The Battered Lamp Chapter Six: The Lust of the Warrior

The Battered Lamp

Chapter Six: The Lust of the Warrior
Copyright 2014

Notes: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this!

Saturday, January 17th – South Hill, Washington

Christy stumbled out of Ms. Franklin's house. She felt so dirty. Last night she had given herself to Kyle, and today she had let her body be soiled by the teacher. She reached her car, slumping against it. Her lips still tasted of the teacher's sour juices. I'm so sorry Kyle! She fought off her tears, feeling eyes upon her.

Ms. Franklin watched her from the porch.

Bitch! Why did you do this to me! Why did I like it so much! She stuck her keys into the ignition. I'm such a disgusting whore. A tear ran down her cheek. She wanted to scrub her skin pink. She turned the key, the engine groaned, spluttered, died.

More tears ran hot; she tried again. It chugged, wheezed, lights flickered on her dashboard. Nothing. Dead. Why should my car work? I'm such a terrible person, I don't deserve to have a working car.

A rap on her window; she jumped. Ms. Franklin peered in, a look of concern painted on her face, lust burning in her emerald eyes. “Are you okay, sweetie?”

“Fine,” she answered, wiping at her tears.

“I can give you a ride home, or you can come back inside to wait for a tow truck.”

Christy wondered if the teacher was responsible for this somehow. Some hex to strand her here so Ms. Franklin could have more time to molest her. “I'll call my boyfriend.”

A grimace flashed across the teacher's face. “Okay, dear. I'll be inside if you need help.”

“Thank you, Celestite,” she answered, trying to hide her true feelings. Christy was convinced that Ms. Franklin, or Celestite as she insisted on being called, was trying to sabotage her relationship with Kyle. Someone had cast a spell on her boyfriend and Chyna Coel, and now they were linked in a domination/submission relationship. She swallowed her anger; her teacher led her coven and she swore oaths to obey her. And there were consequences to disobedience. Terrible consequences. Goddess, this is a mess I'm in.

She grabbed her cell phone and called Kyle. The phone rang and rang.

Please pick up, Kyle! I need you!

And rang.


Kyle slid home in Fumi's pussy. She was heaven and nirvana all rolled into one delightful, hot, tight, spongy paradise. He sucked at her neck, his hips pumping away. His balls ached; he needed to erupt. Fumi had made him cum a few times tonight, but instead of wetting his appetite, they just inflamed his hunger for her cunt.

“Oh, Kyle,” she gasped, her fingers raking his back.

He had never been so horny in his life. He had never thought he'd pull a girl out of his car and start fucking her in the middle of the street. Fumi humped back against him, as horny as he was. Her lily-scented perfume filled his nose, spurring his hips to fuck her faster.

“Cum in me!” Fumi moaned. “Flood my pussy! I need you to fill my cauldron!”

His balls boiled. He wouldn't last long.

Katy Perry's Teenage Dream blared from his pocket, reaching into Kyle's lust-fogged mind. Christy's calling. I should answer that. Butshe feel so wonderful. I need to cum. The song kept blaring, the lyrics of his girlfriend's favorite song.

“What's that?” Fumi moaned. “That song?”

“My girlfriend's calling! I shouldoh, fuck, that's nice! Keep doing that with your pussy!”

“Before you met me I was a wreck,” Katy Perry's dulcets sang from his phone; the guilt rose inside Kyle, “but things were kinda heavy, you brought me back to life.”

“Answer it,” moaned Fumi. “She's your girlfriend.”

“Yeah.” He stopped pumping, still buried to the hilt in her. He fished his phone of his pocket. “What?” He winced, his voice full of frustration.

“Oh, I-I'm sorry,” Christy answered and he could almost see her flinch.

He sighed. “No, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you, Christy.”

“I don't mean to disturb you Kyle, it's just”

“You're not disturbing me,” he lied, wanting to pound the shit out of Fumi's pussy until he came. “What is it?”

“I need your help.”

Fumi suddenly pulled away from him, his cock leaving her wonderful depths. “Wait!” He tried to grab her, but she shrugged out of his grasp.

“What's going on, Kyle?” his girlfriend asked.

“Just myumsister.”

Christy giggled. “Is she's being a brat again?”

“Always,” he muttered.

