Surlingham Broad

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Julie and Paul were taking their new Princess 33 on its maiden voyage down to Loddon. As they turned onto the river Yare, from the slipway to their moorings at Brundall, Paul pushed the throttle forward to feel the power of the engine lift the bow.

Sharing his pride and excitement, Julie slipped her arm around his waist and nuzzled her head under his arm. As she raised her other arm to give him a hug, her hand brushed against his erect penis.

It was a hot and humid day with the sun beating down. Summer had finally arrived and its timing could not have been better.

The thrill of feeling Pauls excitement had had an immediate effect on Julie. Her nipples hardened and her pussy tingled with pleasure, causing her to let out an involuntary gasp. Their joint arousal was as much a result from the week of anticipation leading up to this boat outing, as it was sexual. It was unlikely they would reach their destination on the first attempt without a detour to release the increasing sexual excitement between them, and they smiled to themselves as Paul steered towards the opening of Surlingham Broad.

As they entered Surlingham Broad, they noticed their were quite a few boats scattered about but their seemed to be a nice little spot, way in the corner that was not to close to any of the others so Paul turned the engine off and dropped the mud weight. As he walked back from the bow of the boat, Julie was sitting on the back seat.

Relaxed by the gentle bobbing motion of the boat as it circled the mud weight, Julie settled against the back rest and unconsciously let her wrap around skirt drape, across her legs, revealing only the slightest peak of her panties.

Julie let her head rest back against the cushions, her eyes close and drank in the sun. 'This is the life', Paul's words echoed her thoughts and as she opened her eyes Paul was loosening his shorts. She didn't need any encouragement to pull him closer so that she could take his throbbing cock onto her mouth.

As Paul's shorts fell to the floor he moved closer to Julie who was getting very eager to take his cock into her mouth. She reached out her hand and began stroking his erect cock, at the same time gently pulling him ever closer to her mouth.

As Julie lent forward, taking Paul's cock between her moist lips, her legs parted, revealing her panties even more which were visibly wet. This excited Paul and he lent forward and started to unbuttoned the loose fitting blouse she was wearing, revealing her bra-less tits that he slowly began to caress with both hands whilst she took him deep into her mouth.

Paul's caressing increased with the same intensity as Julie's sucking motion became more urgent and she pulled him ever deeper into her mouth. Her pussy was aching to be fucked but she could not bring herself to let him go. Paul lowered himself to his knees and his hand slid down to stroke her soaked panties. Feeling her wetness through the cotton almost made him come in her mouth right then, but not wanting to stop the pleasure they were both getting, he held back. There was more he wanted them to experience before they were finished.

Shelleysgirl had stopped circling and had come to a halt with the stern facing towards the centre of the broad, but neither of them were aware or cared how visible they may be to the other craft.

Paul's fingers were teasingly just under the edge of her panties, his fingertips brushing over her lips every so often and getting covered in her juices. Unable to resist, he licked his fingers, savouring the taste, before burying his head between her legs.

Julie pulled back from his cock as she groaned in ecstacy, feeling his tongue lapping at her pussy. Now she really needed to be fucked.

As Paul's tongue gentle licked the cotton of her panties, tracing the outline of her pussy lips with his tongue. As he pulled her panties to one side, Paul gently kissed her throbbing clit which seemed to send pulsating shock waves through Julie's entire body.
As her hips rose from the seat which wes sticky with pussy juice, she edged her pussy towards him, almost begging to feel fis tongue deep inside her.

Slowly stroking his cock with one hand and pulling Julie's pussy lips apart with the other, Paul frantically pushed his face into her waiting pussy. As his tongue licked furiously, deep inside her soaked cunt, Julie let out moans of pure pleasure, bucking her hips in time to his tongue. As Paul paused briefly, he suddelny noticed more boats were in the broad. There was no way he would or could stop now because his cock was throbbing so much at the sight of Julies pussy and exposed tits, he knew he was going to fuck her, no matter what.

Her body was in raptures of ecstasy as she pulled his face harder into her cunt, her voice was almost growl like as she demanded him to fuck her. His cock was already dribbbling with come. How he was stopping himself from exploding was incomprehensible.

He moved his body up until his mouth was on hers, and her tongue was licking her own juice from his face. That turned him on even more than he thought possible. His cock need to penetrate her, he needed to fuck her and be fucked by her, and nothing was going to stop them.

He pushed his cock in her with such force she was almost sitting up, her blouse falling down to her wrists, revealing her ample bosom for all the world to see, if they hadn't been partly obscured by Pauls head as he took them one by one in his mouth.

Raising her legs around his waist, Julie pulled him rythmically into her, as she stretched her arms out along the back of the boat to hold herself in position so Paul could fuck her even harder

As Paul's cock fucked her hard, pushing deep into her cunt, he could feel his cock getting ready to fill her up with his own hot cum.
He pulled from her but only to encourage her onto her knees so he could fuck her from behind.
As she turned, her blouse fell from her, fully revealing the glistening sweat dripping from her tits.
Her cunt looked so horny to him from behind and Paul needed no encouragement to push his cock into her. They both realised that it was obvious they were both being watched but this just added to their need to climax. At first Paul slipped just the tip of his cock into Julie's waiting pussy. He loved to tease her like this, watching the desperation on her face.
As she sat up, forcing the entire length of his cock deep inside her, Paul reached around her and firmly fondles her tits in his hands, gently squeezing Julies erect nipples. His cock pounding her cunt so hard, causing julie to grip the back of the seat to keep balance
Her pussy juice was running like a waterfall down her inner thighs as they were both nearing orgasm

Julie wasn't ready for Paul to come, she held him back by clenching her thighs. With a clumsy but effective motion she turned to face him and took her turn in pushing him onto the seat and straddling his bursting cock.

Pulling his head between her tits and with his hands gripping her buttocks she fucked him in full view of anyone watching. Raising and lowering herself onto his cock faster and deeper with every thrust. They orgasmed together heightening each others sensation as their bodies flooded with spasm after spasm of pleasure that neither had experienced before. Exhausted and totally spent they rolled to one side and lay kissing salty kisses until they both fell into a satisfied slumber still half naked

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