Patricia's Daring 25th Anniversary Experiment

My wife, Patricia, 5'6" sexy brunette, had just pledged her complete obedience to Diane, a gorgeous blue-eyed, black-haired beauty. Diane had Patricia give her virgin ass to Tom, Diane's husband, then she fisted Patricia and fed her Tom's semen. What a total and exciting shock

They then went into the shower, where they washed, hugged and fondled, returning wet and giggly. “Guys, we’re going out, so get cleaned up! We’re going to find and adult store and pick up some toys for our upcoming sex adventures,” Diane announced. While we were showering in the separate tubs, the girls, we found out, had been making some phone calls. We guys got dressed casually, while the girls were both sharing Diane’s clothes. They both had on string bikini tops and no bottoms, but with some wide and thin scarf material draped like slit skirts around their waists. They wore their stiletto heels, and hot lipstick. “How do we look? Good enough to eat?” Patricia winked. She opened her slit skirt to reveal her shaved cunt. “Easy access for my Mistress-just in case! Let’s go.” “ You’re forgetting something, Slut! You still belong to me, so get your collar and leash on, so everyone knows you’re my whore,” Diane playfully commanded, as she attached her slut’s leash. “Now let’s go, boys! Come, my slut. Now, you sexy whore, let me loosen your bikini top, so your boobs might just accidentally fall out. It’s only 11:30 PM, so the adult store will be busy.”

We all left the room, walking down the hall, Patricia being led on her short leash by her mistress. When we got to the lobby, Diane held her slut and stopped, ”You boys go on and get the car, my whore and I have some business to take care of at the desk.” The two goddesses strolled over to the night clerk, with several males watching their every move. The clerk looked very attentive-to their breasts-as Diane passed him an envelope, then wrote out something on a pad. He shelved it in the room slot, then nodded as Patricia spoke. I noticed she had bent forward, allowing her left breast to fall out of her top. He was mesmerized, while she continued talking to him, pretending not to notice. She passed him a bill of some denomination, and he nodded assent and pocketed the money. Diane then pretended embarrassment and made a big show of fondling her slut’s tit to put it into the top. They parted, all smiles, hand-in-hand, and the clerk stared at them till they got outside. As we approached Tom’s classic 1960 Cadillac convertible, I asked what they had arranged. “We just told him we were both ready for more sex, and asked him to get housekeeping up to both rooms for freshening with new towels. I also told him Patricia was my slut when he asked about the leash and collar!” The ladies looked at each other and giggled. Diane kissed Patricia deeply. “Now let’s get that top down, Tom.” Slut, you will wear nothing but your collar and leash! I’m putting your clothes in the trunk!” Patricia squealed with excitement at the thought of displaying herself in the back of a convertible, then removed her clothes and tossed them into the trunk. Now she was committed to being ogled by any and all guys out on the road. Since it was past curfew, we didn’t have to worry about minors being exposed to indecency.

Diane pulled her by the leash into the back seat, and positioned her slut across her lap. She spread her legs apart, one foot on the floor, and one on the seat, so all onlookers could get an excellent view of my wife’s beautiful face, tits, and her marvelous bare slit. Diane pulled her head to her lips, and the girls were making out, the mistress and her whore. Diane had her right hand fondling her slut’s tit. I got lots of photos. “Tommy, take us to the corner of 63rd and Macon St. The adult store is there, and there should be plenty of men to admire my naked slut! You are so hot, my nude goddess!” Diane instructed. “My lips are yours, Baby, as are my tits, my cunt, and of course my sexy whore ass!” With that comment, Patricia raised her bare legs up in the air, waving them while Diane teased her little clit. She attracted some attention, as cars slowed to admire, then honked their approval. Several cars appeared to fall in behind us, following. I wondered what would happen when 4 cars full of sex-starved guys surrounded our two beautiful women. As we approached our destination, Diane said, “We’re going to spend my whore’s $183 in earnings for doing those two college guys. I’m saving the $500 for a special project. It’s a surprise y’all will enjoy, trust me!” Diane again pulled her whore close and made out with her, their tongues caressing.

