Harry Potter and The Order of The Sex Appeal Chapter 1

Harry Potter and The Order of the Sex Appeal
Chapter One
by Simon Fear

It was going to the fifth year for Harry Potter at Hogwarts. Lord Voldemort was now alive again, and out there somewhere. The paper had been saying a lot of mean things about Harry, and the Wizengamot Court and the Minister of Magic had tried to get Harry expelled from Hogwarts except that Professor Dumbledore had come to his hearing and had gotten him cleared. Now Harry was sitting in the room that he was sharing with his best mate Ron at Grimwauld Place that his Godfather owned and the Order of the Phoenix was using as a Headquarters, thinking about everything that had happened in the last week. Ron was out with his twin brothers Fred and George, probably getting into mischief. Hermione and Ginny were in their room probably talking about things that girls talk about. Well he was bored so to hell with it, even if they were talking about girly things at least they would be company, so Harry decided to pay them a visit at their room. He walked out of his and down the hallway and stopped at their door. He was getting ready to knock when he heard his name being said through the door. “Hmmm, I wonder why they are talking about me, I think I’ll listen for a second,” Harry thought to himself. Harry slid his hand into his pocket and brought out an extendible ear that Fred and George had given him. He put one end to ear and slid the just under the crack of the door.

“I just can’t stop thinking about him Hermione, I just get all tingly when he’s near and he is always on mind,” Said Ginny. Hermione looked at her redheaded friend and frowned. “I know Ginny, but Harry has been through so much, he really probably doesn't have time to think about much of anything else. But don’t worry Ginny, sooner or later Harry will come around and he’ll notice you. I mean there is no reason why he shouldn’t, you are so pretty, hell I’ll even go as far as to say you are sexy,” Hermione began blushing at this point, “I mean well, er what I’m saying is, if I was a guy I would find you very attractive.” Hermione began fidgeting with her hands and quickly looked away. Ginny was blushing, “You really think I’m sexy, I mean do you think Harry will find me sexy. I don’t think I’m that attractive, I mean are more attractive than me. I just don’t see how, it’s just whenever I think about him at night, well”, Ginny trailed off blushing pretty bad by now. “What Ginny, you can tell me.” “Well are you sure, I’m a little ashamed of mentioning it.” said Ginny. “Ginny I’m your friend, you can tell me anything,” Hermione said looking at her friend with a puzzled look. Ginny’s blush got deeper, “Well my vagina gets all tingly, and it gets so wet that I constantly have to change my knickers. When it first started happening I thought maybe I was peeing myself but when I felt of my vagina the wetness was warm and sticky. I’m not sure what it is.” Hermione began to giggle, “Oh Ginny that is nothing to be ashamed of. Your fourteen years old and your body is beginning to experience new things. I mean your breasts are forming out now, your stomach is losing that baby fat, and your sex wants to have an orgasm.” Ginny stared at Hermione, “an orgasm, what is that?” Hermione began blushing, “Ginny an orgasm is a very powerful feeling that goes through your body when you masturbate, almost magical but with out the magic.” Ginny continued to stare at Hermione. “Don’t tell me, you don’t know about masturbation right?” Ginny shook her head. Hermione looked around the room and then at the door. She then took her wand out and pointed it at the door, and said, “Oorday ocklay.” There was a click at the lock on the door.

The click being sounding right on the door was extremely loud in Harry’s extendible ear that it made him jump. Very quietly he put his ear back in place listening. He knew about orgasms, he had after been jerking off for about a year now. And now he was listening to two girls talking about it, and it was making his heart beat fast. After all he had noticed how Ginny was getting very attractive, and that Hermione herself was very attractive. He felt a stirring in his pants and felt his cock beginning to swell. He quickly looked around and assured himself that no one was in sight and then placed his hand over his bulge as he slowly began to rub it through his pants as he continued to listen to the two girls on the other side of the door. Why had Hermione locked the door?