Fumi was already half-way to her house, her panties bunched around her right ankle still. She turned around, smiled, and mouthed, “Wednesday,” then she fled into her house.

“Damn,” Kyle muttered, leaning against his car, his cock jutting painfully before him. “So, what's wrong, Christy.”

“My car won't start. I need to be rescued by my strong, handsome boyfriend.”

“Yeah. I'll be right there.”

“You don't sound so excited. I can call my parents. I just thought”

“No, no. I'll be right there. Where are you?”

Kyle punched in the address into his phone, and headed to rescue his girlfriend. Maybe Christy will let me fuck her? He shoved his aching cock back into his pants, being careful not to catch himself as he zipped up.


Fumi walked into her house, closed the door behind her, and leaned against it, sighing. That was too close. Her poor body ached for cum. Part of her wanted to go out there and let Kyle finish what he started even if he died. She forced that part down, breathing deeply. I am in control of my desires! They do not control me!

“Is he dead?” Her mother's voice startled her.

“What?” Fumi asked, trying to shake the lust from her mind.

“Is the poor boy dead?”

“No, Mother.” Only almost. Fear and guilt rose in her; she had lost control tonight and almost killed him.

An eyebrow raised on Mother's face, then she bent down and tugged at the pair of panties bunched around her right ankle. Fumi stepped out of them. “Really?” Her mother raised an eyebrow with the soaked panties, stained with Kyle's cum that had leaked out of her well-fucked ass.

“It was close, but I resisted my urges.”

Her mother licked her lips, eyeing the cum staining her daughter's panties. Fumi could see her mother fight off her hunger. She wrenched her eyes away and fixed on Fumi. “Your father and I do not want you to see thatboy anymore.”

“I need him, Mother.” She took her mother's right hand, still holding her soiled panties. “He's the one for me, I just know it.”

Her mother's left hand was soft as she stroked Fumi's face. “That's just your need lying to you. Blinding you to the truth. Our appetite do not care about what we want. It only cares about satisfying its hungers. Do not listen to it. You have to go slow. It takes time to find out if he's the one.”

“You knew right away with Father!” Fumi yelled, jerking her hand away. Then she flushed, looking down in shame. “I'm sorry for snapping, Mother.”

Her mother put her arms around Fumi, pulling her tight. “It was different with us. Your father and I were made for each other. I knew it the first time I tasted his seed. What did Kyle's taste like?”

She chewed her lip, not wanting to answer. Her mother pulled away, cupping Fumi's face and forcing her to look into mother's dark, insistent eyes. “Bitter.” Fumi answered. “But that doesn't mean anything. It was only our first time. I know he'll grow sweeter. I just know it!”

“My poor child,” her mother sighed, and hugged her fiercely. “You're just going to get your heart broken again when you kill him.”

“No I am not!” She broke away from her mother and ran up the stairs, tears streaming down her face. She burst into her room and threw herself onto her bed. “He's the one for me!” she screamed into her pillow, raging like a hurricane as fear and doubt swirled inside her, whispering, You thought the same about Shiro and Kenji.


Christy was thrilled when her boyfriend pulled up, all to aware of Ms. Franklin's gaze upon her, a hawk waiting for the rabbit to crawl out of its hole so she could swoop down and carry her off. But now Kyle was here to save her. He'll make sure that bitch won't carry me off!

She wasn't sure what had been going on when she called Kyle, and had been a little taken aback by his lack of enthusiasm, but he had come quickly and there was a big smile on his face. She was relieved to see the pleasure in his eyes. Her eyes dropped down to his crotch, and a naughty smile flitted on her lips. I see why he came quickly—he needs some relief.

“Sorry for being a dick,” he smiled. “Fatima was being a brat and driving me crazy.”

“Soso I didn't interrupt anything important?”

He wrapped his arms around her. “No.” He kissed her on the lips, and she melted against him, thrusting her tongue in his mouth. She knew Ms. Franklin was watching and she hoped the bitch was seething.

Kyle smacked his lips. “Is that pussy I taste?”

“What?” she blushed. “Oh, no. Ium.smeared some of my own to surprise you.” Christy cursed inside; she had thought she had washed her face enough.

He kissed her again. “It's a great surprise!”

“I have another surprise,” she hissed in his ear. “I'm not wearing any panties. I need you to fuck me so badly!”

