Under The Vampire's Control

It is one in the morning, you are on your usual home burglary spree.

You’ve never been caught yet, you make sure you leave no trail behind.

You’re a cold and senseless sociopath who only cares about getting her prize by the end of the night.

Your next target is a house on the corner of the street, as you were scouting previously, you noticed that there hasn’t been a car in the driveway for days and you figure whoever lives there must be on vacation.

The perfect opportunity to strike!

You can’t help but grin at the perfect set of circumstances that have led you to this moment.

The streetlight is out, allowing you the cover of darkness to sneak by.

You quickly and quietly approach the front porch and peer into the window, you notice there isn’t a single light on in the house.

Jackpot, no one’s home.

You try to turn the doorknob but it’s locked, you figured it was worth a try, you proceed to go around the house to the side yard gate and you hop over it, careful to be as quiet as possible.

You tiptoe through the side yard, you listen as the crickets sing their songs from nearby, it’s strangely calming.

You make your way to the backyard and you budge the backyard door: locked.

You sigh and try what appears to be a bedroom window, it’s unlocked.

You quietly step in but manage to lose footing and tumble inside the bedroom over a desk, knocking over several pens and some rusty old looking books.

You shut the window behind you and pick up the items you knocked over.

“Okay..focus.” You whisper to yourself as you pull your phone out of your pocket to activate your flashlight.

As the room lights up, you notice an abundance of creepy looking things; skulls, a black wooden bed frame matched in color by a thick overhead tapestry, dolls that look like they are from the 18th century, a jar with a skeleton's hand in it.

“What even is this place?

Probably some weirdo or old dude lives here” you remark to yourself and search the desk drawers.

Lots of rings, these could sell well.

You pocket most of them when suddenly you hear a distant door open.

You’ve never encountered this issue before.

“Oh no, what now!?” You panic and climb the desk in an attempt to flee the house.

But a chilling presence stops you as you are about to exit the window.

“How dare you!?” You figure it’s better to try to run. You hope he can’t get a good look at you to identify you with.

You try to jump out of the window but he grabs your shirt and pulls you back, you land on the ground on your back, painfully.

You are dazed for a few seconds.

“I’m sorry sir, it isn’t what you think.

I promise.”

He strikes a match and lights the candles on his bedside table, giving you pause as to why he didn’t just turn on a light.

Through the candlelight you see his featured, a bearded, middle-aged looking man with very pale looking skin and dark, his ruby red eyes send chills down your spine just looking at them, they look worn out, with dark circles.

His hair is brunette and slicked back neatly.

You notice the pallid color of his lips.

Something feels..off about him.

Is he sick?

He removes his scarlet colored overcoat and sighs at you

“What am I to do with you?!”

“I..I don’t know.

I’m sorry okay!

Just let me go, here I’ll I’ve back what I stole” you reach into your pockets and remove the rings you stole, setting them on the desk.

He walks towards you and grabs your hand, it is ice cold.

You grab your phone and try to call your friend to help you but before you can, he scratches it out of your hands and puts it on his bed stand

“Let me go!

Why are you so cold!?”

He pulls you to the bed, you struggle and try to kick him but he pins you down.

“Because I’m dead.”

You laugh, clearly not believing him, “Uh. What are you even talking about?” You inquire

Your laugh comes to a sudden halt as he swiftly bites your neck, you scream loudly until he covers your mouth.

He licks the gushing blood from your neck, you start to cry in pain

“Ow, you fucking monster!”

It stings so much, you begin to feel weak.

You try to scream but he covers your mouth

You feel the blood lightly trickle down your throat, he presses on your bite wound and drags the blood across your cheeks as he trails his fingers down them.

“I may be a monster, as you tactlessly put it, but at least I’m not a thief.” He glares down at you


you whisper through his hand

“You will be.” He replies, taking his hand off your mouth.

“As you probably know..my..physicality requires me to sustain myself, and I think you’d make

He pauses for a brief moment

a good plaything for me to use.”

“As I was trying to explain to you, I am dead, as you might realize from my physical state, and I hunger for the touch of the living”

He drags his cold lifeless hand underneath your shirt, grabbing your breast under your bra.

“You forfeited your ability to say no to my desires when you broke into my house and attempted to steal my possessions” he continues.

“Please, stop, I am begging you!

You try to move his hand away from your breast, but he is too strong.”

“The fact that you thought that would work is hilarious.” He snickers at you

“It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed the flesh of a live victim.

