A New Day, A New Us part 8

Tuesday morning comes fast for me and I’m not struggling to get ahead of the curve as Katy, Liz and I get our shit ready and head out for school. The morning gathering in the parking lot has Imelda there with Kori ahead of me. I can tell the introductions have already been done for the most part and while everyone gives me the ‘how the hell’ look about my fourth girlfriend I mostly ignore it as we head to class. And as epic of a day as it could be it passes with nothing happening, nobody get’s backed into a corner, no bullying across the campus. Nothing. It feels odd but when I bring it up at homeroom only Ben seems to be on alert with me about it.

“Honey you backed them into a corner and made them think about what they’d been doing, this is good,” Kori tells me trying to lighten my mood.

“I don’t think so babe, Devin what’s going on with our insider,” I ask keeping Masha’s name out of the conversation.

“I don’t know, we haven’t talked but I can ask them later if you like,” Devin says getting a nod from me.

I’m heading out to the parking lot with the rest of my family when I see the small wall of about five football players, all in their letterman jackets, waiting for us by our vehicles. They aren’t blocking me but I can definitely tell they are waiting for someone. I start to ignore it when I get one of the jocks in my path.

“We need you to come with us,” I watch the Samoan mutter trying to keep things quiet.

“And if you knew who the hell you were talking to you you’d know that I don’t just follow anyone because they said so,” I tell the small mountain stepping past him.

“Hey Tracy, He needs to see your friend,” One of the black players says getting Tracy’s attention.

“Then him to get his ass out here before Guy leaves, I’m not his messenger and I’m certainly not his bitch,” Tracy spits out getting some of the guys to back up.

I’m watching the jocks have a small discussion before one of them goes running off. I tell the rest of my family to head off home and motion for Devin to text me later. The busses have left along with most of the parking lot when I see the ‘runner’ come back alone.

“He says that you need to see him privately because it’s important that you two don’t get seen together,” the runner tells me.

“Which means I’m dealing with more cryptic bullshit than I care to so no thank you,” I say starting to get on my bike.

I get pulled off my bike by the Samoan and he starts dragging me back to the school but I’m more game for this than he is. He has his hand on the back of my neck; I get my feet under me for a second before swinging my boot heel back and cracking him in the knee. He goes down easy enough and I get free when I see problem number’s two through five closing in.

“Kiante wants to talk with you,” the Samoan says holding his knee.

Kiante, I’ve heard the name before. It’s kind of hard to not know who the popular jocks are in the school, especially when they get themselves elected ASB Vice President. I’m either moving up in the world or I pissed off a very popular black jock. Either way I smile big and crazy before walking towards the school. One of the jocks catches up to me quickly and we get into one of the student conference rooms where I see him, six foot one and built like a wide receiver for the pro teams. If that didn’t make girls drop panties it would be the scholarships, the ‘player’ status or finally the clincher in his bag of tricks, his attractive young black male looks. I am sitting across from school royalty and I am wondering if I should get a bucket to vomit in but his face lights up from seeing me.

“You’re Guy right, I’ve heard a lot about you,” Kiante says as his stooge closes the door behind me.

“Most of it bad I hope,” I say getting a confused look.

“Actually I’m hearing both but I gotta say even though I’ve seen you before I’ve never understood the whole brooding hood thing,” Kiante says leaning back in his chair.

“One minute,” I tell him getting a puzzled look,” One minute to get my attention before I walk out of here.”

“Kyle Travis came before the student council today with a proposal for us to help institute a,” I watch him stop to read the paper,” Mandatory Dress Code for students.”

“Okay and you are telling me this why,” I ask sitting down.

“Because if someone doesn’t convince the other members of the council that it’s a bad idea he’ll win and the first thing to go are any head covering,” Kiante says noting my hooded head,” and if he wins then the teachers will enforce the rule.”

“Okay well who do I have to convince and when,” I ask taking a look at the paper myself.

“Thursday you need to speak with the whole ASB when he presents his case to us,” Kiante says before lowering his tone,” And you’ll really need to deal with ASB President Yano Morley.”

Sadly in this case I’ve heard the name and I think I remember who she is but to be honest I’m drawing a blank. I’ve got no information and while I could get it all from Kiante I know of a much better resource than him.

“I’ll get it done,” I say starting to leave.

“Wait that’s it, I tell you about all this and it’s happening in two days and you just tell me that you’ll ‘get it done’,” I see him say shaking his head in disbelief,” Are you for real?”

I slowly turn and face him; I take methodical steps to cross the room until I’m standing right next to him. I can tell he’s confused and a little afraid by what I might do and while it tickles me to beat the crap out of High School Royalty I’m looking at a potential ally.

“That feeling you’re getting right now. That one that says call for help before he causes permanent damage? I did that in less than a minute with you,” I tell him before changing my expression from sinister to joking,” Imagine what I can do with two days and one girl.”

“Wow, that’s fucking hardcore. But she’s not just a girl, she’s class President,” Kiante says shaking his fear off with humor.

I scoff lightly at the comment before heading out to my bike, passing Kiante’s team mates on my way. They don’t give me any trouble and I thankfully get home only to be greeted by Kori and Imelda over to visit. My folks are away and Liz is working in her room giving three of my girl’s and I run of the house for a few hours. Sadly I’m not looking for fun time just yet and I let the girls socialize privately in Katy’s room as I pay my sister a visit. Liz is sprawled out on her stomach reading something for her English class I think, it’s her cute little ass in a pair of cotton shorts and a t shirt that give me a sinister idea.

“Hey Guy, the girls are in Katy’s room,” Liz says without looking at me,” How do you get through these boring ass books?”

I kick my boots off and crawl on Liz’s bed putting my body over hers, she doesn’t have any room to move or roll over and I grind my crotch against her ass while nibbling on her ear. I feel her start to grind back against me and smile.

“Did I make my sister a happy girl yesterday,” I whisper lightly in her ear.

“Mmmmhmmmm,” Liz moans.

“And if I need something big from my precious sister she’ll do it for me right,” I ask again nibbling on her neck.

“Oh god yes,” Liz gasps as I let her feel my weight on her.

“I need all the personal and rumored information on someone at school,” I tell her breaking the mood slightly,” If you get me this I promise you that I’ll leave you walking funny for at least a day.”

I hear Liz grumbling at me but as I get up off of her and give her the class president’s name. I watch her freeze and tell her that I need it tonight and if she can organize it for me I’ll try to help her with her book. I get a smile out of Liz before grabbing my boots and heading off to my own room. I’m alone in my room with my coat off for about five minutes when the girls decide to invade. All three of them start asking questions about why I was needed to stay after and I explain the whole situation getting a few odd looks from Kori and Katy while Imelda seems to have the situation pretty well handled.

“So you need to either bribe or blackmail this girl to get her to vote the way you want,” Imelda says boiling the situation down,” I say we could scare her if you were into that?”

“Don’t want to scare people who don’t deserve it,” I tell her getting a nod.

“I’m just wondering how you’re planning on doing either of these when you don’t know anything about her personally,” Katy says with a little doubt.

“I have a sister who is on the full pulse of the school, all I have to do is give her the name and the right incentive and she’s working on it as we speak,” I tell Katy smirking.

“Well all that aside I owe one to Imelda for coming up here and I figure that I should get to paying her back for it,” Kori says getting up from my bed and leaving the room.

I watch Katy follow Kori out and close the door after herself leaving Imelda and me alone. I’m thinking things are fine but Imelda’s expression has me a little confused.

“Baby if you don’t tell me what’s wrong I can’t put a smile on your face,” I tell her getting on my knees in front of her.

Imelda’s got plain jeans with a hooded sweater, I know there’s a few more layers at least but I’m more concerned that something is really bothering her. She seems more vulnerable now that she’s up here with me and the girls than she did when it was just us down in Texas.

“I don’t know if I can make it last up here,” Imelda tells me quietly,” I’m away from everyone I care about except you and the girls are really great but I feel out of place.”

“Okay well I’m more happy to see you here than almost anything that has happened in the last few months,” I tell her taking her head in my hands,” I know it’s going to be difficult but you don’t need to make a place for yourself here, you already have one.”

I stand up and lay down at the head of my bed, Imelda follows me up and we get into a nice cuddle with me on my back and her head resting on my chest. I’m feeling wonderfully content in the moment but Imelda’s shifting gives me pause before I take her head by the chin and lean her face up so I can see her eyes. It’s those pretty browns that get me to pull her in for a soft and sweet kiss. I feel her shake a little before Imelda moves over top of me and straddling my hips with her own continues to kiss me losing none of the tenderness that I started with. I am getting hard against Imelda and we take our time slowly stripping out of our clothes until we’re both naked and my cock is flat against my stomach with Imelda’s slit grinding against me. It’s making me hard and I feel her break the kiss and start to move downward to speed up the process but I stop her and pull her back up to me.

“Baby, I’ll get there soon enough,” I tell her kissing her again lightly,” I’ve been needing some of your loving since you turned me down before I left to come back here.”