Ginny was giving Hermione a puzzled look as that same thought was going through her head. Hermione noticing the look stood up and walked over to Ginny’s bed where she was sitting and sat down next to her. “I locked the door for some privacy, I am going to show you some things, things you will love, and we don’t need anyone barging in on us,” Hermione said. She was sitting real close to Ginny, their thighs practically touching as Hermione gently placed her hand midway up on he thigh. Ginny felt a tingling sensation go through her from Hermione’s touch, and she could smell Hermione’s perfume wafting to nose. “Does my hand bother you, I’ll move it away,” she began lifting her hand off Ginny’s thigh. “Uhhmm uhhhno, no it feels good,” Ginny whispered. Hermione put her hand back and began to slightly rub Ginny’s thigh. Hermione face was now close to Ginny’s face, as she whispered, “have you ever kissed anyone before?” Ginny shook her head. “Would like to know what it is like?” Ginny nodded. Hermione moved her face closer to Ginny’s as her nose brushed brush Ginny’s ear. Hermione began to slightly kiss behind Ginny’s ear and then lick her ear lobe. Sensations were flowing through Ginny as Hermione then kissed her way around Ginny’s cheek. Ginny turned her head to face Hermione until both of their noses were touching each other. Ginny’s heart was beating fast as she looked into Hermione’s eyes, and she saw something in her friend’s eyes she had never seen before, Lust. Hermione smiled at Ginny and then moved her hand up to Ginny’s waist, as she leaned in and began kissing Ginny passionately on the lips. Ginny moaned as she returned the kiss putting her hand on Hermione’s waist as well. Hermione continued to kiss Ginny as she moved both of her hands and placed then on Ginny’s cheeks, and then slid her tongue out and parted Ginny’s lips and probe her tongue into Ginny’s mouth. Ginny tongue met with Hermione’s and their tongues felt of each other, exploring each other mouths and Hermione and Ginny moaned.

Harry was trembling now, rubbing his raging hard-on though his pants as he continued to listen to the girls moans, and kissing sounds. Oh-my0god they were making out in there, and he was getting to listen to it. He couldn’t believe his luck, if only he could see what was going on. He looked around again to make sure no one was around and then put his ear back to listen more. They had stopped, what was going, it was so quite. Hermione was watching Ginny, who had her eyes closed and was licking her lips savoring Hermione’s taste. Hermione was licking hers too; Ginny had tasted good, and had responded well, now it was time to move forward. “Did you enjoy that Ginny?” Ginny opened her eyes and looked at Hermione, “It wasItI don’t know how to describe it, I did enjoy it, was that an orgasm?” Hermione giggle, “Oh no silly, that was no orgasm, that was french kissing, and to tell you the truth, I really enjoyed kissing you.” Ginny blushed. Would you like to try something else. Ginny looked puzzled there’s more?” “Oh yes, see what I am doing is building you up for an orgasm, it is what’s called foreplay. Lets see what we need to do next is” Hermione trailed off as she picked up her wand and pointed it at Ginny. Ginny asked, “So magic does have something to do with an orgasm?” Hermione paused, “Oh no hun, I just find that magic helps move things along a little faster, and don’t panic, what I’m about to do will startle you,” Hermione re-pointed her wand at Ginny, “Otheclay dissapparate.” Ginny’s clothing instantly disappeared. Ginny gasped as she quickly cover her breasts with one arm, and her pussy with her other hand, and giving her friend and upset look said, “Hermione bring my clothes back.” Hermione just stared at Ginny taking in her nudity with a burning lust in her eyes. “Shhhhhh, Ginny it’s ok, there is nothing to be ashamed of here, I’ll show you.” Hermione then pointed her wand at herself and said, “Othelcay dissaparate.” Hermione clothing vanished like Ginny’s had leaving her naked before Ginny, her perky B-cup tits pointing out. “See now I am naked just like you, now here”, Hermione placed her hands on Ginny arm and gently removed it revealing a set B-cups tits which were almost as big as Hermione’s giving that Ginny was a year younger, “Your breast are very lovely Ginny, very perky.” Hermione reached and began to gently rub Ginny’s left breast. “Hmmmm, very smooth and so soft”, Hermione began to rub Ginny’s nipple, which was getting hard. Ginny closed her eyes as a moan escaped her lips, “Oh Hermione that feels so good.” “That’s not all sweety,” said Hermione, then she leaned forward and stuck her tongue out and flicked Ginny’s nipple. The flick sent tingly shivers down Ginny, as she moaned again. Hermione then placed her mouth around Ginny’s nipple and began sucking on it while her left hand began to rub Ginny’s right tit. Ginny continued to moan as Hermione then switched tits, and continued sucking one while rubbing the other one.

