Katys Grandpa his Friends and their Pets chapter 2

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Her clit throbbed. It was so swollen it ached. With three warm creamy loads of sperm soaking in her virgin pussy, she ached to be filled and stretched more than ever. If she was alone she would rub the engorged bud, just like she timidly did sometimes before sleeping. But she wasn’t.

Her grandpa and his friends were crouched behind her raised naked bottom. After all she reminded herself, it wasn’t about her. It was all about pleasing these older men. That was the point of their little game. She felt her little hole weep more fuck juices.

‘’ Baby squeeze your pussy like when you want to pee’’ her grandpa instructed her behind her with a firm but gentle tone, ignoring her sweet little whimpers. Without realizing it, his controlling tone made her feel safe. She obediently tightened her pussy muscles and felt a sticky torrent bubbling in her hole before seeping from her slit.

‘’Good girl she heard her grandpas praise and she blushed. ‘’Wow’’ Hank groaned with admiration watching a long sticky white string clinging from her pussy, and dangling a little above the sand. Katy blushed and squeezed once more. The men watched with male pride their baby making milk bubbling between the slightly opened juicy slit. The sparse little honey curls around the reddened young smooth lips, were matted and glistening with spunk.

’’There is no more beautiful sight in this world, than a freshly creampied young pussy ’’ Tom said with an almost poetic hoarse low voice. Hank and Jake chuckled nodding.

Katy panted softly loving their attention on her drooling pussy. She was unaware of her exhibitionist streak, but the experienced men had noticed it from the very first moment when her large innocent brown eyes gleamed and her cheeks flushed, while her grandpa petted her young teenaged juicy body in front of them.

‘’Time to clean up our mess’’ her grandpa said smiling giving her cheeks a playful slap before reaching for a bottle of water from their beach bag. The men laughed and Katy giggled shyly between soft pants as they groomed her pussy.

She timidly watched over her shoulder her grandpa pouring water over her bottom. She hissed when she felt the cool water running down her crack, over her swollen hot mound and between her frothing with sperm slit offering her little relief. ‘’I know baby’’ her grandpa said with a comforting tone and an understanding smile.

Tom sliced open her swollen slit with two fingers. ‘’Careful now’’ Jake warned him when he stuck the tip of his finger in her tight greased hole. They all ignored Katy’s hiss of pleasure. ‘’You don’t want to pop her cherry’’ Jake said smiling with a hint of pride.

’’ Tom and Hank looked at Jake without hiding their surprise, and they all turned to look at her. Katy lowered her eyes blushing furiously.

‘’Good girl’’ Tom praised her with a smile caressing her firm cheeks softly before gently stretching them apart. Her grandpa poured the rest of the water and Hank stood next to them with a huge grin holding a beach towel.

The older men were pleased the girl wasn’t selling her pussy around to horny teenage boys like a slut for the exchange of popularity, like most girls her age. The ones doing it for affection in their opinion were pitiful.

When he was done, Katy watched her grandpa move around her until he was kneeling in front of her. His swim shorts were bunched down his hairy thick thighs. His hanging member was still thick and long, and the mushroom purple head glistened from their combined juices. Jake smiled, ‘’stick out your tongue baby as further as you can and keep it still’’ he ordered with his familiar gentle but firm tone.

Katy complied and felt her cheeks burn when her grandpa pulled back the skin over the swollen cockhead, and swiped the warm sticky spongy head on her tongue cleaning it from his sperm and her pussy juices. The heavy musky scent attacked her nostrils making her feel lightheaded.

He squeezed out a few beads of creamy white spunk, with a heavy sigh. Katy watched mesmerized. This was how her grandpa needed her, to use her tongue to clean his cockhead like he had used her juicy hole to empty his aching balls for his relief.

Good girl’’ her grandpa praised her depositing the white sticky remnants, on the warm wet pink girl tongue. All this time he watched her intently pleased by her eagerness and obedience. Katy blushed and her pussy flooded with sticky juices.

‘’Damn it’s still leaking’’ she heard Hank chuckling behind her, dabbing her slit with the towel purposely avoiding her engorged bud in order to keep the girl all hot and bothered. All the while Tom held her cheeks spread apart. She watched her grandpa smile pleased at her body’s response, and she felt her cheeks burn. Her pussy leaked some more.