I get a sweet smile and while I’m turning down a blowjob it’s a tender hand stroking me and Imelda’s sweet breasts waving in my face that have my full attention. I lean up and tenderly start to suckle on a brown nipple getting a moan for my efforts. I work the nipple with my tongue only as I feel myself finally get fully erect and ready for something more. I feel my head working at Imelda’s opening and it’s like a slick glove that I slip my cock into, Imelda’s hips pushing down on me till I’m fully seated inside her. It’s not a hard or fast pace; we just push against each other slowly, taking the time to feel every single part of each other. I’m trailing my hands across Imelda’s back and down across her toned ass. I feel her lean down again and I simply open my mouth as we resume our tender kiss. Inside Imelda it’s a slick furnace and as much as my body screams to speed up our rhythm is just fine where it is and I stop moving all together letting my pretty little Latina grinds the length of my cock with her sweet pussy. I feel her smirk during our kiss before she speeds up and I start to lightly move again letting her do the work. The kissing smirk becomes and open mouth groan and I feel Imelda clench up hard on me as her orgasm starts to hit, I pull her close and push my cock as deep as I can letting the sensation take me over and releasing my load into her warm folds. The shock of it all takes us from moaning to kissing deep and gripping each other tenderly for a good while.

I don’t know how long we’ve been laying there but I know that I’m no longer inside Imelda and she’s lying again with her head on my chest as my door opens revealing Katy and Kori who both have sweet smiles on their faces.

“Wow, he really does know how to make a girl feel welcome,” Katy jokes taking a seat at my computer.

“If I wasn’t respecting his wishes I’d be pregnant from that,” Imelda says groggily.

“Yeah I think we’d all be pregnant if Guy didn’t have a say in the matter,” Kori states sweetly moving to the side of the bed and sitting next to me.

I don’t even think I’ll make it to the end of high school but these girls already have family plans for me. I love them but the more I see happen with me going in and taking out everyone around Heather the less chance I see of me either living through it or staying out of jail. I shake it off as Imelda starts poking me to see what’s wrong.

“Either talk about why you have that look on your face or leave it alone,” My feisty Latina tells me starting to get up.

The two of us get dressed and we all start talking about what’s going on at school. The three of us let Katy in on Masha and she starts laughing about how she got a pass today when Masha ‘cornered’ her and she didn’t get why. I shoot Devin a text asking about Masha and get a reply that he’s busy talking with her while she’s out with Heather. I almost want to ask where they are but I simply say to keep me posted.

“So what’s next on the agenda,” Katy asks me bringing me back into the conversation.

“I’ve got Liz running some information down on a girl at school I’m going to need to persuade,” I tell the girls getting their attention.

Liz comes flying into the room and I notice that Imelda and I were relaxing for almost two hours when Katy and Kori interrupted us. We all watch as she kicks Katy out of my computer chair and I take the prime seat on the end of my bed with Kori in between my legs, I make myself useful and start to rub her shoulders.

“Okay I got some basics but I only went back to last year. Yano Morley, been in three relationships including her alleged current one with a junior at our school who follows her around like an assistant. Her last two boyfriends weren’t too impressed and said that she came off as distant and uninterested in doing anything different,” Liz says starting up her ‘presentation’.

“Okay well define different for those of us who are a little more active in the relationship department,” Katy asks bumping me for rubbing Kori’s shoulders.

“She wasn’t a romance seeker from one and the other said that sex with her was a little different because she didn’t seem like she was into it,” Liz explains rummaging through her texts.

“Okay so how does that get Guy in to her pants,” Imelda asks getting looks from everyone,” Well it’s pretty obvious we’re going after the fuck her brains out option.”

“Not sure that’s where I want to go honestly,” I tell everyone getting even weirder looks from the assembled girls,” I’ve been straying a bit recently and feel like focusing on my girls for a while.”

Kori turns around on me and when a girl has herself in between your legs you pay mother fucking attention. Kori’s steely grays are locked onto me as she speaks.

“Honey this will hurt Kyle, it will hurt Heather,” Kori says quietly,” You’re a good boyfriend and we’ll all be fine with you doing what you need to so that they hurt.”

I’ve got unanimous approval from everyone in the room and considering I’m in the estrogen ocean I relent to the girls and their prodding. We continue to go over some planning but in my head I figure I’ll wing it and see what happens. Kori and Imelda head home after both get a kiss goodbye and my parents get home shortly after that. I stick to my room before and after dinner running the info down with Jun to get some logistics on the where and when to meet with Yano.

Wednesday morning and I hit the garage gym with Dad and Katy, we get a good workout in and I let Dad know that Katy is developing well but needs more help with her control which gets me a glare from Katy. Dad goes over some pointers with her and after showering we all head off to school. The parking lot meeting is less of a meeting and more of a greeting before we head to our classes except for me. I head to Coach Campbell’s office to get a pass for today and tomorrow so I can deal with pressing matters.

“So you need to be free fourth and fifth period for extracurricular activities for what exactly,” Coach asks writing the pass.

“Gotta keep putting these people in their place,” I say getting a questioning look,” They won’t come at me head on so I’ve got to beat them at everything they try to do to push me down.”

“And my boy is actually doing something, not just running around doing stupid shit you found for him to keep him busy,” Coach asks finish the pass.

“Sir, he’s more helpful than I honestly thought he would be. Also I’ve got a girl talking to him and she’s a sophomore,” My last words get the Coach to give me a shocked look,” It’s up to him to seal the deal on that one.”

I get an approving nod and more importantly my pass for the day. I get to first period just in time and the day goes well up until I get out of lunch and I’m spending most of my time trying to figure out where the Class President hides during the day. I’m glad I ran my info by Jun because he got me her class schedule and instead of going home halfway through the day she takes her empty classes and does college prep or works on things for her position. I finally get a notice from Jun that she’s using one of the conference rooms as an office and I make note to talk to Lilly about giving him a threesome or something as a reward. There is no window in the door and I hear something like talking and wait a moment before knocking loudly on the door. I hear someone telling me to wait a minute and finally get permission to enter. I get inside and see my new quarry. I know she’s about half Asian in her, standing about 5'7" and with a fuller figure than I normally get. Shoulder length dark brown hair. Dressed in an easy to move red plaid skirt and a plain green button up blouse with a matching sweater that are stretched by a huge set of D cups. Her thick framed black glasses and chubby face tell me that she’s not the most active type but I’m not here to take her on a run.

“I’m sorry I don’t remember having any appointments now,” Yano tells me a little confused.

“I know, kinda wanted to speak with you privately before tomorrow,” I say moving to a chair across from her,” You do know who I am right?”

“I know who most of the prominent students are in school I just don’t understand why we are talking,” Yano says trying to keep things very professional.

“Well you are going to be dealing with a proposal for a more strict dress code tomorrow and I’m going to speak to oppose it. Now I know that I shouldn’t know that but more importantly I’m wanting support in making sure it never happens. And if I’m going to get help I like to start at the top person on the list and that would be you,” I explain pulling my hood back so she can see my face.

“Well that’s fine but I’m not inclined to take any sides on this matter other than the one that keeps the fighting off the school grounds,” Yano says paying more attention to her laptop than me,” And personally I am not inclined to deal with someone who has a reputation that is mired in violence and fear.”

“I get that someone who hasn’t been there to see what I do personally could see me that way and to be honest anything worth fighting for is going to be done with some level of conflict,” I say getting her to look away from the computer.

“I’m not going to argue with you about what and how you handle this conflict that you have with Mr. Travis and his group of devoted moralists. I’m not going to hear anyone’s arguments until they are presented to me and everyone else on the council tomorrow,” She says going back to her computer.

I exhale a little in frustration and when I breathe in I get a good smell of what’s in the room. I stare at Yano sitting across from me taking in her posture and position; she’s leaning over the computer hiding her right hand and her lower half from me completely. I would chuckle at my suspicions but I’m favoring the more direct and less insulting approach as I get up and lock the door to the room. I know she noticed the door locking and again with someone I take my time crossing the room until I’m looking down at Yano. I can see some fear in her eyes and it’s not what I’m looking for.

“No boyfriend right? Have a junior who follows you around like an assistant but he’s not boyfriend material is he,” I more tell Yano then ask.

“I am focused on my work and college,” Yano replies trying to keep a stern tone.

“Yeah, except I’ve done a lot of research and figured out a few things in our time together today,” I say moving around her chair,” Stand up, please?”

I have her hesitant but she’s feeling in control as she stands up and straightens her skirt before taking a defiant posture.

“I’m not going to be intimidated by you or this debasing attempt to control the situation,” Yano says locking her eyes on me.

“I’m not here to intimidate, if I was I’d be here with more people,” I say taking a deep breath close to her,” I’m here to convince, and I must say I love the scent of vanilla.”

“What does my body wash have to do with convincing me,” Yano asks confused.

“Well vanilla is a good scent, but when you mix it with the scent of your fresh vaginal secretions I can’t help but find it to be one of the most intoxicating smells,” I say getting a shocked look from my new prey.

“I don’t know who you think you are but I will not stand for these accusations,” Yano says backing away
from me.

“You seem to think that I’m someone who answers to you like good little boy,” I say quickly backing her up against the wall and putting my arms on either side of her,” I’m not a good boy am I President? But you already knew that, and it’s why now that I have you here you don’t want to run. You’re too excited about what can happen next.”

The wash of emotions running across Yano’s face range from fear to excitement to pure lust. I love the sight of girls when they’re like this but her senses start to get the better of her as I watch some of her title come back into her face.