“But we're outs—”

She kissed him, thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth, while her hands fumbled at his pants. She pulled his cock out; he felt sticky with precum. He shoved her against her car and she wrapped her arms around his neck and her thighs around his waist, pulling him into her. She moaned, her head resting on his shoulder as he sank into her. Ms. Franklin watched from her living room window.

Christy beamed at her teacher, moaned loudly, and humped her boyfriend. “Fuck me, Kyle! I love your cock! Nothing's better than fucking you!” She hoped the bitch heard her. She was almost positive the teacher had tried to break them up. How dare she try and split us apart!

Kyle's cock stirred her passions quickly. It was dark on the street, but cars would drive-by. They were partly shielded by her car, and she imagined that they looked like a pair of kissing teenagers, but the danger of getting caught fueled her lusts. She bucked harder against him, kissing his neck and digging her fingers into his jacket as she clawed his back.

“Jesus!” Kyle groaned. “I don't know what got into you, but, fuck, I love it!”

“I'm gonna cum!” Her body erupted with magma-hot passion. “Can you feel my pussy spasming on you? Can you feel the pleasure I'm getting?”

“Yes! You're milking my cock! You're pussy's hungry for my cream!”

“It is! Feed me! Fill me up with your cum!”

He grunted. Cum squirted into her. Thick, hot, wet, basting her insides with Kyle's passion. She clung to him, savoring the aftershocks of her orgasm. Her guilt crashed against her. I cheated on this wonderful man! Oh goddess, what a mess I've made of things! She shook, but not in pleasure. Tears ran hot down her face. She wanted to beg his forgiveness and confess the entire sordid mess to him. Fear held her tongue.

“What's wrong?” Kyle asked. “Oh fuck, did I hurt you? Was I too rough?”

She shook her head. “I've just had a bad day.” She sniffed, kissing his cheek. “Thank you for rescuing me.”

“Always,” he whispered, holding her. “I love you, Christy.”

Another wave of tears came, her body wracked by sobs. She needed to find a way out. She didn't want to be cheating on this great guy. She buried her face against his chest as he stroked her brown, curly hair.


Kyle couldn't figure out what was wrong with his girlfriend's car or his girlfriend. It took almost fifteen minutes before she had regained her composure. He had held the entire time, soothing her before she finally pulled away. “Sorry,” she had sniffed.

“Don't be,” he had smiled, popping the hood of her car.

He couldn't see anything wrong with it after fiddling with the wires. He really didn't know much about cars though. Aaliyah, I wish that Christy's car worked.

*Christy is not part of your harem yet, my love. So her car is not part of our hearth.* There was a pause, then she added, *You can make a wish and add her to the harem.*

I want her to join on her own. When she meets you on Monday, I'll ask her to be my third wife.

*I can't wait, my love!*

“Sorry. I guess we will have to call a tow truck,” Kyle sighed, slamming down the hood. He had been saving up to take Christy to prom, and the tow would have to come out of that. Aaliyah, I wish to have the money to pay for the tow.


Kyle sighed then a thought occurred to him, and he asked, Could you pay for prom? I mean, could I wish to have the money for it?

*That is within my powers,* Aaliyah answered after a moment. *Your sister informs me that it is a social occasion that you are required to attend with your paramour. That definitely falls under harem.*

That brightened Kyle's mood.

They spent the time waiting productively—making out. Kyle had his hand down her blouse, thumbing her nipple, when the tow truck arrived. A surly man in greasy, gray coveralls and a mouth full of tobacco, hooked up her car and they led him to Christy's home. She gave him one last kiss, then went inside and Kyle drove home where his sister and genie awaited him naked and horny and waiting to hear all the details about his date with Fumi.


Britney stood in the shadows outside Ms. Franklin's house watching the tow truck disappear, Kyle following with Christy in his car. She had tracked it to the chemistry lab at school yesterday and caught the faintest scent. It had taken her all day Saturday to track down the foul odor she smelled, the lingering traces of magic, right to here. Britney had always sensed something off with Ms. Franklin ever since she had met her, but she never suspected the youthful teacher was into such dark magics.

A servant of Hecate. And Christy is one of her slaves.