‘’Swallow it baby’’ he instructed. Obediently she swallowed the salty male creamy remnants, he had deposited on her tongue, savouring the heavy musky taste. Her mouth watered for more.

‘’Good girl’’ her grandpa patted her head stroking her wavy curls, and then moved aside. ‘’All done her grandpa announced to his buddies with a grin and Katy blushed. From the corner of her eye she saw Hank moving away from behind her, in order to get his slimy cockhead cleaned on her pink warm tongue. Her cute cheeks blush a deep pink and her pussy wept more fuck juices. To her grandpas delight she whimpered, softly biting her bottom lip.

Storm had lost interest in the human females’ bikini bottoms when he realized it wasn’t the source of an unfamiliar but irresistible scent which appealed to his instincts. After he chewed them to threads, he sniffed around and located the heavy scent behind the men. When they moved away from the human female, the pup leaped forward.

Katy squealed when she felt Toms’ tongue hungrily lap on her swollen pussy slicing his tongue between her slit. Pulling her tongue from under Hanks dribbling cockhead, she threw her head back and moaned her need to be filled.

‘’JEZZZZZZUUUSSS, WHAT THE FUUUCK‘’ she heard Tom groan. It took her a few moments to register, if he was talking who was lapping on her flaming hole? She looked over her shoulder and felt her head spin.

All she could see over her raised bottom was a furry brown tail wagging enthusiastically. Storm was lapping on her pussy…a pup … a dog … that was wrong. Her body jolted.

‘’Shhh kitten, calm down sweety, jezzzus that’s so fucking hot,’’ Tom groaned trying to relax the trembling girl, without taking his eyes of the pups long hungry tongue. ‘’Buuuut…bbbbut… but ‘’ Katy stuttered trying to think, but Toms reaction was confusing her.

’’Its wrooooooooong’’ she moaned when Storms tongue sliced between the plump young pussy lips and the tip curled in her tight hole collecting more of the delicious juices which were secreting steadily.

Suddenly she saw grandpa kneeling next to her gently cupping her face with his large rough hands. He looked straight in her eyes with concern. ‘’Is he hurting you baby?’’ Katy opened her mouth to say something but the only sound that came out was a long whimper of pleasure. ‘’Aaaaaaahhhhhh’’ Storm was lapping on her engorged bud with his warm rough tongue. She didn’t know the pups tongue was covered with thousands of tiny buds brushing on her swollen flesh stimulating and, making her squeal in pleasure. Jake chuckled, ‘’Let me guess, it feels nice?’’ Katy felt her face burn with shame.

‘’It’s ok honey, you can tell me’’ he smiled encouraging the girl.
‘’Ahhhhaaa’’ she panted sincerely but guilty at the same time. Jake chuckled some more, and pleased that his granddaughter had not lied, she trusted him. It didn’t surprise him, trust was something you earned.

‘’So why do you want him to stop’’. Katy closed her eyes catching her breath when Storm to both her relief and frustration, lost his interest in her aching hole.

‘’Cause it’s wrong he … he is a…dog.’’ She panted trying to catch her breath. ‘’So?’’ she heard Hank who had moved to her side to watch the pup lap on the human pussy, and she turned her head towards him shyly. Storm was pacing behind her yelping. Hank didn’t look shocked.

In fact he was smiling warmly at her, still holding his now half erect cock. ’’That was amazing honey’’ he grinned confusing her even more.
‘’Are you kidding me,’’ Tom panted heavily behind her bottom holding his fully erect meat, ‘’that was fucking hot!’’

‘’Baby,’’ grandpa said with a firm tone. When he saw he had his granddaughters attention he continued with a gentle tone, ‘’why is it wrong? ’’ He asked looking directly in her large brown innocent eyes. ‘’Because he is a … a animal’’ she said ashamed.

‘’He’s also a male who needed to feed on your pussy juices’’ he said smirking. Katy’s cheeks flushed and without realizing she slightly swayed her bottom. Her pulsing hole drooled. When he saw the affect of his words, he smiled warmly. He could see the changes in the girls’ large expressional brown eyes and luscious body, and once more envied the young man who would marry her one day, and probably never be able to fully appreciate her passions. He watched his words finally sink in when she nervously nibbled on her bottom lip. He smiled.