We pulled into the parking lot, and sure enough, 4 cars followed, tapping their horns. We climbed out, Tom and I standing to the sides of our two women as a knot of young guys gathered hooting and whistling. Patricia stood proud, her mistress holding her leash, making graceful turns and sways to show her body. I held up my hand, and the guys got quiet. “Listen, guys: Tom and I are allowing you to see these beautiful women, and we don’t want any rough stuff. Tom, here is an Airborne Ranger, and I’m a Golden Gloves boxer, so don’t! Now, if you want to touch this hot slut, and maybe pose for a picture, give us some space, and I’ll let one at a time come forward. No kissing, no pinching or slapping!” They grumbled a little, but obeyed. Diane held the leash tight, and Patricia smiled and winked at these horndogs. One by one, they stepped forward, fondled my wife’s tits and ass, then got a quick picture. About 10 minutes later, we told them we were going inside to shop, and maybe a lucky few might get a more personal audience with the slut. The crowd parted, and in we walked, Patricia totally nude and following her mistress. Our first stop was the vibrators. The ladies compared them by size and color. “We need two: one extra large, and one medium. Slut, which do you like?” Diane asked. “Well, Mistress, this blue one reminds me of my new lover’s cock. It’s big and smooth, and the head is perfect, just like the dick that took my cherry tonight. You know, your hot husband Tommy’s cock! Can I please have this one?” Patricia begged. Diane put it in the bag, then picked out an orange one of smaller size. “Now we need a camel whip and a lashing whip with thin leather thongs. Someone may need to be punished,” Diane winked. They put the whips in the basket, and moved to the handcuffs, tossing in two pair of fur-lined ones.

Next, Diane took her slut over to the leashes and collars. “Slut, which one would you like? I think this nice tan one with the rhinestones is nice- not too dark nor too doggie-style. The leash is longer and softer for you, my whore. What do you think?” “Mistress, I love it! No one’s ever bought me something so nice and exciting!” Patricia smiled and winked. Diane put the new collar and leash on her slut, and they moved to the nipple and pussy clamps and chains. They picked out some smaller-chained ornate ones that looked like jewelry. “Now, we just need a long flexible dildo. Hmm… This one reminds me of a stallion’s black cock. This’ll go way up there, whore.” We noticed a side room that was being remodeled. Diane whispered to Patricia, and she nodded enthusiastically. I went to the manager to ask for private use of the area. When he saw the receipt for the toys, he said we could use the room for 15 minutes, and gave us a roll of paper towels. Patricia was led into the room, then Diane came out to solicit some customers for her whore. She approached one good-looking guy in his thirties who wore a wedding ring. He nodded, and Diane led him into the storage room. I followed with the camera.

“My slut, this is John, your new customer. You are to give him a $85 tit fucking, and I want to see him spray your face with his seed. Come here. On your knees, Whore! Now fuck him well!” Diane commanded. “Yes, Mistress! I’ll fuck him better than his wife at home. Now John, let me see that nice hard cock of yours. Come fuck me!” Patricia responded. John quickly stripped, releasing his hard six-inch dick. Patricia grabbed his cock and spit on it. He groaned, then closed his eyes in pleasure. Patricia began squeezing it, gripping his head till it turned purple in passion. “That’s my man! Go, John, go! I’m fucking your cock now. This pleasure rod is so hot! Here have my tits! Are they as nice as your wife’s?” “You are such a hot, wicked whore! I love your tits, slut! God, I wish my wife was like you, bitch. Take my meat and make it explode, Baby! “Come on, John, my lover! Fuck me. I’m your slut right now! You bought me for $85. Now take my naked tits and shoot your load in my face!” She pulled his cock between her bouncing tits and spit on them. He immediately started fucking her with abandon. “Go John! Fuck your little whore! Take those nice titties. She wants you to cum on her face. Spray her, now. Be a man!” Diane challenged. John responded,” Here, you gorgeous bitch! Take my cum! Take it all… Ahhh! Yeahhh!” John shot five ropes of hot semen on her tits, and Patricia dipped down to let him spray her face. She came up covered in a stranger’s seed: one glob on her right eyelid, a rope from her forehead to her luscious lips, and another glob dripping down her cheek. “Thanks, Slut! Can I fuck you again sometime?” Her John asked hopefully. “We’ll see if my Mistress leads me down this way, big man! You’ve got a great cock, John! I hope your wife loves it,” as Patricia gave him a peck on the cheek. He squeezed her tits, pulled on his pants, and quietly left.
“You are such a naughty slut! I get hot watching you prostitute yourself for me! Come here, slut! Let me clean your face,” Diane offered. She walked over to her whore, grabbed her ass, and slammed her body close. Then Diane licked this stranger’s hot cum from Patricia’s face! Wow! “ Mistress, thank you for cleaning me. I love your tongue and mouth! Now, how much time do I have? I want to whore some more for you! Can you go get me three young post-teens this time? I want to introduce them to great fucking!” Diane left, leaving her slut to wipe up her tits. When she came back after 2 minutes, she had three young guys following.