“Release me now,” Yano says quietly, I back my arms away but keep myself close to her,” I was not doing that with myself in here. I will forgive this mistake if you leave now.”

“You say I’m mistaken, I say you were playing with your pussy. Prove me wrong and I’ll leave right now,” I tell her keeping my smile off my face.

“How do I prove that,” She asks me a little confused.

“Well I can think of a few ways, either you can let me check your panties while they’re on you or I can do it with them off,” I say starting to smirk,” Or if you’re really brave I’ll just touch it and see if it’s wet.”

I watch as Yano freezes at the options I put in front of her, I know how far I want to go today but what I’m really hoping for is to see how much she likes the bad boy. I keep quiet as she pulls up the front of her skirt until all I can look down and see her blue and white stripped panties. I start to lean down to take a look but Yano’s free hand takes hold of my face gently keeping me from bending down. I slowly take my left hand and trail it across her stomach, she’s a little bigger than I thought but it’s not folds of flab. I trail my hand down to the waist band of her panties before slowly pushing my fingers under it until I’ve got my two middle digits caressing her warm and noticeably wet mound. Yano is rigid at my touch and I take a moment to stroke her slit slowly, trailing my fingers back and forth.

“You’re pussy is wet on the outside, I can only guess as to how wet it is on the inside,” I whisper placing my free hand against the wall next to Yano,” Since you have me here I want to hear you say it.”

“What am I supposed to say,” Yano asks with a trembling voice.

“I want you to tell me to please rub your pussy,” I say keeping to a whisper,” I want to hear you ask me to rub your slutty little pussy since you decided to lie to me about it.”

I watch as the class president shakes her head quickly, clenching her eyes shut as if I’ll go away. Personally I’ve gone too far to stop now and better than that for Yano, I’m enjoying myself. I take a finger and curl it, it’s just enough to touch her clit directly and the shock of it sends a jolt through Yano’s body.

“Shhh, don’t wanna make noise if I’m not going to do anything, do you,” I ask straightening my finger out rubbing her clit the opposite direction,” Not unless you tell me what you want me to do.”

“Please rub my pussy,” Yano asks quietly.

“Rub your what,” I ask starting to curl my finger again.

“I want you to rub my slutty, lying pussy,” Yano says with a little more confidence,” Please.”

I finish curling my fingers and slowly begin to rub Yano’s slit and clit. I can feel some hair but I’m having more fun with her than I’ve had in a while with a new girl watching her every little reaction. I tease her clit more and watch as she bites her lip, I feel her bouncing lightly from shaking knees it’s almost cute. I push my body against hers and pull her head to my chest, I feel her wrap her arm around my back for balance. I push my fingers lower and get to her opening with just the tip push a little inside sending her into a shock up Yano’s body and causing her to drop down into a squatting position.

“Get your fucking panties off,” I tell her leaning up against the wall.

I watch as Yano hurriedly starts to get her skirt situated before pulling her panties off her ample ass. I stop her from trying to put them away in her bag and taking them for myself put them in my inside coat pocket. I put her back down squatting but now her skirt is cinched up in the front giving me full access. I get on my knees next to Yano and resume a slow rubbing of her clit, I let her paw at me and grab hold of my coat as I start to work her up to a real orgasm. She’s moaning and as I speed up I can feel her getting wetter and wetter as I work.

“I think you’re gonna make a mess on the floor,” I say flicking her clit franticly,” Are you gonna cum for me?”

“Oh fuck I’m cumming hard… make me cum please,” Yano begs desperately before I watch her bury her head in my coat.

Yano’s whole body starts to lock up and I feel a little more fluid than before I started hit my hand as she starts to squirt a little on the floor in the room. As interesting as the water works are I’m focusing on Yano’s face buried in my coat and her hands clenching at any purchase they can find. As she begins to come to her senses I take my hand and show her the liquid dripping off my fingertips. I start to clean the salty liquid off myself and am surprised as she starts licking the other half of my hand hungrily. I move away from her and sit down in the chair she was sitting in when we started. I watch as Yano walks over to me and leaning her large breasts in my face reaches past and takes out her phone. I figure she’s firing off a text message and when she’s done and puts her phone back starts to undo my pants while pushing my legs together.

“Not today Miss President,” I tell her getting a mildly disappointed look,” You will vote this one thing down for me tomorrow and after school I will go where ever you are and I will fuck you like a porn star. Do we have a deal?”

I can see her weigh the options in her head but I’m not in a negotiating mood today. I see Yano smile and parting my legs moves her torso in between them.

“Well how do I know that all you had to offer didn’t just happen,” She says rubbing the crotch of my jeans,” I think I need to see and sample a little bit before I agree to any such deal.”

“Well in that case how do I know that those large ass breasts of yours aren’t just some bra and padding,” I ask smirking.

Yano smirks a little before pulling off her sweater and as she starts working the buttons I find myself a little excited at the fact that her breasts are bigger than Kori or Katy’s are. Her blouse opens and I’m greeted with a pair of the largest breasts that I’ve seen in real life to date held in barely by a plain white bra. I can see her nipples making some large bumps in the bra; I rest my hands on the chair’s arm rests and nod to Yano approving her to undo my pants. I lift my ass as she gets them open and pulls them and my underwear down so that she’s tits to cock and measuring up my near eight inches.

“Oh my god I don’t think I can get all that in my mouth,” Yano mutters starting to stroke my cock with her hand slowly.

“I don’t want a blowjob from you,” I say getting another disappointed look,” I want you to take off that bra and use your huge fucking tits.”

My words brighten Yano’s mood and I discover that her bra is a front opener as I watch her undo the five clasps before her tits almost avalanche into my lap. Her nipples are about the size of a half dollar and they both are pointing out how turned on Yano is as she uses her hands to mash both of them around my cock. The image of my head barely poking out from in between her tits is awesome but only surpassed by Yano leaning her head down and licking my better head. I lean myself back and just feel Yano’s mouth licking lightly before sucking on my head. The skin on her breasts is smooth and soft and while I wasn’t fully hard when I was fingering her, now I’m a rock in the soft place. I feel Yano’s breasts rise and drop in a slow deliberate motion and while a hand job is good this is so much better as she can encompass my whole cock. Yano’s saliva and my precum give her enough lube to show me a trick of hers, I feel her right breast go up but the left one doesn’t move, then the left one goes up and the right one goes down. She keeps this alternating up for I don’t know how long but if it wasn’t for the lube she would have rubbed me raw before I start to feel my orgasm building.

“You need to do it hard right now so I can cum on your face,” I more order than ask gritting my teeth.

I look at Yano and see her smiling as she knows I’m cumming soon and decide to get her attention. Using both hands I take her nipples in my thumb and index finger and start to pinch them lightly. Yano moans at my touch and gasps with the pinching but it’s when I use her own nipples to help her set the pace that I feel more like I’m going to cum that before. Yano’s hands and part of her forearms barely contain her tits as the room echoes with our moaning and her tits slapping against my hips. I let go of her nipples and grab the hair on the side of her head lightly turning Yano’s face down as I shoot my first shot right onto her glasses, the next to connect with her cheek and mouth before the remaining just goes onto her smooth breasts. I feel her breasts let me go after a few moments and we both sit in silence before I gather my senses and look at my newest possible ally. My cum is on her face and tits but she’s not cleaning it up as she looks to me for the next thing. I grab her panties and hand them to her to clean up with. Once she’s done I have to stop her again from putting them away.

“I want you to wear them for the rest of the day. I want them to remind you that if you do what I want the next time I’ll be cumming in your pussy,” I tell Yano getting a big smile.

We get dressed again and with my cum on her panties I can tell the feeling has her a little off but she adjusts and lets it do what I said it would. I start to leave but pause to address her one more time.

“Tomorrow you get them to vote against the dress code and afterwards please wear some underwear that sends the right message,” I tell her unlocking the door.

“And what message am I trying to send you,” Yano asks a little confused.

“One that reads ‘I did what you told me now please fuck me like a whore’,” I tell her getting us both to smile.

I get out the door and nearly run into a white kid in preppy clothes, doesn’t look like a moralist but when he sees me he freezes in place. The guy is smaller than me and has his brown hair parted like a good little stooge should. I nod to him and watch as he goes into Yano’s office and closes the door, must be her assistant is my thought as I head off to the gym. I get to home period earlier than everyone else thanks to my pass for today and just watch as Mathilda, Tracy and Hanna go through practice with Coach Campbell and the rest of the girls. It isn’t long before everyone joins me thankfully and I catch up on my missed class work with assistance from Jun. As the bell rings I see Isaac and Allison having a tense conversation and while it doesn’t look like they’re fighting I can tell something is wrong as Isaac follows me to my bike with a purpose.

“Hey man, we might have a problem,” Isaac says getting my attention in front of Kori and Imelda,” Allison says that her brother has been like a little psycho at home and she says she saw him talking with Taylor today and they stopped when she got close to them.”

“What do you think he’s trying to do,” Kori asks concerned.

“That’s the problem, Greg doesn’t like Taylor and now they’re all planning something. I think we need to be ready cause he’s going to try to come after you sooner than later,” Isaac warns me.

“I’ll handle it myself if and when he tries something, just make sure everyone else is covered,” I tell Isaac brushing the threat off.