You’re warm, and your squirming makes the hunt all the more exciting for me.”

“Cut the crap and let me go!”

“Why would I do that? I’m having so much fun.” He grins

“W..why are you doing this to me!?”

“Why wouldn't I? The opportunity presented itself, I'd be a fool not to take it."

He unbuttons your blouse button by button. You freeze, knowing there probably isn't any way you can escape this. Your neck stings again, and you cringe in both pain and sheer misery of the situation.

He notices your anguish

"I didn't need to be so rough with you, but you forced me to."

You plead,

"There has to be another way, if you let me go I will never step foot anywhere near this place again. I won't tell anyone what you did to me, and I will never steal again. I won't even tell people..about


that you're a fucking vampire.." you look away from him and close your eyes. You don't even believe what you're saying, but in front of you is a clearly dead man, reaching behind your back to unclasp your bra. You stare back at his red eyes, there's a certain allure about them.

"Is it true? This is insane."

"It's true."

A chill creeps down your spine, you hoped he wouldn't say that. The coldness of the room makes your nipples erect.

"But how can you even..?

you curl your lip

feel this kind of desire."

"I grow tired of your endless questioning."

"I'm sorry"

He reaches underneath your shorts and panties, rubbing the outside of your pussy.

"It's cold, please stop. I don't like that"

"Stop protesting!"

He sticks two fingers inside you, you can't help but feel wet. "Why?" you think to yourself. "I don't like this, why does my body betray me like this?!"

"No please!" you try to kick him, but he stops you

"What, you don't like a little foreplay? Fine, I suppose you'd rather have it the hard way."

He removes his shirt and unbuttons his black trousers, removing your jean shorts as he removes his boxers.

"This could have been easier for you."

He throws the clothing on the floor and gets on top of you, sliding his stiff hard cock inside you. He breathes a cold icy breath on your lips, kissing the other side of your neck and thrusting into you.

"You're dead! This isn't right! I don't want this! Let me go!"

He bites your neck and squeezes his jaw tightly, seemingly as to punish you for your insolence. You gasp for air, breathless from the incredible pain.

"What a shame."

His cock hurts and barely can fit in your tight body. He sucks on your wound, draining your blood.


He stops sucking on your bite, so to watch the blood pour naturally down your clavicle. He licks up your neck, tracing back the trail of blood.

"You're so warm, so tight, so lively."

He thrusts faster and runs his fingers through your hair

"So beautiful."

"You're a perfect toy, so alive."

You feel every inch of him, he lifts up your legs, the candlelight illuminating his stiff and veiny cock. The dim light highlights his pale, ashen face and rough features. You smile softly, without even realizing it. You can't help but find it..oddly attractive. A part of you loves this but knows how perverse and wrong it is.

"But you're dead"


"This isn't right"

"No! This isn't right!" You begin to cry, you find yourself unable to handle your conflicting feelings.

"Quiet. Embrace this feeling"

You grab his hands, warming them up a bit.

"I..I love it.."

"I know"

"How?" you think to yourself

You close your eyes and guide his hands to your clit as you feel yourself getting closer to an orgasm, the way he uses you feels so good, better than any living man has ever fucked you. You feel your legs tremble and shake, your thighs tensing up.

"Give in. You don't have a choice"

"I..I want to"

You can feel your pussy begin to spasm, it feels so good.

"I can't pretend anymore.."

"Give in.," he whispers in your ear

You can't help yourself, and almost as if your body is separate from your mind, you begin to orgasm uncontrollably on his cock, coating it with your juices. You feel a deep sense of shame.

He thrusts faster and harder before you can catch your breath he ejaculates inside you, filling you completely to the point of it dripping out of you. He pulls out of you and lays next to you, minutes pass in complete silence. You watch the candle flicker hypnotically.

"What now?"

"You'll stay with me of course. Leave your old life behind, depart from your old ways and serve me. Don't pretend like you did not enjoy that deep down inside."

"It was wrong. I can't stay."

He grabs your hand to prevent you from getting off the bed

"Don't act like you don't want to, I can see right through you."

"I want to stay, but how can I leave my life behind like that?"

"Well you don't have a choice, you're going to die soon and join me in death."

You rub your hand across your bite marks and realize the horror of what he told you, after a brief moment.


"In a short while, yes. And you will serve my hunt in death too, maybe you will appreciate my point of view when that happens. Better prepare for your new existence, plaything."

He grins and meets your gaze.

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