“Okay, boys, here is my gorgeous whore. What will you give her for a once-in-a-lifetime fuck? She is the best, and she is not cheap. How much to buy her sexy body?” The three sheepishly compared wallets and emptied pockets. “Ma’am, we will give you $132.46 for your slut, plus two gift cards for Golden Corral.” “Well”, Diane hesitated, “John, Johnny, and JJ, you have yourselves a golden whore. Now get those young dicks out and take your slut.” As they chuckled and stripped, Diane instructed her whore, ”All right, my little whore, you said you could do three dicks, so do these men. Satisfy them, or you will be punished severely! On your knees, slut! Take her, boys! This slut is all yours!” Patricia quickly grabbed two cocks, and began massaging them to full hard-on. The third guy, JJ stepped closer, and Patricia grabbed his head with her ruby red lips! She began sucking him furiously, and it was too much! He spasmed into her mouth, and she held his cock inside. Some of his young sperm leaked out down her cheek. “Damn, slut! You are so hot, I just exploded- but it was great! Thanks!” She cleaned his limp dick, and smiled as she continued pumping the other two. “Excellent, my slut! You took it all! Two to go!” Diane cheered. “Yeah, Bitch! Make me spray! Take my cum!” John commanded. She then pulled him to her mouth, looked him in the eyes, and pulled his waist to help him get a rhythm. Soon, Jon was face fucking my wife with a wild look in his eyes. Johnny was watching this unfold as his cock was being milked. He could not hold out for the blowjob, “Yeah, yeah, Slut! You’ve beat me off! Take my jizz!” He shot four ropes of semen into her hair and into her left eye. She was now sucking furiously as she pulled her young lover back and forth, fucking him. “Yeah, Bitch! You’re as old as my mother, but I love your mouth. Go, slut! Take my seed!” John blew his load into our little whore’s throat, and she swallowed it all. “Mmm… my young stud, you taste great. Was I a good fuck?” “Lady, I’d like to fuck your pussy sometime,” Johnny offered. “You were a good lover! Thanks for feeding me your nice hard dick. Mistress, how have I done? Have I pleased you?” “You are such a dirty slut, aren’t you? You are a great money maker! Yes, whore, you have pleased me. You now have ten minutes left. What will you do for me?” Diane asked.

“Well, Mistress, I do so like to please you, and to satisfy guys, so can I have one more fuck, please?” Patricia begged. “All right, slut. What kind of customer do you want?” “Mistress, I was thinking I’d like to try a big black man, with one of those huge ‘donkey dicks’ you hear about,” she giggled. Diane looked concerned,” What? You want to fuck a black cock? One of those woman-hating gang-bangers? Ugh! I could never be attracted to a black guy!” Her slut responded, “I’m not so much attracted, I just want to touch a real live monster cock-a thick black one! Please find me a dark lover, Mistress!” I couldn’t believe my ears! My fair-skinned wife and mother of four wanting to fuck a huge black dick! This would be worth seeing! Diane left to solicit a black John, and Patricia asked Tom to get the thick blanket from the trunk. Just as he came back with it, Diane entered with a handsome athletic black guy of maybe 30. There was an attractive black woman with him who looked to be a few months pregnant.