“Baby you need to keep an eye on yourself too, anything happens to you and we all feel it,” Kori says taking me by the arm,” I’m not going to be okay with you running around and taking on the world and getting hurt or worse in the process.”

“Kori look at me, I’ve been running around like a madman ever since this whole thing kicked off in the worst way,” I tell her as I start to become unhinged.

“I am looking Guy and we all love you enough to know that you need help sometimes, you do it all alone and then we have to pick you up and put you back together,” Kori says desperately,” I remember what happened with Derek and the after, the hospital and the healing. Even before that after you got hurt the first time you were so hung up on how I felt that you didn’t even bother to heal up before you ran off for vengeance.”

Kori has tears in her eyes but determination to make her point as well. I take her head in my hands and give her a soft kiss before letting Imelda take her home, I notice that they don’t use Imelda’s bike and have been using the van for the school runs. I see everyone else in the group is staring but I wave them off and to home before hopping on my bike and heading there myself.

It’s after dinner at home when I get a text from an unknown number. It’s Greg on the line telling me he’s got Taylor out in the open with talks about planning something against me. I ask why he has him out and Greg replies that I can get to him about Kori. It’s more than enough for me as I tell him to meet me at the park where I did my speech before grabbing my coat and heading out the door. About half way down the hall I’m stopped by Liz.

“Where are you going,” She asks taking my arm.

“Got something to handle sis, I’ll be back in a few hours,” I tell her pulling away.

“Kori says someone should go with you,” Liz tells me grabbing my shoulder and stopping me in the living room in front of everyone.

“Where are you going,” Dad asks halting any chance I had of getting outside.

“I’m meeting up with Greg, he said he has Taylor out in the open and can bring him to me,” I tell him trying to get out the door.

“You sure you don’t need any help,” Dad asks.

I shake my head but to be honest I just don’t want any, this all seems to be my fight so I can do it all myself. I get on my bike and head out towards the park. It’s cold outside after a light rain and I park my bike and get into the main area to find Greg and another person standing by the tables talking. Greg sees me but his friend doesn’t and I get close keeping my hood up and get ready to bring some fucking pain. I’m about five feet away when I see Greg’s face go from casual to staring directly at me and smiling, not happy but like there’s a joke I don’t get. I see Greg’s hand come out of his coat and the small black toy in his hand get’s leveled at me before my world lights up in pain. I’m lying on the ground and while I know there is talking I can’t hear shit, all my muscles are on fire and I’m convulsing in pain. I feel myself getting dragged and my arms are almost dead weight as I feel one put up against a table leg and a belt is used to secure it.

“Now I see the demon isn’t so much of a threat when the righteous act in his name. I have laid the demon low and now he will repent his ways,” Greg says as I start to gain my senses.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing,” I ask looking at Greg’s new partner.

“I’m going to purify you and then I’m going to do the same to both our sisters,” Greg says giving me a jolt from what I now know is a taser,” I’ll have a place with people of good standing and you’ll be a servant in his kingdom.”

“I need to get my stuff from your car,” I hear the accomplice say as he starts to leave.

“I’ll be fine, when met with the power of the lord no demon can stand before me,” Greg says kicking me in the chest.

I hear the partner leave and now I can see Greg’s face, he’s definitely lost his mind and the situation doesn’t seem so good but I still have a free hand and if I get a chance I can get hold of him and then get myself free. Sadly I’m not feeling a hundred percent and my trying to move my arms is more of a baby flailing than me lashing out at Greg.

“And still you fight against that which was ordained,” Greg says taking a hold of what I can now feel are barbs in my chest and rips them out.

I discover that I don’t have the strength to scream in pain and while I’d really want don’t want to push myself I’m starting to feel my blood boil. A quick shot to my face from Greg starts to bring around my sense more and I can see that my hand is secured by a belt but it might as well be iron manacles with how weak I’m feeling.

“Sam what are you doing get over here,” I hear Greg call out to his friend.

I must be delirious because while Greg is looking one direction it’s the guy behind him with the baseball bat that he should be talking to. A tap on the shoulder gets Greg’s attention just long enough for the assailant to wind up and swing for his gut, Greg goes down hard and a second blow across his back has him down for good. My bat wielding friend comes into view with his hood up, Jun’s grabbing at the belt holding my hand in place.

“Why are you here,” I ask pulling myself up.

“Allison called Isaac while we were hanging out and we got Devin to bring us down here after calling Liz,” Jun says nodding to Devin who has a slumped form over his shoulder,” the rest of the crew will be here soon man.”

I get seated away from Greg and his friend Sam and after resting for a little bit and sure enough my blood is boiling. I can see that Devin didn’t have to do much to the friend but the both of them aren’t going anywhere after Isaac duct taped Greg and Sam’s hands behind their backs. It’s maybe fifteen minutes of rest before I see more of my friends start rushing through the clearing minus Hanna, Liz and Natsuko. Kori is at a dead sprint to me but Jun cuts her off. I don’t care what I look like right now but everyone of my friends is staring at me as I start to get up from my spot.

“Kori who is that,” I ask pointing at Greg’s new friend.

I watch the two of them make eye contact and while she is frozen with shock his face is full of fear and that tells me all I need to know about who he is and what he did to Kori. I stand him up and take a blade from Isaac to cut the tape off his wrists, I let him get his hands in front of him before dropping the knife and slamming my forearm into the back of his head. He staggers forward a few steps giving me an opening to rush in and wrapping my right arm around his neck from behind start punching him in the kidneys. He drops down from the repeated shots but with me on his back there is no getting away, I pin an arm up in a hammer lock and start punching anywhere I can get at his soft tissue. I can feel the fight draining out of him as I roll him over before pulling his shirt up and aiming for the ribs proceed to try to break every single one of them. Large and small hands pull me off and I can see Imelda and Katy checking my latest victim before I see the horror on everyone’s faces, I shake Devin and Jun off and turn my attention to Greg who is crying as I approach. I can see the belt he used to hold me in place on the ground and as I pick it up I don’t notice if anyone is going to stop me. I get Greg onto his face and rip open the back of his shirt exposing his bare back, I get the belt wrapped around my hand with the buckle on the end away from me before I swing with everything I have. The sound causes every other noise in the area to stop; I keep raining down blows from the belt across Greg’s back. He’s crying out from each one and I can see the welts along with the spots where the buckle has started to bruise. I get grabbed hard and pulled off balance as I try to bring another blow down, I get my balance and find myself staring down Kori who as put herself in between Greg and I. Most of my friends are now in a circle around me with their hands up and I’m looking around with more rage than I’ve felt in a long time.

“Guy you need to stop, you’ve done enough and we need to leave,” Kori says trying to calm me down.

“IT’S NEVER ENOUGH! What part about that do you not understand? They will never stop until I make them stop,” I scream shocking Kori into backing away,” They will beat us like animals; they will never stop trying to hurt us until we’ve taken every one of them and beaten the life out of them!”

“Guy you were really going to kill him,” Imelda says pointing to Kori’s original assailant.

“Then either finish the job for me or leave,” I yell to my assembled friends,” You wanted me to lead and this is a fucking war, kill or be killed.”

“Then why did you come here alone if this is a war. Why not let us help,” Kori asks trying to reach me.

“Because you will hold me back,” my words get everyone to freeze,” Everyone of you is so scared about what happens in a year that you don’t even see the fact that I’m going to die during this. I have to do as much damage as I can before they finally take me out so that there aren’t any left to hurt you.”

I start to move back towards Greg’s prone body when the exhaustion of everything that happened finally hits me hard and I only get two steps before collapsing to the ground. I can feel hands on me taking the belt out of my hand and then picking me up. I know Kori is on her phone and it sounds like she’s calling someone about getting together but I’m so exhausted that it could be a wedding and I’d have no ability to stop it. I’m loaded into Devin’s truck and while I’d rather ride my bike I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t make it two feet before falling over. We’re down the road and at our destination in for me what feels like mere seconds before I’m pulled from the truck and carried into a house and am placed down on something soft. It’s moments again before I’m being peeled out of my clothes and I can feel the sting of antiseptic on my chest and face before I hear more talking that I can make out.

“Okay why bring him here if he’s losing his mind,” it sounds like Mathilda asking the question.

“Because either we bring him out of this together or he’s going to get himself killed and I didn’t travel thousands of miles to lose him,” Imelda answers.

“But he’s doing what we asked him to do,” Katy says taking my side in the matter.

“We did, I did, but I pushed too much and it has nearly broke him. I can do this alone but we all should be here,” Kori says quietly.

I drift off to sleep feeling warm and exhausted. I don’t know how long I’ve been asleep but there are limbs all around me and my first view is of Katy’s pajama clad breasts next to my head. I start to look around and realize that I’m definitely in Mathilda’s room and all of us are spread out on the floor with all my girls around me either draped over me or clinging onto a limb. It takes me a few minutes to get myself free and I can see that the sun hasn’t come up but more than that I stumble in my underwear to the bathroom to pee. I don’t even try aim in the toilet and just point towards the shower and lean my shoulder on the wall before letting loose. I finish and stagger around to find my clothes but get stopped by Imelda who has come searching for me.

“What are you doing up,” Imelda asks groggily.

“Trying to get dressed and get back to the park,” I tell her looking around for my clothes.

“Guy that happened last night, it’s three in the morning and we took care of the clean up,” Imelda tells me pulling me back towards bed.