Sadness squeezed her heart. Kyle would be devastated. She had sensed something off in Christy for weeks now, and this was it. She would have to be killed. Christy, Ms. Franklin, the whole coven would have to disposed of. Kyle had to be protected, servants of Hecate could never be trusted. They used and abused those around them. One day, Christy would be fully lost to the darkness and she would use Kyle to serve whatever dark whim stirred her soul.

And Britney would never allow any harm to come to her only friend. Her fingers flexed, fingernails sharp as claws, a predatory hunger stirring inside her. She clamped down her rage, pushing herself to be calm and placid once more. When she had been paired with Kyle to work on a science fair project all those years ago, she had known he was going to a great man somedayand had vowed on the day she had met Kyle that she would protect him.

And she would serve him faithfully and see that he reaches that greatness, no matter the cost. No matter who she had to kill. But she had to be careful, make sure she had ever single contingency covered. Kyle could never learn that she had killed his girlfriend.

The great fool loves too easy.


Sunday, January 18th

“Everything will be fine, my love.”

Kyle looked at his genie and wasn't so sure. “I don't see why we have to do this.”

“She is yours,” Aaliyah answered. “She deserves to be part of your household officially.”

He shook his head. He couldn't believe he was about to negotiate with Chyna's mom to make her his concubine. The entire situation was sobizarre.

And the last few days haven't been bizarre? he asked himself. He went from a virgin with a girlfriend, to having two wives, a sex slave, and two girlfriends.

“My powers will take care of everything.” His wife placed her hand on his back, and leaned her head against this shoulder. He strangely felt reassured. He was like a sponge, sucking in his genie's calmness.

The door opened. Chyna shrieked. Then she was kissing him, her arms wrapped around him like an octopus about a fish. He couldn't help kissing her back, he had missed his sex slave, his cock growing erect as she writhed against him.

“Who is this young man?” asked a stunningly beautiful, black-haired woman staring at him with a look of bemused astonishment.

“My Master, Mom!” exclaimed Chyna.

The color drained from her mother's face. “What?”

“I'm his sex slave.” Chyna said it like the most normal thing in the world.

“Er, yes, that's why I'm here to talk to you, um, Mrs. Coel.”

“Miss Coel,” she muttered absently. “This is a joke, right? One of those ill-thought out, teenage pranks? He's really your boyfriend, right, Chyna?”

“Nope. Master has a girlfriend.” The girl shuddered against him. “And she tastes wonderful. I guess, she's my Mistress. But I'm Master's slave first.”

I wish Miss Coel understands.

*Done, my love.*

Aaliyah stepped up. A dry, sandy scent filled the room. “It's perfectly natural, right, Miss Coel?”

“Right,” nodded Chyna's mom as Aaliyah's power affected her. “Come in, Kyle. I guess I should get to know my daughter's Master.” She looked questioningly the genie.

“I'm his first wife, Aaliyah. My husband and I are here to negotiate with you to make Chyna his concubine.”

Chyna squealed again. “Do it, Mom! I want to be his so badly!”

Miss Coel led them into her living room. She had a nice figure, her bust as large, if not larger, than her daughters, with a curvy ass covered by a pair of tight jeans. Aaliyah caught his eyes and licked her lips—she approved as well.

The next half-hour proved that the last few days could indeed become more bizarre. Aaliyah and Miss Coel started to rapidly haggle the price he'd have to pay to officially take her as a concubine. Miss Coel was a sharp bargainer, and she wanted her daughter's bridal gift to be substantial. The entire time, Chyna squirmed on his laps and rained his face with kisses.

“I'm not sure your daughter is worth that much,” Aaliyah objected. “She doesn't look that beautiful.”

“Are you blind? My daughter is gorgeous. She's built like a brickhouse!”

Aaliyah gave Chyna a considering look. “Let's see her naked.”

Chyna was eager to strip in front of her Master. She was gorgeous with dusky skin and large, heavy tits. Her ass was round and plump, and Kyle couldn't resist giving her a squeeze. Chyna giggled and proudly posed, one hand playing with a honey-brown pigtail.

“See. She's absolutely gorgeous!”

Aaliyah reached out, pinching one of Chyna's nipples. “She's adequate.”

Chyna's mom reached out and boldly rubbed Kyle's crotch; he groaned, enjoying the MILF's touch. “I'd say Kyle finds her more than adequate.”

“He's a young man; a stiff breeze gets him hard.” Kyle had never heard her talk so diffidently. It's like she had become this imperious woman instead of his shy wife.