‘’You can stand up whenever you want to honey if you feel uncomfortable’’ he teased her, and she heard the men chuckling around her until she realized she was still standing obediently on her hands and knees with her firm young bottom sticking in the air. She had been free to stand up all this time. She felt her cheeks burn and her pussy drool.

Katy bit her bottom lip to not yelp, when Storm eagerly went back to lap on the fresh juices which attacked his nostrils.

She remained still for him, nervously whimpering, and panting softly in guilty pleasure. The men smiled their approvals, occasionally beating their cocks slowly, enjoying listening to the pups hungry wet lapping and the human females’ sweet cries. Katy lifted her head and moaned sweetly when the pups tongue thrust in her little hole.

For a moment she imagined Storms little puppy cock splitting her poor slit. Her pussy wept.
‘’ That’s it boy, eat out that juicy snatch’’ Hank groaned, beating his cock meat harder, listening to the sticky depraved sounds from the pups long hungry tongue. Storm barked and the men burst laughing, cheering him on.

‘’So hot, so hot, ‘’ Tom chanted behind her almost drooling. Her pussy ached to be filled and stretched more than ever.

Trapped in the pleasure of Storms rough wet tongue and the men’s enthusiasm, she imagined Storms puppy cock pounding her tight little snatch, like she had watched dogs do when they mounted a bitch.

She spread her knees wider and she sobbed pitifully. Suddenly her grandpa was next to her groping her jiggling round firm boobs. He pinched her thick swollen nipples and her whole body quivered as she squealed like the little bitch in heat she was.

He pulled her spent body on his wide chest hugging her gently with his strong arms.’’ That’s my girl,’’ grandpa Jake whispered his praise ’’ You did well baby, you pleased us very much honey. ‘’

Katy panted on his neck, resting with her hands over his shoulders, feeling deliciously dizzy. She didn’t notice her grandpas strong hands sliding under each thigh, spreading her drenched with puppy spit pussy. When he lifted her higher on his chest and heard heavy breathing behind her, she stole a shy peak over her shoulder.

Tom stroked his meaty cockhead along her slick with puppy spit slit, before sliding in her slimy, with girl juices hole. Katy whimpered feeling the warm meat stretch the entrance of her snatch, depositing a fresh warm load of male cream. Tom panted with obvious relief and Hank hurriedly took his place. Storm was sitting next to the men panting, watching curiously as they spermed the female.

When Jake was done depositing his load in his granddaughters well spermed snatch, Hank picked her up and they all washed in the cool seawater. Tom dried her teenaged juicy body with a beach towel taking his time and Jake dressed her with her t shirt.

‘’Sorry baby’’ Her grandpa chuckled showing her the shredded bikini bottoms. The beach towels were damp and it was only a ten minute walk down the little path to her grandpas’ farm where the guys had parked their truck. ‘’What if someone comes?’’ she asked in a small voice biting her bottom lip. Katy blushed when the men grinned staring at her half exposed juicy bottom and pussy.

‘’You know no one else uses it besides us’’ Jake said and smiled when he noticed his granddaughter ever so slightly, grind her slender thighs together.

That was true, but Katy could remember a few times over the years, when a few people would end up at her grandpas’ farm after a wrong turn. And even once a couple hiking around the area, ended up at their little private beach while she was there with her parents.

Suddenly her eyes widened when she realized anyone could have appeared on the beach while she was naked on her hands and knees servicing her grandpa, the men she always viewed as uncles, and a pup. Her pussy clenched and dripped.

Jake smirked, urging his granddaughter down the path, with his large hand around her slender waist. The rest followed. Storm was running little circles around her feet. ‘’We get it you little mutt’’ Hank chuckled, ‘’she’s yours.’’ The men burst laughing at the pups’ territorial behavior, and Katy giggled blushing innocently.

Katy would smile shyly, whenever the men behind her would pet her exposed juicy bottom grinning widely. She giggled blushing at their boyish games, trying to shoo their large eager hands.

Halfway down the path Hank slid his hands under her t shirt feeling up her boobs from behind. Katy’s cheeks flushed when her grandpa smiled, letting go of her waist and moving aside so his buddy could have his way with her firm juicy round boobs. Hank winked at his buddies before pulling the girls t shirt over her boobs, exposing her naked body. Katy’s pussy produced sticky girl paste.