“I don’t need to go back to bed,” I say as I get dragged into Matty’s bedroom.

Kori and Katy are still out but Matty is awake and the two of them overpower me into lying back down. I feel weak and restless when Mathilda pins down one of my arms.

“Hey there, you really did do enough okay,” Matty says quietly,” Now it’s time to rest so you can do more later.”

“I’m wasting my time resting,” I mutter trying to get up when Imelda lunges on top of me pinning my shoulders to the ‘bed’ and waking everyone else up.

“If you’re wasting your time then just tell us you don’t love us and we’ll let you go,” Imelda says getting a wide eyed look from the other girls.

“Imelda what are you doing,” Kori asks waking up.

“Kori you need to listen and shut up,” Imelda says turning her attention back to me,” You love us so much that your trying to get yourself hurt and killed just to prove it. Now listen to me asshole, you want to prove that you love us lay here, heal up and tomorrow keep fighting for us. If you want to go right now just tell each of us that you don’t love us and I will let you leave.”

I can’t do it, I feel like shit and I just break down as my girls start wrapping themselves around me to let me feel loved and safe. I fall back asleep again and am woken what can only be hour later by panicked voices and being shaken.

“Guy wake up we’re late,” Kori exclaims causing everyone to start panicking.

“What? You’re all pregnant,” I ask confused and groggy.

“No smart ass,” Imelda says showing me the time,” You have school and a meeting to get to.”

The clock tells me that school starts in twenty minutes and all five of us start to rush like crazy people searching for clothes and trying to get ready as we head out, I take Imelda on my bike while Kori and Matty drive their own vehicles. We get to school and rush into our first classes as the bell rings.

Lunch time on Thursday after the Wednesday evening that I had is a drastic difference with my crew. Everyone of the followers is fine and greets me normally but my crew sees me and get’s overly quiet as I sit down save for my Kori and Katy who are making it a point to sandwich me in my spot. I start glancing around the table and most everyone is avoiding eye contact when I look at them.

“Did someone die,” I ask quietly getting odd looks from all around,” I asked if someone died?”

“No Guy, nobody died,” Ben replies.

“Then why is it so quiet I’m mistaking our lunch for a funeral,” I ask taking my hands off the table and placing them in my lap.

“We’re just trying to figure out if you’re okay,” Hanna says getting nods of agreement from the rest.

“Okay well here’s your answer,” I say pulling my hood back,” I’m about as okay as I can get. What happened to yesterday?”

I let Jun and Isaac quietly explain how they ‘cleaned’ the scene and how Allison was with her brother to help him ‘explain’ how he and his friend were ‘attacked’ and how they bravely tried to fight off their attackers. I shake my head and start to chuckle at the new story.

“Honestly that’s really good,” I tell them getting more odd looks,” No really, it’s good work. Thanks guys.”

“Okay, is he really alright or are we about to see another manic moment,” Isaac asks Kori and Katy.

“He says he’s okay then he’s okay. Maybe some of you need to remember that Guy leads and we follow. When he falls we help him up just like he helped us up when we were being walked on,” Devin tells the whole crew.

I see other’s nodding in agreement and while Isaac doesn’t seem so sure it’s Allison who I’m worried about considering it’s her brother I beat with a belt. As we start to head off to classes and I begin to head to my meeting but not before pulling Allison aside.

“Are you really okay,” she asks taking my hand.

“I should be asking you that, Greg is your brother,” I ask her in return getting a grimace.

“My brother got taken care of before either your sister or I found out how far down the purity path he was going to put us,” Allison says with a solemn tone,” and honestly aside from you screaming at us most of the non-girlfriends here thought you were like an animal.”

I nod in agreement until I see the smirk on her face, damn girl needs to shake me off before Isaac and I have to fight about it. I gently push Allison towards her next class before heading to the council meeting. The room is mostly empty save for a few students representing their groups. I take a center aisle seat and wait for the meeting to begin. I have my hood up in the room but nobody says anything as the school council starts to take their seats. I make out Yano at the center of the table wearing a pale blue blouse and long beige skirt, I don’t see her acknowledge me but I figure we’ll have time for talking afterwards. The meeting starts and they get into old business first going through financial requests for the upcoming dance and clubs are asking for field trip money to visit the museum or zoo, mostly I pay attention to Yano as she weighs everyone’s request. Finally they get to their ‘new’ business and call Kyle up to present his proposal.

“Thank you for letting me speak here today. Our school like our society has a sickness, people have stopped trying to be people and are going out of their way to prove that humanity should hurt and deform itself so that the individual can feel unique. I have looked at the matter with my peers and we have decided to present a new, more strict, dress code for the school,” Kyle starts in presenting a small packet to Yano’s assistant who hands it to her,” if we prune back the eccentricities of our appearance then we will have more people who will express themselves in more productive ways, they will join positive groups like the chess club or the choir. The will be able to be a part of the band and orchestra which have been a solid point of unity for members of our school. And they will not have to feel afraid or like an outcast just because they don’t have the ‘right look’ or the ‘right clothes’. This dress code can be a stepping stone for putting our school and maybe even this district back into a more respected and traditional attitude.”

There is a light amount of clapping for his speech and Kyle seems like he’s happy with it when Yano decides to chime in.

“Do we have anyone here who has anything to say concerning this new proposal,” Yano asks the crowd while not staring directly at me.

I stand up and it’s like Kyle finally notice that I have been in the room the whole time. I can hear a few students whisper as I pass and make my way to the front table where the council is waiting. I pull my hood off my head and smile.

“A uniform dress code, I can’t think of anything more basic as a start to drown out the individuality of a person than making them all dress the same. Kyle has done a wonderful job pushing the positives that it could bring and has named a lot of positive groups in our school but here’s where my problem starts. What do we lose after we all dress the same? It’s a question nobody thinks about until the answer has already crept up on them and taken something else. Now I look at myself and while I’m physically damaged I am strong in my heart. My freedom to be who I chose to be and how I dress is something that has enabled me to express and impress onto others so that they can find their own self confidence,” I say turning to Kyle,” Not the confidence that a group gives you just because you look like them. I walk into any class in the school and people know me not because of what I’ve done, most of that is a rumor at best. They know me because while I’ve stood my ground for my own personal reasons I’ve never backed anyone into a corner just because I didn’t like their shirt, or coat, or hair. And while I may not have the ‘right look’ or the ‘right clothes’ I know for sure that I have never been afraid to be myself and to speak out when I feel that something is wrong.”

I get more applause as I finish and Yano calls order to the room as I take my seat. I watch Kyle as he takes a seat across the aisle from me and we both listen in as the council decides to call a private recess to discuss the issues of the day. Most of the groups clear out to the commons and the council follows leaving only Kyle and I alone in the same room. The quiet is calming but it’s not long before I get hit with a whim to try something new.

“I thought your speech was pretty good,” I tell Kyle getting an odd and sudden look.

“You don’t need to brag about your speaking ability,” Kyle says with a little venom in his voice.

“I’m not, I just shot from the hip and spoke what I felt. You had the speech nailed down, if I didn’t know why I was here I’d have agreed with some of it,” I tell him showing a look of honesty.

“Really, I nearly converted the school’s most dangerous student in one speech,” Kyle scoffs crossing his legs.

“You believe in what you are doing but it’s just not for what I see are the right reasons,” I say turning my whole body to face him,” I want you to think about something, why do you hate me? Did I do something to you or did someone tell you something that made you want to hate me?”

I can see the wheels turning as Kyle works it over in his head, we have never really gone after each other. It’s always been a side note but I can tell he’s got something.

“I saw that you were someone who was going to try to derail my plans to bring some decency back into school,” Kyle finally says turning to face me.

“That’s crap, you didn’t care who I was when we first met. And the second time we started to get face to face you saw me as someone who was just being rude but I never insulted you, just what I was looking at,” I explain my side getting a thought provoking look,” But there was a problem for someone, you weren’t taking me seriously were you. You could have just come at me but someone said to scare my girlfriend.”

“Yeah I think I heard something about that,” Kyle says avoiding any involvement,” But ‘they’ didn’t do it right.”

“No ‘they’ didn’t and here’s why. The story looks like this; a girl had a monster, the monster realized it was being used in a way it didn’t like and left. Now the girl became a queen and built herself an army but didn’t tell them why she did it, oh sure she said that they were bringing a better idea to the kingdom but in truth that was a lie,” I start in with my story,” She didn’t want anything better for the kingdom, she never cared about the kingdom. All she wanted was her monster back because that monster had grown in power and had left just to live a life in peace with others like him. The new queen couldn’t take the rejection so she decides recruits a white knight and a wicked advisor to come up with a plan to hurt the monster.”

“And the ‘monster’ was hurt,” Kyle says reading into my story.

“Yes and that’s where her problems began, she didn’t hurt the monster. She went after what the monster cared about most hoping it would return to her. The monster didn’t leave its kind, it felt the pain but that only made it stronger and more determined. Now the monster is stalking the kingdom only this time it’s hungry for pain,” I say reaching my moral,” You never hear a story about people trying to recruit the monster, you kill the monster.”

“And the point of this,” Kyle asks not amused by my story.