“I'd say his opinion counts for a lot.” Kyle shifted, the blood warm in his cheeks as the MILF kept stroking him through his jeans.

“Let's see how well she performs. Lick my pussy, slave!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Aaliyah spread her legs and lifted her skirt. Chyna knelt before her and buried her face in his wife's snatch. Aaliyah threw her head back and moaned. “She's got anohhagile tongue.”

“What do you say, Kyle,” purred Chyna's mom, her fingers dragging his zipper down. “You have to admit my daughter is easily worth it.”

Kyle couldn't think, her hand stroked his hard cock. “Sure.”

“Then we have a deal?”

Aaliyah's eyes snapped open, and she shot a glance at him. Kyle froze.

“I'll suck your dick.” Her tongue licked his ear. “I bet I can suck your cock better than my daughter.”

Aaliyah bent over and engulfed his cock, sucking hard. Miss Coel pouted as his wife sucked him like a vacuum cleaner. Her soft hands found his balls, massaging. Kyle leaned back, groaning. Chyna knelt on the floor, her face shiny with Aaliyah's passion.

“Make him cum, Mistress!” Chyna's fingers found her pussy.

Miss Coel unbuttoned her blouse. Her large tits strained a silky, gray bra. When they were freed, her breasts were every bit as wonderful as Chyna's. A little larger, with areolas that dwarfed his sex slaves and fat, dark nipples. There was a little sag, but not much, and they felt like silk as she pressed against his face.

“Imagine these around your cock,” Miss Coel purred. “Or my pussy even. Have you ever fucked both the mother and the daughter?”

That sparked a depraved idea. “Chyna, suck your mother's tits.”

“Yes, Master.”

“What?” Miss Coel barely had a chance to blink before her daughter's hungry lips fastened onto a fat nipple. “No, Chyna! Stop! You can't do that!”

Her daughter ignored her; Kyle was her master. Kyle grabbed her hand as she tried to push her daughter off her tit. “If you and your daughter fuck, I'll pay double,” Kyle told her.

She froze, eyes wide. “You'd pay that much for my daughter.”

“It'll be worth it to watch you make love to your daughter.”

Aaliyah's mouth popped off his cock. “She's not worth it, Kyle! Just let me”

Kyle placed a finger on her lips. “This is what I want. Just suck my cock.”

“Yes, my love.” Kyle was surprised that she wasn't angry, but sounded pleased, and happily sucked his cock into her lips.

“I love you,” he whispered, stroking her cheek. She sucked harder. “So, Miss Coel, what'll it be.”

She mumbled, face red.

“What was that?”


“A little slower.”

She took a deep breath, glancing at her daughter nursing at her tit. “I'll fuck my daughter.”

“You heard her, slave.”

“Eat my pussy, mommy,” Chyna purred, stretching out on the floor. “Let's give Master the best mother-daughter lezzie show!”

“God, forgive me.” Miss Coel knelt down. Her hand trembled as she placed it on her daughter's side.

Chyna smiled, and grabbed the hand and placed it on her heavy tit. “Feel how soft and wonderful I am.”

Miss Coel squeezed her daughter's melon. “They do feel nice.” She looked her daughter in the eyes. “I can't believe I'm doing this.”

Chyna caressed her mother's cheek. “I love you, Mom, and I'm glad I can share this moment with you and Master.”

Kyle couldn't take his eyes away as Miss Coel enveloped her daughter's nipple in her sucking mouth. His sex slave moaned, eyes fluttering. He rested his hand on Aaliyah's sucking mouth, absently stroking her as his wife bobbed her head.

“Oh, Mom!” gasped Chyna. “Your mouth! Holy shit!”

“Wait until you feel my lips on your pussy,” Miss Coel blushed; she seemed surprised by her boldness. Kyle wondered if she had lusted after her daughter in secret.

The mother rubbed her cheeks through her daughter's cleavage, sandwiched between those spectacular mountains, before she kissed her way to the other peak's summit. Chyna writhed as her mother nipped and sucked at her turgid, dark nipples. Miss Coel worshiped her daughter's tit, pink tongue swirling dusky flesh.