Harry couldn’t handle it anymore, there were two beautiful and very naked girls inside that room and he wanted to see it. He looked down the hallway and no one was there, then he removed his wand and pointed it at the lock on the door. No he thought, they would hear the lock click if he used the Allohamora charm, which would counter the counter the locking charm that Hermione used and then they would know and would stop, and he did not want them want them to stop. So what charm would he use to be able to see the scene on the other side? Aha, he had it, he pointed his wand at the door and whispered, “Ray-x-ay oorday ne-way-o-ay.” A square portion on the door began to fuzz out as window appeared. The window on the door had become a one-way vision portal that he could see through but if the girls looked at it from their side it still looked like a solid door. He had learned that charm from the George. As Harry peered through portal he couldn’t believe what he saw. Hermione had her back to him and was bare, and because she was leaning forward the top of her smooth butt was showing above the bed covers. Ginny was in front of Hermione sitting straight up with her eyes closed, and since Hermione was sucking on Ginny’s right tit, he could see her bare left tit as Hermione continued to rub it. Damn Ginny was sexy. Harry couldn’t handle it anymore, he unzipped his pants and pulled his hard cock free of his knickers and began stroking it. His cock was a good 6 inches and somewhat thick. He continued stroking as he watched and listened to the girls.
Hermione leaned back and looked back Ginny smiling. “Did you enjoy that hun?” “Oh yes Hermione, it was wonderful.” Hermione smiled, “Good, now we move south.” Ginny looked puzzled, “We can’t move south, my mum would never let me move away, me being so young.” Hermione laughed, “No sweety, not move literally, oh you’re so innocent, that is the most attractive thing about you. Here come stand up.” Hermione took Ginny’s hand and stood and then pulled Ginny up with her. Now Harry had a good view of Hermione’s ass. It was looked round, smooth and firm, and very sexy. Ginny was facing him, and even though she was a few inches shorter then Hermione her tits were well form, and her stomach was firming up and she had nice hips, and her pussy lips were visible as she had only begun to grow a small amount of fiery red pubic hair and it was glistening wet. Hermione began kissing Ginny as her right hand trailed down Ginny’s breast, then stomach then pelvis to right above Ginny’s nether lips. Ginny’s legs slightly parted as Hermione slid her middle into Ginny’s folds and began to move around.

Ginny’s head was swimming at this new sensation. Hermione’s finger was fiddling with her clit. This was sending electric shocks through Ginny’s pussy and she moaned out. She could feel something building deep inside her, as Hermione continued to rub her clit. Hermione then slide middle finger up into Ginny’s pussy as she used her thumb to rub Ginny’s clit. She began probing her finger in and out, as Ginny’s hips began to move with the motion. Ginny was moaning a lot now and she had her eyes close. Hermione knew she was close, very close to her first orgasm, and it was her that was going to bring it for her. But not like this, she had one thing she still wanted to do. She slowly slid her finger out. Ginny gasped, and with pleading eyes, “Pleaseplease don’t stopII need itI want it in me.” “Shhhh, sweety, you’re about to get it.” With that Hermione knelt in front of Ginny and with her hand spread Ginny’s legs wider. Ginny’s pussy was dripping her sweet girly nectar, running down the insides of her thighs. Ginny’s pussy aroma was a sweet intoxicating scent. Hermione stuck her tongue and licked Ginny’s nether lips tasting her salty but sweet flavor. The lick sent a shock through Ginny, “Oh yes, yes please more Hermione.” Hermione began licking Ginny’s pussy sliding her tongue in and out of her, Ginny grinding against her face, smearing her juices over Hermione‘s face. Then Hermione began licking Ginny’s clit while she slid her finger back up into Ginny’s pussy. Harry was stroking his cock fast; he could feel his orgasm building up. He kept watching as he saw he saw Ginny’s sexy body beginning to tremble. Hermione kept licking and sucking on Ginny’s clit while finger fucking her. Suddenly Ginny’s legs clamped down trapping Hermione’s hand between her thighs as Ginny’s shook. “OHHH, OHHH God Hermione UUgghhh, OOHhhh God, UUGGGHHHHHHHHHHH. Her last cry erupted past her lips as she held that long cry, and her first orgasm racked her body against Hermione’s face, and her girl juices squirted out of from her pussy drenching Hermione’s face, Her body continuing to buck as the orgasm rocked her gushing more juices out into Hermione’s open mouth. At the same time Harry was biting his tongue to keep his own orgasm from being heard as he began to shoot jizz against the door, and he continued to stroke his cock forcing more jizz to spew out and splatter against the door. The last few drops fell onto his pant legs as he pushed the last of it out. He looked back through the portal to see Ginny’s knees sag as slumped into Hermione’s arms, and Hermione held her kissing her faces and lips. Just then Harry heard Mrs. Weasly call from the bottom of the stairs at the end of the hallway, “HERMIONE, GINNY, HARRY, SUPPER’S READY. COME ON DOWN!” He heard Mrs. Start walking up the stairs. He took one last look through the portal as he saw Hermione apparating their clothes back onto them. He pointed his wand at the portal and whispered, “Ray-x-ay oorday disapparate.” The viewing portal disapeared. He then pointed his wand at his cum on the door and whispered, “Essmay eanclay.” The Jizz dissapeared and as he ran back to his room he heard the lock on the girls door click. He made it back into his room as Mrs. Weasly got to the top of the stairs and the girls came out of their room. With his heart beating he tucked his cock back into pants, straightened his clothing and walked back out to head for supper.

To be Continued..

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