“Because what we’re doing isn't a fairy tale, it’s a horror novel,” I explain getting a wide eyed look,” the White Knight and the Wicked Advisor don’t slay the monster, they are destroyed by it.”

“Say any of this is true then why even try to explain it to me,” Kyle asks looking for the easy answer.

“Because I believe in people for who they are and while we may be on opposite sides of this I’d like to think you’re smart enough to see that you’re being played for a fool,” I tell him with genuine honesty,” You give me Taylor and the other three people, turn your group into something that doesn’t have to force itself on others through fear. You do that and you kick Heather out. All that happens and I’ll let you walk away, no harm, no jokes, no mocking. This is the one chance I’m offering, after this I will come for everyone. I will not stop and Kyle I want you to look me in my eyes when I say this, I will scorch the earth and raze everything to the ground to do it.”

We both hear the door open and the council come back, I sit straight in my seat and Kyle does the same as we wait for the verdict. The council tells which groups were approved and which ones were denied their money requests when Kinate steps up to speak.

“In the matter of a stricter dress code to be enforced on the school the council has voted four to one against putting this proposal into effect,” Kiante says getting a disgusted noise from Kyle.

The room starts to clear and I get a nod from Kiante but Kyle still hasn’t left and I figure I can wait to hear what he has to say.

“You’re not an idiot like everyone thinks. But you should know that this was our last chance to do this without hurting anyone. You will accept the consequences of this failing to pass,” Kyle spits out leaving the room angry.

I watch him go before turning my attention to Yano and her assistant who appear to be clearing up the last of their paperwork. I get up and walk up to the table and while her assistant is confused Yano has a very interested look on her face. I take a paper from the desk and write my number down with the words ‘time and place’ before folding it twice and handing it to her. I let her take it from my hand before turning and leaving for the gym. I watch the girls practice and as my family starts to get onto the bleachers I sit quietly leaning my head against the wall. It’s Kori who sits next to me trying to coax me out of my thoughts.

“Okay so how bad is it,” She asks leaning her head on my shoulder.

“We won for now and I have a debt to pay,” I say getting her hand on my arm in a level of comfort.

“Okay well what bullshit rule are they going to try to put in place next,” asks Lilly who has her arms wrapped around Jun’s neck from behind.

“They’re not, this was their shot and they failed. Now they will plan and come at everyone who doesn’t fit into their mold,” I tell everyone getting looks of apprehension.

“Okay well we got my friend and I’ll see what we can do there. Ben has his eyes and ears open so what do we do next,” Devin asks with more courage than I’ve seen him with.

“I need to be heard by our people. I need them at Johnny’s place today and I need them ready for what we will do for them next,” I tell everyone before turning to Katy,” Tell Johnny that I’ll need somewhere to speak, up away from everything so that people can see me.”

“Got it babe,” Katy replies sending a text and then stops me as she gets a reply,” Johnny says he’s got something special and he’s going to try to throw a party if you could help with that.”

I chuckle as I watch as the cell phones come flying out and my family starts texting like crazy when my own phone goes off. It’s Yano with her time and place, seven tonight and an address. I show Kori and she nods in agreement before I reply that I’ll be there. As we start to leave school I can see people watching us, most friendly but some more menacing as all my family heads to their homes.

I arrive at home but don’t get more than two feet in the door when one thing I almost forgot about starts to rain down anger and light pain upon me, my Mom. I’ve seen her mad before and unlike last year with Derek I’m not so hurt that she doesn’t stop from punching me in the arm. Dad pulls me aside to the gym for a man to man but as soon as the door closes he just sits down and waits for me to do the same. I explain to him how I’ve been feeling with everything I’ve had to do and how I feel like it’s getting too big to walk away from; he listens before giving me his help.

“Your grandpa, my dad, called it shell shock. He had done so much in his time overseas that a routine assignment nearly got him kicked out of the Navy. All they were doing was watching over a few buildings under construction but he started shooting at random shadows before they locked him up,” Dad tells me getting my full attention about my grandfather.

“What did Grandpa do,” I ask in awe of the idea that my grandpa went nuts.

“He blew his head off with a pistol,” my Dad says taking the wind out of the conversation before giving me a sarcastic look,” What do you think happened Guy? You’ve met your Granddad. What he did was first he rested and got his head on straight, and then he went back to work. You are going to take a break and do something tomorrow afternoon and evening that has nothing to do with any of the revenge.”

“Okay but what about Mom,” I ask coming back to my senses.

“Well it’s your Mom’s idea to get you away from all this for the weekend but I am going to give you an evening then see how you are doing before I decide to take away your weekend,” Dad says leading me back to the rest of the house.

We all have dinner early with Mom staring at me the entire time we’re eating. I know she wants to give me the riot act again and I wait till we’re all done eating and help clear the table. Mom is quiet but I wait till she’s distracted before giving her a hug from behind, it startles her a little but I let her turn around before getting a real hug from my Mom.

“Stop worrying me and go change your clothes before you leave,” Mom says pushing me out of the kitchen.

I do as Mom said and get changed into a sleeveless black shirt and camo pants before heading out on my bike while being followed by Katy and Liz in the car. It’s just after six when I arrive but the entire open area of Johnny’s place is packed with students of all shapes and sizes, I know some live there but I am staring at about a hundred people and my whole crew is at the back waiting quietly. I kill my bike and see a few of Johnny’s people take up position watching our vehicles. Everyone is dressed in their Saturday worst and we all have our hoods up when I start to move, I tap Devin and tell him rear as we start to press through the crowd. Once I reach a point where I can only guess Johnny can see me I hear music kick on. It takes a second but I recognize the song ‘Cult of Personality’ blaring over a sound system that could buy Johnny the gear he needs to get his business into full swing. I almost want to laugh at the choice but people are parting the way and I press on until Johnny himself steps out and starts to lead me to a spot away from the others that has some stairs up to the top of a busted RV. I don’t normally feel nervous but staring at what could be over a hundred of my fellow students has my stomach in knots. I turn and motion to Kori to get up here with me and she does while bringing the rest of the girls with her. Each one takes a seat with their legs dangling off the side. I’m standing with my side profile towards the crowd and the lights are not too bright blind me when I raise my hand for silence and I get it in spades as I can barely hear people talking. Time to nut up and speak up.

“When I spoke in riddles you couldn’t help yourselves. Then I told you the truth about what I believe in and you didn’t hear it, you felt it. Now I stand here again and I’m here to tell you that I never stopped speaking in riddles, now you understand and believe in yourselves like I do. You believe in my family and you believe in what we are doing. Tonight marks the beginning of the end, my family will do what you need us to do but I must ask you. Are you ready to help,” I speak keeping my tone steady and confident.

The crowd erupts in cheering and while I look calm I’m honestly a little terrified at the prospect of pointing them at Heather and saying ‘get her’. I take a moment and hold my hand up again getting them to calm down enough for me to speak.

“My family will need people to not look at what we do; people who won’t see us bring the fight. People who will say they don’t know what happened even though it’s happening right in front of them. And we will need a few of you to find all their leaders, all the little people who live for pushing and demeaning you, tell us their names so that we find them. When they run we will hunt them down, when they hide we will pull them out into the light,” I say raising my voice before starting to chuckle and calmly finish,” And when they try to shut us out we will pry their eyes open and make them watch what happens next.”

I’m laughing and my crew has moved in front of the RV except for the girls who are on the edge or standing off to my sides. I can see Johnny in the crowd and he gives me the signal to lighten the mood a little.

“All this will be done soon; you know where to bring the names. But for now my friends, for we accept each other for who we are and that makes us friends. Now friends, you party,” I finish as more music kicks up and people start to mingle about.

I tap the girls to get their attention and we head down the back steps and once the rest of the crew is gathered I start in.

“Okay I have to go take care of a debt so be ready when they start giving us names, run all of it down because some are going to name everyone they don’t like and we don’t have time for that. And everyone watch your backs, this is when I would try something and I don’t put it past them to come at us now,” I tell everyone before leading them out.

“Okay, all us girls are going to be waiting at your place so we can see you when it’s done,” Kori tells me getting into her mom’s van.

I nod and punch the address into my phone’s GPS, once I have the directions I’m off and down the road. I’ve come to learn that I should never judge people by their status and as I arrive at a two story house with a pair of cars in the driveway and only one light on I begin to think I was set up and start to look around paranoid. I don’t see anything and the neighborhood is quiet. I text Yano back asking her if she’s home and to come to the front door after dismounting my bike. I only wait a few moments before it opens and I see Yano in a bathrobe and slippers.

“My parents are asleep, they work early in the morning,” Yano tells me inviting me inside.

I get inside and close the door behind me and while the house is cluttered it’s not dirty. I follow Yano up stairs and she opens her bedroom door for me. My first view of Yano’s room is one you’d expect. Everything is nice and neat, the bed is made and her coat is even hung up properly on a damn coat rack. I let her lead me inside and after the door closes I sit on her bed. She’s not hesitant like yesterday but she’s a little concerned about what comes next.

“Okay so I’m on birth control so we can do that, I’ve never had an orgasm with a guy so I don’t know how I’ll react, I’ve played with both my holes but I’m nervous about my ass,” I stop Yano as she starts to give me her sexual history.

“What the fuck are you doing,” I ask standing up.

“I’m just telling you what you need to know about my history with sex so you know what to do,” Yano replies confused.