Then the mother kissed lower. Kyle's breath caught along with Chyna as Miss Coel kissed her way down her daughter's taut body. He wanted to witness a mother violate the bond with her daughter and eat her pussy out, and Chyna seemed to want that bond sullied.

“Lower, Mom! Eat me out! My pussy's on fire! I need to cum so bad!”

Miss Coel smiled up her daughter's heaving body, then nuzzled her neatly-trimmed pubic hair. “You smell wonderful,” she breathed. The air was full of the women's passions: Aaliyah's spice, Chyna's tart, and a second tart scent, a little stronger, a little more mature, but still as wonderful to inhale.

Her lips moved lower, spreading her daughter's thighs. Kyle and Chyna both erupted in passion as Miss Coel's pink tongue slid through Chyna's pink flesh. Aaliyah swallowed his loads, moaning her delight. Chyna heaved on the floor, screaming Kyle's name and squeezing her massive tits.

Miss Coel kept licking; Aaliyah kept sucking.

“Oh, Mom! Holy shit! Holy fucking shit! Your tongue isohmygod! Keep doing that!”

Kyle never grew soft. Between the incestuous scene and Aaliyah's wonderful mouth, he stayed as erect as a flagpole. Chyna kept cumming on her mom's mouth. She bucked, writhed, wiggled, and shook, and the whole time those big tits jiggled and swayed and bounced.

“You taste wonderful,” purred Miss Coel, her tongue only lightly lapping at her daughter's cunt.

Chyna's orgasms faded as her mother let her cool down. She smiled down at her mom, stroking her hair. “Let me taste you?”

“Umm, sounds wonderful.”

Miss Coel flipped around, and mother and daughter slipped into a sixty-nine. “Fuck,” Kyle muttered. The room was filled with the noisy sound of pussy eating and moans of passion. The incestuous duo's lust mounted as they writhed on each other's lips.

Aaliyah's mouth popped off his cock. “I need you inside me, my love.”

“Fuck yeah!” Kyle pulled her up, her clothes—a jean skirt and a yellow blouse, low cut with a frilly neckline—vanished in a cloud of yellow, and she impaled her pussy right onto his spear. Kyle grunted in her ear, “I love you.”

She purred back, “Forever, my husband.”

Her hips pumped on him, and he watched the two women making love on the floor as his wife's pussy rode his cock. Chyna had her hands wrapped around her mother's firm ass, squeezing her cheeks and flashing her dark, puckered asshole at Kyle.

“I'm so glad you are coming around to all the carnal delights I can provide you,” purred Aaliyah in his ear. “Making a mother and daughter fuckso wicked, my love.”

I guess I am coming around to it, he realized. The more Kyle fucked, the more he wanted to experience. Aaliyah and Christy and Fumi and Fatima had uncorked whatever morals had damned up his lust, and slowly more and more poured out, and he would crave more and morecarnal delights.

I want to share all these delights with my four loves. He pictured himself surrounded by the four women he loved while all the female students and faculty—at least the attractive ones—made love to each other for Kyle and his women's pleasure. A garden of delight for the five of them to frolic in.

A harem.

Fatima and Aaliyah were eager for it, and Christy seemed to be open-minded about other women. And Fumiwell, so long as Kyle was fine with her sucking off other guys, she was fine with him having any woman he wanted. It only seemed fair. If he could fuck other women and still love Fumi, then she could suck other men as long as she loved him.

“I want to experience so much carnal delights,” he moaned into his wife's ear.

“So do I!” Aaliyah gasped.

His genie pumped faster on his cock; her arms tightly wrapped about his neck. Her head threw back, and she came! Screaming his name, her pussy massaged his cock. Wonderful, hot flesh squeezed and shivered about his shaft, bringing Kyle great delight. His own passion grew, and he thrust up into his wife's cumming cunt, bouncing her on his lap.

“Kyle, Kyle!” she moaned. “Cum in me! Please, my love!”

He squeezed her ass, thrusting harder up into her. “How can I resist you anything?”

A smile flashed across her face. He captured her lush lips with a kiss and grunted, cumming inside her. He tensed in her arms as he blasted her cunt. He sat back on the couch, his wife hugging him and kissing him, and he forgot all about the mother and daughter still sixty-nining on the floor.

Then Chyna screamed, “I'm cumming again, Mother! Keep eating me! I love it! My mother is a pussy-eating champion!”