Diane introduced us,” This is the beautiful slut I was telling you about. She’s fucked six cocks in the last four hours! Just call her ’Whore’. This is my husband, Tom, my slut’s husband, Stuart, and you may call me ‘Bitch’. Now how much will you give me to fuck my gorgeous white woman?” “Bitch, I don’t understand this game y’all are playin’, but I’ve never paid to fuck a woman! She is pretty for a whore, though, so I’ll be happy to give her some cock, if she can take it. What do you think Baby? Should I fuck this hot white slut with my big black dick that you like so much? Turn for us, Whore, so we can look at your fine body,” the guy ordered. Patricia slowly turned for the couple, cupping her tits and smiling, twisting her nipples to make them stick out. She then turned her body, showing off her ass. She then bent over, her legs spread to show off her anus and pussy. “She is beautiful, for a white skank. Whore, come over here so we can touch you.” Patricia obeyed, standing six inches from this man and his ‘baby momma’. “Call me ‘Jill’, and you can call my man ‘Big Daddy’,” Jill ordered. Jill then touched her breasts, nodding her approval, and moved on to her ass. “I would like to see you give this one a good fucking, Baby. But here’s the deal! Neither of us has had white pussy or cock. Big Daddy don’t pay for pussy, so we’ll trade. Big Daddy gets the naked whore, and those two handsome white men will strip and will give me their white dicks. My growing baby won’t mind. Have either of you white boys ever had black pussy? Ever sucked on a pair of these?” Jill pulled off her halter top showing us her glorious engorged tits! “No, ma’am, but I’ve admired them. Your tits are hot, Jill,” I offered, ” and Tom and I want to enjoy your beautiful dark body!” Tom nodded his assent. “Yeah, you white boys want that black pussy, don’t you? Trust me, she is the best fuck you’ll ever get,” Big Daddy said.
“Well, Big Daddy, you see what your whore has to offer, when do I get to see what you’ve got? Your lady’s breasts look delicious, but I want to enjoy your long black thing,” my wife taunted. With that, Big Daddy stripped down to his g-string. He was about 6’4”, 220, with the darkest skin tone I could recall. He was nearly literally black, his abs and thighs defined with muscles ready for action. The tremendous bulge in his groin told us this guy was hung. Both Diane and her slut inhaled suddenly upon seeing his form. “C’mon, Baby, show these white skanks what they’re gonna get,” Jill chided. He then removed his g-string, his huge soft cock dangling halfway down his thigh. “Oh my God! Look at the size of that beast, Whore! It might just split you in two!” Diane exclaimed.

“Oooh… Big Daddy! You are more than a man, you are a titan- a son of the gods! My dark-skinned lover, let me worship your perfect body! I long to see your huge black cock excited! I can’t wait to fuck that thing! I want you to use me, Baby! I’m your whore, my handsome fucker!” Patricia then placed her white hands on her new man’s chest, kneading his chest muscles. He kept his intense, focused gaze, but his cock began to stir. Patricia noticed, “Yeah, Daddy, let your dick get hard like iron! This thing is so hot, so black! I want it!” The Whore grasped his member, squeezing it between her hands. She knelt down, stared in wonder at his growing cock, then kissed his huge tip. She tongued his shaft, and her black titan gasped in satisfaction. My wife opened wide, and sucked his cock into her wet mouth. I was frantically snapping photos! Seeing this lily-white slut sucking her black lover’s dick, was unbearably hot! I stripped off my clothes, freeing my yearning cock, and approached my new black goddess, Jill. I pulled her into my chest, and pressed my lips against hers. She was startled, but parted her moist lips to let me access her mouth with my tongue. I could feel her huge naked tits pressed against my chest. As my tongue explored her sweet lips and mouth, I put my hands around her bare waist, and Jill ground her pussy against my hard cock through the material of her tight skirt.

Suddenly, the adult store manager burst in. “Hey! Put your damn clothes on! My security guy just spotted two plain-clothes cops checking cars outside for warrants. They’ll be coming in here to check our customers out. Get dressed and get out, or get arrested for indecent exposure!” He stormed out, leaving us stunned. I spoke to Jill, “Jill, you sexy goddess, I want to fuck you so bad! Can you get your man to take you home, get some things, then come by the Hyatt, room 343, say about 2 am?” She kissed me deeply, and pulled my head to hers with her left hand while she squeezed my hard cock with her right. Between kisses, she smiled and said,” I want to feel this hard white rod deep in my pussy, Baby. I want you to use me! We’ll be at room 343 at 2 am, and I’ll be naked for you and Tom there to lust after.” While I was talking with Jill, my whore wife was standing behind her ebony stud, one hand wrapped around his cock, the other around his neck. She was nibbling on his right ear, playfully whispering to him, “Big Daddy, you know I want you, my black stud! I want your huge back meat splitting my pussy wide open! We can fuck back at the hotel, if you and Jill can join us at 2 am. Wouldn’t you enjoy having this white slut wrapped around your cock? No black man has ever had me, so you’ll be taking a virgin!” We all dressed quickly, and Diane ordered her whore to dress in one of the cheaply-made Velcro-closure costume outfits the store sold. We exited after exchanging cell numbers for the 2 am rendezvous, and headed back to the hotel without incident. When we entered the elevator, Diane ordered, “My slut, get those cheap clothes off, and put on your collar and leash! We are going to use your gorgeous body some more tonight.” Patricia stripped, put on her collar, and prepared to excite as the door opened. Diane led her out and down the hall, smiling back at her personal sex slave, anticipating more pleasures this night.

The experiment continues

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