“Right, yeah so here’s what you should know, as of right now that means nothing,” I tell her getting a wide eyed expression,” but since you wanted to share history let me tell you some things. I’ve never been with a girl who’s as big as you in the chest, I don’t often use sex as a form of payment but when I do I make sure I’ve paid in full the first time, and finally in the case of you and me this isn’t love or sex this is a fucking. Now say it.”

I see Yano is a little confused by what I’ve said; I drop my coat off my shoulders and get up in her face and while she doesn’t back away this time she’s uncertain about what I’m going to do next. I end the confusion for her by grabbing the hair on the back of her head and pulling just hard enough to shock her and turn her face up towards mine.

“I told you to say it, speak slut,” I growl intensely.

“Oh god…. Please fuck me,” Yano says before I jerk her head a little,” Please fuck me hard Guy.”

As soon as my name comes out of her mouth I jam my tongue inside and feel her go rigid at the shock. I feel Yano’s hands pawing at my chest and sides but it’s not like she’s trying to get away as much as reacting to having me invading her mouth. I break our ‘kiss’ and step back motioning for her to strip off her robe. I pull my shirt off and I let her see my chest, working out is wonderful a woman can appreciate it and while I’m not sculpted I’m a little more defined than the average guy in school. I fold my arms in expectation which causes Yano to take off her robe unceremoniously and that’s when I see something that I didn’t expect. Yano is wearing a black corset that pushes up her large breasts but doesn’t cover them, I’m marveling at the suspension power in the her top piece but it’s her the lacy thong that I can see in the front that makes me walk around her. I get to her back and sure enough Yano’s large beautiful ass has devoured that thing in between her cheeks. I move back in front of her and sit on her bed again before beckoning her over, she’s a still a little nervous as I take her hands and put them behind her back. I make sure she knows to keep them there before latching onto one of her nipples with my mouth and pawing at the other with my hand. I can hear Yano moaning a little as I suckle and I can smell the vanilla of her body wash much better than I could yesterday. I know she wants to move but I’m having fun as I switch nipples only this one I go in hard and start sucking like I’m going for blood or milk. I feel a hand on my head and reach my free hand around Yano’s back slapping her ass causing her to remove her hand.
“Ow, that stings,” Yano tells me weakly.

I pinch her nipple lightly and nibble on the one in my mouth before smacking her ass again in reply. I feel her shake a little as I tire of groping and move my hand from her breast to her panties, I don’t know if it’s the uncertainty or the lingerie but Yano’s thong is damp at my touch and when I pull them aside I feel her start to push her pussy towards my hand. I stop sucking on her nipple and back Yano up before standing, I turn her around and put her against her bed then down onto her knees.

“Take it out,” I order her.

I watch as she goes after my buttons quickly and wastes no time pulling my pants and underwear down. It’s funny how anatomy works as I watch my short go down too fast and my half hard cock bounce up and catch Yano off guard in the face. She giggles at it a little and I let her enjoy the moment before using one hand to move her head towards my cock. Yano opens her mouth and I get the first three inches in before she backs up and starts to bob lightly. It’s not the most inexperienced blowjob I’ve had and she’s using her hand to work my shaft. I figure out what she’s doing as I watch her, she pulls her head back and then uses her hand to rub her saliva down my shaft. She’s clever and I’m a bit more excited than I was yesterday.

“Get your ass on the bed,” I order Yano.

“Am I doing it wrong,” Yano asks as she sits down in front of me.

I push her back so that she’s leaning back on her hands and spread her thick legs exposing her lace covered pussy. I can see where it goes from fabric to string and pull it aside with one hand while lining my cock head up with her folds. I rub the head up and down her slit and watch as Yano closes her eyes and starts to lay back. I take the back of her head in my hand again and point her eyes towards her pussy.

“Look at it slut, watch as I start to fuck your slutty pussy,” I tell Yano putting my cock head against her hole.

Yano is almost sucking me in as I sit at her entrance and while normally I like to go slow with a girl for the first time I’m not interested in making this pleasurable in the soft and erotic sense. I use my hand on Yano’s head to pull her forward as I slam my cock half way down her hole. As wet and warm as she is Yano’s pussy is so tight enough that I’m not able to shove the whole length of my cock in her on the first try. Yano’s face on the other hand is priceless as her eyes widen from me backing out and my slamming the whole length of my cock in on the second thrust I watch her open her mouth and her tongue come out like she’s panting.

“Are you going to cum so soon slut,” I ask shaking some sense into Yano.

“Oh fuck I’ve never put anything this deep. If you move right now I can cum soon,” Yano gasps quietly.

“Then look at your pussy while I fuck it,” I order her starting to back out again.

I get my cock halfway out before taking short hard thrusts, the room starts to fill with the sound of our hips smacking together and Yano is quiet save for her gasping. I’m watching her large tits bounce with each thrust and I feel her start to clench up from her first orgasm. I watch Yano’s eyes glaze over in sweet bliss and while that’s good I’m going for great. I wait for her sense to start to come back before I take my free arm and lift it up under her knee and still griping the back of her head pound her pussy like a hammer. I feel her lock up again and this time she’s not able to blissfully glaze it over as the orgasm intensifies, inside Yano it’s a soppy furnace as her pussy tries to clamp down on me. I can see some desperation in her eyes and one of her hands is covering her mouth.

“Don’t cover your fucking mouth slut, let me hear it,” I order her going for broke to make her cum.

“Oh shit I’m cumming to hard…. Oh FUCK…,” Yano squeaks out before she surprises us both.

I get blasted on my hips by Yano as she squirts hard, I feel her hand grab my head and this time I’m on the receiving end of a mouth invasion. We battle with our tongues for a minute before I back out with a wicked idea. Yano is dazed but she starts to gain her senses back as I start to get my clothing together.

“Wait I didn’t feel you cum,” She says checking herself,” Why didn’t you cum?”

“Probably because I don’t think you’re ready to get me off, because if I fuck you till I cum I know I’m going to make you cry and scream,” I tell Yano moving back over to the bed.

“I want to feel you cum Guy, please can I feel it,” Yano pleads taking my cock in her hand and stroking it,” I’ll do whatever you want to I can feel you cum.”

Music to my ears and I smile at her response which gets a smile in return. I move Yano onto her hands and knees towards the head of her bed and pull her lacy thong off. I slap the corset and Yano takes my cue by undoing it and throwing it to the floor. Once completely naked I lay her all the way down and lightly push my cock back into her pussy. She’s more accommodating this time and I’m using long slow strokes getting my cock wet again with her juice. I bury myself deep and spread her ass cheeks taking a look at her tight little asshole. I keep her cheeks spread and pull out of her pussy only to line my cock up with her asshole. I can feel her clenching her asshole and I grab the back of her head to make sure she knows what I want.

“Slut I’m going to fuck this hole and you are going to let me aren’t you,” I growl pushing my weight down on her ass.

“I don’t know if I can,” Yano whimpers gripping her pillow in her hands.

“Say it or I leave and you are just a greedy selfish slut who can’t make me cum,” I tell her letting go of her head.

I don’t hear a word but I watch her bite down on the pillow while taking her hands and spreading her own ass, I can hear her breathing and she starts to relax as I press my head into her sphincter. It’s tight and our cum is okay for lube but I get two inches in when I hear her screaming into her pillow, I keep myself inside and using my arms for balance lean down and start to lick her ear.

“Such a good little slut letting me fuck your ass. Are you ready for more,” I whisper into Yano’s ear.

I watch her violently nod her head and keeping my weight on her push more of my cock deep up her ass until I’m resting my balls on her pussy. I don’t move or grind into her; I just let the feeling of being filled up take her over. It’s only a minute before I do start moving, only back out a few inches before pushing it back in hard. Slowly backing out and hard pushing in every time I hear her grunt and yelp into her pillow. I’m not taking it too easy on her but she’s not Katy who is used to fucking me with her asshole. I start to feel like I’m getting closer but I want her to really feel me like this. I pull her hands away from her cheeks and interlace our fingers up by her head and under her pillow which puts my weight on her body. I almost want to ask her if she’s ready but that would spoil my fun. I put more of the pillow she’s biting into against her face with our hands and start jack hammering into her tight ass. It’s not a pretty sight but I’m fucking her hard and fast with one purpose, cumming into Yano’s asshole. Yano on the other hand is screaming into her pillow and while her hands are struggling her asshole is wide open for me and taking me in as I reach my breaking point.

“Time to feel it slut,” I moan in her ear.

My own orgasm hits me harder than I’d expect and I bury my cock as deep as I can trying to shoot my load up into her stomach. As I shoot I feel Yano lock up again and bury her head while screaming something into the pillow gag we’ve been using to muffle her noise. I feel spent and like I’m softening as I pull from her ass, my cum is barely leaking out and I move to the end of her bed and watch Yano as she lays there trying to either recover or figure out if I broke her ass. After a few minutes I watch her move her feet to the floor and start to get up before catching her balance on the bed.

“Did I do good,” Yano asks looking for approval.

I gesture for her to go clean up and watch her pull her bathrobe on and head out of the room. I clean up with a pair of dirty panties from her hamper and get dressed save for my coat and wait for Yano to come back. I see her stumble back in and watch as she lies down on her side.

“Do I need to do more,” Yano asks again looking for approval.