Aaliyah slid off his lap, cuddling beside him. Her hand reached out and lazily stroked him. He had went a little limp, but watching Chyna's mouth buried in her mother's vulva was inspiring his cock to rise again. He had to fuck the mother.

He stood up and grabbed Miss Coel's black hair and pulled her roughly off her daughter. “It's time to get fucked,” he grunted. “I want that ass!”

“Oh, yes!” she breathed, kneeling on the carpet.

Kyle spread her asscheeks. Her dark asshole winked at him as his finger teased it, then he shoved his cock lubed with Aaliyah's passion right into her tight anus. Miss Coel grunted, pushing back. He grabbed her black hair and rode her ass hard, smacking it with his hand.

“You're my bitch, too?” he demanded.

“Yes!” she gasped. “I am!”

“I want you to be my concubine!” Kyle shouted. “I want you and your daughter to serve my every desire.”

“What? No! I can't!”

Kyle pulled harder on her hair; he wanted this woman, and he could sense this is what she wanted. The way she had behaved all afternoon—coming on to him so boldly, even fucking her daughter for money—told him that she was a slut at her core. Like daughter, like mother.

“You can!” he hissed in her ear, still rutting into her ass. “You're a dirty, filthy slut that will do what she's told!”

“Please, don't! I have a job, a house. Bills.”

“You'll never have to work if you don't want to, and I'll cover all your expenses if you join my harem. Be my concubine, my whore.”

“Oh, God!” she gasped. He could see it in her eyes; she wanted a man to take control of her. She was a submissive slut.

“You'd be serving with your daughter. Fucking me, fucking my wivesand fucking your daughter.”

Her ass convulsed about Kyle's cock as the MILF came. “Yes! Yes! Yes! I'll be your whore!”

Chyna hugged her mother and kissed her on the lips. “I'm so happy, mom!”

Aaliyah stepped up, grabbed one of Chyna's pigtails, and pulled her face into her crotch. “Clean me up, slave. Umm, that's a good girl. Lick my husband's cum out of my cunt.”

Kyle erupted into his newest concubine's ass as Chyna's pink tongue gathered Aaliyah's cream and his cum into her mouth. He kept his cock buried in Miss Coel's ass, breathing heavily. His dick softened and popped out, and he sat heavily on the carpet. Miss Coel turned around and started licking at his cock, cleaning him up.

“What's your first name?” Kyle asked her.


“Welcome to my harem.”

The Coel women were amazed when they learned Aaliyah was a Genie. She waved her hand, and the four of them were clean after their orgy, then she conjured the concubine contracts. The payment portion was voided, since anything Shannon owned was now Kyle's, but he did agree to pay both girls a weekly stipend for any necessities such as clothes and makeup, to support them, and to pay them a specified amount of money in the case of a divorce. Kyle and Shannon signed on the dotted lines and they were his; Aaliyah's power somehow made it a legally binding contract in the US.

Kyle loved having a Genie for a wife.

Kyle left his two concubines to pack up their possessions and come over tonight and Aaliyah drove them home. The Genie found driving a car fascinating. He fished out his phone and sent Christy a text message. “How was Sunday with the family?”

Every Sunday was family day at the Leonardson household. They watched movies, played board games, and tried to stay close as a family. “Fine,” she texted back. “Jackson won Smallworlds.”

Kyle chuckled; Christy hated to lose Smallworlds, particularly to her younger brother.


“Who're you texting?” Ms. Franklin asked, annoyance painted on her face along with Christy's juices.

“My boyfriend,” Christy answered, hoping it irked the woman.

She seethed inside. Christy was supposed to be with her family, but instead her coven leader had dragged her out and forced her to spend the afternoon fucking the depraved teacher. The teen was naked, her legs spread, and her fiery-haired teacher nuzzled at her pussy. Christy ignored her, and kept texting her boyfriend, and wishing it was him between her legs.

Ms. Franklin crawled up her body and took her phone, setting it on the table. “You can do that later. I want you to eat my pussy!”

“Yes, Celestite,” Christy smiled, hiding her true feelings.

Her teacher was insatiable. Rashawn—Christy was supposed to think of her as Garnet, but she never liked using the names they assumed—lay passed out next to Christy, a dildo shoved up her ass. There was a smile on the Black girls slumbering face.