The men stared hungrily at her juicy firm round tits, her smooth stomach, down to her plump mound, and long slender legs. She lowered her eyes blushing. Hank played with her puffy pink nipples for a few moments before pulling down her t shirt. ‘’ I hate those on women’’ he mumbled, females should wear dresses, or nothing at all’’ he added smirking. The men chuckled and Katy giggled blushing sweetly. Storm barked jumping on her legs.

Katy shooed him away, but after a little while he jumped on her thighs again. Katy blushed lowering her eyes when her grandpa slipped a meaty finger between her thighs probing her pussy hole. He smirked. ‘’ You’d better let him lap it baby, or it will take ages to get home.’’ The men burst laughing and Katy’s cheeks turned a deep red.

She looked around puzzled. ‘’Squat down baby, I don’t want you scraping your hands and knees on these stones,’’ her grandpa suggested, and Katy’s heart beat fast under her boobs. Her grandpa wanted her to serve the pup right in the middle of the path.

She drooled more pussy juices, and Storm whimpered and panted with his long tongue hanging out. The men laughed hard at the pups’ impatience, but their smirks were quickly replaced with hungry stares as the teenager timidly squatted down on her heels and her slender thighs spread open. Before they even got the chance to see her juiced up slit, the pup leaped forward.

‘’ Unghhhh!" she moaned holding tightly on her knees and looking up at the men. ‘’Good girl’’ her grandpa smiled his approval and sat on the portable fridge until Storm was done feasting on his granddaughters girl paste. ‘’Fuck’’ Tom exclaimed digging in Hanks beach bag and pulling out his digital camera.

Photography was his hobby ever since he could remember himself, and he always carried a camera with him. His old polaroid cameras had been gradually replaced with digital technology. He hadn’t used it earlier to not scare the teenager.

Katy whimpered looking at her grandpa. She drool more girl juices and the pup lapped them hungrily making loud wet sounds.
‘’It’s ok baby,’’ Jake chuckled ‘’Tom knows I’ll kill him if he shares the photos.’’ Tom looked at her with gleaming eyes. ‘’I promise you kitten, no one will see them’’ he assured her before putting on his glasses and setting the camera to record.

‘’Damn thing,’’ Hank growled and reached for her t shirt pulling it off. ‘’I can’t see’’ he grinned at the blushing teenager. Katy didn’t move an inch and produced fresh juices for the pup. ‘’That’s better’’ Hank whispered watching the pup dragging up the smooth young cuntlips with his long tongue before releasing the glistening girl flesh with a loud wet sound.

Katy swallowed hard and whimpered, as Tom zoomed on the depraving feast recording every little detail of the pups tongue drilling her tight little hole, and every wet sticky sound. He even recorded Storms brown tail wagging frantically in the air, and Hanks thick rough fingers playing with her young smooth pink nipples.

The men stared intently at the blushing naked juicy teenager, squatted down in the middle of the path, with a large brown pup between her spread thighs, lapping on her snatch. ‘’Way to go boy’’ Tom cheered when he saw the pups little red cock tip emerge from its hairy sheath for the first time in his life, responding to its breeding instincts. The men burst laughing with dark eyes.

‘’He wants to mount’’ Hank cried and Katy’s heart skipped a beat. Jake noticed with delight, she didn’t move an inch from her squatting position, though he saw a hint of panic in her eyes. It was only natural. The girl had experienced so many new sensations in only a few hours. It was too much for her mind and body to handle. But he did see the fresh sticky girl paste on the pups’ hungry tongue.

Smiling he reached out for his granddaughters hand, pulling her to her feet, to Storms and his buddies disappointment. Katy stole a peak at Storms red puppy cock tip, before it disappeared back in its fury sheath. She rubbed her thighs together. They were slick with puppy spit and her juices.

She started walking next to her grandpa when the men chuckled staring at her. She realized she was only wearing her sandals. With burning cheeks she turned to Hank who was grinning widely. ‘’You look fine just the way you are honey,’’ he said stuffing the t shirt in the beach bag, studying the girls expression. The men watched her chewing on her bottom lip blushing sweetly, and they smiled contently.