“You did everything you could and you did it despite yourself,” I tell her smiling,” Yes, Yano. You did good.”

My use of her name and not slut has her smiling and I let her relax for a few more minutes before grabbing my coat and quietly making my exit out of her house. I let her follow me down and I give her a smile before crossing the yard and hopping on my bike. I am down the road and feeling great as I try to figure out where I’m going to get back home.

I’m on the road cruising a little lost in a different neighborhood when I see something that draws my attention more than a naked woman, okay almost as much as a naked woman. It’s Masha getting out of a van and following a guy into a wooded area. I can see the driver still inside and I calmly drive past and park a little distance away before locking my bike up and sneaking through the woods. I am in the dark and having my hood up and wearing a leather jacket gives me the ability to not feel branches that scrape past me when I hear voices talking and move to cover flanking them to listen in.

“You know what you’re supposed to do so let’s try to have a little fun,” I hear the guy say.

“I don’t think this is what Kyle wants for me to do,” Masha replies stepping away from the guy.

I watch him take her by the arm and back her up against a tree, both are dressed in jeans and light jackets but Masha has a button up shirt while the guy is wearing a t-shirt. Masha looks pissed but the guy is cocky and thinks he’s god’s gift as he moves in for a kiss. Masha isn’t interested and greets him with a slap.

“You little bitch you better warm up to me real quick or I’ll tell Kyle that you didn’t go along with what he told you to do,” the guy says moving in again.

I hear more footsteps and see the driver from the car, looks like a black kid in slacks and a sweater, starts to join the scene.

“Man I told you she likes dark meat,” the driver says chuckling.

“I don’t like either of you, you should leave so I can do what Kyle asked me,” Masha says trying to get herself out of the corner.

Both guys take an arm trying to hold her in place and while Masha is strong she’s not going to overpower them. The whole scene is surreal to me when things start to click again, they know what they’re doing and they have a van. Kori was taken in a van and when they stripped her in the stone field she said they knew what they were doing. I don’t thank a higher power just yet as I watch Masha’s face get desperate as the black driver puts his hand up her shirt.

“Bitch doesn’t have much tits but I bet her pussy is sweet,” He tells his partner trailing his hand down Masha’s stomach.

I’m not sure I can take both guys at once and I am a monster but this is not going to happen today. I circle to where Masha would be facing me and come out of the brush singing one of the last songs I heard when I was going through music with Jun a couple weeks back.

“He won’t see the sun again, for years to come, he’s broken out in love,” I creepily and softly sing out to my new audience.

I watch everyone freeze and while the two guys are confused Masha looks scared. I start to cover the distance when the white boy starts to talk.

“Hey man this is a private party, go somewhere else,” the little shit spits out taking his hands off Masha.

“Doesn’t look like much of a party for her,” I calmly say moving till I’m about ten feet away from him.

“Yeah well there’s nothing for you to see here tonight so fuck off out of here and we won’t kick your ass,” the driver says now turning to face me.

I’ve got both of them off Masha and I can see that she doesn’t recognize me in the dark like this. I smirk at the thought and remember my crazy moments.

“Now that’s what I want to hear, come on man,” I say keeping my face hidden,” Sex and violence are America’s past times.”

“Dude you are fucking psycho,” the white guy says confused.

I let him approach and wait for his first swing, high and to my left I see it coming and I lower head and feel it connect with the top of my skull, still one of the hardest parts of the human body. I hear the pop of his knuckles and instead of waiting for him to recoil I step in slamming my fist into his sternum knocking the air out of him, then following it up with a shot to the throat as he starts to buckle over. As he grabs his chest and neck I take the back of his head and push down while bringing my knee up hard and fast into his face. I don’t hit his nose but he drops to the ground before I turn my attention to the black driver, who has run his ass out of the area. I drop his buddy and he runs away leaving him to my ‘mercy’. I turn my attention to Masha who even in the dark I can see shaking in fear, I smirk and make my approach.

“Well hello beautiful, I’m guessing you owe me one don’t you,” I say showing Masha my face.

“Guy, how are you here? How did you know I was here,” Masha asks confused by my presence.

“I’m just lucky,” I tell her turning to her friend,” Who the fuck is that?”

“That is Ryan, he and his friend Michael do things for Kyle,” Masha says explaining.

“Wait a fucking minute, you know their names. This fucker and his friends did Kori,” I tell her getting a scared look.

I need to think about what to do here, I have Masha and I got ‘Ryan’ which makes number two on my list of people to punch the clock of. I take my phone out and send Devin a text before telling the girls I’m going to be a little late and will have something to show them. I keep our friend on the ground and when I hear the familiar rumble of Devin’s truck in the distance and listen as he stumbles through the woods towards us.

“Guy I got your message but, Masha, what are you doing here,” Devin asks seeing the situation.

“That seems to be the question of the day but I brought you here for something else,” I say turning from Devin to a waking Ryan with a smack,” Hi there, we haven’t been introduced so I’m just going to get the basics out of the way and cut to the chase. The girl you and your boys beat with belts a while back, she has a boyfriend. That’s me. Now Masha over there, guess what? She has a boyfriend too.”

“Kyle didn’t say she had a boyfriend,” Ryan says standing up shakily,” so who’s the big guy?”

“Oh him, that is a very good friend of mine,” I say turning from Ryan and stepping towards Devin,” Devin they wanted to make Masha look like Kori did, you remember the marks? And guess what’s worse, they wanted to have sex with her and she just wasn’t interested.”

Masha’s face is ashamed, Ryan is scared but it’s Devin’s that has me happy. I get to see all the rage boil up in his body before he charges Ryan. I watch him lift Ryan off the ground with one hand holding him up against a tree by his neck before slamming his fist into Ryan’s gut with enough force that I can almost see the organs being rearranged. I watch a second and third shot hit him before watching him drop Ryan and put his boot on his face. I could let him crush the skull but I know damage when I see it and enough has been done as I pull Devin off balance with all my strength. Devin staggers back and I can hear Ryan wheezing as life tries to creep back into his body.

“Let me finish him,” Devin growls.

“Or maybe you should finish her,” I tell him pointing his attention at Masha.

Masha is hot and I know exactly why, she just watched her gentle giant smash his way through a guy who wanted to forcibly screw her. Devin takes a minute and with his blood pumping I watch him rush Masha before picking her up and kissing her like I would one of my girls. The two of them start pulling at each other clothes and while I’m usually very focused on what I’m doing I decide to take a seat on Ryan and watch the festivities. Masha and Devin are going at each other hard and when his coat hits the ground and hers afterwards I figure I might want to stop them before I have to ruin the mood.

“Ummm kids, I think you two might want to find a different place to finish the moment,” I tell them from my new stool,” I’ll finish up here but ummm Masha? Keep this quiet, at least when you’re around Kyle.”

I see them nod and she’s smiling as they head out of the woods leaving me with Ryan, who is groaning under me. I get up and make sure I have his attention by sitting him up.

“Now here’s what you’re going to do, you are going to go dark on your friends right after you tell me how to find them the other two,” I tell him before grabbing the hair on the top of his head,” Now I am letting you off light for the information but your friend from yesterday, yeah that was me, and I will make what I do to you worse if you try to hold out on me.”

Ryan tells me about his remaining two friends, Michael and Derek. I freeze at the second name but when he gives me the information and shows me his face book page I smile as I get more intel on my last targets.

“Good, now when I say go dark that means you are going to stay home and you’re not talking to any of your old friends,” I tell Ryan helping him up,” you’re going to call your family and say that you got beat up and you’re going to stay home and heal up.”

“Okay, I’ll heal up at home and I talk to nobody,” Ryan tells me trying to walk away.

“Actually you’ll need to call them cause you’re in no condition to walk,” I say getting a weird look from Ryan.

I smile and take a step back before slamming my boot heel into Ryan’s knee, it hear it pop a little and Ryan goes down screaming and holding his knee. I remember something my dad said to me, I take my phone out and take a video of Ryan lying on the ground in pain and get a shot of his face before making sure he has his phone before marching back to my bike and heading towards home. I get in around eight thirty and all the girls are waiting in my room as I hand my phone to Kori and tell her to pull up the video. I see the recognition in her face and watch as she goes from a little happy to questioning.

“Baby I thought you were dealing with the President,” Kori asks setting my phone down.

“I was then I saw Masha and some guys heading into the woods, I saw the van and when they started to try to rape her,” I let my words trail off as all four of my girls faces show the horror of the option.

“Baby you didn’t let her get hurt before you did this,” Kori asks concerned.

“Actually I didn’t, and after letting Devin put his fists nearly through Ryan’s torso I turned his aggression into something more productive and pointed him at Masha. And by the way, she’s still under cover,” I say smirking,” and with the way that Devin and Masha were going at each other I’m pretty certain that they’re both undercover right now.”

All the girls get my reference and I’m being showered with affection for my work, I’m beginning to like this therapy. I get pulled into bed and recap my night in full to all of them in full. I’m feeling good and figure one day off won’t kill me. Now I gotta figure out what I’m going to do with a day where I’m not supposed to do anything related to Kori, this war or taking people out. How hard can that be?

I love the positive comments and personally want to thank my fans, we're not done but you guys are what has kept this series going after the second one. PM with thoughts or comment? I will be taking questions if you have any.

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