“Let me just text him back,” Christy protested. “Then I'll eat your cunt.”


Christy grabbed her phone. “Got to go, new game starting. XOXOXO.”

“Why do you stay with him?” Ms Franklin asked as she guided the teen's face between her legs.

“I love him.”

“But he cheated on you with that slut, Chyna.”

Christy looked her teacher in the eye. Time to fish for some information. “Someone cast a spell on them.”

Her teacher didn't even bat an eye. “Really?”

“I have to find out who and thank them,” Christy continued, making herself sound like a complete whore. She then forced herself to take a slow lick up her teacher's slit, flicking Ms. Franklin's clit. “Kyle and I shared the little slut. It was so hot. We have our own sex slave.”

A grin split her teacher's face. “I knew you were that type of girl. I'm glad you liked my gift.”

“So it was you?” Christy gave another lick, letting her tongue linger on the teacher's clit, flicking and batting the pink nub.

“Oh, yes,” she moaned. “You can thank me properly by using that sweet tongue of yours.”

Christy buried her face into the teacher's cunt, hating to be used by the teacher, and hating herself for enjoying the treatment. I need a way out of this mess. I need help. There was only one person she knew with an aura stronger than her teachers—Kyle.

Tomorrow. At school I'll confess everything and hope he loves me enough to forgive meand to believe me.

“Keep licking me you dirty, little slut!” moaned her teacher. “I love your wicked tongue! You were so worth seducing into my coven!”

She dug her tongue in deeper, eager to get this over with. She no longer felt guilty, just disgusted. She focused on Kyle and his love, and hoped that he would save her. Ms. Franklin's moans grew louder and louder, her hips rolling and sliding her slimy cunt across her face. She wiggled her tongue into her pussy, fucking her teacher.

“You wonderful, lesbian slut! You're wasted on a boy! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna flood your sweet mouth with my juices, and you're going to drink every drop down!”

Her teacher's pants grew louder and louder. Her hands tightened in Christy's hair. Then Ms. Franklin arched her back, and juices squirted into the teen's mouth and face. She drank them down. And then a new flavor flooded her mouth, acrid, bitter.


She tried to pull away, but Ms. Franklin had her in a death grip, forcing the girl to drink her piss. “Drink it all down, whore! That look on your faceoh, god! I'm gonna cum again!”

Humiliation burned inside Christy as she swallowed piss and pussy juices. It stung her eyes, burned down her throat, and filled her nostrils with that terrible smelland made her pussy weep juices. The stream died down, her teacher stopped cumming and collapsed, stroking her hair.

“That was wonderful, Amber,” Ms. Franklin moaned; she always used Christy's coven name. “I'll train you to love the taste of my piss.”

Christy was frightened that she would come to love it, just like she had come to love pussy juices. Tomorrow couldn't arrive fast enough!


Monday, January 20th

Zaritha strode into Rogers High School, the illusion of an older woman made of smoke and fire walking beside her. The Ifirit had concealed her appearance beneath a similar illusion, making herself look European: pale skin, gray eyes, and curly-brown hair. A perky, American teen.

She had tracked the vermin that had sniffed her out, and it had led the Ifirit to this school. Someone here had cast that spell, searching for Aaliyah. So far, she had discovered no other traces of the Jann bitch. This school was the only clue she had to go on.

She would not fail again. This time the little bitch would stay lost!

The illusion walking beside her was an older version of the image Zaritha was garbed in, with pale skin and dark-brown hair. A mature beauty compared to the Ifrit's youthful guise. She opened the door to the school's office and her illusion, playing her mother, said, “I'm here to enroll my daughter, Lexie, into your school.”

The secretary looked up. A plump, middle-aged woman with a friendly smile nodded, and handed the illusion some paperwork to fill out, then sent them into to see Principal Stanley Burke. The Principal was a man nearing fifty, but in great shape. He was distinguished, his black hair going gray and giving him an air of wisdom. He shook her illusion-mother's hand, then hers, and Zaritha felt his gaze linger on her body.

That brought a smile to the Ifrit's face. If I have the head of the school wrapped around my finger

“It's always a pleasure to welcome new students to the school, Lexie,” Principal Burke grinned. “I'm sure you'll fit right in.”

“I just know I will,” Zaritha purred. “I can't wait to get to know all my classmates!”

To be continued

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