‘’Almost home,’’ her grandpa said, just in case the naked luscious teenager lost her nerve. It took them a few extra minutes to reach the farm, because of Storms frantic little circles around her feet slowing them down. ‘’Can’t blame him,’’ Jake smirked cupping her firm young ass cheeks and squeezing them, making his granddaughters body quiver. ‘’You are irresistible baby,’’ he said chuckling as they reached the gate.

Hanks truck was parked in front blocking the view to the road.
Katy squeezed her thighs, when her grandpa leaned over her boobs taking a puffy nipple in his mouth, sucking it softly in front of his friends. She whimpered holding on the fence behind her. ‘’If anyone was around storm would know’’ Hank said grinning to the nervous girl, while her grandpa was suckling her tit right in front of the farms wooden gate.

She groaned when he released the hard rubbery nipple, with a purposely loud wet pop. Tom took his digital camera out and took a photo of her glistening with spit, pink nub. Storm whined, and jumped on her thigh again. Katy knew why, and she blushed furiously when the men chuckled staring at her plump mound.

The men burst laughing when storm wrapped his paws around her leg and start humping. He had latched himself so tightly Katy didn’t bother to shake him off. She could feel his slimy rubbery puppy cock tip rubbing on her smooth skin, and the pup whined.

‘’Poor fella’’ Hank chuckled smiling at the blushing nervous naked teenager. Tom was kneeling next to the pup recording his humping on the girls’ luscious leg. ‘’Jezus the internet is full of that stuff man.’’ Hank chuckled at his buddy. The three older men had been enjoying the benefits of today technology to the fullest extent. Jake and Tom were widowers and Hank had been divorced for over ten years.

‘’Yeah, but I have seen this with my own eyes,’’ Tom explained smiling, to the blushing girl. Jake and Hank chuckled with understanding. Even with all the bestiality porn, the internet could never come close to the real thing. Tom still treasured that one snapshot he had managed to take with his polaroid camera, of Jenny Peters, mounted by her pa’s goat.

In spite of what people thought, farm girls did not mate with animals, at least as far as they knew. Jenny was in a drunken mess, like all of them after a party, and had responded to a dare game. Jake still treasured the photo and masturbated frequently looking at the scanned and improved picture of jenny and the goat on his computer screen.

Storm whined pathetically drenching her leg with fluid. ‘’Its precum’’ Tom explained recording the clear fluid, running down the girls leg.

‘’They produce a lot, so they can squeeze their knot in the bitch,’’ her grandpa explained with a smile. Being an important part of their farming duties, the men had assisted all kind of farm animals to breed. Pleased he watched his granddaughter nibble on her bottom lip. Hank kneeled down next to the pup and gently squeezed the pups’ tight swollen balls.

‘’There full, poor pup, he needs to blow’’ he smirked looking at Katy. The men watched the girls’ pussy mound spasm, as it clenched. Jake stared in her widened eyes, and pleased, heard her little whimper.

‘’Turn around baby, the pup needs to empty his balls in your snatch,’’ he said in his firm but gentle tone, which his granddaughter responded too. The men held their breath as the girl half twisted her quivering body with large innocent eyes, flushed cheeks and half parted lips panting like a little bitch.

Katy bent her upper body holding onto the fence, without even thinking, responding to the pups need to use her snatch. Hank, not believing their luck, managed to unlatch the horny pup, immobilizing him on his chest. ‘’Good girl her grandpa praised her cupping her firm cheeks spreading them gently.

Katy whimpered, embarrassed by the sticky sounds coming from her pussy, when the swollen pink lips parted slightly. Juices were seeping from her slit for everyone to see.

She panted feeling her heart beating quickly under her round boobs. She was about to serve a pup, offer him her hole to relieve its aching balls. Her pussy wept uncontrollably.

’’Grandpa’’ Katy whimpered looking behind her. Hank was holding the large pup on his chest, with one hand firmly on its fury exposed belly, while with the other he held the base of the pups cock. Storm was thrusting his fully emerged four inch red puppy cock in the man’s fist, panting steadily.

‘’I’m here baby,’’ her grandpa crooned next to her, still holding her firm cheeks apart for the pups pleasure. ‘’Is he ready?’’ he turned his attention to Hank. ‘’Yeah’’ the man grinned, feeling the puppy thrust more urgently and its meat pulse. The experienced man held the pup completely immobilized on his chest and under his control, to Katy’s relief. Tom was zooming on the pups’ cock meat, puffing in anticipation.

