode me for what seemed to be five minutes and convulsed stronger then I had ever seen a girl do. She couldn't even yell she just gasped for air and then collapsed on top of my chest. A min or two later she got off and said I'm done for now, but lets make you cum, So she got down and said mmmm Im a taste my pussy off this enormous cock, its almost as long as my face and she started sucking, she tried taking it deep but keep gagging. After a while she got off a little and said she wasn't used to anything this big,and started giving me a hand job, then she started sucking me off again, though I think that turned her on because she got up said slid me over to the side of the bed and rode me in a reverse cow girl position she was going slow at first I could feel she was completely adjusted to my size, but ounce the obstructions were gone she started thrusting on me hard and fast, I was loving this seeing her hour glass figure slamming back into me was driving me wild. Her moans alone were giong to drive me over the top, I told her Nola Im going to cum soon, she just said im on the pill don't you dare pull out I want to feel you cum inside me. then she yelled Im cumming im cumming ooo Im cumming, and I just let lose in her and she said oooo yes I can feel you Jerry fill me up. OOO.she turned around and kissed me and went down and said I want to taste our cum together so she sucked me clean. That night she spent over and over the next week we had sex in all the places that she wanted to, after that week I talked to Jenny but that's to be continued

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