To Katy’s horror and excitement, Hank moved closer, aiming the pups cock meat at her slit. She whimpered. ‘’Here it comes,’’ Hank announced grinning widely. The men chuckled, when the teenager unconsciously responding to her instincts to be bred, arched her back presenting her young bottom to her breeder widening her thighs.

‘’That’s my girl’’ Jake chuckled and slipped the pulsing cock tip in the girls well greased juicy hole. Katy hissed at the depraved contact, and slimy sound of the dogs’ hot meat in her tender girl flesh. ‘’Way to go fella,’’ the men cheered the panting pup. ‘’Your first pussy dip’’ they congratulated the pup, and Storm barked enthusiastically. Even Katy giggled a little in between pants, with her naked bottom presented for the pups’ relief.

The men burst laughing, but their eyes gleamed as they watched the pup trying to thrust more of his puppy meat in his human bitch. Hank held him steadily, until he could only thrust the tip which had flared ready to deposit its puppy making milk. ‘‘Ahhhhhhhhh’’ Katy squealed from the pleasure, of his spongy cockhead drilling her greased entrance.

‘’Feels good honey?’’ her grandpa asked her chuckling at her squeals. Ahhaaaaaaaaa’’ Katy squealed her response, and the men burst laughing. ‘‘OOOOOOhhhhhhhhh’’ Katy squealed with wide eyes, when she felt a very warm torrent of puppy seed spray her hole filling her to the brim. It was so much it spilt out of her slit, drenching her thighs. Tom groaned recording every little detail with trembling hands.

‘’He’s peeing in me’’ she cried, but to her grandpas amusement she didn’t move an inch from her breeding position. ‘’He’s sperming you baby with his puppy making milk, its watery and is much warmer than human sperm’’ Jake smirked at his granddaughters long sweet whimper as the pup blew more of his warm watery seed straight in her womb.

A minute later Storm was still sperming her snatch yelping, his large knot had formed close to the middle of its shaft, and it was pulsing. ‘’Dogs take longer to blow their seed,’’ Jake explained to his granddaughter, softly caressing her smooth belly which felt a little bloated. He watched amused her eyes darting around.

He could see that the girl was starting to feel a little more self conscious about what she was doing and where. Bent over his farms gate, her juicy body completely naked with her firm bottom presented high, bred by a young excited large pup. Delighted he heard her whimper looking in his eyes, and then went back whimpering like the little bitch in heat she was.

Jake wasn’t expecting anyone and if anyone did show up he would hide his naked, puppy spermed granddaughter in Hanks truck. The girl didn’t know that but she trusted him.

‘’He filled you real good’’ he informed his blushing granddaughter. ‘’Good boy,’’ the men praised the panting pup, ‘’fill your bitch, swell her belly boy,’’ the men cheered him on.

Katy’s face flushed, at the men’s cheering and her pussy drooled more girl cream mixing with the pups sperm, and clamped down around the pups spongy cockhead sealing it. She squealed in delight, and the men cheered petting her juicy bottom, and jiggling firm round boobs, pinching her pink swollen nubs. Storm whined and rewarded her snatch with a last torrent of fresh, extra warm puppy making milk.

Katy stayed in her breeding position even when Hank dropped the heavy pup on the ground. A torrent of watery sperm flowed down her juicy thighs. At her grandpas instructions she squirted a little arch of puppy making milk on the grass. Tom recorded it.

‘’Good girl’’ her grandpa praised her petting the top of her head. Tom moved around to capture her face. The girl was resting on her arms.

Short little curls were plastered on her forehead, and her cheeks were flushed a deep pink. A little line of drool was hanging from the corner of her sweet parted lips. She was still panting sweetly, her large eyes closed softly in the sweet serenity of her orgasmic relief. Tom groaned, and wondered how the juicy teenagers face, looked so innocent and sweet after they had just bred her to a pup.

Katy barely felt her grandpa pick her up cuddling her on his wide strong chest, and carrying her inside the farm house. Only later when she was soaking in a warm tub, she managed to ask him in a small voice. ‘’Grandpa, am I slut?’’ Jake was rubbing her shoulders gently with a soapy sponge, and he stopped looking straight in her large brown eyes, ‘’No baby, sluts try to prove their lust, you are a natural’’ he said smiling warmly.

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